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The story is a collaboration between myself and my best friend Anne (in the story). We envision this as an ongoing adventure (future chapters).

All characters, whether described as such or not are all over 18 years of age.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated and we encourage feedback for ideas.

My thanks to MadamWhitewalker for her amazing editing!


Friday Orientation

Beep…Beep…Beep! I reached toward the alarm on my night stand and pressed the ‘off’ button, sitting up and stretching my arms as far up in the air as I could. Climbing out of bed, I looked over at Anne; she was laying on her side in a sort of fetal position, the sheet covering her from the waist down. I marveled at how beautiful her semi-exposed body was. I pulled the rest of the sheet off of her, hoping the cool air would help to wake her up. I gently tapped her round ass cheek, “Get up sleepy head, we don’t wanna be late!”

Anne reached back to grab the sheet and re-covered herself. “In a minute!” she mumbled.

I went into the huge walk-in closet and shed my pajamas. I wrapped a towel around myself and carried another towel to wrap around my head. I trotted off to the shower room.

Thirty minutes later I made my way back to the room, closing the door behind me. Looking over to my bed, I noticed Anne was finally getting up and had begun doing her morning stretch, her nice, round thirty-six C cup tits being stretched in the process. I unwrapped my towel, letting it puddle around my feet before I started to walk towards the closet.


I looked over at her and she was staring at me with her mouth wide open.

“What?” I looked all around me.

“THAT!” Anne was pointing at me.

Once again, I looked all around me, “WHAT?”

Moving her hand back and forth, pointing her finger still at me, “THAT!”

I looked down at my full thick pubic hair covered cunt and realized ‘that’ was what she was pointing at. “You mean my bush?”

“Bush…bush?” Anne began laughing hysterically. “That’s not a damn bush…it’s a fucking tropical rain forest!” I turned fifty shades of red. “Have you ever trimmed that thing?”

“Well…yeah,” recovering from embarrassment, I glared back in retaliation. “I trimmed my pussy during bikini season.”

Anne laughed, “With what…a weed-whacker?” Once again, I turned as red as a beet. “First of all, let’s get one thing straight, we don’t call it a pussy. We’re not in middle school. We also don’t call it a vagina…we’re not doctors. We call it a CUNT! Say it C-U-N-T…CUNT!”

I repeated it, “Cunt…Cunt…CUNT!”

Anne jumped up and stood in the middle of the bed, legs splayed apart, and pointed at her cunt. “Now… this is what a cunt should look like!”

I gazed at the triangle between her legs, mesmerized. There was not one stitch of hair. It was so beautiful and smooth, her clit poked out from beneath its hood. Her cunt lips were open like the petals of a pink rose. I had never had this urge before, but I wanted to walk up and bury my face between her legs.

She suddenly jumped off the bed and scampered into the closet. She returned with a pair of barber scissors. Anne told me to spread my legs and be still. She pulled my pubic hair until it stretched my skin and then snipped the hair as close as possible. After a few minutes, my once hairy cunt was now just barely covered with fuzz. “I’ll finish it later,” as she ran into our closet, grabbed a couple of towels, and dashed down the hall toward the showers.

“I’ll save you a place next to me!” I yelled.


Mother Superior had just finished introducing the staff when the hinges of the huge wooden doors creaked. The whole assembly turned toward the doors to see who was coming in fifteen minutes late. There was a unified gasp as Anne came in and walked down the aisle between the first year and second year tables as if she was a runway model. You could hear the clicking of her Mary Jane stilettos as she placed one foot in front of the other, accentuating the swivel of her hips in her blue, gold, and black plaid school uniform skirt, the bottom of her hem just a few inches lower than her ass cheeks. Her white peter pan collared blouse was unbuttoned to the middle, revealing her ample cleavage. Her nipples were hard from the stimulation of the fabric rubbing against her firm, round tits while they bounced slightly as she sauntered down the aisle.

I looked at Mother Superior and I could tell she was pissed. Her jaw flexed as she watched Anne take her place next to me. Then I glanced up at Sister Ursula; she had a pursed smirk and was subtly shaking her head back and forth in knowing disbelief. She knew there would be hell to pay and Anne would pay it.

I put my hand under the table to search for Anne’s hand. When I found it, I squeezed it lightly, conveying that I was glad to see her.


Startled at hearing her name, Anne looked up to see that Mother Superior was glaring güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at her. She was more surprised that Mother Superior even knew her name. “Yes, Reverend Mother.”

“Please come forward!”

