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A Taste

It had been three days since Emma had brought Teddy home to use for inspiration. That had been the main purpose of that night, with fun as an expected side benefit. She had not expected to pick up someone she wanted to make hers, to turn into her personal toy. She had decided that night she wanted him, and she was sure he wanted to be hers. That was until the awkward morning after and not hearing from him despite giving him her number.

She stepped back from the canvas, her hands covered in paint, not wanting the annoyance she felt ruin the piece. It was hard to work to ignore that feeling when she painted the masterpiece he had inspired in her. She took a breath and said the same thing that she had been saying to herself for all three of those days. “It was new to him. He will take time to realize how much he enjoyed it.” The words helped a little but not enough. She wanted him strapped to her bed, moaning until the sun rose. Her phone start to ring, snapping her attention back from her daydream and on the device on her desk.

She walked over to the phone and picked it up. She felt a sting of disappointment that it was a known number and not a random one as his would have been. When she saw who it was, she let that disappointment slip away. She hit answer and put the phone to her ear, a smile spreading across her face. “Amber sweetie.” She said letting her excitement slip into her voice.

“Hi Miss…Emma.” The voice of a young woman answered back, a bit unsure. “How are you doing?”

“I am great Amber. Just working on my next piece of art. I did not expect to hear from you. Shouldn’t you be in college right now?”

“I came back for the summer this time and.” The girl paused for a second to take a deep breath before continuing. “I thought I should try and reach out since I am back.”

“Well I am glad to hear from you Amber.” Emma replied knowing what the girl was really calling for but not giving it away that she knew away.

“So…if you are working on a new art piece you must have a new umm model.”

“Amber I thought I told you not to be bashful about that side of you.”

“You did I’m sorry. So, do you, have a new one?”

Emma let the same smile she had used to lure Teddy in cross her face as ideas filled her mind. She didn’t even have to find this prey. It was offering itself to her. “Amber even if I did, I would always make sure there is a spot for my favorite little girl.”

Amber did not try to hide the relief in her voice and Emma could imagine the tension leaving her on the other end. “Good. I am …thank you Mistress. So, are you doing anything…now?”

“Amber I just told you not to be bashful. Ask what you want.”

“Yes Mistress.” She said falling back into the training Emma had drilled into her. “Are you free to see me for play çanakkale escort Mistress?”

“Of course, I am sweetie. Would you like to come over right now?” Emma asked innocently, teasing the girl.

“Yes Mistress.”

“I could always depend on you to be an eager little girl. I want you to dress up nice and sexy for me though.”

Amber paused for a moment then responded, clearing flustered on the other end. “But I am at home with my parent’s mistress.”

“I am sure you will figure something out if you do not want the punishment that comes with disobeying me sweetie.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good girl and you did get the package I sent you in college to help you with being away from me?”

“Yes, Mistress thank you it. I used all of them.”

“Good girl. Just make sure the egg is brought with you in its proper location and with the remote.”

“Yes, Mistress I will.”

“Good, see you soon dear.” With that Emma ended the phone call not wanting to give the girl a chance to say anything else. She looked backed at the painting and decided it could wait until tomorrow. If Teddy wanted to hide from the submissive he really was, that was his loss. Emma was not going to mope around. Not when she had a toy like Amber coming over.

Around forty minutes later, the buzzer for Emma’s apartment rang and she let Amber up. She made her way to the door and waited for the knock to come. She had cleaned up as best as she could in the time, letting her hair sit lose and going a little dark on the makeup. It matched the leather dress she had put on that not only hugged every curve but seemed to be pushing her breasts free. With a pair of leather boot that went up her calf, she had the look she wanted.

The knock came shortly after the buzz and Emma quickly opened the door. With a more experienced sub like Amber she had to try different things to keep her on her toes. Standing there was Amber, who had followed Emma’s orders perfectly She was wearing heels and a short black shirt that showed her toned legs. On top she was wearing a halter top that help push her boobs up just a bit to draw your eyes to them but not look trashy. She wore enough makeup to highlight her kissable lips and blue eyes. Her blonde hair was slightly curled but sat free on her left shoulder. She looked perfect.

Amber’s eyes went big when she saw Emma, clearly forgetting how good Emma could look. She cross her arms and gave a sheepish smile looking up at Emma. “Hi Mistress. You look amazing.”

“So, do you sweetie. Now come in here and hand me what I asked for.” Emma replied not taking a moment before taking her rightful place.

