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“Alright, game over…. This is getting old!” I yelled from the hall. I feigned footsteps as if I were walking away to the bedroom, then stood with my back to the wall. I tried my best not to make a sound and wait patiently for Annie to appear from the bathroom into the hall. As she sauntered out, I sprung forward and grabbed her at the waist and picked her up. She laughed as she elbowed me in the stomach and made her get away. That’s the feistiness I had always loved.

I had known Annie since we were little kids. We didn’t actually become close friends until High School when we had an English class together. But that’s all that ever became of us…. close friends. We were always dating other people in high school. We managed to keep in touch across the country when we went separate ways for college, but would spend the entire summer together.

But now, for the past year, there had been some tension between us. We were both single and living back in our hometown after graduating college. Finally, maybe we had a chance to be with each other. I had decided I was practically in love with the girl. Not only did I know this girl’s hopes, fears, secrets, strengths and weaknesses, I could barely hear her name without getting aroused. Annie has one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen. She is a fit girl, but quite curvy in the hips. Anne always thought I was a chivalrous guy, opening doors for her. Really, it’s a way to let her walk in front so I could stare at that booty. I don’t want to undermine the rest of her body though. She certainly knew how to show off her perky breasts, which were big enough to enjoy but small enough not get in the way.

I soon realized that though there was a mixture of companionship and sexual tension, maybe this relationship just wasn’t meant to be. I’ll go out of my way for a girl, but sometimes I felt like I was getting used. I’d do anything to be around her, and yet I felt like I was always waiting for her. She would often just cancel plans at the last minute for no reason, and couldn’t be inconvenienced to call me. Our true dynamic dawned on me one weekend while I waited 3 hours for her to call me back, even though she was expecting my call and we needed to talk.

I was helping her housesit for her sister in a rougher neighborhood, and she wanted a guy to accompany her in the house for the weekend. Here I was changing my routine all weekend, and she couldn’t even call me back to let me know when to meet up again at her sisters house. This was for her benefit after all, she could at least answer the damn phone. It was at that moment I had the epiphany of what a high maintenance bitch she could be. I was pissed at her, but even more so myself for allowing myself to be treated like that.

When she finally returned my call, we decided to meet at a bar near the house. Anne usually had a lot to drink, but I had more than my normal amount. Perhaps my high alcohol intake was partially out of disappointment that I still had to finish off my weekend commitment. We went back to Annie’s sister house where we proceeded to get ready for bed.

Both being drunk and brushing our teeth, we started to bump each other out of the way of the mirror. It was playful on the surface, but I was still pissed deep down about the way she treated me. This bumping each other soon lead to her squirting tooth paste all over my shirt. I returned the favor by splashing water from the sink at her. Once she started splashing back as well as slapping a bit, I decided we needed to take this match out into a bigger arena. That’s when I stepped out of the bathroom and pretended to go to bed.

For the duration of our “fight” Anne stuck to the slapping and kicking style of fighting. I went with grappling, because as a stronger guy, its gentler and it also gave me a chance to cop a few feels. I would make sure to give her a few playful smacks on that ass. This went on in the hall for a few minutes, us both laughing the entire time. At one point she kicked me in the thigh, so I grabbed her foot keeping her hopping on the other for balance. I charged forward, forcing her to hold on the wall to stay up. I grabbed her again by the waist and escorted her down to the ground softly enough. I had her pinned on the hardwood floor under me right there in the Maltepe Escort hall.

After all this body contact, I had grown quite aroused. There was no hiding it, because not only was I in thin pajama bottoms, I was pinning her on the ground. She would “sneak” a few feels of my cock with her hand as she slapped me in the stomach and waist area, brushing her hands against my crotch. This only turned me on more, which was conflicting… considering I decided earlier that night she was treating me like shit.

Even though she got some good whacks and scratches in, there was no denying I was winning the fight with a submission hold. She kept laughing and screaming “Fuck You” as loudly as she could. I told her that was rude, and no way to talk to me, especially considering I was winning the fight. Annie would try and escape by squirming some more under me, then scream “Fuck You!” all over again. I decided it was time to get my revenge.

I sat up, so I was sitting on her chest with her pinned on the ground, my knees pinning her arms. She took a second to stare directly at the bulge in my pants. I grabbed her cheeks and pinched them so her lips puckered out a bit. I told her “A dirty mouth like yours is only good for one thing.”

With that, I grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her head upwards. With my other hand I pulled out my cock and thrust my hips forward towards her mouth. She was in shock but was also turned on enough to now exactly what she was supposed to do. She took my cock in her mouth as I held her head still by her hair. I pumped my hips back and forth and proceeded to face fuck her. I wanted nothing more than to use her the way she used me.

