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“Did y’ever taste yer cum?” Jerry’s question didn’t surprise me; nothing ever surprised me where he was concerned.

“No, but I’ve wanted to,” I told him, laughing, “I really looked forward to it, but once I got off, I didn’t have the urge to taste it; I’ve sniffed it though and I didn’t think it smelled that good.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Jerry, said, disappointedly. “J’ever try to get yer dick in yer mouth?” He asked, grinning.

“One time, I tried so hard I thought I was gonna break, but I didn’t ever get close enough to spit on it. You?”

“I come close enough that I’m encouraged to keep on trying. Tommy Lupino can do it; he does it like it’s nothin’.”

“That’s a load of horse pucky,” Hank said, positively; “I wouldn’t believe anything that guy told me.”

“No! It’s true, Hank, Lupino proved it to me; he can get nearly all his cock in his mouth…He’s got a big mother, Hank; must be eight or, maybe even nine inches long.” Jerry said, wide-eyed.

“Where were yuz when he did it, Jer?”

“His garden shed. He asked me if I wanted to watch, an’ besides that, he tried to help me do it.” Jerry said, smiling proudly.

“How?” Hank asked, curiously, “How did he help ya?”

“He had his hands on my head an’ kept pushing my mouth closer and closer to my knob. An’ ya know what, Hank, I touched it with my tongue; got it right on my pee hole,” he told Hank, beaming proudly, “That’s why I’m so encouraged; Tommy offered to help me anytime I want.”

“Ya gonna try it again, I mean with him?”

“Naw, I really didn’t feel safe in the shed. Like, his father could’ve come to get something, or maybe one of his brothers could come in,” he explained.

“Can his brothers suck themselves?”

“Shit, Hank, I don’t know… Maybe you could do it, too, if ya had somebody to push on yer noggin, Jerry suggested,” grinning from ear to ear.”

“Ya wanna be a pusher, Jer?” Hank asked, after a moment of pondering. “Maybe we could both help each other?”

“Sure,” Jerry quickly agreed, “but we’d hafta find us a place where we’d be sure nobody’s gonna barge in on us; I don’t think it’d work if we were nervous all the time.”

Jerry and I trusted each other completely. We were only kids in the church choir when we met; and now, at eighteen, we had been best friends for more than eight years. He was as cute as an angel and sang like one, too. About five-eleven and a hundred and seventy-five pounds, he had medium-length, light-brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes; everybody loved him. Jerry was incredibly uninhibited and outgoing. He didn’t care a damn about what anyone might’ve thought of him. As far as he was concerned nothing mattered; He was The Man.

It wasn’t long before he he had his plan. His mother played Bridge every Saturday afternoon and would be out of the house for at least four hours. His father would be leaving on a business trip on Friday afternoon and wouldn’t return before Monday night. He decided we’d do our pushdowns in the rec room; if anybody returned, unexpectedly, we’d hear the floor creaking above, giving plenty of warning.

“Should we take everything off, Jer?”

“Yeah,” he replied, pulling his sweater canlı bahis over his head, “Ya hafta be able to bend freely.” In spite of our closeness, I still felt self-conscious undressing in front of him, whereas he seemed to have no problem with it at all. Looking at him, I could understand why it might be easier for him to achieve his goal; though he was very well built, his stomach was all but non-existent. He had a nicely tanned body. I found the contrast between his dark body and his milky-white bubble-butt to be truly dramatic. But, the most dramatic of all was Jerry’s long, uncut dick; it was another very valuable tool to make his job easier, I thought.

“Well, what now, Jer?” I asked, shaking with excitement and wondering what was exciting me to such a degree.

“You wanna be first?” Jer asked.

“Okay, should I sit?”

“Yeah, on the carpet, Hank.”

“I’m not as hard as usual,” I said, disappointed, “Could be I’m nervous.”

“Okay, Hank, I’ll go first.” Jerry raised his knees and locked his arms under his legs and pulled his head toward his towering cock head. Straining hard, he said, “Hank, hold my dick straight up, ya know like pointing to my mouth.” I took hold of his cock and was shocked to find my own cock had hardened more than it ever had before.

