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Chapter 11: Pay the Lord, The Beginning.

I took that card out Jim gave me. It was as if he knew I would call. He must be psycho. I had folded it over the number. There was a crease on one of the numbers that I couldn’t make it. It took me three tries to get the right number, but I got through to Jim who was happy to hear I was headed to Charlotte to make the Lord’s ministers satisfied so they could concentrate on the Lord’s work. At least that was what I was told. I had no pretensions about my job. I was going to be a hoochie girl for a small private group of guys and get paid well for it, as well as have some fun of my own.

Jim was very cordial when we met again. I wasn’t going to be pushed into anything right away. Jim assigned me to the choir. I told Jim that I couldn’t carry a note in a bucket. Jim didn’t seem to care. He wanted me up front as “eye-candy.” Later I would realize he would want potential investors to see me and want me. I would be the “icing” on the deal. As expected the real choir found out I couldn’t sing on day one. The other girls in the choir despised me while the boys loved me and also loved to read my T-shirts, or so I gathered. There were a few of them I wouldn’t have mind dating. Well to be honest, and I hope this doesn’t cause anyone to think negative of me: I would have fucked them all.

My biggest fear was put to rest when I met Jim’s wife Terry Faye. Instead of being jealous and hating me she pulled me aside and became my mentor. She gave me some wonderful make-up tips. Terry Faye knew of Jim’s infidelities. In fact she encouraged me to keep Jim satisfied, so he wouldn’t slobber all over her. Besides, those cute boys in the choir… You got it. She hand picked some of them herself and most of the boys were willing to have a fling with Terry Faye, or for that matter anything soft, warm, wet, and slippery like a soapy wash cloth.

After I got my first pay check- and Jim treated me right, I started to get settled in with the routine. Shortly after I was comfortable with the job and people, Jim called me into his office. I knew something was up when he had me lock the door behind me. He spoke to me slowly and distinctly, choosing his words carefully. “You have been doing a fine job, Sunny. In fact Terry Faye has said wonderful things about you.” Jim complimented me.

“I really haven’t done anything.” I replied. “All I do is stand up front, lip sync hymns, answer phones, take pledges, and stuff envelopes. It is really fairly easy for the money you pay.” “Well let’s keep your pay a secret. You are my highest paid choir member and I wouldn’t want them all asking me for a raise. In fact a few of them are volunteers who don’t get paid.” Jim explained.

“Sure thing Jim,” I said smiling at him. “Is there anything else I can do to help “Pay the Lord”?”

Jim gave me a devilish grin back, “Why yes, yes there is something more you can do. Step over here by me.

I walked over and stood by Jim’s desk. He held both my hands and said, “Could you please get undressed for me again, like you did at your Pa’s house and then go under my desk?”

I smiled at Jim and nodded. I quickly stripped. It was been 12 days 16 hours and 22 minutes since I had any dick, I wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. I slipped my top off over my head, and then turned around to let Jim do the honors on the bra. It rolled off my arms and I turned around and faced Jim to let him see my titties. The skirt came off next. I kicked off my shoes and doffed the panties. I was completely naked as the day I was born; ‘ceptin’ there was more of me now. I sat on Jim’s lap and put one arm around him and let my other hand find his crotch. Jim wasted no time in exploring my private parts, as his hands roamed from breasts to pussy.

While Jim was having his fun, I unzipped his pants and freed his cock. It leaped out of his pants and invited me to give it a lick as if it was calling to me, “Lick me Sunny.”

I looked Jim straight into his trouser eye, slid down to my knees and took him in my mouth. I slurped on his cock and licked the sides of it clean. While my sucking was going on, Jim unhooked his pants and interrupted me while he slid them to the floor, allowing for more blood circulation to go to his little head now in control of his corporation.

With Jim good and hard and under my control, I stopped sucking his cock, stood up and bent myself over his desk. I spread my legs good and wide, touched my pussy with my hand and commanded, “Fuck me Jim.”

