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Adriana Chechik

My wife was gone. I had come home to an empty house. The only thing left was the bed that she and I had shared for the last ten years. She had run off with a Wall Street banker and was on her way to Paris to live. That was not a surprise I had known about them for over a year, but they had been at it for well over three. I was pleased to find out she had left my bank accounts alone, sparse as they might have been, she had at least left me that…and my old, crappy Nova, which was on its last legs and about to die.

The refrigerator was empty save a six pack of beer, with a note. “Tired of the struggle, I’m done. Enjoy the beer. Bye”

That was so typical, frosty and frigid to the last, with me anyway. The few times I’d caught them together, she had been, most definitely, ‘not’ frigid. The first time had been when I had been forced to walk home because my crappy old car broke down on my way to a seminar. My phone was broken, so I couldn’t call, having smashed it against the hood of my car. So I walked nearly an hour to my house, found a strange car in my space, lights out and muffled giggle followed by “God your cock feels so nice”. I heard it coming from the back of the house so I went through the gate and moved around to where I could spy the deck.

As I rounded the corner of the house I noted the lights on the deck were off but there was enough light to see the two of them together. He, I never knew his name, was lying on the chase lounge with his jeans around his ankles. My wife was wearing a button down shirt and nothing else straddling his pelvis and sliding down onto his cock. I watched as she settled down onto him and ground her pelvis hard against his. “F-f-fuck I do love your cock” she moaned and kissed him. I stood there, stunned, leaning against the wall as she rode him for the next 30 minutes during which she came 3 or 4 times before he unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy.

I was supposed to be gone for several days. So I went to a hotel and spent the night, got my car fixed and went to my seminar as I was supposed to. I caught them again in our bedroom, the same way, I was under the deck and she left the window open so I could hear them going at it pretty hard with her voice crying out ‘Fuck me…harder…harder…Yes…like that… fuck me, fuck me!!” I could also here their skin slapping together as he gave it to her hard. Followed by one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever heard from her. That had been a month before I came home to an empty house.

Well, I stood in the living room, not quite gut kicked, but close. I sold the car and bought an old Toyota beater truck with only 50k miles on it. It was the best purchase I had made in years easy to drive, durable and it would start and actually run. I bought some furniture, a couch, a nice TV and a decent refrigerator and settled into a comfortable routine. I had no interest in finding someone to fill the gap left by her departure. I needed to find myself and be at peace with ‘me, myself and I’ before I even considered such a thing, to be honest living alone was so much easier than trying to appease an unappeasable woman.

Months went by and I began feeling whole again. One night changed my world changed in ways I could have never imagined.

It was about 1.a.m. and I was awakened by police sirens and flashing lights as they tore down my drive way skidding to a stop in front of my house. I was in a robe, naked underneath it as I answered the door when it was broken down by the police who then slammed me to the floor and cuffed me and brought me to the car. Every time I went to open my mouth I was jabbed in the ribs with the knight stick and told to shut the fuck up. I was taken to jail and thrown into a cell and left alone for the next 12 hours. I had no idea what had happened and knew this had to be some kind of mistake…it was, big time.

The address they had was the next door down which was reported to be a meth-lab. The screw up was such that the guilty party saw my house get raided, broke down his lab as they were hauling me to jail and vacated the state to his facility in the mountains of Nevada.

I was awarded a two million dollar ‘apology’ by the state and they repaired the damage to my house. It was on the condition that I did not speak to reporters about the incident, I agreed. After everything settled down I fell into a quiet routine.

Two weeks later I was enjoying a quiet Saturday sipping wine and letting my new found wealth sink in. A knock at my door brought me out of my thoughts and I went to answer the door. There was a policeman in uniform at my door and I stepped back in apprehension…I would be uneasy around police for a while.

The officer smiled at my reaction “Er…I’m sorry to startle you, sir, but, um…I wanted to come by and personally apologize to you for the night we came into your house. I, um…I was the one who used the knight stick on you. I’m sorry for hurting you.’ He held out his hand and bahis firmaları we shook ‘my name is Matt. Besides making an apology, which I will admit is less than adequate, I wanted to talk to you about something, er…something personal and not police related.”