I wished I could kick myself when I felt a desire to lick his knob instead of my own. His tongue was swirling around his cock head and I could feel his cock pulsing in my hand. I gently squeezed and began moving the smooth skin up and down. I hadn’t counted on doing anything like this. “Try pushing now, Hank, but not too hard, okay?” When his mouth finally engulfed his large knob, I thought my pre cum was pouring on the carpet.

I wanted to grab my clothes and run as far away as I could and never see him again. Instead, I sat on the carpet alongside of him and locked my arms under my legs as he had done. With my tongue hanging out a mile, I forced myself down, flapping my tongue around and trying to get it to hit my cock.

I was about to free a hand to hold it straight when I felt Jerry’s hand pushing gently on the back of my head. My sphincter muscle was contracting rhythmically. He put his hand on my cock and all hell broke loose. I screamed out as my cock erupted, shooting cum into my mouth and everywhere on my face. Jerry was rolling on the floor laughing, while I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been in my life. “Goddam! Fuck, Jer, I feel awful. I don’t understand what happened; maybe it was because nobody ever touched me before. It felt so incredible.”

“What ‘re so freaked out for? I should be so lucky. Did ya taste yer cum?” He asked, again, breaking up again in a fit of laughter.”

“It shot into my mouth but it all happened so fast an’ so unexpected I can’t remember how it tasted; but I sure had an incredible orgasm.”

“Ya sure did; you’ve still got cum all over your face. Just a moment ago, ya said it wasn’t getting’ hard enough but it sure hardened in a hurry, huh?”

“I feel like such a freakin’ dork.”

“Shit, hank, fugedaboudit; come an’ push on my head, again, I’m close to blowin’ myself.” I held Jerry’s cock again and my cock popped up bahis siteleri again. There’s something magical about his cock, I thought. I pushed, pumped and watched as Jerry’s cock slipped a little deeper into his mouth. When I stopped pushing on him he started bobbing his head like an expert. “Congratulations, Jer, ya can suck yer own cock, now.” He placed his hand on mine, encouraging me to jerk him faster and harder. His muffled noises were unmistakable. I jerked his cock a bit harder and felt the spasms. His toes were tightly curled when his body quaked and his mouth filled with his hot cum. Exhausted, He lay back on the carpet.

“Y’ ever been with a girl. Jer?”

“Nope, I guess you haven’t either, huh,?”

“No, I’ve never been with anybody. I don’t feel like I’m interested in goin’ with a girl. D’ya think that’s weird; I mean like were eighteen an’ we’ve never screwed a girl?”

“Naw, I don’t think there’s anything weird about it I know lots a guys much older than we are that never been with a girl.”

“Well, it kinda worries me. Ya know, I got real horny when I saw your naked body; and it was when ya held my cock that I got off.”

“So? I liked when you held my dick and jerked it a bit.”

“Fuck, I dunno, Jer, I’m havin’ a bitch of a time keepin’ myself from lickin’ yer knob, right now.”

“That’s not a big deal, Hank, ya know me well enough to know I’d do anythin’ for ya; so go ahead if you wanna do it. I sure don’t think there’s anythin’ wrong with ya lickin’ my knob, after all, I’ve been practicing to lick it myself, for a long time.”

“”Yer sure ya don’t mind,” I said, taking his cock in my hand and swirling my tongue around his dick head.

“Oh, yeah, Hank, ya can do it a lot better than I can.” I lay on the carpet between his legs and alternately sucked his balls into my mouth. He gasped when I started licking under his nuts. Jerry had a most pleasant fragrance in his crotch area. His body stiffened when I very lightly licked up and down his long, solid pole. Reaching, he took his cock in his hand and directed his knob to my lips. I was delighted that he’d begun to join in. “Suck me, Hank,” he asked, his voice deep and sexy.

“Don’t be afraid to cum in my mouth, Jer, I wanna know how ya taste, okay?”