Jim had no trouble in obeying my orders. He stepped out of his pants and mounted me from behind as I rest my torso on his desk. If he wanted to shoot his load, I was going to make him work for it. It felt good having a cock stroke my pussy. Jim reached around and played with my pussy while he fucked me. I love a man who is considerate. I think this is why America loves him so much; always thinking of others. His hand and cock managed to give me an orgasm. I bit my hand and tried not to yell too loud. I wouldn’t want his secretary Betturkey to think Jim was beating me. With my pussy sopping wet, it didn’t take Jim long to add his lubricant to it. His hot sticky cum felt great as it exploded inside of me. Jim then kissed me on my bare back, gave me a little “thank you” and instructed me to go clean-up and get dressed in his executive wash room.

I came back fully dressed and sat on Jim’s lap. Jim played with my breast as he spoke. “I am having a get together at my place with some important people. I was wondering if you could play hostess to them as well as you did with me.” I just looked at Jim as he continued. “There will be six of us total.”

I thought for a moment grinned and queried, “I will be making overtime for this?”

Jim responded, “And then some. In fact you got overtime for today.” He continued, “Do you have something sexy to wear?”

I thought for a moment. I had several suitcases full of stuff Steven had gotten me I could wear. However Jim mistook my hesitation to respond to indicate I had nothing to wear and reached into his wallet and said, “A poor country girl like you probably doesn’t have anything like that.” And before I could say anything Jim whipped out two one hundred dollar bills, “Here go get you something sexy.”

I asked, “Do you mean Victoria Secret’s sexy or Fredrick’s of Hollywood sexy?”

Jim didn’t seem to know the difference and said, “Either-or, whatever you are most comfortable with.” I looked at the two bills. Jim reached back into his wallet. I really didn’t need more money and this time I did have chance to say something, but for some reason I became shy as Jim slipped me another hundred in my bra, moved me off his lap, patted me on the ass and instructed me to take the rest of the day off with pay to go get ready for this weekend. I think I am going to like working for Jim. What a wonderful boss.

Chapter 12: Pay the Lord, Gangbang

I didn’t have the heart to tell Jim I really didn’t need his money, that I had sexy stuff. I simply took the money and allowed Jim feel good about himself. I would put the money to good use on my favorite charity: me. I had decided I would wear the half cupped bra Steven had bought me for a blow job. It exposed my breasts and nipples while giving me support. I had a short skirt as most girls do. It was black and tight. I would wear my kitty panties with it. They had a kitten on both ends. I debated whether to go with stockings with a garter belt or my long black boots which zipped on the side and extended above the knee. I did need to buy a see-thru blouse. The things you can get at Belk’s in South Park Mall.

I opted to get my hair and nails done. I managed to find a place where I didn’t need an appointment. I had the split ends taken care of and I dyed it blonde. I managed to find a nail place that could take me at a strip mall near work. It was run by a young Asian girl whose real name I could not pronounce, so everyone called her Kim-Sue. She was exceptionally pretty with large breasts for an Asian woman, although I think she may have been American-Asian mixed and she spoke perfect English. Kim-Sue did a real nice job on my nails, especially painting on the snowcaps as I called them. She chucked as she completed my French manicure, shook her head and said “snowcaps.”

I went home that day very excited about the upcoming weekend. I stopped by the grocery store for supper. I wasn’t very hungry and bought a lone banana. A little advice from Sunny at this point: As a female never buy just one banana from the store. They look at you real funny like, and the bag boys play “rock, paper, scissors” to see who performs your bagging and carry-out service. I had to confide in him that I was “really going to eat it.” When I got home I tried everything on. Everything fit just fine except for the bra which was a bit snug, but would do in a pinch-literally.

When the day of the event came I got dressed up and forgot to cover myself with a coat before I drove over. I got a lot of stares pumping gas. Jim would later talk to me about the “Pay the Lord” public image and how now I was a face people might recognize, he would appreciated if I dressed appropriately in public, He did say he liked my outfit and grinned when he said he planned on getting his money’s worth.

Jim had a big house. It was called Legacy. You could have put four double-wides in this thing. The caterers would bring the meal and all I had to do was to keep it warm and serve it. This was simple enough except for the keeping it warm and serving part. This was real food. Ma never taught me to cook. I could microwave a pizza pretty well and I made a mean Pop Tart. Food had courses? Since when? People ate the salad first and not with the meal? Jesus! I mean Gee-whiz! Jim was pleasant enough to give this country gal the detailed instructions she needed to do simple inane tasks. Stir the pot? Sure, Pa sez I’m good at that.

