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“Here Prada. Her-ee Prada,” Jon sings lightly, shaking a bag of dog treats that cost more than his iPhone. “Where the fuck did you go little doggie?”

He exhales once, fighting off the approaching panic attack. If he doesn’t have Lydia’s dog when she gets back from giving a lecture at Yale, she’ll cut his balls off. And while Jon hasn’t recently used his balls for anything more than some well-deserved self-love, he really wants to keep them attached to his body.

He swings the flashlight brightening streaks of forest, dumpster, brick wall, and shrubs. “Pra-da. Who’s the most fabulous dog ever?”

When he doesn’t hear a response, Jon comes to the only reasonable conclusion: he is fucked. So very fucked.

Leaning against the side of the apartment building, the 24-year-old tries to calm his mind and think of a plan. He’s not worried about Prada being hit by a car – the apartment complex is far enough away from downtown that there’s almost no traffic at this time of night. But mountain lions will see the pomeranian as a tasty midnight snack. If he doesn’t find that dog soon… he doesn’t even want to think about what Lydia will do when she finds a cougar eat her puppy.

It’s on the second exhale that Jon realizes he’s staring into a neighbor’s home: the impossibly hot guy in apartment four. According to the mailboxes out front, the tenant is David Smith. A basement apartment should offer more privacy – being underground and all – but without a curtain obscuring the view, Jon can see directly into the living room. The binds block some of the view but not enough to truly hinder the scene in front of him.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Jon scans the room for anything interesting. He’s been lusting after the demi-god with perfect shoulders ever since moving into the building and if he can find something to talk about, maybe Jon will approach the guy next time they’re both in the laundry room.

The thirst is real.

The man doesn’t have a lot of furniture, just an octopus lamp on the lowest setting, a full bookcase, a weird painting, a black leather couch, a person on the couch. A person on the couch!

Jon rears back quickly. Did they see? Was he caught?

He should turn around, should keep searching for Prada… but… but maybe David is sleeping on his couch. Maybe Jon can get another peak without the cops being called.

He flicks the flashlight off – just in case any of the other tenants make a late-night trip to the dumpster, he doesn’t want to be seen – and moving slowly and oh so carefully, Jon steps closer to the window. Peering past the blinds, Jon sees David relaxing on his couch, sprawled out, head thrown back, long expanse of neck completely visible.

Shirtless, David’s wide, muscular chest is fully on display. His light brown nipples are hard as peaks and look so suckable. Jon can picture himself latching onto those tiny buds, bringing maximum pleasure to the man.

With his arms stretched along the couch’s back, Jon can see every inch of skin. Following the ridge of muscle, Jon traces where leather meets arm to big hands and thick fingers clenching and unclenching erratically. Squinting and leaning slightly forward, Jon tries to figure out why his hands are moving weirdly. Bad dream?

Before Jon can get distracted in his own thoughts, movement in his peripheral vision distracts him. Looking sideways, Jon sees a mop of blond curls moving up and down in a controlled pattern.


Oh, God.

Jon’s breathing speeds up and his cock hardens at the realization. He’s watching Smith get a blowjob.

Huge thighs opened wide allow ample space for the blond twink to cuddle in close to David’s body, slotting perfectly into the V of where hips met leg. A sparse treasure trail ends at the thickest cock Jon has ever seen and he finds himself impressed someone can get the whole thing in their mouth.

The twink pulls back, letting the hard dick smack against David’s toned stomach for a second before pale hands wrap around the base and a pink tongue licks the bulbous head. It’s the most beautiful sight Jon has ever seen and would fit in perfectly with the Sean Cody porn he’s illegally downloaded.

The blond swirls his tongue around the shaft and slowly slips down to the small patch of hair at the base, licking every inch. From there, he moves to lave at David’s balls, popping one into his mouth. His slender hands haven’t left David’s dick, fingers a blur rapidly jacking off the monster cock.

Jon presses the heel of left hand on his growing erection. Fuck. He’s going to be masturbating to this memory for the rest of his life.

The twink leans down more, tongue sliding from ball to taint before moving back to the base of the cock. Moving slowly, the man traces a throbbing vein up to the mushroom head before deepthroating the dick again.

Jon catches himself rubbing his crotch and god, he should stop…but fuck, just imagining having that dick in his mouth makes him see stars. The heavy weight forcing his canlı bahis tongue down as it pushes into his throat, gagging him. Pushing the palm of his hand down harder, Jon builds friction as he chases an orgasm.

