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This is the fourth chapter in this series – severely belated, I know and I’m sorry – and mayn’t make sense as a standalone piece. Feedback and suggestions welcome!



Mia rolled in her sleep and stretched luxuriously, lost to the world in her post-coital exhaustion. Getting so thoroughly fucked can really take it out of you. But – on a lazy Saturday morning – the beautiful hedonist was happily snoozing it off.

LJ trotted dutifully back to Mia’s room. Even after her “pep talk” from Kay, the inexperienced dyke lacked confidence that her beautiful benefactress would think her uninvited voyeurism was cute rather than invasive.

“Mia,” she called softly from the open doorway. “Mia?”

Spurred by Kay’s suggestion of a free cuddle, LJ tiptoed into the bedroom.

“Mia?” LJ tapped her shoulder lightly, then prodded harder when there was no response. “Mia?’

“Yesh?” Mia fought hard to open her eyes. “Hey Handsome, what’s up?”

“I watched you.” LJ admitted, eyes downcast and her face flushed with guilt, but not with regret.

“Sleeping?” Mia asked, a bit leery.

“No. Earlier when you and Kay were…” LJ trailed off, shy.

“Oh,” Mia nodded sympathetically, “Did you learn anything?”

“I, yeah, I guess so.” LJ cocked her head like a confused puppy. “You’re not mad at me? I watched both times.”

“Of course I’m not mad. It’s not like I’m a shrinking violet, LJ. For Pete’s sake, I went down on you in an alley the night we met.” Mia grinned. “You can watch whenever you want. Or join in if you’re feeling better. How are you feeling by the way?”

“Better.” LJ grinned back, feeling a bit silly and childish at her guilt, but somehow still feeling guilty nonetheless. And horny.

“Sorry, Johnny-cum-lately,” Mia dashed the young butch’s immediate hopes. “I’m done for the time being, but you can crawl in with me if you like.”

LJ stood conflicted.

“I should go to the bank and-“

Mia helped the naturally responsible teen by pulling her into bed.

“The bank won’t be open for hours. Come here with me and snuggle.”

The pajama clad LJ found herself wrapped up in Mia’s warmth, naked limbs entwining themselves around her hard body. Beyond the corporal comfort the gorgeous femme offered, she gave LJ the affection she craved.

“Okay.” LJ folded in the succor of her teacher. “I can take care of the list Kay gave me later. She’s really nice.”

“Kay’s a cruel bitch.” Mia mumbled distractedly, her ass still a bit sore and likely to become worse as the day progressed.

“She was nice to me. Isn’t she nice normally?”

“This is not a Q&A session, Handsome. Be good and go to sleep.” Mia returned to her Saturday morning sleeping in. The understandably overwrought LJ followed suit in the cozy queen bed.

After the mental and physical fatigue of the night before, a couple hours in the warm arms of a kind woman were exactly what she needed. The sweet boi complacently allowed herself to be the little spoon.

She slept so deeply that Mia’s undressing her well after noon didn’t stir her at all. Nor did Mia’s pulling her newly naked body back into her arms from behind rouse the worn-out teen.

She woke to a thumb and forefinger lightly rolling her nipple. Unused to such a wake up call, the young butch’s whole body tensed while her foggy brain tried to decide what to do with the new tactile information it was receiving.

“Easy LJ,” Mia whispered as you would to a spooked filly. “I just want to welcome you properly.”

The baby dyke’s body relaxed as Mia gentled her. While she continued to tweak and twiddle the hardening nipple in one hand, her other hand calmly stroked LJ’s side and flank until the girl began to moan and more firmly press herself into the dyke whisperer behind her.

“That’s it now.” Mia positioned her young lover on her back and lay across her. “A little morning sex to get the day started right.”

“It’s 2 in the afternoon.” The all-to-literal LJ answered.

“Why?” She chastised herself for her sharpness in a loving moment. “Why do I do that?”

“Sarcastic little brat.” Mia answered with an impetuous kiss. “Now is not the time.”

LJ nodded and STFU.

Mia leaned in for a second kiss, longer and more intimate. More distracting.

Not distracting enough to keep the rapidly waking teen from noticing the smooth manicured fingernails running up the outside of her toned thigh.

LJ spread her legs in immediate response and Mia giggled at her eagerness.

“Are you remembering last time, Stud?”

“Yes.” LJ’s voice became small.