Jim’s family had left so he could conduct business today. This was Betturkey Giriş not unusual for this family. The kids went to Me-Maw’s while Terry Faye entertained the boy’s choir at the Ramada Inn on Independence Boulevard. You would think she would find someplace new, but Jim knew where to reach her if he needed her and he never did, at least while I was around.

Jim introduced me to his guests. As I would later discover this group were less of an investment group and more a group of his cronies. It really wouldn’t have mattered to me either way as they would have gotten the same friendly service. His best friend it seemed was Rev. Fleischer. Normally I don’t dislike someone when I first meet them, especially men, but Rev. John Fleischer had “snake” written all over him. It seems he knew more ways to make money than a room full of lawyers.

Jim’s brother Norman was one of the first one’s there. He had an artificial arm and rarely smiled. He seemed bitter and cold. I don’t think you could have melted butter in his mouth. Pops Boulanger was a jovial elderly man. He was sweet as pie and very talkative. I believe he could have blown up an onion sack. Everyone just called him “Pops.”

Jim’s personal aide was there, David Faggot. I don’t think that was his real name, but that was the one that stuck in my mind. He was a nice enough guy-maybe a little too nice. Pa might say, “He was as queer as a three dollar bill.” It seemed he and Jim were an “item,” although I did try to cure them both so they could get into heaven.

And then it happened- something really unexpected. Kinch showed up. Kinch looked familiar. It wasn’t until he mentioned his ministry did I realize who he was. I only mention this was because he was black and I never had sex with a black man before and I am not too sure how Pa would cotton to it if he found out and I wondered if Billy would still fuck me after I had sex with a black man. There was all kind of confusing things running through my head. Would his cock and sperm taste the same? What if my pill didn’t work against black sperm? What if he was too big for me? I pretended Kinch being black was not bothering me. I just smiled a lot like a mindless beauty queen. Although to be honest Kinch seemed to be more like the real deal in this group.

Dinner was being served. The men went to the dining table and sat down. They had room for about a half dozen more people at this table. I served up the food, getting compliments on my clothing and pats on my rump, except for Kinch. He just placed his hand behind me and pretended to pat my ass. Rev. Fleischer went as far as feeling up my leg to my panties, where his finger touched my panty clad pussy lips. I watched him from the corner of my eye as I walked off. He made a show of sticking his finger to his nose. I could tell already I was going to not like swallowing his cum.

I ate in the kitchen and managed to catch bits and pieces of the conservation while serving. Apparently someone gave a woman named Marilyn a hickey which caused her to have visions and speak in tongues. It seemed of all the TV preachers, Kinch lacked having these gifts of the Holy Spirit. The group was attempting to convince him he had this gift too. I found out while Norman was patting my ass with good hand.

After dinner the group went to Jim’s den or library. It was a mass of overstuffed leather chairs. Jim had just bought the chairs. It seems an elderly woman in Gastonia, who Jim claimed would have a special place in heaven, gave her entire estate to “Pay the Lord” and not her heathen children who despised the organization.

I served the gentleman drinks. Kinch had sweet tea, while the rest drank alcohol. Most had a combination of Jack Daniels and something except for David who liked fuzzy navels. I was getting my usual rump pats and feels. When I was bent over serving Norman I had my back to Pops, who lifted my skirt to get a better look at my panties. “What is that?” Pops asked.

“That’s my kitty,” I said.

“Well let everyone see your kitty,” Jim added.

I considered Jim’s whims as orders from the boss. I lifted the back of my skirt and let everyone look at the kitty on my panties.

“What’s on the front of those panties?” Pops asked.

“Why a kitty too,” I said as I hiked my skirt up to my waist and paraded around showing off my panties which were tight enough to boost a bit of a camel toe.

The room agreed those were very nice kitties and it was brought up that I should remove the skirt so they could all see my kitties without having to bend over and look up my skirt. I nodded my head and said “Okay.”

The next time I came back with drinks, I was minus the skirt. Of course walking around in panties encouraged longer and more frequent pats and feels. And then Pops had a minor complaint that my shirt or blouse tails obstructed some of their view of my kitties and he brought up the idea that maybe the blouse should go too.

This time I stood in the middle of the room and undid the buttons Betturkey Güncel Giriş on the blouse. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t seen my tits. I have been showing them off all day with this see-thru material, now it was show time. The men watched as the blouse slid off my arms and revealed my naked breasts, well at least the top half of them. None of them were looking at my kitty- the fibbers.

