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“We’re in luck,” Danielle said when I reached her house, “my parents have gone away for a few days. You can stay as long as you like.”

“Do you think they go for dirty weekends?”

“They seemed very excited before they left … and I’m never allowed to see what they pack.”

“They meet up with my mother regularly … and I catch your dad watching me all the time when I’m here,” I said.

“I think they love sex … but … hey … so do we … so what’s to worry about?”

“Perhaps they were like us at our age … so they’re no different … just older.”

“And I think if I had a mother like yours, Ash … I’d want to spend a night with her … so there’s no harm.”

“I used to think it was weird … you know … fucking with older people … but since meeting John, I’ve changed my mind.”

“It’s only sex, Ash … doesn’t matter how old you are … it’s what you do that matters.”

“And John certainly knows what to do.”

“I bet your mother could teach us a few lessons, too.”

The conversation was getting a bit close to home, so I changed the subject. “Well?” I asked, raising an eyebrow in her direction. “What’s your news?”

“What do you want first — the good news or the bad news?”

“You know I only like good news.”

“In that case — I’ve arranged for us to have a threesome.”

“You dirty bitch,” I said. Adrenaline rushed through me at the thought. Hot tingles pranced around every inch of my body, even my fingernails.

“From the expression on your face, I can tell you’re interested, Ash.”

“I fucking love the idea … the thought of sucking your cunt … and getting fucked at the same time is enough to turn on anyone.”

“We’re a couple of slags,” she said, her cherry-red cheeks telling me she felt the same as me.

We grabbed each other and laughed and hugged, my pink lipstick getting mixed up in her streaked hair. The excitement made us giggle. I felt horny — so horny I could have stripped off and leapt straight into the threesome.

“When’s it going to be?”

“As soon we get the date together, Ash.”

We scrolled through the calendars on our phones and reeled off possibilities. I went to open the bottle of white wine that I’d bought on my way over, while Dani sent some text messages. I wanted to know about the lucky man, but she waved me to be quiet while she concentrated.

“OK,” she said finally, “it’s all fixed for Wednesday … seven thirty.”

My heart was racing fast. I could hardly pour the wine without shaking. In a single day, all my fantasies had come true: group sex with Geeta’s girlies; the prospect of a gang-bang; and now a threesome. I gulped at the wine.

“Who’s the lucky man, Dani?”

“I’ve got another surprise for you,” she said without answering my question. “I found my dad’s stash of porn.”

My day got better and better. I love porn. I pretend I’m the star in the movie: getting nailed by hunks with massive dicks; swallowing cock; sucking cunt; getting hosed down with cum; in orgies; keeping at it until I’m the only one left standing — even if I can’t walk straight.

“Let’s watch some group sex — with lots of well-hung cock and big tits swaying around and lovely shaved cunt.”

“Sounds good to me,” Danielle said, waving a DVD of non-stop sex parties in my direction. I looked at the pictures on the box while she slotted it into the machine. We settled down side by side on the softness of the honey coloured, leather settee, sipping our wine.

While the credits were running, I stretched out my legs. “I’ve just had them waxed. What do you think?”

She reached down and ran a hand up and down them. “They’re lovely and smooth.”

“Don’t stop. See what else you can find.”

Her hand progressed up my skirt. I opened my legs slightly to make it easier. A quizzical look crossed her face as she reached my G-string, followed by a smile and then a giggle as she realised what was going on.

“You’ve had the full Brazilian,” she said, her hand exploring inside the lace of my pants.

“I got fed up with shaving … it’s so awkward and I kept nicking my skin with the razor.”

“Let’s have a look.”

“I thought we were watching the porn.”

“We can do both,” she said.

A lost looking blonde in the film knocked on the door of an apartment. It might have been convincing had not the biggest pair of tits I’d seen for ages been bursting out of her tee-shirt –wearing a skirt that showed her arse — with platform shoes so high it was almost impossible to walk. If anyone was up for being fucked, it was her.

I stood up in front of Danielle. She ran her hands up both sides of my legs and lifted my denim miniskirt. Within seconds, she hooked her thumbs in the top of my G-string and pulled it down around my ankles.

“It looks good enough to eat,” she said. She nuzzled her nose against my slit and sniffed around, and then her tongue darted out and licked me from bottom to top.