She kept looking up at me in shock and lust. The way I was sitting on her chest, my ass must have been brushing her tits a bit. This only turned her on more. Once I was confident that she was enjoying playing submissive to me, I eased up my grip on her head, and used my hand to explore the rest of her body. My hand found its way between her legs. She was thrusting her hips up against my palm as a massaged her through her jeans. I gave her pussy a few light slaps, which made her squeal with my cock still in her throat. I decided I needed to slow down a bit, so I pulled my cock from her mouth. I enjoyed watching a few beads of saliva dangle between her lips and cockhead.

Supporting her neck, I pulled her directly under me so she could teabag me. She used the tip of her tongue to tickle the underside of my scrotum as my cock lay up along the side of her nose. She sucked on one of my balls for a moment before deciding to try her luck by using her teeth just enough to catch my attention. I quickly sat back.

She was blushing, but still managing to laugh at her little love bite. I gave her a solid slap across the face. “First you lose the wrestling match, now you have the nerve to bite me?” I said firmly, but still with some playfulness in my voice.

It wasn’t the most poetic thing to say, but we had been drinking and I wasn’t well versed in being this dominant. I decided I needed to keep it slightly playful, considering we hadn’t laid out any ground rules before engaging in this type of intercourse. Not to mention, I felt a little bad for face-fucking her on the wood floor in her hallway. I took hold of her sandy blond hair and stoop up over her. This made her sit up. I told her to “get the fuck up right now.”

I knew she was the feisty type and going to try something so I held her hair tight. She managed to get a few elbows into my stomach before I secured her against the wall. As I held her against the wall, facing away from me, I could feel that ass of hers pushing against my exposed cock. She was enjoying every bit of this. I put my mouth right up to her ear and gave it a little nip. I could feel her whole body tense up, so I knew I had her attention now. I whispered in her ear, “You only have a say about two things tonight. Whose room we go into next, and if I wear a condom.”

She nodded her head but didn’t say anything. Not a good enough response. I slowly started pulling her hair straight down so her head titled up. I repeated my request. “So, am I getting a condom out of my shave kit?”

She shook her head “no” which absolutely delighted me. Not only Kartal Escort did it mean I got to fuck her without a condom, but it gave me the perfect setup to try to tease her some more. “You little slut! I knew you were still getting fucked all the time, even though you are single. Can’t be bothered with those pesky condoms.”

She shot me another elbow in the ribs emphasized with her signature “Fuck you!”

I pulled her hair back even harder. She bent her knees to accommodate, which only pushed her ass out. I pressed my abdomen even harder into her body, allowing my cock to dig in closer to her bubble ass. It felt amazing already. I could only imagine my balls slapping against those round cheeks. I gave her a little kiss on the neck then moved my head right back to her ear. I hissed “Now pick which room you’re gonna get fucked in.”

The guest room where she had been sleeping had a twin bed, whereas her sisters room had a queen. I figured both scenes offered their own perks. I wasn’t going to fuck her on her sister’s bed without at least one of the sister’s permission. Anne muttered something about her sisters room. I let go of my grip to allow her to start moving towards the room. With my attention diverted, she made a quick break away and darted into the guest room and slammed the door. I could hear her laughing and talking shit through the closed door. I had to laugh just a little too, though I decided to mess with her a bit. I didn’t try anything yet, better to take a moment to go get another beer from the fridge. I yelled through the door “I’m going to go grab another victory beer, when I come back…. The door better be open and you better be naked. Or there will be hell to pay.”

“Fuck You!” was all I could hear coming from behind the closed door.

I made my way to the kitchen to grab a cold one. I didn’t take my time, but I wasn’t in a hurry either. I knew the door didn’t lock, and she was looking to get fucked at this point. I walked back down the hall, making loud enough steps so she could hear me. The door was still shut. I rattled the doorknob and made a fake sound of disappointment. She was standing on the other side holding the door shut. Not a problem. I just threw my shoulder into it the door and barged right in. Anne was still fully clothed, which didn’t matter, because I was going to have fun if she obeyed my commands or not.

She gave me a nervous laugh, knowing what was about to happen. She slapped at my chest as I lunged for her and grabbed her around the waist. I held her close enough to me with one arm so that she couldn’t throw full swings at me. I used the other hand to start unbuttoning those tight jeans. She started kicking me in the shins and really making me work for this. I pulled her halter-top up over her head so it covered her face, just like in a hockey fight. I had her blinded just long enough to finish the job of yanking those jeans down to her ankles. I left them around her ankles to help immobilize her. She looked funny with the shirt over her face, but that didn’t change the fact she had a skimpy black thong on. I could see the moisture on the front of her mound. She decided to just take her top all the way off because that was much quicker. By this time, I had her lined up with the bed. I gave her a little shove so she fell right on the bed.

