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And it is here I will take up again briefly:

I remembered writing Jane a nettle dare; even the odd detail from it. I knew I didn’t have the e.mails stored in the same way anymore, there had been so many girls before and after Jane, with different tastes that in the end the conversations and pictures had been moved in to files, then on to drives and then more drives I would have to look for them, if they even existed anymore so it wasn’t until Jane included it in her e.mail that I was able to take in the full details of how far we had gone.

Jane again:

After the excitement of the airport and the journey home plus the unexpected offer, I was already highly aroused, so when I opened the nettle dare e.mail again after so many years and quickly scanned through it. I knew if I was to be a slut for you, to let you use me for pain then I was going to do it. It would be my statement of intent to you.

I spent the rest of the day naked, rubbing my pussy and ass against anything and everything I could. I put pegs on my nipples and then more on my breasts. I opened all the curtains and at the back, I opened the patio doors too, so I could pull a sun lounger into the doorway — when I felt like it I would lie there with my hand constantly teasing my clit — but never cum — so many ruined orgasms — I was exhausted but insatiable.

I took a couple of white candles and covered my pussy and ass in wax and then roughly pulled the wax off so any hair would be removed too — I wanted to be as perfectly bald and pink for you and the dare as I could.

When the phone rang in the early evening from an overseas number, he asked how my day was going and I said it was okay, I was thinking of watching a movie but he seemed as distracted as I was. I asked about his flight and told me he it had been okay, he was missing me, so I told him I was missing him too and then he was gone. I hung up slowly in case I was wrong and the connection had dropped and he hadn’t hung, I wanted to be certain. And then relief coursed through me. I swiveled my body around in the chair — put my feet up on the back — spread my legs — smacked my pussy as hard as I could twenty times – not punishment for being a bad girl — I smacked with the joy that comes of potentially being your slut again – free to play for you with no worries.

It had been a while since I had read the dare carefully; so I recited the initial instructions a few times and then for fun I read the other e-mails we had exchanged. Some that were related to the nettle dare – and a few that weren’t, so rude and disgusting, no wonder I like to smack and destroy my pussy so much – How you persuaded me to do fire and ice, the heels to wear and adjusting the books under my ass so my pussy wouldn’t burn until I could do it without the books. It all became so fresh in my mind that it seemed the last few years had never been.

There is something else too about the nettle dare: As I read through the e-mails, it seems that initially in our discussions we were discussing writing a play or a novel exciting, but, always fiction. The story or play grew in details as I contributed more background information. Exchanging bits of potential dialogue until there is a change in the dialogue:

Would I do this? Would I be prepared to take it on? Things were different back then, I wasn’t sure as others began to ruin my fun but today — my dripping pussy is so wet, my nipples ache with constant attention — today is different, today in my hyper sexually frustrated mood, turning back now is not an option but – being sexually frustrated or even proving myself to you wasn’t going to be enough – I would have to do something I had never done, something you had encouraged in me but I had refused and yet I had always secretly desired to try and now it was time.

I would be the actress; playing the role of the woman who needs her own self inflicted sexual pain to get through her life – the role I have waited years for. I stood and walked around having imaginary conversations as producers discussed my body – would my tits be big enough, was I willing to do anything to get the role?

Even as I asked myself these imagined questions, I answered with demonstrations of self abuse – smacking my tits red to make them look bigger — clamping my nipples with a trouser hanger — taking a hammer handle in my ass – a golf club in my pussy — of course I was ready!

For a moment reality kicked in and I looked around me at the items I had used through the day to abuse and pleasure myself, left out openly for anyone — who might see the connection between the objects – to see what a slut I was become again.

It was now I realised; not only was I about to do this for real! – This was always about me, I had always been the subject of the play! – You had always intended that I would be required to act the part! – Of course we could never be certain how the story would play out or what the ending would be – until I suffered fikirtepe escort for or maybe enjoyed, my prominent public role.

And now there was something else driving me on; I was also intrigued to learn more about myself.