She pulled me towards her. I kicked off my shoes and G-string and pushed my cunt at her mouth. She fell back. I placed a knee bahis firmaları either side of her head. My cunt opened slightly. She pushed her tongue deep inside me as I sat on her face.

“Suck it, bitch.”

Her tongue lapped around my labia until she found my clit. She bit and sucked and worked it between her lips. “I love … the taste … of … your cunt,” she said, in gasps between the action.

I disentangled myself and yanked off Danielle’s jeans and tee-shirt and underwear, to release her large tits. Once I’d stripped her, I took off the rest of my clothes and leapt back onto the settee. We were soon into soixante-neuf, searching inside each other’s cunt with our tongues. Vaguely aware of the blonde with big tits being manhandled by a group of men on the screen, I was too involved to care.

In no time, we were sucking and biting and fingering each other like animals — excited by the thought of a threesome. Her cunt oozed juice beneath me, tasting of sweat and urine, with a hint of spring flowers and a pinch of salt. She needed another shave. Her bristles rubbed around my mouth and cheeks.

My cunt was still sensitive from Geeta’s earlier attention, so it took no time for Dani to bring me near to orgasm. I lost count of how many that made for the day.

We climaxed almost at the same time. Me first, then Dani let out a long breath as if she’d just surfaced from a deep sea dive. Our bodies melted into each other, the sweat on our naked skin smoothing away any friction.

She spoke first, but said what I was thinking. “I needed that Ash … I’ve had lots of sex since we met last week … but it’s special with you.”

“I love making you cum, Dani … I hope we can continue forever.”

“Me too … you’re such a promiscuous tart … and your cunt tastes like I’m not the first today.”

“I told you … I’ve got lots of news.”

“We’re never going to see this film, are we?”

“It makes a good background … and I like watching porn on a big screen … you never quite get the full effect on the computer.”

We sidled our naked bodies together and sank into the luxury of the leather — our urges satiated for a while. We drank wine and pulled our legs up beneath us, for comfort and warmth, safe behind closed curtains, with just the light from the TV and a side-lamp.

The blonde on the movie was being well fucked by a black guy, while deep throating another who, in turn, was sucking on the silicone enhanced tits of a brunette to one side.

“It’s your turn first, Dani … who’ve you been fucking?”

“You know I said that it was good news and bad news.”

“Yes … and I’ve had the good news.”

“Well … like … the other news is that the threesome next week is with … like … John.”

It took a few moments for the significance to sink in. When it did, I spun around and looked her square in the face. “You cunt … you’ve fucked him behind my back.”

“When you told me about him … I couldn’t resist … and neither did he.”

“I thought you were my best friend.”

“Best friends always share things … don’t they?” she said, hiding in her drink, lifting her brown eyes to check everything was OK, smiling a meek smile of half-apology.

I laughed and remembered that I told John I wanted to fuck him, not marry him — and realised that I couldn’t think of better people to share my first threesome. She looked relieved as though she’d just confessed to a gross sin. We laughed together and the excited shudder of expectation thrilled through me again.

“You always amaze me, Dani.”

“It was fabulous, Ash.”

“Was it how I told you?”

“Yes … with some embellishments.”

“I want to hear every detail.”

The groaning drew our attention back to the screen in front of us. The black guy shot his load over the blonde’s face. She smiled and spread the goo around with her fingers before sucking on them. The other guy then shot. She gagged and laughed, her face coated in pearly drops. We watched intently as the brunette leaned over and licked cum from the blonde’s cheek and worked it into her mouth with her tongue. Everyone was enjoying themselves. We were.

“John told me I looked like a high class escort … and treated me like a whore.”

“How did you find where he lived?”

“I looked on your phone … where else?”

“I thought you were going with a shelf stacker from the supermarket.”

“Oh him … we had a bit of oral and a quick fuck and he was finished … that’s why I went after John.”

“I told you he was an expert.”

“He worked a few extra moves on me, Ash.”

“So I’ve something to look forward to.”

“He made me cum in no time … sucking on my clit and massaging his fingers around my arsehole.”

“Yeh, he’s good at that,” I said, my fingers stroking my slit, up and down a few times to work up a bit of juice before moving inside. Dani already had a couple of fingers up her cunt and was slowly stroking herself, while pulling on her nipple ring.

