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Well, the observation began at the local shopping centre on a bright sunny day with a slight northerly wind which helped to keep the temperature up in the low 30’s C. This sort of weather was just great for observations over short or long periods of time.

The day started well, sitting outside with my friend, who due to a recent operation was seated in a wheelchair. He was wearing shorts and a tee and his leg was enclosed in the plaster cast from his thigh to his ankle. I was similarly dressed with sandals on my feet and carrying a small digital camera, which we hoped to record the local talent for later review and wanking of course.

The talent, of course was not necessarily locals from our area. We would need to be careful who we photographed and because to the wheelchair could not move around too much, but it did give us possibilities to hide the camera and its remote cord trigger.

Our camera was hidden under my friends feet position, set to the alignment of the chair, so simple movements and I suppose a lot of luck would give us the photos we wanted.

Most would walk past us in reasonable proximity and we hoped that our luck would be in. Strangely the first photo we took was of a cousin of mine who came with her mother; both looking particularly hot in brief sun dresses that showed off their legs and as the slight wind caught their skirt also gave us several views of their panties. The photos would be good we hoped as they were taken at a lower level than our eyes and we had seen quite a bit.

We greeted them as they passed and waited as more and more talent, as we saw them, arrived. We got a great shot of one women alighting from a taxi, virtually a full open leg shot and bikini briefs. Her two daughters gave us even better shots, both about eighteen and not only the open leg shots as they alighted, but one gave us a rear view of the thong she wore as she leaned back into the taxi to retrieve a bag.

We took several more as they walked towards us. One shot was from the front as the wind lifted the girl’s skirts and showed off the thongs from the front, tight against their bulging vulvas. They entered the centre and we debated as to if we follow them, but decided to wait as more approached. My friend’s sister got out of the family car as their dad dropped her, her mother and a cousin off for shopping.

Again we achieved open leg shots of his sister and cousin, his mother alighting on the other side of the car. They came over and we chatted about waiting for a friend, and they went into the centre. We obtained several more shots before we moved to the other side of the centre for a while as a security guard bağdatcaddesi escort moved to a position where if we could see the panties as they alighted from cars, so could he. My friend commented that the guard was often in that position and he probably knew about the talent views he could get there.

As we went through the centre we stopped at a book sale to peruse the books and got several up skirt shots, mostly women leaning over to reach the back of the shelves. We then went through to another entrance and set up ourselves in a similar position to earlier. The talent was similar, though for some reason, younger groups came in this way; it was not the type of shots we wanted so we moved again, entering the centre and moving to another entrance. This, we agreed later, was the much better location as there was a ramp from another level that past alongside us. We set ourselves up alongside a couple of seats and I sat to read, while my friend concentrated on the line up and shots as the views presented themselves to him.

He achieved some thirty or so shots before we heard steps coming down the ramp, I glanced up and watched as a woman in a bra dress strode down the ramp. She was looking around out over our heads at the stalls and shops, not even glancing in our direction. She stopped only slightly past us and bent to look in her bag, exposing her legs and ass, obviously wearing a thong as her ass was bare and the bulge of her fanny barely covered. We obviously couldn’t achieve a shot as we were too low and removing the camera would be a dead giveaway.

Her breasts, enclosed in the tight fitting bra topped dress, were lovely and I believed I could see at least one nipple, so possibly no bra under the dress. We watched entranced as she walked the ramp to our level and then turned towards us, as she approached my friend clicked several shot. With no wind at this location we saw no more than the usual view anybody sees as a lovely vision approaches.

We moved to the eatery area and roamed around watching for the obvious. We gained several shots of girls and women leaning over bags or picking up bags as they got ready to leave. One shot we took was a huge risk as I leaned down on the back of the chair, rising the front up as the view in front of us was a view straight down the front of a rather loose dress, the breasts were about a size 34 B and the panties further down were pink. My friend picking up on what I was doing took several shots that were like a series, from when she was at her lowest position until she rose up enough to hide her breasts. I moved the chair aside as she moved towards us, a beykoz escort small smile on her face as if she knew we had seen virtually nearly every part of her body.