I squeezed her hand one more time before she got up. Anne tried in vain to pull her skirt down a little more before she approached Mother Superior.

“You’re fifteen minutes late!” she bellowed. “Why are you fifteen minutes late?”

“Well, Reverend Mother…it took me longer to get dressed than I expected,” Anne replied with grin. The assembly of girls giggled.

“Silence!” All the giggling stopped instantly. “By the way you’re dressed, or should I say not dressed, it shouldn’t have taken you any time to get ready.” This sparked another round of laughter.

Anne stood there, her four-inch stilettos together, her extremely modified short school skirt accenting the length and shape of her legs. “I wanted to make sure that my legs were properly shaved and everything else…and I mean EVERYTHING ELSE was shaved!”

This brought a gasp of surprise and nervous chuckles from all of the girls. Sister Ursula had to look away and bite her tongue to keep from laughing.

“Well Sisters, I wasn’t expecting to make someone an example so early in the school term. Sister Celestine!” A tall, gangly Sister handed Mother Superior a wooden paddle. The instrument of punishment was a half-inch thick oak paddle about twenty inches in length and three and a half inches wide. It had seventeen drilled holes that were approximately three eighths of an inch in diameter. This paddle would definitely chap one’s ass. Holding the non-slip rubber handle, Mother Superior walked around the Sister’s table and stood before Anne. “Take your panties off and bend over your table.”

Anne obediently slipped off her white bikini briefs and placed them on our table. She slowly draped herself on the table, holding on to each side. Bent over, we could all see down her blouse, her tits smashed against the table. She smiled and winked at all of us. My heart sank and my eyes started to tear up. I looked at the other fifty-eight new girls; they all looked scared shitless. Anne’s short skirt rode up, revealing her thighs and all of her cute ass. Mother Superior took the hem of her skirt and tucked it into her waistband. She did not want the skirt to interfere with the efficacy of her punishment.

She rubbed the paddle back and forth across Anne’s ass, then Mother Superior raised the paddle. We all grimaced in anticipation of the swat. WACK! The paddle lashed down with ferocious velocity, covering the whole of Anne’s ass. Bubbles of her flesh were forced through the seventeen holes of the paddle. We all knew this would result in bruises that would last long after the sting of the paddle had faded. Anne’s jaw muscles flexed and her head jerked sharply back, sending her brown hair flying as she stubbornly held in a scream. It hurt much more than she had expected. She nearly lost her grip on the table, but she forced herself to stay bent over.

Now Anne better knew what to expect. WACK…WACK…The second and third whacks concentrated on her right and left cheeks respectively, both eliciting unheard yelps of pain, but still she stayed resolutely in position. Mother Superior waited a while before the next whack and then she let it fly with the hardest yet. SWOOSH…WACK! The paddle cracked down with a loud splat across Anne’s reddened rear. It was too much. Anne released her grip, her eyes watered with tears. She half straightened, her hands going to her tortured cheeks. She twisted around to face Mother Superior, her hazel eyes filled with tears but also with defiance.

Mother Superior allowed her a few moments. Then she took her by the shoulder, turned her around, and bent her back over the table. Anne knew she had no alternative. She wiggled her ass back and forth, egging her on, but Mother Superior ignored the defiance and delivered another blistering wallop. SWOOSH…WACK!

Anne gritted her teeth and shook her head from side to side, trying to come to terms with the last level of pain when Mother Superior brought the paddle down for the last time. WACK! She always made sure the last swat was the hardest. The last spanking lifted her slightly and drove her forward on the table.

Finally Anne realized it was all over. Sheepishly, she reached around and pulled her skirt out from her waistband so that it fell and covered her blazing behind. Mother Superior handed her a tissue, “You may go sit down now.” Anne took the tissue from her, looked her straight in the eyes, smiled, and returned to sit next to me.


It was mid-afternoon and I had been anxiously waiting for Anne’s return. To help pass the time, I watched some porn on my laptop and played with myself with the toy she had given me.

I hadn’t seen Anne since lunch when we both ate together. While eating, she confided that her ass was really sore. Frankly, I was worried about her.

As I went from class güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to class, all the talk was about how Anne did not cry or yelp during Mother Superior’s ass beating and how she smiled at her after it was all over. Anne has become an urban legend in one day.

When she finally walked through the door, I ran over to Anne, put my arms around her and gently kissed her. When we broke apart, I looked her in the eye. “You ok? That was helluva an ass whooping you took this morning!”