The massive tits of the brunette filled the screen. The shot panned back to kaçak iddaa show her riding reverse cowgirl on top of the white guy, his dick stretching her arsehole, her naked cunt glistening. A black girl, whom we hadn’t seen before, stood on the bed and straddled the brunette who started to suck at her cunt and clutch at her dangling tits. The black guy then came back into the picture — somehow he managed to get his dick inside the brunette’s open cunt. Then the four of them humped each other.

“I can fucking taste the sex, Dani.”

“Now I’ve been fucked up the arse … I can’t wait to get a dick up my cunt and one up my arse at the same time … and then get the shit fucked out of me.”

“We’re so alike … I was thinking exactly the same.”

“John dumped such a load of cum on my face … it felt like he pissed on me … especially when it started running down my neck and into my hair.”

“Do you think we’re weird enjoying things like that?” I asked, now certain I could taste cum, especially as it was shooting in all directions on screen.

“He massaged cum into my tits like cream … I saw my face in the mirror covered in it … my makeup all over the place … he wouldn’t let me wipe it off … so it dried on me … and I felt like a whore.”

“We’d end up millionaires if we charged for it.”

“It’d pay off our university fees,” Dani said, not totally joking.

The thought hadn’t occurred to me. I hoped it wouldn’t be necessary.

“You should have seen his face when I showed him how I can suck my nipples, Ash … it looked as if his blood pressure was about to explode.”

“That’s one reason why my nipples are so big … I suck on them and masturbate at the same time … every night to get to sleep,” I said, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking at it while holding my cunt open as Dani began to stroke my vulva.

“Try a bit of this,” she said, dipping her finger in her wine and touching it gently on my other nipple. It sent a bolt of lightning from my tits down to my cunt. She reached down and sucked it off and my nipple grew like a bullet in her mouth.

“John started like that … then he shoved the whole bottle up my cunt.”

“Wow. What did that feel like?”

“The wine sloshed inside me … it was cold … and made me shiver … the bottle stretching my cunt wider than ever.”

“It must have gone everywhere.”

“It did and he sucked and licked around and inside me … drinking it down as fast as he could … it was all over his face … running out of my cunt … down and around my arsehole.”

“I bet the dirty bastard loved licking it off.”

“He sure did … and he pushed his tongue against my arsehole until it nearly opened up.”

“Can you imagine sticking your tongue up someone’s arse, Dani?”

“Not really … but look at that,” she said pointing to the blonde with big tits, who was pushing her tongue against the black guy’s arse.

“And I can’t imagine sucking a dick after it’s been inside my arse … gross.”

“But then, Ash … who’d have thought we’d love swallowing cum?”

“That’s different.”

“I’m not sure.”

“You really are a pervert, Dani.”

I reached over to pick up the bottle of wine and topped up our glasses. It was half-full. I held it out and looked at it and then at Danielle, raising my eyebrows.

“Oh no, you don’t,” she said. “Mum would do her pieces if we marked her leather suite.”

I crouched down in front of the settee and opened up my cunt with one hand and lowered myself onto the neck of the bottle. Then I pushed it inside me, as high as it would go.

“Who’s the fucking pervert now? Let’s see how much you can get inside you.” Dani said, scuttling off the settee and squatting down beside me to get a better view.

“How am I doing?”

“It’s about half way … push down harder.”

“My cunt won’t stretch any wider,” I said, feeling the hurt of being held wide open by the bottle.

Danielle took hold of the bottle with both hands and pushed it harder into me, until it felt as if my skin was about to split. Then she fucked me with it, hard and strong.

“I know it hurts, Ash … the nice kind of hurt that adds to the excitement.”

“Wow … not so rough … gently does it … slow down, bitch.”

With a final flourish, Danielle pushed hard then withdrew it completely — and took a swig of wine straight from the bottle. “I love that … wine and your natural cunt juices all mixed together,” she said, licking the taste from around the neck of the bottle.

The rough treatment contrasted with the tender tongue test administered by Geeta a couple of hours earlier. Both had their attractions, but at that moment I needed the soft, slow approach to take the soreness out of my cunt.

“I need you to lick me gently, Dani … just to help my cunt relax, you understand.”

She needed little invitation. I laid back and opened my legs and let her lick the hurt out of my assaulted cunt. Every time she started to become more aggressive, I slowed her down, until it became so slow that she stopped and we lay kaçak bahis still for a while, watching TV.