He bites down on the knuckle of his right forefinger, trying to silence any gasps or moans. Jon has always been a vocal person but now is not the time. He closes his eyes and tilts his head up, lets his mind project what it would be like kneeling for David’s pleasure; pictures the feel of large hands cradling his face, holding the back of his head. Can practically hear the grunts and groans Smith would make as he rams in, fucking Jon’s face the way only a big-dicked man knows how.

Jon can’t stop the moan that slips past his hand at the thought of David towering over him.

Panicked, Jon opens his eyes and looks back into the apartment where a pair of bright blue eyes have locked onto him. Shit. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

Paralyzed by fear, Jon can only watch as David holds the twink’s head against his crotch, stands, and turns 90 degrees, giving Jon an even better view of his cock. Smith smirks and then pulls the twink’s head up and off his giant dick, a glob of saliva and precum dripping down the man’s chin. Keeping eye contact with Jon, David draws his hips back slowly before thrusting forward, cock stretching the pale pink lips to their limit. Smith’s grip tightens impossibly firmer and he starts to fuck the blond’s face, rhythm increasing every second until his hips are moving fast, balls slapping against the twink’s face.

Jon wants to move, wants to run away but he can’t think anything beyond staring at the scene in front of him. His flagging erection flares back to life harder than anything Jon has ever felt before. He watches mesmerized as David continues to fuck harder and harder. Then, the man slams in, so deep that the blond’s nose is buried into a thicket of dark curls, before going completely still.

There’s a moment where no one moves before David starts to shake and Jon realizes that he’s is cuming. Cuming down that twink’s throat. He didn’t even give the blond a chance to breathe before choking him with jizz.

It’s the thought of being forced to swallow David’s hot load that sends Jon over the edge, creaming his pants like when he was 18 and his high school girlfriend gave him a handjob during a party.

He sags against the building, watching in awe as David’s dick, still hard, slips out of the twink. He finally breaks eye contact with Jon to lean down and kiss the young man, hands gentle as they clear away tear tracks. It’s a soft moment and Jon feels guilty for prying.

With cum drying in his pants, making his underwear sticky and messy, Jon steps back only to trip over a small, fluffy animal. He flails on the way down, head smacking into the dirt, hard. He squeals in fear when a wet, sandpapery thing licks across this face, brushing against his mouth and nose.

Shaking his arm until his hand finds the flashlight, Jon pushes the beast off him, sits up, and points the light at whatever creature is trying to eat him. Prada barks once before tearing into the treat bag, scattering the tiny meat pieces all over the lawn.

“Holy fuck,” Jon exhales. He leans forward, hooking an arm around the tiny dog. “Prada! There you are!”

Without a second glance at David’s window, Jon picks up Prada and carries the dog back to his apartment building’s back door. Unlocking the door, he steps in and looks down the stairs to where he can see some of the red door that’ll lead into David’s apartment. He sighs once, hikes the pomeranian higher up his hip, and heads up to the third floor to his place. Prada’s tongue lolling the entire time. In the morning he’ll give the mutt a bath making sure it’ll pass Lydia’s thorough inspection.

A Month Later

Jon towels off, not bothering to put on pajamas, just slipping on some clean boxer shorts. One of the benefits of living alone is being about to walk around nearly naked without someone yelling. He spreads the towel out over his frumpy couch, plops down, and turns on the television. He’s flicking through the channels, trying to find something to watch when someone knocks on his apartment door.

“One minute,” he yells, glancing at the clock on the screen. 10:37. Who the fuck wants to see him at 10:37 on Wednesday? When the knocking continues, he yells out “Coming.”

Jon wraps a hand around the knob before twisting it and opening the door. He’s greeted by the sight of David Smith and the twink Jon watch deep throat him.

“Can…can I help you?” Jon mumbles, looking down and oh God, he’s not wearing any pants.

David pushes past Jon, arm in arm with the twink. The pair walk into the middle of his living room and look around. When Jon gains enough of his mental functioning back, he closes the door and turns to see David and his boyfriend with matching grins. Both are showing a little too much teeth. Almost feral in their glee.

Jon steps backward, bare back against the door. “Ummm…”

“I bahis siteleri know a way you can help,” the boyfriend says.

“Don’t be mean Isaac,” David says, though his smug smile does little to enforce the command. “I just think you should return the favor, Redcloud.”

“The favor?” Jon asks, fear sliding down his spine.

