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Stephanie awoke later in the morning than usual. Her husband was very clear that she was to be up normally at seven promptly in order to ensure he was properly prepared for work as well as ensuring that his favorite butt plug was properly inserted before he left for work. Her life as his wife and his submissive was a wonderful life in her mind as she enjoyed serving her husband since they dated. Her experiences trying out the different things with her husband seemed to strengthen their bond even more than most married people seem to be.

That day was different because her husband was off on a business trip for the professional baseball team he worked for as a scout and he was not set to return for a week. Stephanie was not looking forward to a week of battery operated boyfriends and such, but she knew that waiting was part of her duty as a good submissive. So when she saw the emerald green collar on her nightstand waiting for her with a note, she was pleasantly surprised.

The note was from her husband. It said simply that he had arranged for her to be visited that week and that she was to be as compliant as possible for her various suitors. There was also a list of what she wasn’t to do at all that week. The understanding that she wasn’t to call him struck her as strange, but not as much as the command to not take any semen in her throat or inside her pussy. He was also very firm in telling her that she was to be photographed after mardin escort each episode to prove her compliance. As she finished reading the note, her doorbell began to ring.

She quickly wrapped a terry cloth robe around herself as she walked briskly down the stairs to the front door. At the door stood a man about her height carrying a bright red tool box. As she opened the door, he presented her with a piece of paper that she recognized as her husband’s letter head. She read on the note how this “cable guy” was to ensure the cable was connected in her room and how she was to pay him in an alternate fashion.

She smiled at him as she looked over his body. Besides the dark blue baseball style cap he wore on his head, he also wore a similar shade of blue on his buttoned down shirt and matching blue slacks. Whoever this person was, he looked the part down to a T. As she guided him upstairs to her bedroom, she wondered in her mind how she was going to present herself to him. This question was answered as soon as entered the room when he grabbed her from behind and began untying the robe. It opened as she gasped, her body already tensing prior to being displayed in front of this stranger. He pulled it off of her as he pushed her to the bed, her hands slowing the fall as he began undoing his slacks. She turned in time to see his hands slowly pulling his member out for her to see. It was tanned mardin escort bayan unlike her husbands and also slightly smaller. She quickly took to her knees before he told her to stop.

She looked up at him questioningly as he explained that her husband informed him that she was not to be submissive towards him, but was to take him as if they were new lovers and that she was to allow herself to enjoy it. With this information in mind, she took his member into her hands and began to make love to it with licks and little sucks before allowing the full length into her mouth. She could feel all six inches sliding inside her mouth and inside her throat as she took him. Her gentle sucking was less forceful as she was with her Dom because he wasn’t forcing it into her mouth like he did. He was allowing her to seduce it, lovingly sucking it feeling his fluid sliding down her throat. She felt strangely content controlling his pleasure as she looked up and saw his chin. She imagined that he was looking up at the ceiling as she fellated him.

She stopped short before he was able to climax and lay back on the bed stretching to allow her suitor to take in the full sight. As he bent down, she pulled him into her and begged him to fuck her. His tool was barely inside her pussy when she felt herself crest over the wave of pleasure. He started slowly sliding in and out before her legs pressed escort mardin against his ass and press him into her deeper. She started pulling on his back, her fingernails leaving scratches as he thrust. It was more animalistic than she was use to as she was feeling herself getting closer to a second orgasm. In his mind, he was performing as instructed, allowing himself to hold back to keep to the arrangement he and her husband had made prior. However, with the vice like grip her pussy was exerting on him. He almost felt himself lose it once or twice as her pussy clenched him.

She released her grip on him and he pulled out before she climbed on her hands and knees. As his target was there before him, she began taunting him on how he couldn’t handle fucking her. This sent him in enough rage to slide straight inside her all the way and starting priming into her. She began enjoying this stranger fucking her and began to grab the sheets on the bed in her claw grip. It wasn’t long until she felt him getting extremely close. She asked him in a frenzy where he was told to climax on her. He responded that her ass was the target for this episode. Against her better judgment, she turned and took him into his mouth before sucking hard as his seed went down her throat. He felt himself succumb to the temptation as he emptied inside. When his eyes opened, he saw her on her knees smiling at her, her eyes sparkling as she licked her lips.

As he sat on the bed, she began to stroke his dick slowly as she reached back to remove the butt plug. As he looked at her questionably, she explained to him that her husband needed the picture and that the only sure way to get it was for him to fuck her ass and spray all over it. She also told him that her disobedience would be her secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32