I nodded and invited him in. “Are you still on duty?” I asked. He smiled and replied that he was off duty and on his way home from his shift. “Can I offer you a vino?”

He smiled pleasantly “That would be nice” he said. It was then I noted that he was in good shape with shoulders that were too big for his body and hips too small for the upper torso. Handing him his wine he took a seat and I sat back down on my couch and slugged down my wine refilling the glass. Having the cop that had cuffed me and bruised my ribs sitting on my couch was a tad unnerving but there was a part of me that was also turned on. Dismissing the tingle in my jeans I nodded my head for him to state his business.

It was then that he blushed red, turned away, gulped and then began to speak. “Well, the night we took you in, we went through your house…and…well…your lap top…and…um…well I noticed you had posted a profile on a gay dating site we share.” At this I paled and nearly dropped my glass in my lap. Noticing my reaction he quickly stated “I didn’t let anyone else see it. I closed out the computer and put it up, but not until I read your profile. We seem to be a match.” He said.

I swallowed my glass of wine and poured another, he did the same. I poured him another glass and we both slugged down our wine and then another in quick succession. When the bottle was gone I got another bottle and we smiled nervously and laughed then had another. Matt continued “Well, I went home after that shift and looked over your profile again and sent you a message. Only you didn’t respond, so I thought, maybe you were angry. But the more I looked at your profile, the more I wanted to at least get to know you and, well…see if we could…well…” he tapered off.

I looked at him smiled and said “I haven’t been on that site since then. It’s been a bit busy, as you might well imagine. So I haven’t seen your message’ swallowing I continued ‘What was it about my profile you liked?”

He smiled and leaned back sipping his wine “Well, first I noticed you were a dedicated bottom and that you would love to suck cock, get fucked bareback and take cum deep. The idea that you want to suck cock and swallow cum got my attention. It also caught my attention that you would ‘cleanse’ yourself before anything happened back there.’ He smiled and said ‘that kind of turned me on about you’ He swallowed his glass of wine and automatically poured himself another ‘that and…well…I got a good look at your…uhm…body…when we had you on the ground and I liked what I saw.’ He leaned forward this time with a serious look on his face ‘I would love to fill your ass with my cum.” He finished his statement by swallowing the whole glass of wine down.

I followed suit and poured us each another glass. His hand touched my knee and moved up my thigh mostly to gauge my response and then whispered “You also said that you wanted the person to be, well…to be hung, to use your term’ leaning in he whispered ‘I happen to be exactly what you are looking for. I am a dedicated top, I love to fuck bareback…I love having my cock sucked…and I happen to be nicely endowed in that department…and I do keep myself ‘trimmed, or shaved down there. One other thing’ he sat back this time and looked at me, I think you are fucking hot…and I would love to see your mouth on my cock’ he smiled ‘and have my cock balls deep inside your ass…fucking you.” It was clear the wine we had consumed had eased tensions and inhibitions between us. He smiled “I also noticed you aren’t much into kissing, me neither, but in time, if things work out, I might like to.”

I sat stunned in my seat, nursing my wine. “S-s-s-ooo, uhm…what happens now?”

Matt, leaned back “Well, you know my intentions. I can’t be any more plain. I would love to introduce you to gay sex. I have to return the squad car. If you want me to I can come right back and we can talk about it and see where this goes. The city garage is a few miles down the road and I shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes. That will give you time to let what I said sink in.

Getting up from the couch I stood with him, a strange ache surfacing at his leaving. He walked up behind me as I was seeing him to the door and wrapped his arm around my chest then pressed his hardening cock to my ass whispering “As you let what I said ‘sink in’, just imagine what my cock will feel like as I ‘sink in’…to you”. He pressed his cock hard against me and then opened the door and left turning around he smiled and said “I have the next three days off, so, if something does happen, we can take our time; that is if you want me to come back.” I simply nodded unable to form the words ‘Please don’t go’ and kaçak iddaa slammed my glass of wine down. He smiled and left his card.