“Yer doin’ a fantastic job, buddy, it’s not gonna take very long.” I was so relieved that I didn’t throw up on him when I began to choke on his enormous bulb. I fought back the terribly strong urge several times before I succeeded in getting it into my throat. I was immobile for a short while as I waited for my throat to accept the living, intruding object before I activated the muscle to embrace his cock lovingly. “Oh, gawd, this is more pleasure than I’d ever’ve believed possible, Hank; yer not gettin’ outta here till I do this fer you.” On hearing Jerry say that, my cock hardened, incredibly.

“Yer sure yer okay with this Jer?”

“I’m yer slave, Hank, ya can do anythin’ ya want with my body; I’m in ecstasy on my cloud. Ya can even torture me if ya want to.”

I licked my way up his chest. Then I licked all over his neck before I put my mouth over his. “Open yer mouth, Jer,” I said, and he not only immediately bahis şirketleri obeyed but he slipped his horny tongue into my mouth. I sucked his tongue with a raging passion. My erection pressing against his stomach, along with his solid cock moving between my thighs, maintained my passion at a fever level. I thought I’d never stop licking and kissing his face. His tongue, in return, kissed my face continually. “My cock feels like a red-hot poker,” Jerry told me, his breath coming in gasps.

I urged him onto his stomach to kiss the nape of his neck. His hair grew into a point in the back and I sucked the hairy tuft into my mouth to chew on it. He moaned, delightedly, when I licked his back, somehow sensing that I soon would be venerating his gorgeous bubbles. Wanting to satisfy my slave, I licked him in his butt’s crevice and he raised his abdomen. Knowing exactly what he craved, I pressed the tip of my tongue on his butt-hole. His reaction indicated he had never experienced such pleasure, before. I remained with my tongue inserted in his butt till he begged me to return to sucking his cock.

I didn’t suck his cock when he turned onto his back but instead I squatted over his face to let my balls rest on his lips. While he sucked one ball, then the next, he was at the same time massaging his erection. Being as hard as a rock, I directed my cock into his mouth to immediately feel his anxious tongue licking around my knob. “Oh, yeah, Jer, that feels great,” I said, softly.

I humped his mouth rather roughly but he didn’t complain. My dick head being snuggled in his throat was heavenly. My knob was tingling continuously, telling me that I was very close. I reached behind to take over from him in the stroking of his erection and soon we were both moaning our forthcoming orgasms. Quickly, I turned around and covered his throbbing cock with my mouth as I pushed my own into his anxious mouth. During our symphony of erotic and ecstatic moans, I glanced at Jerry’s tightly curled toes and wasn’t surprised when I heard his delightful cries mixed with mine. And, together, we ate each other’s cum. When I extracted my tongue from Jerry’s mouth, I asked him, “How do ya feel about suddenly finding out yer gay, Jer?”

“I don’t feel I’m gay,” He said, sincere in his belief, “Just cause we got carried away like that doesn’t mean were gay, Hank; wha’ d’ you think about it?”

“I kinda hope yer right, Jer, but I’m just not sure.”

“Did y’ enjoy doin’ it?” He asked.

“Sure did, I never had such a fun time before.”

“I wanna do it again,” Jerry said, I don’t think there’s anythin’ wrong as long as it’s just the two of us; If I waned to do it with other guys, then I’d be worried.”

“Yeah, Jer, I think that the best way to look at it,” I told him, happy to think that way. “When will yer parents be going out, again?” I asked.

“I’ll let ya know, Hank, don’t worry. Anyways, in a drought we can suck ourselves, Huh?”

“Yeah, but it’s a lot better when we’re together.”

“Do ya think we’ve still got enough time to suck tongues fer a while longer?”

“Sure. Let’s get dressed so we can trade spits till my mom comes home.”

We weren’t gay, of course, but we continued to have sex together. “It’s okay fer guys to fuck around together, like this, as long as they’re not gay, Hank,” Jerry told me, most convincingly. And Jer was always right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32