She tried to roll off, but that only turned her on her stomach by the time I jumped on the side of the tiny twin bed to stop her. The benefit of this little bed was that it was much easier to contain her. I had her pinned once again. I finally got a good look at that ass I had fantasized about for so many years. I gave one cheek a gentle squeeze. I told her she was lucky that she had such a beautiful ass, because it meant I’d go a little easier on her for disobeying me.

As I told her this she kept inching her ass upwards towards my gentle hand. She knew she had an amazing ass, and certainly enjoyed the attention guys gave her for it. Did she not have a clue that she was about to get spanked? She was setting her self up nicely for it, with her face down and her ass lifted up for me.

Whack! Anne let out a moan. Whack! I gave her moment to think about how far this was going to go. Whack! I hit the other cheek. Anne wasn’t even trying Kurtköy Escort to escape now. Whack! I spread her legs a bit. I kept my hand on the inside of her thigh. Whack! Now I used my pointer finger to rub just along the outside of her thong covered pussy. I could feel the moisture and the heat. I rubbed my right hand up her back, making her think the spanking was done. She let out a few more whimpers.

Whack! Her body jolted back from the surprise. I dug my finger into her pussy when her body jumped back. I had to get this thong out of the way now. I pulled it down to her bent knees. God, I was conflicted. A part of me wanted to taste that beautiful pussy right there. It was shaved, with just a little patch of hair right over the top. But eating her out would go against the game we were playing. She was there to serve me. In this split second dilemma she had moved her own hand down to touch herself. I grabbed her wrist and moved it away from her box and placed her hand on my crotch. She started playing with my hard cock as it hung out through my fly, just where it had been since the cock sucking in the hallway.

As her soft hand milked my dick I gave her the hardest whack of the night. She let out another moan, but I could hear some pain in this one. Her hand even clenched around my cock I slapped her so hard. I gave her a few small kisses on her rosy red ass for being a good sport, though this game was hardly over.

I slid off the bed so I was standing right next to it. I reached under her body and grabbed her by the back of her knee and threw my weight backwards while I pulled upward. It was the same motion as starting a lawnmower. It didn’t work out quite like I had in mind, but it flipped her halfway over onto her side. She watched silently as I slid my pajama bottoms and boxers to the ground, freeing my cock for good. I finished sliding her all the way onto her back, and pulled her hips so that perfect ass of hers was hanging off the edge of the bed. I lifted her ankles up over my shoulders and held them there with my left hand.

She squeezed her legs shut, so her ankles were somewhat tight around my neck. She was playing rough again… and thought she was being hilarious. As she was slightly distracted from her sneak attack, I used my right hand to guide my cock so the tip rested right at her warm entrance. I looked her right in the eye as I plunged my cock into her as hard as I could. That snapped her back to attention. She arched back and let out the loudest moan of the night. This rough foreplay had lasted a solid 40 minutes, starting with the little water fight in the bathroom. We were finally fucking.

There was nothing soft, sensual or romantic about this. It was raw, visceral drunk sex. I just kept thinking about how much Anne used me, and how good to was to use her for a change, though that aspect of the lesson might have been lost on her. She was enjoying the rough fuck too much.

I kept pumping in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. I squeezed each of her legs with my hands as hard as I could, holding her in place. The old rickety bed was bumping against the wall in time with our primal sex. After a minute or so she had slid back from the impact of my hip slamming into the bottom of upper legs. So instead of re-adjusting Anne, I just climbed up on the bed with my knees on both sides of her hips. I bent her legs back so I could thrust downward into her hot snatch. I reached up and twisted one of nipples as hard as I could. She arched her back once again, but could barely get any noise out. Once she regained her composure, she reached gave me a solid slap across the face. This turned me on even more.

“At least you’re a good fuck, considering you suck at fighting.” I growled.

She spread her legs out, so my torso could move down over her body. She locked her legs behind my back and squeezed my tight. She wrapped her arms around my neck and would pull her body upwards into my downward strokes. I realized I had lost my position in charge, but didn’t care at anymore. I leaned in and gave her neck a little love bite. This managed to send her over the top. I felt her pussy tighten for a second then proceed to spasm in ecstasy. I didn’t need any more encouraging.

I thrust my cock into her as far as I could and drained my four-day load deep inside her. I had planned on coming on her ass or face, because that might piss her off a bit. But then again, it had crossed my mind to not let her cum, considering she had lost the wrestling match. Either way, I had won this round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32