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I met Annette on line and was very lucky to find her. You see, we both have an STD that we contracted from being careless in selecting sex partners several years ago. We had gotten together a few times and had sex but it was pretty vanilla. Annette is a professed lesbian although she is married for convenience and for show. She is a prominent attorney and is not ready to come out of the closet. She promised that our next time would be different and was it ever. We made a date for Friday night and this is what happened.

When I arrived, Annette met me at the door in a very sheer nightie. I also noticed that she had nipple rings and although not positive, I was sure that she hadn’t had pierced nipples the last time we met. I said something to here about the rings and she said they were clip on and she had some for me. She asked me if I was ready to loosen up and little and start having some kinky fun. I told her that depended on what she had in mind and as long as there was no severe pain involved, I was probably up to it.

She pulled me to her and kissed me, then took me by the hand and led me directly to her bedroom. I have never seen her “husband” and I don’t know where he is when I am there. I will get up the nerve to ask here some day.

When we got to her room, it was dark with lit candles in several places. She had laid out about a dozen toys of various types and sizes on the bed. There were 2 strapons, one of which had 2 dildoes protruding from the harness. I had seen it before on the internet and it is designed for DP. I was up for that! There were several butt plugs too. One was small, one rather large and one humongous plug at least 3 or 4 inches in diameter. I have seen those on the internet before and actually my husband has a few porn flicks with girls taking them in their cunts. If Annette was going to us that thing on me, it was definitely going in my pussy and no place else. There was also a long, thin anal stimulator that was attached to a battery pack and a “butterfly” clit stimulator that you strap around your waist and it holds it on your clit. I have used that baby before and it will have you wet and weak kneed in no time.

She kissed me again and slowly undressed bedava bahis me. I asked her what she had planned for tonight and she asked if I minded if tonight be her night. She said she felt very horny and slutty and wanted me to “do her right” so that she would cum so much that she would be too tired to do anything to me. I told her I would be happy to do anything she wanted done and with that she pulled me onto the bed and we fell in each other’s arms, kissing and fondling our bodies.

We did that for a very long time. Annette likes foreplay as much as I do and we have just kissed for as long as half an hour the last two times. This time was no different.

We made each other cum several times, rubbing each other’s clits and when I thought she was ready, I started moving down her body, kissing and licking all the way. I spent a long time on her tits. I am so impressed that her big tits are so firm for a woman in her 40’s. I still am not sure if they are real but they sure are sensitive because she came several times while I sucked them. I then moved lower and kissed my way past her pussy and all the way down to her feet. She asked me to kiss her feet and although I have done that a time or two with other women with feet fetishes, I really don’t get turned on by it. I wanted to please Annette though so I started kissing her feet, licking the soles and sucking on her toes. I couldn’t believe it but she came as I was sucking her toes. This woman is very hot!

After she came, I moved up to her pussy and began licking around her lips, spreading them and moving in and taking her huge clit in my mouth. She asked me to bite it and I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled. “Harder” she demanded, so I bit it pretty hard and she came again. At this point I am beginning to wonder what I have gotten myself into.

She started squirting lots of juice out of her pussy, hitting my chin and actually splashing on my face. Her juices are so sweet and I love the way she tastes. My mouth is getting a little tired so I grabbed the butterfly and strapped it around her waist, positioning the vibrator over her clit. I turned it on and watched her squirm and shake all over the bed bedava bonus while cumming hard and squirting some more. While the butterfly was working its magic, I took the double strapon dildo and put it on. I had a one piece panty type harness and it fit pretty snug. I looked really strange with two cocks protruding from my waist. Each cock was about 7″ long and about 1 1/2″ thick.

I then turned her over on her stomach and tried to make her get on her hands and knees but she was cumming continuously and shaking all over and I don’t think she could have stayed that way. Up to this point, she had been moaning and groaning pretty loud but all of a sudden, she started screaming. I mean screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Fuck Me you bitch” she screamed. “Fuck me till I pass out. Slam those two cocks of yours in my holes and make me beg for mercy.”

Once again, I wondered what I had gotten myself into but I was so turned on from watching her cum so hard and writhing on the bed that I wasn’t about to back out now. I lubed the cocks and moved in to line them up with her holes. That was a little difficult because they flopped around and I had to start the first one in her ass and get in an inch or so before I could line up the other one and put it in her cunt. I finally got them both in a little, then with no warning, I slammed them both hard into her. She screamed and almost jumped off the bed which caused the one in her pussy to come out. I reinserted it and just laid there for a minute to let her calm down. She was breathing heavy and moaning when I started to fuck her. I would withdraw until just the head of the dildo in her ass was still in her (I have no idea how far the one in her cunt was) then I would push forward as hard as I could and drive both dildoes as far as they would go.

Each time I sunk them in to the hilt, Annette would scream for me to fuck her harder. She started cursing me too, calling me a slut bitch and telling me that if I couldn’t fuck her any harder she would find someone else. I was really starting to get into it and I noticed a pair of handcuffs on the nightstand so I grabbed them, pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed her. She deneme bonusu didn’t like that at all and started really cursing me. Of course she was cumming hard and screaming every word. I am really surprised that the neighbors didn’t hear her but her closest neighbor is a few hundred feet away. At that point, I hauled off and swatted her ass with my right hand.

“That’s it you bitch. Hurt me!” she begged.

I thought that maybe the slap might shut her up but it only fueled the fire and I was really wondering if I had gotten myself into something I might regret. Then I remembered our conversation about respecting each other’s limits and figured that she hasn’t given me any indication so far that she would not so I will continue until something happens to the contrary.

Her screaming was beginning to hurt my ears and she ignored my repeated demands to shut up so I took the middle sized butt plug and forced it into her mouth until only the flat end was sticking out. She gagged a little and I could see tears in her eyes but I also knew that she liked what I was doing. Through all of this, the dildoes had remianed lodged in her cunt and ass and I began to fuck her again. As hard as I could this time. Slamming so hard that the smack caused by my hips hitting her ass cheeks made a deafening sound.

Annette was shaking violently now and jumping all around on the bed. I actually had to chase her to keep the cocks inside her and it was really getting hard to fuck her. One thing that was constant though…her orgasms and squirting. Now I have seen a few women who squirt when they cum and they were usually pretty forceful when they did, but Annette was squirting around the dildo and it was still splashing all over me. There seemed to be no end to it either. I don’t think she squirted every time she came be she squirted more than anyone I have ever seen. Unbelievable!

I attempted to fuck her for a few more minutes but it was becoming increasingly more difficult because she wouldn’t hold still. I made a mental not to make sure to tie her up the next time.

I finally withdrew the dildoes and turned off the butterfly. I uncuffed her and rolled her over and took the butt plug out of her mouth.

“Damn girl, you almost made me pass out” she whimpered.

“Hell I would have” I laughed.

She then pulled me down on top of her and kissed me. Then she said in a hoarse voice. “You’ll have your chance next time lover.”

I can’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32