“Don’t worry,” The sexy strawberry-blonde assured. “I’m not in a teasing mood…”

Partially to prove her point – but mostly because she wanted too – Mia kissed her way down her graceful neck and over her chest. She stopped to speak just before taking a pink nipple in her mouth. “…in more of a giving mood really.”

LJ gasped with the sensation of a warm, moist mouth closing around her tender nipple. bahis firmaları Then she gasped again when the flat of a warm, moist tongue dragged and swirled over it.

Mia took her time in comfort with her new house guest. The afternoon sun filtered its rays through the muslin curtains. An occasional car drove by and a few birds called. The scent of Mia’s fabric softener and LJ’s pussy juices filled the room.

A paradoxical serene excitement overtook LJ. Her prior experiences had been driven by a mad need for one party or the other to cum. While this session certainly seemed to be steering toward an orgasm for the fortunate baby butch, there was no hustle to arrive.

Her legs remained open with Mia laying between them and lavishing oral attentions on her receptive breasts. LJ moaned and murmured her gratitude with only a few fleeting fully-formed thoughts.

“Her soft weight feels so good on me. She’s so beautiful too. I love her hair. I wonder if she’d let me try anal on her? She smells like a meadow. What time do banks close? Oh, who the fuck cares? Oooooooooi. How does she do that with her tongue? Ahhhh. Teeth.”

Mia had begun firmly massaging the pretty boi’s small breasts while nibbling one cherry nipple and then the other in turn.

The tightly muscled athlete’s asschecks, abs, forearms, and calves twitched in response to each new excitation her nipples felt at her talented teacher’s fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue.

Mia giggled again at her young lover’s responsiveness, this time directly into LJ’s right nipple which only caused more twitching.

Reluctantly, she relinquished LJ’s breasts to descend further on her symbartic tour of LJ’s fit, firm, and cut body. Her external intercostal muscles were even so well developed that Mia barely felt she was xylophoning as she ran her tongue over the slender teen’s ribs.

Then LJ started to giggle from a natural ticklishness that embarrassed her slightly. As much as Mia may have enjoyed exploiting that chink in the cute boi’s rather underdeveloped armor, she had promised to pleasure rather than tease and forced herself to keep kissing her way over defined abs. She did let herself run her tongue through that V that she liked so much, giggles or no. And met LJ’s bright hazel eyes as she did.

LJ’s thoughts scattered.

“Ooooh. If I knew girls would like them so much I’d have worked way harder on my abs. I gotta join that gym. Not right now, not right now. Her blue eyes are so pretty. Where is she going with her tongue? Oh, hee-hee-he-he-he-hi. Stop giggling. Don’t giggle.”

Of course, her fight to avoid her unwilled giggling produced a very sexy whimpering.

If she were to be honest with herself (or with LJ), Mia really didn’t care if the soft butch giggled or not. She just wanted to put her tongue along that hot fissure, albeit on her way to a hotter one.

“Relax, baby.” Mia lifted the heated baby dyke’s legs over her shoulders and locked her taut thighs into place, mistaking her abashment for impatience. “I’ll get you where you want to be.”

The happy teen shook her shaggy brown locks and smiled sheepishly, thankful to be taken anywhere by the beauty whose her gorgeous face hovered between her legs.

The hovering soon ceased in favor of kisses and licks, starting inside the sweet boi’s annealing thighs, quickly centering as promised on LJ’s lovely flower.

LJ’s bright hazel eyes closed with a sigh when she felt Mia’s talented tongue lathing her sex. Every movement sang through her young body, precise and marvelous at once.

Mia enjoyed her position, exhilaration coursing through her body and spirit as she took her little stray to the high she wanted her to reach under the power of her experienced tongue.

She kept her left hand around her young athlete’s thigh as a stabilizing gesture while propped slightly on that elbow, but she let her right hand drift back up to LJ’s killer abs to feel them flex sexily as the cute boi’s pleasure deepened and her wire tight body responded to Mia’s licks and twists.

The impressed femme thought to herself that LJ must do crunches in her sleep to get a stomach like hers and that she might need to see the pretty butch put on a gun show at some point. But not right then.

That wire tight body hadn’t undergone the stimulation of anything but her own fingers in weeks and had seen a couple floor shows she wouldn’t soon forget while she touched herself with those fingers just hours previously to no completion. Especially with Mia’s considerate priming of the hot teen’s engine, she wouldn’t last long under an expert’s oral assault to her grateful pussy.