“Yeah,” Isaac says, “I think you owe me a show.” His voice drops lecherous and he wiggles his eyebrows.

And then David pulls off his henley and steps forward. Apparently, it’s showtime now. One moment David is pushing Jon against the apartment door, large hand softly cupping chin as warm tongue slides into Jon’s mouth and the next Jon’s on knees in front of the couch, staring up at the long lines of David’s body spread out over polyester. He’s still trying to wrap his mind around what’s happening but before he can form a coherent thought, Isaac distracts him by whispering absolute filth in his ears.

“Suck it.” The blond says, exhale causing a shudder to skate down Jon’s spine.

The hard length in his mouth jumps at the action and Jon moans around the weight. The fleshy cockhead is smooth and warm and Jon can barely believe this is happening. Hollowing out his cheeks, he slides down lower, taking more and more of David’s dick. He’s about halfway down, gagging on it when Isaac speaks again.

“That’s it, slut.” Isaac continues. “Choke on daddy’s cock.”

David groans and thrusts up. Hard. “Fuck.”

“You hear that slut?” Isaac says. “He likes your mouth. Be a good boy and take it.”

David’s dick jumps again and Jon’s cock hardens in his boxers. He feels a warm hand land on the nape of neck only for it to glide down his spine, burning a path of pleasure in its wake. Isaac pushes closer, hairy chest touching Jon’s back.

“I know you saw him fuck my face. If you’re good, that can be your reward.”

Jon keens at the thought. He’s jacked off to that memory every day this week. The weight on this back increases as Isaac lays on him fully. Seconds later, Jon feels the hand snaking from the small of his back, over this hip, ending on his stomach. Ever so slowly, fingers start to dip into his boxers, touching the soft curls there.

“What’s this,” voice honey-sweet, “Are you getting hard?”

Jon tries to answer, tries to force a “yes” around the shaft in his mouth. But the words get stuck in his throat, blocked by the cock that slowly suffocating him. It’s the perfect combination of pain and pleasure.

“Isaac,” David says, voice harsh. “Stop distracting him. Redcloud. Suck me.”

David’s tone leaves no room for argument and God. It’s so hot. Jon knew the muscled man would be an aggressive top but knowing and experiencing are two completely different things. Jon doesn’t even try to stop his toes from curling as a wave of pleasure and arousal pool in his belly.

He redoubles his effort, pushing himself further and further down the cock. He can’t quite get to the base – it’s been months since Jon has had the chance to suck dick and while he knows he can deep throat, he’s going to have to work up to it again.

Psyching himself up, Jon is unprepared for long, thin fingers to curl around his throat, under his chin, and slowly pull him up and off David. “Didn’t you ever learn to share?” Isaac asks, voice husky. He doesn’t wait for an answer, just leans over and tongues the tip.

Jon sees David’s hands clench once before Isaac’s weight inevitably pushes Jon down, chest resting fully against the couch’s edge. He’d complain, but the position leaves him eye-level with David’s balls. He doesn’t know when David lost his clothes, but Jon is grateful. With his hands planted firmly on the living room floor, he has no choice but to lean in and suck the heavy orbs into his mouth. David jumps, gagging Isaac and making Jon’s face slip further into the couch.

“Wait,” Jon says, voice slightly muffled by the cushion.

He can’t see the reactions, but he feels David and Isaac immediately freeze.

“Are…” Isaac starts before stopping. He leans off and away from Jon, giving him more than enough room to pull back. The blond is quiet for a moment before continuing, “Do you want us to leave?”

“No pressure, Redcloud,” David says. “We can leave.”

It sounds lame and David looks ridiculous with his dick hard as nails. It stands proud and hard against his body, precome staining his stomach. David’s muscles are nearly rippling with the effort to not move but it’s clear that David’s body wants to fuck.

Jon shifts his gaze to Isaac. The blond looks just as hot and horny as David. Without a shirt, Jon can see every one of Isaac’s abs. He’s not as buff as David but he’s got strength in his core. The thick dusting of golden hair continues below his sweatpants, and Jon can see the outline of a hard cock pushing against the fabric.

The very idea of turning these two studs down makes Jon suppress childish giggles. “No, I want. I want to go to there,” he says waving a hand at David’s dick.

David, bahis şirketleri the smug asshole that he is, just smirks. Isaac at least understands the reference. “Good God, Lemon.”

