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Beau Interviews Chevalle Jean-Luc Champney

~ Beau interviews Chevalle to make sure he is a good fit for his friend as an assistant and more. The darker side of the reasoning behind the testing of the assistant starts to unfold. ~

The following day before I was ready to close my shop for the day, a young fellow came in to look for me. He told me that Fabian had sent him. How quick he is to find an assistant for Archie. As if he had this in mind from the start and was waiting for me to approach him about the matter.

He looked very young and quite handsome. Yet he seems some what timid and did not know what to say.

“Good day to you. I am Beau Ashdown-Poynter.”

“I am Chevalle. He told me I should meet you first and that you will introduce me to someone hiring.”

“Yes. How old are you?”

“I will be 23 in a few weeks, Sir.”

“What are you looking to do, Chevalle?”

“I would like to do something in design and art, Sir. My experience is minimal, but I am willing to start from the bottom. Please help me, Sir.”

“How about you come to my place, Chevalle?

We can discuss more over dinner.”

“Yes. Yes, Sir. I would love that.”

I had told him to meet me in the back as I close the shop. Then we were on our way to my place. Did not have anything in mind, but hopefully there is something to make a meal for two.

“Come on in, Chevalle. Welcome to my home.”

“Thank you, Sir. It is a cozy place.”

“Sit down. Can I get you a glass of wine?”

“That would be nice, but I do not want to impose, Sir.”

“You are a guest. Relax. You can hang your coat on that rack over to the corner. Let me find something in the kitchen.”

As I was pouring a glass of wine for the young lad, I would look around wondering what to make for dinner. At least I had plenty of cheese. I had him sit at the dining table as I set the wine out and started to build a cheese plate.

“Tell me a little bit about yourself, Chevalle.”

“Well I grew up in a town near Paris. The past few years, I had been traveling back and forth from home to the London area. A few odd jobs to get an idea of what I want to do. My family is not wealthy so I do not have a formal education. But I am willing to learn everything I can to do my work properly.”

“That is good to know. How eager are you to work for my friend, Chevalle?”

“Very eager, Sir. I will do anything to show that I can do the work. I want him to be happy and his clients too.”

“Where are you staying at currently?”

“I am staying with a friend. Hopefully it will not be long before I move out. I want to have my own place.”

Through out dinner, we would share our stories and background. I had a good idea that he was decent enough and will work out for Archie. But there is one more test I need to perform on him to make sure Kartal Fetiş Escort he is suitable.

“Chevalle, my boy, you sound quite suitable for my friend. But I wonder how much you are willing to please my friend.”

“Very much, Sir. I want to make him happy.”

“Do you want to make me happy?”

“Yes, Sir. I do.”

I then unbuckle myself and pulled out my softness and told him to savor me. He was quick to get on his knees and had his warm mouth around my manhood. Oh how great it felt as I was sipping on my glass of wine.

“Ooooohhh… You like what you see, Chevalle?”

“Yes, Sir. Mmm… Mmmm…”

“What am I to do with all this stiffness?”

“Let me kiss you till you are happy, Sir.”

I let him continue until I had reached my peak and let my juices burst all inside of his mouth. Then I had him follow me to the bathroom.

“I want you to clean my body well, Chevalle.”

“Yes, Sir. It will be my pleasure to clean you, Sir.”

If I was not looking for an assistant for Archie, I would be keeping this beauty to myself. The lovely, French accent is exotic and so is his body. The boy was well shaven and slender, but fit. He was tall, but shorter than Archie and I. Perhaps Archie will allow me to visit him often or we can share this French stallion.

After the shower, I had him get on the bed and tied him in place. I had the rings in the proper place, his wrists were cuffed, a slender tool into his back door and rubbed a touch of honey on his softness that I will make as stiff as can be.

Then I would rub a little honey onto my softness as well and told him to have some dessert. His mouth was full and I was enjoying every second of it.

“I want to see how stiff you can be by yourself, Chevalle. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Sir. I will try my best. Mmmm… Mmmm…”

“Good boy. I would think that Fabian had told you what was required of you to do other than office work.”

“Mmmm… Yes, Sir. I will be happy to do more than office work, Sir. Mmm… I love to be around older gentleman. They make me feel secure and warm inside. Mmm… I want to make you happy, Sir. Mmmm…”

“You think that you can handle the test, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I will do my best. Please test me any way you like, Sir. I am yours to do as you please, Sir. Mmmm…”

“Your French accent will be to his liking as it is to mine. Mmm… Ooooohhh… Now lets find out how stiff you are, boy. Oh… Look at that. It does not look stiff enough. Let me make it stiffer.”

“Oooooohhh… Sir… Ooooohhh… Mmmm… Mmmm… Ooooohh… Aaahhh… Mmmm… Aaaahhh… Mmmm…”

I must have been making him moan for a good few minutes before he was asking for relief.

“Not so fast, boy. You will get your relief.”

I position myself in front of him to savor me some more before I would Kartal Gecelik Escort slide the tool in and out to make him moan a bit and then made my way into his tightness as quickly as I could.