The flesh beneath Mia’s hand trembled as the flesh surrounding her tongue heated. She looked up LJ’s tensed torso to see her face, but the pretty boi’s head had tilted back in her rapture and she could only make out a set of flared nostrils above her pointed chin. The graceful line of her neck was beautiful though, and it made Mia toy ever so briefly with the idea of abandoning her slit to kaçak iddaa kiss and nibble the smooth skin there. But she wouldn’t be so cruel while LJ was so close.

LJ knew she was close and felt like she ought to be doing something other than just letting her orgasm happen to her, being so used to masturbating herself. She gripped the sheets tightly instead, fingers twisting into the light fabric and pulling at the cloth. She tried to regulate her breathing through partially gritted teeth and failed.

Mia’s grip on her thigh tightened and the velvet soft pads of her fingers pressed into her abdominals. Her pussy closed hard on Mia’s tongue so that it felt almost like her tongue was scrapping in and out of her, even with all the wetness down there.

For her part, Mia stabbed her tongue into LJ as hard and fast as she could, knowing that the elevated dyke in her bed needed speed and power more than neat oral acrobatics to drive her to the pinnacle of her mountain. The girl’s lovely pussy was grasping so hard that she thought she might get cunnilingus tongue trying to get LJ off.

Shortly, LJ’s pent up excitement burst forth and, after a few tight spasms in rapid succession, Mia’s tongue was a lot freer to lap up fluids released from the sexy girl’s overflowing pussy.

LJ sighed and looked down at the beautiful woman enjoying her. She tried to focus in on Mia, but her eyes couldn’t quite stay open and she just felt so warm and fuzzy…

Mia stood smooth and content, looking very much like a cat who’d gotten choice cream. She pulled the top sheet up over her sated lover and kissed her smooth cheek.

She stooped to pick up the discarded sex toys from the night before and took them with her to the bathroom to be sanitized. Then she took a quick shower for herself and strolled back out in her short purple silk robe.

On her way through her bedroom, she glanced over at the stray little dyke she’d agreed to take in. LJ had tangled her naked self in the covers. Mia smiled a smug little smile as she walked to her kitchen for hot coffee and a quick sandwich.

The smile ran away from her face when she saw the mess of trash bags full of random crap littering her livingroom floor and the sleeper unmade.

Mia took a deep breath and reminded herself that she hadn’t established any house rules or set aside any space for her house guest yet. Still, the irritation nearly ruined her afternoon coffee.

The smell of hot java drew LJ from bed and she threw her borrowed pajamas back on to wander into the kitchen and join her hostess.

Satisfied as she was, LJ’s eyes went straight to Mia’s smooth crossed legs as she sat on her stool at the breakfast bar in her short silk robe.

“Hey, Mia.”

“Hey, you. You want a sandwich?”

“Sure. Thanks.” LJ craned her neck over as Mia hopped up to make a second sandwich, trying to catch a glimpse of her hostess’ marvelous ass. The hyper baby dyke settled for the sight of a pair of sexy thighs when Mia’s robe didn’t prove to be quite that short.

“So, I’d like you to stay here with me. Until you start school anyway.” Mia officially extended the offer, again saving the cute young butch the awkwardness of asking. “It’d be nice to have some company and you seem to get yourself into trouble when I’m not around to stop you.”

“I, I mean.” LJ jumped up and rounded the breakfast bar to where Mia stood facing the counter and hugged her tightly from behind. “Thank you.”

Any resentment Mia had for LJ making a mess of her living room or hampering her independence melted in the sincerity of that grateful hug.

“No problem, Handsome.” Mia answered and finally meant it. “Now you’re going to have to let go of me so I can get you fed.”

They talked over rules and – without mortifying the teen – Mia let LJ know that the hall closet would be available for her stuff and that the sleeper couch would be put up every day.

“Call if you’re going to be out after midnight and make sure you keep your grades and athletics up. You can eat anything you like, but don’t borrow my clothes or jewelry without asking first.”

LJ again resisted the urge to giggle again, this time at the idea that she’d want to wear Mia’s precious designer femme clothes. She was learning to practice a little tactful omission though, recognizing that there was no advantage to a verbal assertion of her distaste for Mia’s style for herself.

“You can drink if you want, but only here and only if you know you’ll be here for at least 12 hours after your last sip. No drugs, ever. Clear?”

“Clear,” LJ nodded.

“That’s all I can think of right now. Go run your errands. I’m going to run a nice bath and watch Top Chef.”

And LJ did.

She fell into a simple and focused life over the next two weeks. She took the county bus to school, studied hard in her classes, ran her ass off in track practice, took the same bus in the afternoon to the local gym to do her homework and hang out, and then headed back to Mia’s place to eat from her fridge and kaçak bahis sleep on her couch.

