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The morning of Sandy’s visit, I woke up with a start. Anya was still at Carlo’s, and I was glad. I knew that she’d been staying away on purpose, and I missed her, but it seemed to be the only way to keep our mind off each other and what we were going to do once our friend came to town. But I was so horny.

I thought a run might relax me, but I found that it did the opposite. All of my senses seemed to overwhelm me as I jogged past the campus and down the hill around the path behind the music building. I began to slow down. I felt the sweat pour down my back, soaking my sports bra and down into the crack of my ass. I stopped running and left the path. I walked into the woods and found a secluded spot and a rock to sit on. My legs felt heavy. I spread them out and imagined Anya kissing them. I thought about kissing Sandy and sucking on her breasts, grinding my pussy into hers as I sucked them. I thought of Anya fucking me from behind as I went down on Sandy. I remembered when Anya and I passed the girl she was fucking before me and her cute little girlfriend. They were holding hands in the secluded area behind the library. They looked so cute together. I wanted the girlfriend. I thought about other girls on campus that I wanted to fuck. A beautiful Latina girl in my Astronomy class with long wavy brown hair past her shoulders. A bitchy blonde sorority girl on my floor with a tight little tanned body that she was always showing off. I thought about carrying her from the shower and throwing her on my bed and kissing her feet, sucking on her toes, our bodies still wet as we fucked, making her my slave and ordering her to eat my pussy. I put my hand down my shorts and into my panties. I was soaking wet. I took my clit between my fingers and leaned back and came within a few seconds. But I was still so horny I could barely see straight. I sat on the rock for a few more minutes and was worried that I might be losing my mind. Finally, I was able to stand up and walk back to the dorms. Somehow I was able to calm down.

I returned to the room and found Anya sitting on our bed reading a book.

“What’s up?” I asked.

Her eyes brightened. “I have a surprise for you,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to shave your pussy.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“So it’ll look just like mine.” She pulled down her sweat pants and showed me. I got wet just looking at it. “It’s beautiful,” I said.

I took a shower and then she dried me off. I was instructed to lie down on her bed, my robe undone and my legs spread. She came out with a razor, a small pair of scissors and some products, kneeled in front of me, spreading her tools beside my prone body. “Now don’t move,” she said.

I laughed. “I won’t,” I said.

She took the scissors and pulled my hair and trimmed it. “It tickles,” I said.

“That’s okay.”

She trimmed all around my pubic area, reducing my bush to a small mound of short hairs. Then she left the room and returned with a towel soaked in hot water and put it on top of my pussy.

“Feels hot,” I said.

“Just lie there and relax,” she said.

She softly rubbed the towel around my mound and then she smoothed some shaving gel around it. Then she took out a razor and started with my lower lips, shaving with the grain. I spread my legs farther apart and breathed in. “Don’t cut me,” I said.

She rinsed the razor out in a bowl of hot water.

“Don’t worry,” Anya said. “God, you can be such a wimp sometimes.”

“I know.”

She shaved the sides, tickling me with each stroke. She definitely knew what she was doing.

“Are you excited about tonight?”

“Of course I am.””Really?”

She began to shave the hair on top of my mound, applying more pressure as she shaved.

“It’s gonna feel so good. You’ll see.” She finished shaving and swabbed my bald pussy with a towel.

“Feels weird.” I said. She took the towel away and rubbed my bald pussy, marveling at how smooth it felt. Then Anya put her hand on top of mine.

“A good weird, I hope,” she said.


She brought the shaving materials into the bathroom and then stretched out on the bed next to me and put her hand on my pussy.

“We’re gonna have so much fun together,” she said.

I turned to her and kissed her. “I’ve been so horny,” I said. “When I was jogging, I got so turned on that I had to leave the path and go masturbate in the woods.”

“Wow,” she said. “What made you so turned on?”

I giggled. “A lot of things.”

“Fucking Sandy?”

“Yeah.” “Uh huh,” she said.

“She told me about your little phone session.

“Oh yeah.”

“I’m a little jealous.”


“And that sorority girl down the hall.”



“She’s cute. I’d fuck her in a second.”

“You would?”

“Maybe we could do it together.”

“That would be fun.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Bad girl,” she said.

I put my hand down her sweatpants and grabbed her ass.

“I can’t help it,” I said.