We recovered and moved on, returning to our first location, with drinks and ice creams. The guard had moved away into the car park and we resumed our position. The cars were stopping further away and few unloaded their passengers near the doors although, there were some. Again we achieved many open leg, panties on show and even better ones when they leaned back to retrieve items from the seats. Gentle manoeuvring allowed the camera to line up reasonably well.

After about three hours the light was bad here so we moved around the centre and went to the local pool to see what we could achieve there, as swimming club members we knew that there were always females whose bikinis or one piece were lovely to look at when dry and they were stretched out in the sun, stretched over tight vulvas and even tighter teenage breasts or even the older women, especially the ones in their late twenties or early thirties.

Despite the early time of the day and being in the 30’s C there were only a small number of people there, mostly boys and teens, mucking around, most of them we knew and so we left and headed away towards a local shopping area some distance away, but closer to our homes. There we found that while the wind presented some opportunities they were few and far between so we headed home to see how our observations had been and had they borne fruit, so to speak!

On arrival we downloaded the camera and scanned the photos, deleting the fuzzy, mistakes and those where nothing worth wanking at was captured. We were still left with some 155 photos, and discovered that several were of naked female bodies, we hadn’t picked up on them initially, trying not to be staring I suppose, but there they were, naked flesh, a nude pussy exposed by a wind gust, and three others hairy, two were trimmed to the point that even from the distance the shot was taken lips were visible. The other was a natural, reasonably thick hair, but no panties.

We were to say the least happy as our experiment on observations achieved more than what we expected. It was interesting that my cousin, in one of the first shots, had see through panties on where we could see her blonde hair. My sister had the usual white cotton panties that I often saw on the clothes line. It was also interesting that when we appeared to be not watching in the direction of a wind blown skirt or dress, the reaction to the dress blowing up was slower than when we were obviously looking in the direction of the wearer. caddebostan escort

Several months later we went into the capital and found several locations where seats were placed below stairs from one level to another, where viewing up skirts could not be missed. Cameras were a no-no though with too much risk waving a camera around. The views were really good at one particular location and the wheel chair made a good excuse for resting on the seats, it just meant that we moved a bit more often and eventually found one spot near the council’s open space, where we could sit and use the camera in relative safety. The women descending the stairs were all looking away, from our location, out over the open space. Those going up invariably were also looking up or over the open space.

One particular leggy blonde, stopped virtually above us, leaning on the railing away from us, shouting to someone below in the space, her skirt was full and lifting in the slight breeze. My friend used the camera to great effect taking several shots of her long legs, topped by a red thong, visible between her legs covering her pouty vulva. She moved on up the stairs, stopping at the top, again waving to the space, the wind lifted her skirt almost to her waist, my friend’s shot had her red thong covered cunt dead centre of the shot.

We continued taking shots over a period of several weeks while the warm weather lasted, the final group we toot on a return to the swimming pool, There we achieved several topless shots as breasts were exposed when their owners turned over and were slow in covering up, several see through bikini’s and about 10 or 11 of the one piece swimsuits where their wearer came out of the water and they had virtually nothing to hide. Several of the women we photographed we knew. One of them was a Sunday school teacher, who would have been mortified had she realised her prime and proper one piece bathers were see through after they were in contact with the chlorine added pool water. The bathers were virtually non existent in sense over her straining 34 D breasts and her hairy fanny had never seen a razor, we could even see some hair outside the legs of the bathers. As she moved towards her towel off to one side of us, her lovely rear was fully exposed to the click of the camera.

When we had unloaded this last group of pictures, my friend said that he was going to keep the Sunday school teachers in a special folder as potential usage later.

Unfortunately he never made any use of the photos, his illness became worse during the winter and after hospitalisation for nearly six months he returned home to essentially die. He spoke to me about the photos and we deleted them all, although I did manage to save the ones of my sister and cousin and those of his sister. Yes I knew that he might not ever be able to use them but I might, especially my cousin or even his sister.

But that’s another time and place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32