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In the darkened room Anari stood, helpless. Scarlett had tied her wrists above her head, suspended from a long chain, attached to the roof. Her legs were spread, her ankles bound to ring-bolts in the floor. A cloth gag covered her mouth. Her pink dress was pulled down around her waist, exposing her breasts. Both Scarlett and the Master had left the room some while ago — Anari had lost track of the time. Tied and immobile, she waited passively for what seemed an age and wondered what the Master had in store for her next….

At long last the door of the dungeon opened and she lifted her head, peering into the gloom. Footsteps. A dark shape. Tall, forbidding. The Master. He stopped in front of her. Instinctively she lowered her eyes, her fingers curling apprehensively round the ropes that held her wrists. She felt the Master move closer, his hands circling her waist. She held her breath. Then she felt his cock rising between her spread thighs…..

Efficiently and breath-takingly he fucked her, his iron-hard cock driving up into her still-aching pussy, almost lifting her off her feet. His hands closed over her breasts, squeezing and massaging as he pumped deep into her, grunting audibly with the effort. Aroused yet again, Anari closed her eyes and surrendered to the increasingly quicker thrusts, feeling herself carried away as on a rip-tide by the strokes of his powerful cock. Skilfully he took possession of her, claiming her naked body as his as he penetrated her deeply and intimately.

Like a rag doll, Anari went limp under his control, giving herself almost kaynarca escort willingly, her mind a haze, her thoughts a whirl of conflicting emotions. She moaned and cried out into the saliva-soaked gag and then, unable to prevent herself, she was overwhelmed by one of the fiercest orgasms she’d ever experienced, followed almost immediately by the Master climaxing and pumping his hot cum into her.

For a minute after climax he held inside her, his breath hot on her face and his cock throbbing within her. Then he abruptly slid out, zipped up his jeans and strode out, leaving the helpless Anari in her bonds…..

Anari was left there to consider her fate for quite some time. Perhaps an hour. Maybe two. Time had lost all meaning here in this house. She felt herself weak, bruised, sore and broken. For a time she nodded off, tied up as she was.

When she was released by the butler once more, she followed him compliantly, her will already accustomed to the rules of the Manor now. Follow and obey. She did not relish the thought of another punishment. He led her back to her room and bid her bathe and get some sleep. The wicked glint in his eye as he left the room told Anari all she needed to know. The ordeal was to continue.

It did. That evening, when Anari awoke it was to find nothing but underwear as her clothing and a red box wrapped with a silk ribbon. Underwear, she supposed, was slightly better than being naked. That was until she looked properly.

It was a scarlet pair of briefs and bra. Crotch less panties and a peep hole küçükyalı escort bra. It made her body shiver, involuntarily. Oh no. She dressed herself in the matching set of flimsy red lace and thought to herself, she really may as well have been naked. But it did serve to make her look wondrously sexy, with her long dark hair flowing around her breasts.

Blue eyes stared back at her in the mirror and she moved to put on the make up that had been left out for her. Bright, glossy, red lipstick and a heavy, dark eyeliner. This made her eyes look sultry and intense. Anari sighed, already feeling the beginnings of lust creep insidiously through her veins. Her body was no longer her own here. The thought had finally clicked and she was almost beginning to enjoy the feeling spreading through her pliant body.

She arched her head back in the mirror and moved a hand to cup her breast, toying with a nipple, watching it harden in front of her. Then she moved her hands lower, brushing them against her smooth silken mound, gliding her fingers up and down, her fingernails gently grazing her skin. Then lower still to her swollen pussy lips, still sore but feeling wonderfully alive and sensitive. The gentlest touch made her body shiver and she smiled at herself in the mirror.

What did she look like? A slut, a whore or a completely devoted slave to her Master’s whim? She began to fuck her pussy with one finger, still watching herself intently in the mirror before her, seeing her pupils dilate with lust, her face taking on a new and wanton expression. sancaktepe escort Then she began to fuck herself deeply with two fingers, sliding them in and out of her wet pussy, already dripping with her arousal.

Knowing she must not make herself cum without permission, she stopped, reluctantly. Her attention focused once more on the unopened package on the bed and she began to unwrap it. Her eyes widened as she saw what was in there.

It was a bright red butt plug and a small bottle of lubricant. The plug was larger than any she had yet taken. She bit her lip, focussing on the task set for her. Returning to her chair by the mirror Anari covered her plug in the wet, sticky lubricant and felt weakness steal through her body. She then used her fingers to coat the oil around her ass, before pushing a finger inside of her again. Oh God. She groaned out loud to herself.

It was true then. She was beginning to enjoy herself. All these people had been right. The Master, Miss Simpson, the butler. They had all called her a slut. If that was what she was, so be it. She placed the scarlet plug at her anus and began to push gently, slowly sliding the invader in and out gently but with insistent pressure, her head rocking back and forth with pleasure.

She was enjoying watching herself in the mirror. The red plug slowly made its way inside her and with a soft sucking noise pushed into place deep within her. There was no chance it was going to fall out. The size of it made that thought impossible. It was lodged firmly and she could feel it shift inside her at even the slightest movement she made. It was a pleasant sensation. Her sighs turned to groans. Now she needed to cum and she knew from experience that she dare not without explicit permission. Anari preyed the Master wouldn’t leave her here long, to contemplate her next fate….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32