Anya put two fingers in my pussy and began to fuck me with canlı bahis them. I moved my hand around to the front of her pants and did the same. “What do you want to do with Sandy?” she whispered.

“Everything,” I said.

Anya began to fuck me harder. I moaned and did the same to her. I kissed her and then we came together. I put my robe around her and we held each other tight.

“Is Sandy here yet?” I asked.

“She’s been here since this morning.”

“Well, where is she?”

“Taking a nap, I think.”

“A nap?”


“Well what?”

Anya sighed theatrically. “I guess I wanted her to myself for a couple of hours.”

“To yourself?”

Anya sat up and kissed me. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I just couldn’t resist.”

“What did you do?”

We were IMing each other last night and it got really hot, so I convinced her to come a little early. Then I met her at the hotel and fucked her brains out. She was so horny it was ridiculous.”


“I mean, this way we can go out to dinner without getting arrested.”


“I shaved her too.”


“She made me.”

“I’ll bet.”

Anya embraced me and we fell upon the bed together. “There’s another thing,” she said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Well…” Anya began to giggle.


“She’s there right now waiting for you.”


She wants to have sex with you alone before we all fuck each other.

I gulped. “Why is that?” I asked.

She says she’ll feel more comfortable that way.

“This isn’t fair,” I said.

I got dressed while Anya watched. My hands shook as I dried my hair and put on makeup. Anya couldn’t help laughing as I hastily made an exit from the room, almost tripping over myself. “See you later, ” she said.

“I hope so,” I said.

“I’ll give you guys a couple of hours and then I’ll call your cell.”


“Have fun!”

I left the dorm and walked down the path into town. Again, my legs felt heavy each step seemed to be a struggle, especially with my sandals on. My phone rang and I pulled it out of my bag. It was Sandy.

“Hi Honey,” she said.

“Hi,” I said.

“Where are you?”

“I’m on my way,” I said.

“Is Anya with you?”


“Good, because I want you all to myself.”

My heart began to beat even faster. “I want you too,” I said.

“Are you almost here?”

I passed the library and crossed the street and saw the hotel. “Almost there,” I said.

“It’s room 340,” she said “I’ll be waiting.”

I felt dizzy as I walked up the steps to the hotel, an old Victorian house that had been rebuilt a couple of years ago and now was the centerpiece of the town. In the lobby, I stopped to catch my breath. A desk clerk asked if she could help me and I shook my head no. In the elevator I pressed the button for the third floor and then put my hand against the wall for balance. My panties were already soaked and I had to fight the urge to touch myself. Then the door opened and I passed a middle-aged couple on their way in. They stared at me as I ran past. When I got to Sandy’s room I knocked and saw that the door was open. I entered the room and what I saw left me short of breath. Sandy was lying on the bed completely naked. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. Her olive brown skin glowed against the white sheets and her long black hair fell down past her shoulders and over her breasts. I felt dizzy just looking at her.

She laughed. “Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” I said.

She put up her hands and showed me her manicure.

“I stopped biting my nails,” she said.

I moved closer to the bed and she leaned over and took my hand and pulled me toward her. “Ready?” she asked

“Yes,” I said.

I sat on the edge of the bed and we kissed. She helped me off with my clothes, pausing to admire my breasts as she took off my bra.

“You have a nice rack,” she said.

I blushed. “So do you,” I said.

“Not like yours…makes me want to get implants.”

She began kissing them taking each nipple into her mouth and sucking hard, going from one to the other and taking her time, until they were so hard that I felt like I was going to come. I began to moan and she looked up and smiled. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her toward me. Now we sat facing each other and she wrapped her long brown legs over mine and around my waist. “She shaved you,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

We embraced each other, her breasts pressing against mine. “So nice,” she said. “So soft.”

I explored her body with my mouth, kissing her neck and licking her ear and she did the same, sucking on my earlobe and then coming back to kiss me, leaving kisses all over my face and neck. “You’re a good kisser,” she whispered. “I’m so happy that we’re doing this.”

“So am I.”

I ran my tongue down her neck and kissed between her breasts, her “bee stings,” as she called them, and I could feel her tense up in my arms.

“I’m very bahis siteleri sensitive there,” she said.

“I can tell,” I said. I took her brown nipples in my mouth and twirled my tongue around them.

“I could come that way,” she whispered.

She leaned down and kissed my hair and brought my mouth to hers and we began to kiss even more passionately. The she stopped me and her big brown eyes stared into mine.