At this point Kinch excused himself and said he had to leave. Jim tried to convince Kinch he should stay that the fun was just about to begin and what happens at Legacy stays at Legacy. Kinch said he would love to, but he had to catch a plane and maybe he could stay the next time.

This left five horny white men, and a semi-topless platinum blonde running around in her half-bra and panties with her pussy plainly outlined. With Kinch gone, the guys got bolder in their moves. It seems now that my tits were exposed, they were fair game to be touched, patted and felt as I served drinks and smiled.

I was warming up, swelling up, and my bra was starting to get tight. In fact I was pulling and tugging at it in order to make it more comfortable when David suggested I just remove the darn thing so I wouldn’t fidget so much. I guess I made Jim’s bitch a little nervous with my fidgeting. Since my boobs were already hanging out, why the heck not.

The guys were getting pretty well shit-faced from the drinking. I knew it was on going to be a matter of time before the panties were gone and I became Pussy for The Lord. My tits were getting a workout and my ass pats had evolved to pussy feels. Some of the guys were tipping me money and using their good hand to feel my pussy. Dollars were being placed between my tits. This experience was new to me, but I loved it. In fact every time I served a drink I held my panties out for a tip. This is great work when you can get it and have the equipment to do it.

Pops was relaxed on a sofa when he reached out and grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. He planted a big sloppy kiss on me and felt up my boobs. Norman was using his hand to remove my panties. He managed to get them down to the top of my boots at which point he was struggling. I didn’t want him to rip them. They were a pair of Billy’s favorites which I couldn’t tell anyone, ‘ceptin’ maybe Jim. I managed to push Pops off of me for a moment, and said, “Wait a second.” I helped poor Normal in getting my panties off. I was still petty much under Pops’ control when John said, “Let her up Pops so we can all look at her now. Besides I need another drink”

Pops got in a few more feels and allowed me to stand up to do my job. I was now a naked hostess in a pair of boots. “Puss ‘n Boots” is what the guys were calling me. I now paraded around naked to the men’s delight, whose conversation now focused on me and what a great job Jim did in “finding me” although I never knew I was lost. I exchanged drinks for pussy feels, or so it seems until Pops once again pulled me to his lap. He instructed me to rub up and down on the crotch of his pants, while his hands took inventory of my private parts. This I would discover is what is called a lap dance and women actually get paid to do this kind of easy work. David then suggested that we put some music on and I could dance around and give everyone a lap dance. I had now become Jim’s private dancer and hoochie girl. Dancing came easy to me. I could bump and grind hips, wiggle tits, and expose my pussy to a group of men with the best of them. Growing up with two horny brothers, a horny Pa and one bathroom prevented me from being shy about my naked body. I gave the guys a good show.

Since I knew Jim’s cock already I felt the most comfortable plopping down on his lap first and making him hard. Jim wasn’t shy about feeling me up. He grabbed some titty while I leaned back on him.

Norman was next. Norman placed his artificial hand on my waist, which felt eerie and cold while his good hand headed toward warmer climates down under. His hand played with my pussy. After I thought he had enough, I moved on to David, keeping the dreaded Rev. Fleischer for last.

David seemed most interested in my breasts. He left my pussy untouched as I rubbed up and down on his dick. He squeezed my boobs playfully and played with the nipples. I almost went back to Pops next, but that would have been a deliberate diss on Rev. Fleischer who was eagerly awaiting his turn with me. I didn’t think Jim would want me to hurt his feelings. I made Fleischer wait a bit longer as I chose to first dance nude in front of him first. I thought I was pretty hot looking in just my boots and so did the men. I did some bend-overs and spread my pussy lips and cheeks for him. I gave him a face full of titty before I plopped down on his lap.

Once my naked ass was on John Fleischer’s lap his hands were all over me. He was like a kid at Christmas, poking this, prodding that, sticking his fingers in here and there. He was a regular octopus. Instead of just feeling me up like the rest of the guys, John stuck his fingers in my pussy. I moved up and down on him as he finger fucked me. I was getting wet. John was getting all worked up. Finally he turned to our host and said, “Jim, I gotta have some of this.” Jim nodded and said, “By all means help yourself. I’m sure Sunny won’t mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32