Both of us:

J: I shower dried myself and walked over to my laptop and sat down in the hard back chair specified by the writer. I was naked ‘as the subject had been told to be naked when she read her instructions’ and eager to please I obeyed without thought. As the words began to enter my brain I reached up one hand and caressed my breasts.

Me: You will provide pictures of before, during and after. Include at least one of you naked before starting out, as usual your pussy will be hidden but I need to be able to see you are naked. There will also be one in your bikini and one in your dress.

J: I have no idea when I started to spank my nipples, I became aware that I was and that perhaps my pussy should be getting attention too.

M: You will wear nothing but the dress you dislike, modified so that it doesn’t fasten very well up the front; Is short enough to show your ass and potentially your pussy when you bend over, rides up and shows most of your thighs when you are sat down. Your bare ass must be on the seat when you are traveling no material between and drops away enough for people to try and spot your tits if you bend forward, you will not wear a bra or panties. On either foot will be a piece of black shoelace that wraps once around your second toe and ties off around your ankle. In effect you are bare foot.

J: I dropped one hand to my pussy, the other yanking on my right nipple, my fingers digging my nails in to it as I twisted and stretched it.

M: You will take with you a bag, containing a bikini that only just covers your tits, sex and ass and whilst you inform me that it is not micro will it will suffice, a thin pair of gloves plus a hood. (You get the gloves because I want your hands to have a little protection; the hood is to protect your face and head.) Don’t forget your camera.

You will travel out from your home into the countryside. Get off the bus and walk to a wooded area then enter the woods until you are out of sight. Once out of sight you will remove the dress. Lie down somewhere convenient and spank your pussy thirty times. Stand and leaving the dress behind, preferably hidden from view, take the bag with you and walk until you find a large dense area of nettles.

I am sure you will need no encouragement and your pussy will be soaking (in which case you can ignore this if you want the pain to start sooner) but in case its not, you will lie at the side of the nettles and bring yourself to edge three times whilst considering how much pain you are about to inflict upon your body, especially your pussy and ass.

Dress in the bikini and gloves and hood. Step into the bushes so your feet, legs and arms (potentially your stomach and back too) get stung and pick a bunch of at least twenty nettles stems. Remove the strings from your feet and tie the stems into a bunch, top and bottom. Place the bunch into your bag.

J: I slid my index finger inside my pussy, followed quickly by a second finger as I read on, seemingly unaware of the masturbation I was enjoying, as I continued to read of the intended forthcoming pain and to me, pleasure.

M: Take a minimum of ten nettle leaves, crush them slightly and drop them into your bikini panties so they lie against your pussy, maybe against your ass hole too. Walk twenty paces away from the clump of nettles and rub the leaves against your pussy and ass through the material.

Take off your bra and toss it back into the clump of nettles away from where you have already been. Take some of the nettles from your panties and sting your nipples and breasts. Attempt at least ten stings to each. (Move on after ten attempts even if not all are successful.) Follow this by removing the panties and toss them into a different part of the clump.

Making sure you use big strides, go in search of your bikini parts. Once you have found both parts, drop to your hands and knees and crawl about so your tits get marked, back up any convenient nettles against a tree and rub your pussy and ass against them holding your cheeks wide so your pussy and ass get well stung. (I wonder if you would insert to prove how much of a pain slut you really are, though it’s a suggestion not an instruction to follow.)

Hopefully the hood is fulfilling its use and protecting your face and head. Your final act for this dare is to roll over into the nettles and where you lie, bring yourself off twice.

J: I didn’t need to be told twice and my body shook, forgetting I wasn’t supposed to cum at all, turned on beyond the point of no return and now pushed further by the idea of what was to come, I came twice violently, as gebze escort I sat there and read the instructions over and over until I could visualise them in my mind.

Crawl back to the bag and put the bikini in the bag along with the gloves and the hood and walk back to the dress. If there is water nearby, walk to it and lie down or swim should it be deep enough to do so to take some of the worst of the rash down. Return to the dress, then to the bus stop and home.

