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It was very foggy that morning when I traveled to work. A damp cool had settled in the valley. Long sleeve buttoned down shirt with jeans. I was horny and ready for some action.

A social media site provided a platform to meet someone prior to a visit the Book Store. It was nice not having to stand and wait for someone with similar interests, I didn’t have much time and I had to be discreet. I had posted that I was going to Book Store and if anyone would like to meet me there let me know via e-mail. It wasn’t long I received an e-mail from Larry black male six feet two inches tall and seven and one-half inches cut said he was going to Book Store and he would meet me there at the designated time.

This was way too easy a lot of times guys would back out at last minute. Not this time. Business had slacked off at the end of the day. So they let me go early if I would make the daily deposit before going home. After the bank deposit I arrived at the Book Store fifteen minutes early. Larry and I had described what bahis firmaları we were wearing as well as sending photos for identification. I explained the photo of me was a year older and I had lost weight since the photo was taken. Larry had a goatee in his photo. Since I was early I paid the cashier for the arcade and entered to see who was there and what they were doing.

After a few minutes Larry entered clean shaven instead of the beard. He was exactly how he described to me. We greeted each other and hit it off very well. He then walked into a booth that had glory hole. I went into the adjacent booth. Not long after I got in and locked door a semi hard cock had come through the hole. Down on my knees I put the cock in my mouth. Larry had a big mushroom head and his cock had increasing girth all the way to pubic hair, I had a lot of saliva and sucking sounds were loud. In and out. After a few minutes. I pulled away and pulled down my pants. I tried to no avail to angle my ass welcoming Larry’s cock. Damn I’m too short. kaçak iddaa He motions for me to meet him in the hall.

He wanted me to go to private room. Dark in this room. There was only a black light, Just enough light to see. He pulls me to his big frame and kissed me. He started pulling off my clothes and fondled me. I was already lubed up. Larry started fingering me one, two, three, four fingers stretching me. He was methodical and meticulous. He would fondle my cock almost to orgasm then I would come back down.

Now he was going to burst my cherry. He would slide the tip up to my hole leave it there, He would tell me to push back relax and breathe. It hurt at the start press further and further. He was in. Initially there was pain then when he was pumping my ass it began to feel so good in and out. I would moan and tell him it felt so good. Larry really liked that it was like I was cheering him on. The room we were in had a seat made of plywood painted black and there was a leather covered pillow. I got on all fours. kaçak bahis When he would go in I would push back. Oh my goodness it was euphoric. We were fucking so hard the wood would creak and I would moan, So everyone in the place knew what we were doing.

Larry would pull out right before he would cum. Hard thrust in and out, He rails would wiggle side to side and I would get to feel his cock grinding. We were working up a sweat. He pulled out, he didn’t want to cum right then. There I was butt naked low profile on all fours. Larry had gone to the restroom. The other tops were coming by and looking at my ass. Three black guys at different times came in and asked if I was Larry’s bitch.

I told them I was for the night only. Each one got my name and number saying they really would like to tear my ass up. I let them know I would like that very much. They left. It wouldn’t be the last time and that is for another story.

Larry came back tested and ready to go. After more lube, He mounted me. He was more forceful this time. Hard thrusts in and out, it felt do good. After a few minutes Larry came. It was a huge load. It filled me up. I still see Larry and the others once I got used the initial hurt. I am hooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32