The card read Lt. Matthew Dillan with his office number and his cell. I went to the window and watched his car pull away. There was a kind of warmth I felt as he left and a hope that he would come back. My cell phone buzzed with a text message. I knew it was Matt before I even looked at it. His car was still in my drive at the far end with his brake lights on.

“I feel good about you. I’ll be back in 30 minutes. I won’t pressure you, but…if you cleanse while I am gone…just in case…tonight might end up being the apology I owe you.”

My heart skipped with excitement. And my phone buzzed again.

“I hope that was not too forward”

I smiled as my heart skipped then replied “I would like to get to know you better, Matt…very much. I will do as you ask, ‘cleanse’, provided you are patient with me in the event we ‘connect’. That said I am on the verge of begging you to stay…so hurry back…please. ;)”

In the distance I saw the brake lights flip off and the dust from his wheels spinning obscuring his car as his engine roared down the road.

I will spare you the details of what transpired over the next 20 minutes, as that is not something you need to read about. I was finishing up when he texted again.

“On my way back; do we need more wine? We went through a couple bottles in our earlier…discussion”

My heart was beating mightily now.

“Wouldn’t hurt, I’m down to two or three bottles and I think we may want to have a reserve as our evening may last quite late. Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio would be nice. Oh..BTW I have just finished cleansing.”

I then added.

“Is it weird that I am both excited and nervous?”

It was a bit before he replied

“No. It is clear you are curious. Personally I think it was fate that we raided your house and that I found your computer. But we can talk about that when I get back, okay? Be there soon.”

I walked around the house, nervous as you might imagine and curiously excited. Was I going to, finally, at long last understand what it felt to have a man fuck me? Yes, I was curious, but I had not truly believed I would ever know what it was like, to share this with anyone, much less the cop who had not only arrested me, but the one who had used his knight stick on me.

At least he wasn’t some troll, who just happened to find my date site account open. Since I lived alone there was no need to keep that stuff secret anymore. My wife was always looking for evidence of my fucking around, which she never found, because I had never done it. I might have had I been given the chance, but it never presented.

Now I was not bad to look at. I kept my hair in a ponytail, wore jeans and canvas shirts to be comfortable. I was about 5’6″ tall, lean with muscles where I needed them, so I was no troll either.

My thoughts were interrupted by the rumble of a truck pulling into my driveway. Matt pulled his truck right up to my porch and turned off his engine. His uniform was gone and he wore jeans, hiking boots and a nice flannel shirt with red and white checkers. He carried three bottles of wine as he hopped out of the truck. 6′ of this well-muscled stud walked up to me, smiled and said “Let’s go inside and…talk.” It was getting cooler so I had started a fire to take the chill out of the air of my house. It was a small two bedroom place with a 20 acre lot of secluded, wooded acreage that allowed me privacy. My basement was finished, insulated and carpeted with a nice big King sized bed against the far wall which I used as a guest room. There was also a wood stove to keep it warm. But as it happened Matt took up a place on the couch opposite fire place in my living room. I put the wine in the fridge and poured us each a glass from an already chilled bottle.

I handed Matt a glass and took up my place on the couch, not right next to him, but so I could turn and look at him while talking. We sat for a bit looking at the fire each of us gathering our thoughts. Matt was far more comfortable with the situation as he was obviously gay and had been with men before. I looked at him when about half my glass was gone and asked “Have you ever, well, been with a novice?”

Matt did not look at me, but smiled and looked into the fire. “Yes, but that was a long time ago, and, it didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but it was the first time for the both of us. Since then I have not been with any ‘novices’ as you termed it.” He shrugged, sighed and sipped his wine then continued. “Before I was transferred here, to this small town I had a regular ‘thing’ with a few guys I knew. The city is easy to keep things private. Most were also cops so we kept it quiet and in our group. But when we had to down size the department due to budget cuts I was sent here. So my being sent here, to kaçak bahis your door, was a lucky break for me. Good thing I was the one assigned to look into your laptop and not one of the others. That might have proven awkward, especially in this town.”