Amber walked in and Emma closed the door behind her. Amber dug through the small black purse she had brought çanakkale escort bayan until she came up with a simple purple and silver remote that had only three buttons. It was simple but had so much potential. She handed the remote to Emma who gave a wicked smile before pressing the power button. She knew this speed would do little but tease Amber, but she had to make sure she followed all her orders. The look of surprise mixed with pleasure on Amber’s face and her legs clamping together was all she needed to see to know she had been a good girl.

She turned off the egg and spoke. “Good girl. Shall we get started then?”

“Please Mistress.” Amber said almost in a begging tone. She must have missed her Mistress. That or the toy was really getting her worked up after only a few seconds. Both options were delightful.

Emma did not comment but walked over to the couch and sat with her legs open, showing that her shaved pussy was not covered by any underwear. Amber proved to not be as rusty as Emma thought as she got to her knees instantly and crawled over to her mistress and kneeled in front of her. “So, Amber has there been any other girls in college.”

“No Mistress or men. You’re the only woman I ever want to be with, and I was too busy for men.”

Amber had been clearly expecting praise for her loyalty but instead Emma rolled her eyes. “I guess you will be rusty I that department then.” Amber looked a little hurt but hid it quickly. “Well sweetie you know where you mouth belongs.”

Amber dove between Emma’s legs and let her tongue started to play around Emma’s pussy. The second Amber’s tongue touched her, a shiver went through Emma and she pressed the power button on the control. The vibrations of Amber’s moan felt incredible against Emma’s clit and she realized how bad she needed this. Amber did not let the toy distract her for long instead continuing to guide her tongue around Emma’s pussy, flicking her clit just enough to tease her. Emma knew Amber deep down was a little tease but was in no mood for it today.

“Amber if you keep teasing me you will be punished.” She said with an accidental moan when Amber flicked her clit. “But the closer you get me to getting off the faster that egg goes.” That was all the motivation Amber needed to stop her teasing and plunge her tongue between Emma’s lips. She was quickly rewarded with a speed increase which in turn got Emma that amazing moaning vibration feeling again. This speed clearly was proving to be a bit hard for Amber to ignore and her tongues movements started to get erratic. Still it was enough to for Emma to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation that Amber’s tongue was giving her.

“What is wrong sweetie. You that rusty.” Emma asked not having to look escort çanakkale at Amber to know she would blush.

“No Mistress it’s just…” Amber started to say, pulling her tongue out for a moment. She did not get a chance to finish her sentence as Emma cranked the toy up again. Amber’s tongue dove back into Emma’s pussy, but she soon froze in place. A stream of moans escaped her lips with no shame. Emma opened her eyes to see Amber grinding her hips and humping the air to try and get more pleasure from the toy. She clearly hoped it would be enough to get her over the edge, but it wasn’t. Still, it would not be bad to remind Amber of her place.

“Now sweetie, you know the rule about cuming before your Mistress.” Emma reminded Amber, like a teacher telling off a student. Amber did not respond but instead attacked Emma’s pussy with such vigor that it caught Emma off guard, making her close her eyes again and moan. If Amber heard it, she did not say anything as her mouth was occupied eating Emma’s pussy with such intensity that she forgot all her technique and was going for pure enthusiasm. Emma was not going to complain as she laid back letting the orgasm, she knew was coming get closer and closer.

She pressed the button again, bringing it up to its max speed, knowing she would soon be too lost in pleasure to remember to do it. She let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure as two fingers replaced Amber’s tongue in her pussy. They started to make the come-hither mother, hitting that perfect spot of pure pleasure as Amber’s mouth moved to her clit and started sucking. Emma had not told Amber to use her fingers but decided to forgive her as the surprise of the change of pace brought her crashing over the edge.

Emma’s legs closed on Amber’s head, holding it where it belong between her legs and forced her to stop moving her fingers. She held Amber there as waves of pleasure rolled through her, starting at her pussy until they filled her entire body. She did not try to hide her gasps of pleasure and she knew that she was making the face that she had capture in her art, but she could care less. Eventually the waves got smaller and Emma released Amber’s head but continue to enjoy the last bits of pleasure.

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Amber sitting there, aggressively grinding her hips, trying to get her own orgasm. She had stopped eating her Mistress despite not being told too and was solely focused on the toy that was teasing her. Emma watched for a few moments as a smile crept across her face. She had guessed that Amber had not used the toy to its full abilities and did not know the truth about it. It was great at getting you close but more often than not, it was not enough to give you an orgasm.

Emma turned the toy off, getting a moan of desperation and protest from Amber. Amber opened her eyes and investigated her mistresses with a pleading look. Emma could only smile as she put her hand under Amber’s chin. “Aww can you not get off?” she asked sweetly but did not give her a chance to respond. “I guess we will have to do it the old-fashioned way then, by using every single one of your holes. Welcome home pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32