It startles a chuckle out of Jon and David just looks at the two of them. Close enough that Jon sees Isaac’s exhale, it feels natural to lean into him, push their lips together. They haven’t discussed what tonight is, but Jon is going to take whatever he can.

Isaac doesn’t hesitate to respond, soft hands cupping the side of Jon’s face, tongue sliding into his mouth. It’s hot and wet, messy in a way Jon doesn’t remember kisses being. A large meaty hand wraps around the back of his head, but it’s only David. With his eyes close – and when did that happen?! – Jon can’t tell what David’s intention is but he doesn’t have know to continue kissing the man in front of him.

“That’s it bitch.” Deep and powerful, David is growling more than talking. “Kiss my new slut.”

Isaac keens into the kiss, pushing Jon so his back curves against David’s leg. The warm leg grounds him but also sends his lust soaring. David must be standing above the pair, looking down on them as if the younger men are his mere playthings. Toys for him to control and boss as he sees fit.

The image is enough to shove thin fingers into his briefs and begin to furiously jerk himself. He going to come way too soon if he continues, but God. Jon can’t find it in himself to stop.

Isaac breaks off with a smack, silva beginning to pool in the corners of Jon’s mouth. Before he can chase forward for more, something big and rough pushes at this his face. Not going into his mouth but skimming by, touching only lips. Opening his eyes, Jon sees the hottest fucking thing possible.

David has shifted his hip forward, large dick pressing through the tiny space between Jon and Isaac. The blond doesn’t even pause, just begins kissing and licking the sides of the tan monstercock. He looks to David, whiskey eyes wide.

David doesn’t bat an eye, just applies pressure to the back of Jon’s head, guiding him impossibly closer to where Isaac’s lips are parted. In seconds, Jon is kissing Isaac while David thrusts. He starts up a steady back and forwards motion, cockhead parting their lips only to have the shaft slide over mouth, tongue. Saliva coats the dick, making it glisten in the apartment lights.

It’s less a blowjob and more like a man’s attempt to fuck two faces simultaneously. It shouldn’t work. Jon is leaning too heavily on David’s left leg, preventing him from really thrusting. And Isaac’s eyes are still closed so he’s not coordinating his tongue movement to match the thrust. But the young blond is making these tiny, little whimpers in the back of his throat, that Jon somehow hears over David’s increasingly loud dirty talk.

“Good boys. Keep kissing, keep sucking. My good boys, going to make me cum before I fuck you.”

It’s the praise more than anything that sets Jon off. He opens his mouth wide, letting his lungs exhale deeply as Jon cums in his underwear.

“Did… did you just cume?” Isaac asks, tone mischievous.

“I..uh..I,” Jon stutters trying to think of something smart to say. A quip is on the tip of the tongue when David groans in frustration and thrusts his hips forward hard, dick slapping into both of their faces.

“Isaac,” David growls again. And fuck, the growling is getting hotter by the second. “Stop distracting him. Redcloud, it’s my turn to come.”

Jon sees Isaac pout for a second before David’s giant palm is on the back of his head again, pulling him onto the thickest cock Jon has ever tried to deep throat. His body is loose, free after orgasming. It’s easy to be moved, to be guided up and down, up and down. David doesn’t slow or stop, just keeps fucking into Jon’s mouth as he directs the younger man’s body to where he wants it.

Isaac isn’t one to be left out of the fun, though. Sliding across the floor, he ends behind Jon again but instead of talking, the blond begins kissing down Jon’s spine. He reaches the small of back only to retrace the path, laying a trail of wet fire on Jon’s body. At the nape of Jon’s neck, Isaac twists and drags his tongue around to the front. Kissing slowly, the blond descends to a nipple. There, he licks and sucks until the bud hardens into a peak.

Jon can feel himself fattening up again, feels his cock filling with arousal and want.

David must know because his harsh movements increase faster, fucking with vigor and vim usually reserved for soldiers returning from war. Somehow he keeps enough willpower to not choke Jon but it doesn’t matter. Isaac has continued his journey exploring Jon’s skin, coming to an end so his head is somehow under David while his body curves itself around Jon. He’s like a snake curling around an obstacle. Once there, he extends one hand up, thin digits tickling David’s taint. And it’s over.

David pauses for one second before he shoves Jon hard, forcing the man off his dick only to sprawl on the floor. Isaac swoops and takes the prize, a huge load to the face. White globs rain down, covering swathes of pale skin until the torrent ends with a light drizzle. David shakes his cock once, letting it flop on Isaac’s face, smearing cum into skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32