Once home, shower and treat the nettle stings, well those you can reach, allow your body to calm and write your report.

I remembered that there had been discussion about the dress and she wanted to wear something else so when the pictures and report turned up I wasn’t too surprised at the few changes but the concession she had made was unexpected.

Jane takes the tale on:

Playing with my breasts and pulling on my nipples, squeezing them so they grew hard with the attention, occasionally flicking them as I read through the words on the screen for the final time — to ensure I had the details imprinted on my bimbo mind.

I went to bed, though I had little sleep during the night, every time I woke I had to pleasure my pussy until my eyes closed again. The instructions for today — reading them was like opening an erotic novel for me. I was really turned on by reading the details of what the woman was instructed to do to get what she wanted!! Her humiliation, sexual ‘pain’ and pleasure, plus the obscene public nudity required to achieve this.

Eventually I gave up and went back to my laptop to check the instructions again, though I doubted I really needed too, I simply wanted another excuse to torment my body further.

I finished reading the instructions, finished the coffee i had made when the daylight broke and went back to the bedroom to lie naked on the cold bed thinking of the task ahead, my brain racing in anticipation – I decided to slow myself down so I could think clearly, my favourite way, slowly I stroked my hand over my pussy until I was calm enough to begin. I gathered the things I would need, including a few extra bits to deal with the stings afterwards and then I tried on my bikini — If I pushed my chest out (and with the help of the foam padding in the cups) my breasts appeared half decent! — Yes that would do.

After the event looking at my swollen breasts, I am sure they looked bigger or is that wishful thinking?

Taking off the bikini, I tried on a dress similar to what was specified but I wasn’t comfortable with it, so I chose to put on shorts that barely covered my pussy, a lace type crop top and sandals — I couldn’t do bare feet, I would have to walk quite a bit to get to where I had chosen to do the dare and my feet would have been destroyed long before I arrived — no fun, sorry.

I remembered that the shorts were a change to what was specified – you would be annoyed – so I made it a forfeit, I had to leave the shorts unbuttoned. I reluctantly undid them and looked in a mirror; leaving the shorts unfastened made it easy – if someone looked closely and I expected a lot of the males I met today would do just that – to see I was wearing no knickers and flashing the top of my smooth slit — while the crop top left my nipples on view. I shivered and looked out the window it was cloudy so I decided to go off script again and add some socks to keep me hot.

I finally left home about 1115, it was still cloudy but the sun was breaking through and it was getting much warmer. I had the bag containing the thin gloves, bikini and ties for nettles.

I walked down the road then cut through towards the main road. It took me about 15 minutes and I passed a few people, getting smiles and the eye from some lads and a couple of men plus a man out with a girl, I got a look from her when she saw him looking!

I just smiled and decided to get a coffee from a local fast food servery just to see what the reaction would be. l chose a lad to serve me and after a moment he said ‘miss do you know your shorts are undone?’ I smiled and replied ‘it’s the latest fashion!’ He blushed!

I caught the bus outside the supermarket and I sat on first raised seats in the middle, getting lots of interest from some boys who were enjoying pointing at me. I felt a real slut on display. The journey took about 30mins and a young man got on at the second stop and sat next to me. He pretended to look out of window but mainly he looked at my exposed nipples and down my shorts — I thought he was going to say something but he didn’t, so I said it’s a nice day are you enjoying the view? He said, ‘yes its great’ so we chatted a bit but when we reached the park I had chosen; I said ‘my stop’ and got off, crossed the road and entered the large grassy area.

I knew a river and a canal ran along the back of the park, so I went into the woods at the end of the open area and by a large electric pylon left the path and went into içerenköy escort the trees. Hidden from view I crouched down behind a fallen tree, slipped off the top, shorts, socks and sandals then hid them under a tree trunk. As instructed I lay on the grass and leaves among the bluebells and spanked my pussy thirty times. It was cool under the trees and I was very aware of being naked outdoors.