Her mother called once, but LJ didn’t answer. She also deleted the voicemail without listening. Her parents’ rejection of her choices hurt her, but she knew she’d be able to forgive their bigotry with time. She loved them and homophobia wasn’t even her primary disappointment in them.

Their disregard for her well being as a daughter sparked a resentment the ejected teen couldn’t ignore, one that would begin to fester soon if she let it. Most mammals will face death to protect their offspring. Serial killers’ parents fight to get them off death row. Protecting your child in the face of any circumstances or consequences is one of the most difficult natural instincts to overcome for any reason as a parent. Not the Flowers.

Her parents made her homeless and vulnerable voluntarily, endangering her present and her future. Evidently, they loved her so little that her fate became negligible once she shamed them. LJ didn’t know how to forgive them for that. But she texted her mother back anyway.

“I’m safe and happy. My scholarship is intact, my running is good, and my grades are higher. Not really ready for you guys to be back in my life again yet, because there’s still some anger that I need to work through first.”

And with that, LJ decided to bury her feelings toward her parents, at least until she could figure out how to deal with resolving them. Instead, she shifted her focus to the part of her whole that they’d rejected her for in the first place.

She and Mia fooled around, mostly on the weekends. The footloose woman made it crystal clear that fooling around was all they were doing, but she had enough consideration for the young butch’s confused feelings to arrange to have her conjugal visits at her other “friends'” homes so as not to upset the sensitive girl.

LJ dealt alright with the understanding that Mia saw other women, but felt somewhat stalled in her own pursuits. Or being pursued rather.

Once she recognized that Mia wasn’t the only sexy woman alive, she started seeing attractive women everywhere. The cute barista at the coffee shop. The shapely jogger walking her golden retriever. The hot teller at the bank. She didn’t feel quite ready to put herself out there yet though.

LJ’s many daily hours at the gym held the greatest number of temptations. All those fit women drew her attention, but LJ wasn’t confident enough to be seduced by any of them.

Not that her lack of confidence stopped other women from hitting on her.

She was at the gym by herself late Thursday night – doing leg presses – when Rhea walked in and hit a treadmill on the other side of the floor. LJ naturally looked at the newcomer as she arrived, but maybe kept glancing over too much as Rhea completed her warm up routine.

Rhea stood 6’2″ and weighed a hard 185lbs. Her lustrous mahogany hair was tied back in a low ponytail and she wore knee-length light gray shorts and an olive green muscle-tank that popped against her glistening sun-chapped skin.

LJ finished her leg presses and moved to a Smith Machine to do a few rounds of weighed calf raises. If she was facing out into the main of the gym to watch Rhea go through her paces, it was wholly subconscious…she told herself.

Rhea felt no similar need to lie to herself. She noticed the cute boi checking her out and set herself loose like a courser chasing a particularly juicy and slow rabbit.

“Hey!” She called out as she finished loading up the bench press. “Hey, I could use a spotter over here when you’re done with your set.”

LJ appraised the weight on the bar and realized that she’d be purely ornamental as a spotter, but ran over anyway. Her thighs felt like rubber from all the leg exercises she’d been at that evening, but she managed to stand behind the bench Rhea laid on and hold her hands out beneath the bar without letting her legs tremble.

Rhea lay back and popped off three sets of 12 reps with apparent ease. LJ held her breath and watched the powerful woman’s arms and chest flex as the bar went up and down so smoothly.

“Alright.” Rhea stood and gestured to the impressed teen. “Your turn.”

LJ gulped audibly.

Rhea shook her head with a small arrogant smile and removed the better half of the weight from each side.

“How ’bout now?”

LJ evaluated the remaining pounds and estimated it at over her body weight, but she didn’t want to look like a wimp, so she settled herself on the bench and took a breath.

As she did, she inhaled Rhea’s aroused scent. It was unmistakable even to the relatively inexperienced LJ as female sexual desire, but subtly different from herself or the other two woman LJ had experienced nasally.

LJ blinked and concentrated on the task at hand. Her legs were shot and wouldn’t provide any leverage, so she choked up on the bar and anchored herself as best she could with her abs.

The first set went okay, but somewhere around rep 3 on the second set, LJ started leaning from one side to the other. By rep 8, she just barely reached full extension.

“Okay, that’s probably enough.” Rhea lifted the bar onto the rests with obvious ease and so ended LJ’s physical struggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32