I was relaxing more in his company. “When did you look at my lap top? Before or after you cuffed me?”

He shrugged, grimaced a little. “I looked at it after I put you in my car. After that I was a bit easier on you, though I still thought you were guilty of running a meth lab.” He shook his head and continued. “When it was made clear that we raided the wrong house, I was elated because I wasn’t keen on dating a meth head, even one with a perfectly fuckable ass.”

Remembering that night was not fun “How long did it take before you realized you had the wrong house?”

He sat forward and looked at me then said “It was a few hours. Actually we knew we had the wrong house almost before we took you in, only we had to do an investigation for the sake of being thorough. There was also the knowledge that we had busted down the door of the wrong house, arrested the wrong guy, allowing the guilty party to get away. We later learned that the party in question had an insider working dispatch who then relayed the wrong address to the squad cars which alerted the culprit of the raid giving him time to get away. We later arrested the insider, a distant cousin it turns out.”

I sat up “But I was left in the cell for 12 hours. Why wasn’t I released sooner?”

Matt looked at me and nodded in understanding “Procedure. We have to jump through hoops to undo a fuck up like that, and avoid embarrassing press. The mayor is scared to death of developing a bad image.”

Sitting back “I guess I can understand that. I can’t complain about the settlement.”

Matt turned to look at me, leaned back and asked “Did you look at my message?” He was trying to change the subject away from his arresting me fearing that if we kept on that tach his plans for the evening would be dashed. Shaking my head to indicated that I hadn’t he then pulled out his phone and pulled up his account and pulled it up for me to see.

“Hi, I’m Matthew. I’m afraid that I am the police officer who arrested you. I would like to make a personal apology, and looking at your profile, it would seem we are a match. I am hoping to hear back from you, so we could talk about it. Below is a picture of me. If you want to see more ask and I’ll send them. I would like to make it up to you by getting to know you better and by making a more personal apology.”

The picture below was his wearing a white shirt and jeans and his hiking boots. I handed him the phone back. I smiled “I didn’t get back on because, well, you said you were coming back. That and I was busy doing what you requested.” I said.

Matt gave me a blank look before it dawned on him what he meant and smiled. “Well, at least I know that you are somewhat interested in seeing things progress.” He said smiling. Outside the cool weather turned wet as rain began to fall. Mixed with the crackle of the fire were hisses from the odd rain drop that fell down the chimney. Far off in the distance a flash of lightning hit followed by a rumbling boom. The storm rolled in closer and closer until there was a crashing violent ‘BOOM’ in the near off distance just before the lights went off.

Getting up we both looked outside to see if any trees had fallen. Nothing was amiss outside so we both walked back to the living room and took up our glasses and sat back down. The fire provided most of the light, with the occasional flash from lightning outside and the rumble and boom of the storm. Matt smiled and said “I love a good storm. It sets a nice mood, at least for me. I’ve always have,’ he paused looked at Rick saying ‘especially if I have good company.”

I wasn’t sure why I felt so free all of a sudden but I leaned back and asked “So Mr. Dillon…what do we do now? I’ve never done this before. Granted I’ve been curious for a very long time, I’ve never actually been with a man before.” I said.

Matt nodded his head “I know, I’ve read your profile.’ He paused looking at me then back to the fire ‘Well, let’s just see where things go.” As he said this he stood and pulled me up. Whipping me around he pulled my back to his front and pressed his hardened self against me. He unbuttoned my jeans and helped me to lose them while I reached behind me and undid his jeans. Soon we were both naked below the waist and I felt the heat of his cock rubbing against my lower back and ass. We stood like this for a while as I felt his hot, rigid warmth press against my ass. I in turn moved my ass against him and we swayed side to side getting used to each other.

Hands slid to my side and down to my hips where he grasped onto my pelvic bones and pulled my hips hard against his hot, hardened cock whispering “When I fuck you, I will be gripping you like this and driving my cock into you.” At this I pressed my ass against him in a show of approval. A flash of lightning lit the room and the thunder shook the earth as we made our own electricity. “Let’s sit down” and we both sat on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32