I put on the bikini and leaving my clothes behind I went back to the path and made my way through the trees to the canal — there was a place where it looked like people had gone swimming, the bank sloping muddily to the water which was quite clear and clean looking.

Opposite was a tow path and more woods that looked less well cared for and more promising for the nettles I needed to collect. I walked down to the left to a set of locks and crossed over using the lock gate – there were no boats about – on the other side there was a path and after a bit I could see nettles off to one side in a secluded area.

I lay down in the grass and moving the bikini aside ran my finger up and down my slit teasing my clit, edging, thinking of what was to happen next — delaying the moment but wanting to complete the task without getting caught – my mind was focused on my position out in the woods about to inflict some serious pain on my body, especially my pussy and ass – all just to collect some nettles to abuse me more!

I put on the thin rubber gloves and stepped into the clump of nettles starting to collect a bunch but immediately my feet, legs and arms brushed the nettles each leaf and stem being coated with hollow stinging hairs, which were like tiny glass hypodermic needles on my exposed skin, injecting histamine and other chemicals that produced a stinging numbing pain, each sting raising a little blister rash — despite the pain I quickly collected a bunch of stems and stepped out of the nettles, I was glad of the gloves — I tied the nettles and put them in my bag.

I can’t say I was looking forward to the next part but as directed I pulled a handful of individual nettle leaves – screwed them up – put them in my bikini panties between my legs by my pussy and ass hole – I stepped away from the nettles to a nearby adjacent clump – all the time rubbing my crotch through my bikini – despite my trepidation I loved this feeling – it was very intense – and my pussy and ass received a good stinging.

I removed both parts of the bikini and as instructed threw the top to one side of the nettles and the bottom to the other side. Taking more nettles I stung my breasts and nipples, until my breasts were a red mass of stinging rash. It was now or never, naked I stepped into the nettles to get my bikini back. – An observation; despite the rash already on my legs and lower body, it seemed as I stepped high over tall nettles the stings seemed more intense on my stretched skin, the leaves scraping along my legs, thighs, pussy and ass.

The bra was easy to retrieve having not gone down too far but the panties were a challenge – maybe it was because they were wet from my soaking pussy — but they had sunk down in the clump and I was almost forced to dive full length to retrieve them – hopefully you will make me do this next time?

I tossed the panties and top away from the nettles towards the bag and then dropped to my hands and knees, crawling about on all fours so my tits and front were well stung. I used the gloves to rub nettles over my bum, ass hole and pussy, receiving lots of stings and making my bum, pussy lips and clit feel numb and swollen!

I have no idea of how long I was playing in the nettles, I was completely oblivious to anyone going by — I wonder what they would have said if they had seen me.

Having got totally stung and tingling in pain, feeling swollen all over, I settled back for the last part. I lay down in the now trampled nettles and rubbed my clit and pussy to try to orgasm, but the feeling was weird and numb, and despite the adrenaline and my highly aroused state – no matter what I did – I could not get off!!!

I lay panting on the ground for a bit, then crawled out and put the bikini on over my now bruise marked and rash covered body. I took two antihistamine tablets I had brought with me, picked up the bag full of nettles and bits and walked somewhat stiffly back over the canal at the lock. A boat was coming up the canal and a man called out ‘are you going for a swim love!’ I waved and went up the canal to the area where the bank sloped in.

Dropping the bag, I walked in to the water and cupped my hands, scooping up the water and letting it run over my body, the cold of the water cooling both my skin and the stings. From the bag I took baking powder and made a paste with the water and then after discarding the bikini, I rubbed it in the worst areas, over my tits, ass and pussy, finally stepping into the water to wash it off – the numb feeling and tight skin effect was still there but the stinging was better and the rash seemed less. I rinsed the bikini so there were no more hidden stings and then put it back on. I walked back to where I had hidden my clothes, removed the damp bikini from my fast drying body and put my clothes on, the socks covering my muddy feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32