“I want to lick your pussy,” she said.

“Please,” I said.

She pushed me down on the bed and fell down on top of me. “I love blonde pussies,” she said.

“I shaved,” I said.

She laughed. “You’re still a blonde,” she said. “you still have that cute little fur around your belly button.”

She kissed and licked around my belly button.

“And the little white hairs on your thighs.” Then she spread my legs and kissed the inside of my thighs, moving slowly toward my burning pussy, kissing my clit and taking it in her mouth and softly biting on it as she flicked it with her tongue. I writhed under her and breathed in, trying to keep myself from screaming as she licked around the folds of my pussy lips, gently moving in and out, making sure to touch my clit every once in a while. Then she grabbed my legs and spread them wider and fucked me with her tongue. I writhed under her moaning until I exploded under her as she fucked me until I came. Still throbbing, I took her head in my hands and brought her wet face to mine and tasted my juices on her lips and tongue. “You made me come so fast,” I said.

“It was easy,” she said. “You were so hot for me.”

“You don’t play fair. Lying on the bed that way. I wanted to eat you alive.”

“Oh yeah?” She said.

She pushed herself up so she was hovering over me.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said.

“I hope not.”

She lied down next to me and put her leg between mine and we ground our bald pussies together. It felt like they were kissing each other. “This is what I love the best,” she said.

“I know,” I said.

She kissed me again, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth.

“I’m so wet,” I said.

“Me too.”

“This was a good idea,” I said.

She ground into me even harder and I moaned. I grabbed her ass and pushed her into me. She kissed me and pushed back her hair and swirled her big pussy lips around mine. The feeling was incredible.

“I’m really close,” I said.

“So am I,” she said.

We moved faster into each other and Sandy began to scream out in pleasure. I pushed her down on the bed and began to grind her even harder, covering her mouth as she screamed, shushing her and we held on to each other as we came as if we were going to be thrown from the bed.

Dinner was a blur. Anya met us in the lobby wearing her tightest little black dress and her highest high heels..and no underwear. She greeted both of us with a kiss, giving me a little tongue as well, as hotel guests and employees stared. At dinner we shared a bottle of wine, then another. We all flirted with the waitress, a petite redhead with long wavy hair. She told us that she was a grad student in Art History. She joked with us and blushed as we asked her questions. She definitely knew that something was going on and I had to beg Anya to behave, but it was no use. I was worried that she was going to ask her to join us. I could barely get my food down. Sandy joked with both of us, and prodded by Anya, compared our oral sex techniques by whispering into our ears. Anya had no qualms about touching us, letting her hand roam under my skirt until I had to brush her away. Finally, we got the check, which Sandy insisted on paying, and practically ran back to the hotel.

In the elevator, Anya grabbed me and kissed me, and then Sandy did the same. I looked up and saw the security camera hovering over us and turned away. The ride seemed to take forever. When we got to Sandy’s room, each of us took turns freshening up in the bathroom. I went last and when I came out of the bathroom, I watched as Sandy and Anya pressed their bodies together and made out in front of me. Anya put her hand under Sandy’s skirt and rubbed her crotch. I approached them and put my arms around Sandy’s waist and kissed her neck. She turned around and kissed me on the mouth and our tongues met. I grabbed her ass as I kissed her and then Anya put her hand up Sandy’s skirt, making her gasp. Then we fell upon the bed and kicked off our sandals. Then Anya and I pulled off Sandy’s skirt and bra began to lick her body as she lay there. I kissed her belly and moved up to her breasts as Anya kissed her thighs, moving up slowly until she was tonguing her pussy through her panties. Sandy begged Anya to take them off, but Anya teased her, kissing and licking through her panties. I moved down to Anya and kissed her, then we both began to lick around Sandy’s soaked panties, almost torturing her with every lick and caress. Then Anya pulled off Sandy’s panties and stuck her fingers deep inside her. “Wanna see her squirt?” She asked me.

“Please,” I said.

Sandy sunk into the bed and her back arched bahis şirketleri as Anya began to fuck her with her fingers. It was obvious that it was something that they had done many times before. Then her legs shook and she moaned and the juices shot out off her pussy as she came, soaking the bed. Sandy lay there spent, tears rolling down her cheeks. Anya took her dress off and I did the same and we joined Sandy in bed, lying down next to her and taking turns kissing her and then each other. “I love you guys so much,” Sandy said.