On screen, the blonde with big tits was guiding a white guy’s dick into the gaping arsehole of a black girl, while another guy attacked her cunt from behind and she sucked on a black dick. A few manoeuvres later, and both girls were being double penetrated, side by side.

“I reckon it went inside me about nine inches,” I said, observing the tide mark on the bottle, spread as far as the label.

“You can thank John for that … I would never have thought of doing it.”

“I suppose it’s no different to using a dildo.”

“Except they are shaped like a dick and don’t stretch you so much.”

“My mum’s got some whoppers … and I’ve tried them … but nothing like that bottle.”

“I’ve got a double dildo … if you’re interested,” Dani said, raising her head from its resting place on my stomach — her brown eyes full of wickedness.

“Where did you get it from?” I asked, knowing how difficult it was to get something like that delivered — especially with hawk-eyed parents who were on the lookout for anything unusual.

“You remember that girl Sasha, at school.”

“That little twat pestered me for ages to have sex with her.”

“Me too … I told her she was too young.”

“I told her I wouldn’t touch a virgin. Then a week later, the cunt came back and told me she’d had sex with a boy.”

“I couldn’t resist her for long, Ash.”

“She had her first girl on girl sex with me … and kept coming back for more … and now she’s fucked every boy in the school and half the girls.”

“Well, that’s who I got the double dildo from … Sasha … the slag.”

“Was that before or after she used it on you, Dani?”

“I tell you … she’s learnt a thing or two since we last had sex with her,” Dani said, ignoring my question and standing up and going upstairs to find her new toy.

On the movie, a slim blonde with small tits appeared. She wore a strap-on dildo and was pushing it up the cunt of the brunette with enhanced tits, with a redhead helping it in with her hand. The three of them humped and sucked and fucked at each other’s cunts, laughing and telling each other what it felt like and how they loved all-women sex.

“What do you think of this?” Danielle said as she returned.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’d pushed the purple gel, double dildo halfway up her cunt and began walking around like a man with a dick. I grabbed at the loose end and pushed her back onto the settee. With both hands, I fucked her cunt as hard as I could with the dildo.

“Yeh, you dirty bitch … give it to me … see how far you can get it inside me.”

I didn’t want that. I wanted to try the dildo, too. So I ignored her and worked the loose end up my cunt. It was thick and ridged and slightly bendy, but my twat had been so well used that day, it could take anything. Within no time, our naked cunts were kissing as we slapped into each other — our legs at an angle, touching each other’s arse and stomach — to get as close as possible.

“I love the feeling of fucking and being fucked at the same time, Dani.”

She didn’t answer. She was too intent at fucking me and enjoying the feeling and maintaining the rhythm and trying to fuck me harder than I fucked her. We began to breathe heavily — but I knew I couldn’t cum from penetration alone — and I needed to cum to release the tension — to feel the pleasure of being fucked by a woman.

With one last mighty heave, we pushed into each other for the last time. Then I pulled myself off the dildo and Dani got the idea and we turned to suck each other’s cunt. It didn’t take long. Within seconds, we both were gasping and cursing and screaming at each other as we climaxed at the same time.

The pulses of orgasm ran through me for what seemed an age. It took another age to get my breath back. It took more time before my head cleared enough to speak.

“If we carry on like this, Dani … we’ll wear our cunts out before we’re twenty years old.”

“I intend to fuck like this for the rest of my life,” she said, a wide grin spreading across her face. “I take it you like the dildo.”

“You bet I do.”

“I’m getting a vibrator off her next time.”

“What’s this next time?”

“Well, Sasha is a delicious fuck … and we intend to see each other often.”

“I’m too busy at the moment, Dani … but perhaps we could set up an all girl threesome one day?” I didn’t intend to tell her that I wanted Geeta’s girlie party first — anyway, I was sworn to secrecy.

“The thought never occurred to me,” she said, laughing — the excitement in her voice telling me she was already on the case.

An orgy was developing in front of us. It drew our attention. Blondes and brunettes and redheads and black girls, some with big tits others with little tits, and all colours of boys with big dicks, covered the screen. They filled a large room and kept moving around — fucking cunt and sucking dick and fucking arse in a great display of endurance.

“After John fucked me with the wine bottle, he fucked me up the arse … and his dick was about the same size as that one,” Dani said, pointing to the screen and continuing her story from where she left off earlier as the porn rebooted her memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32