Anne quickly gave me two pecks, “Yeah I’m okay.” Another quick peck, “It’s not the first time I’ve had my ass spanked.” Again a quick peck. “And I’m sure it won’t be the last time Mother Superior will spank my ass!” She giggled and we began kissing passionately. Our tongues intertwined as I absentmindedly reached around to rub her ass. She grimaced at my touch, “Fuck! That hurts, my ass is still really sore!”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Anne quickly pecked me again, “Well…it’ll be awhile before I get fucked in the ass that’s for sure!” We both chuckled and resumed our French-kissing when I felt her hands rubbing my soft, furry cunt. She slipped a finger in me, moving it in and out; I moaned and gyrated my hips, trying to get more of her finger inside me. Anne stopped suddenly, “Oh shit, I need to finish what I started.”

I looked at her perplexed, “Finish what?”

“Finish cleaning up your cunt!” Anne’s eyes danced, “You want me to shave you?”

“If you want, I have no objections,” I replied as I walked back to my bed and laid down on the end.

Anne came back shortly with a razor and shaving cream. While she got undressed she told me to lay back and relax, which I did. She applied the cream all over, letting it sit for a few minutes, then she began shaving me. It was a strange feeling, just lying there while another woman shaved me. Every once in a while, her finger would brush against my clit, which sent shivers throughout my body. After she was finished she got a warm washcloth and removed the remaining cream. She spent extra time around my clit, which had me getting very wet. She looked at me and beamed, “Now that’s the way a cunt should look!” She began running her hands over my stomach and cunt. “MMMM…nice and smooth!”

“Lay back into the pillows,” Anne said as we crawled on my bed. I smiled and did as she said. She finally had a full look at my body.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” she said stroking my thigh.

“Mmmmm,” I replied, breathing deeply.

“Spread your legs apart. Let’s see that cunt.” I smiled and moved my legs. Anne bit her lips as she stared at it.

It was smooth from the shaving and shining with my wetness. I had a juicy pink clit to match my juicy pink lips, and I was still super tight despite having had a dildo inside me for most of the afternoon waiting for Anne. There was no visible hole, I still looked virgin-tight. It’s sweet, musky scent floated up to her. I doubted it was the first time she’d seen another girl’s cunt up close in real life. She took a deep breath.

“Mmmmm Sue. That looks fucking amazing,” Anne giggled.

“Make me cum,” I said, “I know you’ll be able to.”

“I promise I will.” Anne reached down and touched my cunt again. It was warm and slick with my juices. She moved her fingers up and down, feeling the delicate folds before placing her hand on top of my cunt, her middle finger on my clit. She rubbed it ever so slowly as she took a deep breath in. “How does that feel?”

“Mmmmm goo…od,” I cooed my eyes shut and a smile on my face. Anne paused and used her thumb to pull back the hood of my clit slightly, exposing more of the delicate area with her middle finger.

“Fuck!” I said breathily, my body twitching at the new sensation. Anne began stroking her finger up and down, like she does when she plays with herself.

“Ooooo…yeah,” I moaned. She moved her finger faster and reached down to suck my nipple. “Mmmmm…shit…oh my God!”

Anne began kissing me while switching from stroking to tracing circles on my clit. I was breathing heavily and was getting slicker and slicker by the second. Our tongues continued massaging each other and she slid two fingers past my soft cunt lips and into my tight hole. She felt the muscles clench around her fingers as she moved them in and out in a ‘C’ shape. Anne made sure to keep her palm on my clit while she did this.

“Fuck…oh my God…Anne!”

“Yeah, you like me fingering your cunt?”

“Yes!” I squealed.

“You feel so fucking tight!”

“Ahhhhh…fuck me harder.” She pushed her fingers even deeper and began fucking me fiercely.

“Mmmmm…yeah I’m gonna make you cum so hard! Right on my fucking fingers!” Anne said while moving her fingers deeper. She could not believe how wet my cunt was; it was making a squishing sound as she pumped her fingers fast. She stared deep into my light brown eyes while fucking me. I stared back at her, opening and closing my mouth in ecstasy.

“E…eat güvenilir bahis şirketleri me…fucking eat my cunt!” I moaned out. Without hesitation, Anne moved between my legs and put her fingers in my mouth.

“Lick these off!”

“Mmmmm…gladly…mmmmm…I love the taste of my cunt.” It was actually my first time ever tasting cunt juice.

“You filthy whore!” Anne teased, smiling, before tasting my cunt. She put her whole mouth on it, sliding her tongue between my pink lips and up to my clit. “Your cunt is the best thing I’ve ever tasted…it’s indescribable…it’s so sweet.”