“We love you,” I said.

“And we love fucking you,” Anya said.

We began to caress each other, feeling each other’s bodies all over. I took my bra off and Anya and Sandy took turns admiring my breasts and kissing them. Then Sandy switched sides with me so I was between them.

“I love titty-fucking them,” Anya said.

“How do you do that?” Sandy asked.

“With my cock, silly,” Anya said, kissing Sandy and touching her hair as Sandy sucked on my breasts.

“My turn,” Anya said, and then she took one of my breasts deep into her mouth making me moan with pleasure. Then Sandy did the same with the other one and I moaned again. I put my hand down to my pussy and rubbed it and then Anya put her hand down to mine and helped me. I moved my hand over to her pussy and we faced each other and kissed. Sandy spooned me and squeezed my breast and then moved her hand down to my pussy while pushing against my ass with her crotch. I turned around and kissed her and she got on top of me and she began to rub her pussy on my leg. Anya caressed Sandy’s leg. “Let’s put our pussies together,” Anya said.

“Oh, God ,yes,” Sandy said.

I moved over to Sandy and moved her legs apart and our pussies met. It was just as electric as before and I moaned with pleasure. Then it was Anya’s turn. I turned around and I spread my legs apart and Anya ground her pussy into mine. I gasped. “Feels so good,” I said. “Feels so fucking good.”

I moved back to Sandy and we fucked again. Anya took my ass in her hands and pushed me into her until I almost came. Then she stopped. “My turn,” she said.

I switched sides with Anya and watched as these two beautiful women ground their pussies together right in front of me. Then Anya stopped and got on top of me and I was so close that we came right as our pussies met. Sandy kissed both of us as we lay there and we drifted off for a short nap, putting the sheets over us and holding each other tight. When we awoke, we were still hungry for sex. Anya and Sandy began to kiss and then Sandy got off the bed and walked around to Anya’s side and lied down next to her spread her long beautiful legs apart.

“Lick my pussy,” Sandy begged. “I want to lick yours.” Anya turned around and lowered her crotch right in Sandy’s face and they began to sixty-nine each other. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she took Sandy’s brown pussy into her mouth and sucked on her clit. Then she looked at me. “She tastes good, doesn’t she, Karen?”

“Yeah,” I said.

Sandy moaned. Anya licked around Sandy’s pussy. “Did you eat her like this?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“And this?”

She began fucking Sandy’s pussy with her tongue, causing Sandy do the same. Anya moaned and spread Sandy’s legs wider, flattened her tongue and began licking her whole pussy. Then I lied down next to Sandy and watched her lick Anya’s pussy. Sandy stopped and I kissed her, tasting Anya’s juices. Then I went back to Anya and did the same. Then I watched as Anya’s ass moved over Sandy’s face, fucking her tongue. I took her ass in my hands and kissed both cheeks. “That’s feels good,” she said. “Do more.”

I began licking her ass crack, going up and down, slowly moving toward her asshole. Anya moaned again. “Oh, shit, Karen,” she said.

I spread her ass cheeks apart and began to twirl my tongue around her asshole, gently tracing the ridges and then licking the space between asshole and her pussy. Anya shuddered and moaned again, making sounds that she’d never made before during sex. “I’m gonna fuck you,” I said.

“Oh, yes, Karen,” she said. “Please.”

I got off the bed and grabbed Anya’s bag off the dresser. I was so turned on that I had to fight the urge to shove the dildo right into my burning pussy. I took the lube out and squirted some on my fingers and then some on Anya’s puckering asshole. Then I spread it around and then inserted my index finger inside her and fucked her slowly. “Two fingers,” she said.

I slowly inserted another finger and Anya moved with me as I fucked her with them. “That’s good,” she said. Then she licked Sandy’s pussy again. “Let’s all come together,” she said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Put on your cock,” she said.

I got off the bed and watched as Anya pushed herself up and sat on Sandy’s face rubbing her clit as Sandy licked it.

I put the straps around my waist and fastened them around my legs. Then I attached the dildo and greased it up, pausing to look at myself in the mirror on top off the dresser opposite the bed. Then Anya went down on all fours and moved her ass my direction as Sandy lay under her, playing with her pussy. I got back on the bed and kneeled behind her. Anya stuck her finger in her asshole and spread the lube around. “I’m ready,” she said. “Fuck me up the ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32