“AAAAHHHH!! Aaaaahhh… Mmmm… Ooooohh…”

“Did that hurt?”

“A little, Sir. I am alright. Mmmm…”

“Stay stiff for me, boy. I want you to be stiff the whole time.”

“Yes, Sir. Mmmm… Mmm… Oooohh…”

“How nice to feel your wet tip. Let me help you keep it stiff.”

“AAHHHH!! Mmmm… Mmm… Oooohh… Mmmm…”

It was quite enjoyable to be in such a tight place while holding onto his hard piece I know Archie will enjoy him very much. How I look forward to sandwiching this French work of art.

“How many have you been with, Chevalle?”

“Only four, Sir. The relations were short.”

“How many of them have touched your lovely stiffness?”

“Only five, Sir. Mmm…”


“One was unsuspected and only happened a few times. There was not a relationship. Mmmm… Mmmm…”

“Then I must be the sixth one to touch you?”

“Yes, Sir. Mmmm…”

” You feel as tight as a virgin to me.”

“Thank you, Sir. Mmmm…”

“My friend will love to tear you open. Something I will do a bit of tonight.”

“Do as you please, Sir. Mmmm… Oooohh… Mmmm…”

“Oooooohh… aaaaaaaahhh… Oooooohh… Mmmm… AAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

“Mmm… Mmm…”

“You shall thank me every time I am relieved.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Mmmm…”

“I want relief, Sir. Mmm…”

“Did I not give you relief a few seconds ago?”

“Mmmm… Sir… Mmmm…”

“You should be grateful I had relieved myself inside of you.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Mmmm…”

I continue to play with his tip making him moan probably more than he ever has before. It was a delight to make him so helpless knowing that it would please more than Archie.

“Are you sure you can handle this test, boy?”

“Aaaahhh… Yes, Sir. Mmmm… Ooooohh… I can handle this. Mmmm… Aaaahhh… Mmmm…”

“It does not sound to me that you are able to handle all the attention I am giving you.”

“I can handle it, Sir. Mmm… Mmmm… Mmmm… Ooooohh…”

I continue to rub his tip and stroke him a bit for another few minutes which must have felt longer than that to him before I stop to give him a chance to catch his breath.

“You do know that if my friend accepts you, he will put you through a series of testing similar to this.”

“Yes, Sir. Mmmm… I will do what I can to please him, Sir. Mmm…”

“It seems you want to work for him quite badly.”

“Yes, Sir. I also want to please him. All the previous ones I had been with were around my age and I never felt any security or future with them. The one that had me by surprise was older. It had me realize that Kartal Genç Escort I would be happier with an older gentleman.”

It seems that Fabian had picked out a good one. But then it is possible that this one was set up for this without knowing it. Regardless, he is willing to make Archie happy and that is important to me. I feel too much guilt at times and I hope this one would make up for some things that has happened in the past.

The rest of the evening, I made this fine French boy work for my relief. Despite wanting to let him have his own relief, I had to hold back. I could not let him have that much relief. It is not that I am trying to prepare him for Archie as much as someone else. Someone else would expect him to be aching for relief.

I had to explain to the young lad that I did this for his own good. It was something he had to expect in the future. If he is not able to handle it then let me know sooner than later. I do not want this young work of art to miss out on life. How torn I am to do this to him. If he accepts being with Archie and Archie accepts him then he is in for a lot more than he has in mind. But I can not tell him that. Archie and I would both be in a lot of trouble if we try to let the new ones get away.

Archie and I are both in the same boat. Unfortunately, neither of us are captain or allowed to steer. We are on this boat far far away from land and if we do anything to upset the one in charge, then we are fish bait.

“You do realize that my friend will be a little rougher on you to make sure you are right for him.”

“Yes, Sir. It is alright, Sir. I will be happy to care for him. It does not bother me what I have to go through as long as he is happy with me, takes care of me and offer me that secure comfort that I long for.”

“He may treat you as a little boy. Can you handle that?”

“Yes, Sir. I will be his little boy any day as long as he is happy with me. You make me feel good, Sir. I love your warm embrace. I feel safe in your arms, Sir.”

“You like me holding you from behind this way filling you up?”

“Yes, Sir. I love feeling your stiffness in me. It makes me feel good that an older gentleman is aroused by someone as young as me. Mmm… I love to relieve you some more, Sir. Mmm… Please let me relieve you, Sir. Mmmm…”

“Not until you are stiff enough.”

“Mmm… I will stay stiff as I can for you, Sir. Mmm… Ooooohhh… You know how to rub my tip, Sir. Ooooohh… Mmm… Mmm…”

Shortly after, I had relieved myself inside him. Then I would play with his tip a bit longer to test his endurance some more before stroking him till he squirted all over himself. He was very grateful to finally be relieved. I know Archie will be quite satisfied with this French bundle of joy.

I had told him what to do in Archie’s office and to make sure that he goes home with him. Chevalle will know how to end his day well. He is ready for the testing to be done by Archie. I need to relax before I really test him some more. The thought of being with this young lad again excites me. I do not want to wear the young lad out knowing the following night will be rough on him.

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