“Oh…my fucking God…yes!” I said quickly and in a voice that made it obvious that this is how I was going to cum.

Anne put her tongue right on the tip of my clit and moved it up and down, the hood pulled back all the way and my whole clit exposed. I began writhing uncontrollably as she swirled her tongue around and began sucking on it.

“Fuuuuck Anne!” I moaned. She sucked on it like it was candy. I was still completely lost and writhing from the intense pleasure. She put her two fingers back in my cunt and began pumping them hard and fast. Her tongue remained on my clit, flicking it up and down as she worked me.

I began thrusting my hips against her hand and face, a continuous moan pouring out of me.

“Oh…my God…don’t stop Anne! I…I think I’m gonna cum! OH…MY…GOD! I’M CUMMING!” Anne moved her tongue and fingers as fast she could. I arched my back, higher and higher before screaming and then…SQUIRTING. Squirting all over her chin, arms, and tits.

It seemed to last forever as wave after wave of juices poured from me. Anne kept her mouth open and allowed her face to become covered by it, completely in shock. My cunt muscles spasmed around her fingers and I rolled back and forth beneath her.

Once I settled, Anne took her fingers out and lay beside me. I was panting and covered in sweat. She could not believe what had just happened. Not only had Anne given me, her best friend, her first orgasm, but she made me squirt!

“Holy fuck,” I uttered finally. “That was INCREDIBLE. I can’t believe I squirted, that’s so crazy. Oh my God, you were amazing. I fuck’n love you!” I declared, kissing Anne. She pulled herself over me and, to her surprise, I began fingering her while we kissed. “Your turn,” I whispered.

Anne knew it wouldn’t take much, her cunt had been throbbing for so long that her wetness had dripped down her thigh. “Oh yeah…just like that.”

“Ya like that you perfect little whore? Fuck ya just like that?”

“Ooooo…yeah…YEAH!” Anne moaned. Her hair had fallen to one side and her head was on my shoulder. “Wait. I’ve always wanted to cum this way,” she cried, moving off of me. “Sit up so I can lie back into you.”

Anne leaned into me and I began rubbing her clit fast with my hand, up and down. With my other hand I began squeezing her left tit, occasionally giving it a light slap before pinching the nipple.

She started moaning as her clit become more and more sensitive. I began talking into Anne’s ear, my lips brushing against it.

“Cum from me Anne, you little slut. Cum for me. Cum for me!”

“Unnhhh,” Anne moaned, her entire body was on fire.

“That’s its sweetie…mmmmm. You’re so fucken hot!” Now it was her turn to begin writhing around. “Yeah Anne, you fucking like that? Huh? You like me rubbing your fucking clit?”

“Oh fuck. Yeah I love it!”

I began moving faster. “Say you fucken love it!”

“Oh God! I…I fucking love it! Oh my God I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Fuuuck!” And to Anne’s surprise, I reached up with my free hand and lightly choked her as she came. It made the pressure and release even more intense, and her eyes watered as she came harder than she ever had before.

Anne lay there in my arms, both of us sweaty and satisfied.

“I can’t believe I squirted,” I said happily.

“That was so fucking hot. I’m so happy that I made you orgasm. And that I’m the first girl you’ve had sex with.”

“Mmmmm…I’m glad too. Nothing could’ve been more perfect. I can’t even explain how fuckin amazing that was. I can’t believe I’ve never cum until this afternoon!”

“Mmmmm!” Anne purred while I continued to lightly stroke her cunt, both of us loving the feeling.

We lay like that for a while, neither one of us wanting to break, until I looked at the clock. “Oh shit! We need hurry and get dressed. I don’t wanna be late for dinner! I don’t want us to get an ass beating from Mother Superior!”

We both hurriedly got dressed; Anne put on her short plaid skirt, her peter pan blouse unbuttoned once again to reveal her cleavage of perky, round tits and her Mary Jane stilettos. As she was pulling her hair back in a ponytail, she glanced over at me as I was doing the same. “What the fuck did you do to your pinafore?”

“You like?” I twirled around, modeling my navy blue pinafore that I had altered so that it was as short as Anne’s skirt, the bottom hem falling just below my ass cheeks. She smiled and nodded yes. “I figured if we are going to be sisters in sluttiness that I might as well dress like a whore with you.” I sat down on the bed, putting on some navy thigh shocks. “You mind if I barrow a pair of your stilettos? I’ll buy some when we go into town.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32