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2 – Azarias


I blinked my eyes, finding myself in a gigantic bed, the sheets a large pool of deep red satin. This definitely was NOT my bed. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bed so large. What is it, double king? As I felt something wet on my neck and a hand on my abdomen, I tensed up. Another almost molestation; great. This ass hole was going to get it for drugging my drink! I might be foolish when it came to my drinks, but I was not—

“Azarias,” I heard my name spoken in my ear, filled with lust. That voice, I couldn’t mistake it; the person was confirmed by the serpent-like tail that gently inched is way up my thigh, sending shivers through my spine. It had been weeks, and I hadn’t heard from the big guy behind me. Though I hadn’t expected it; I was back in the states, and who knows where demons frolic in the land of the living?

As much as I wanted to ask the dark-skinned demon questions, I didn’t. I simply turned my head to the side, catching his amber eyes in mine before kissing him passionately, not easily giving up the small quarrel for dominance by our tongues. I turned to goo once he began to pull on the sensitive buttons on my chest, sucking on the tongue practically down my throat.

“Mmm,” I moaned, knowing what that long tongue could do to me and what it had done to me, slither inside and rub against my prostate nonstop.

“Azarias,” He panted into my ear again, causing me to wriggle in his grasp. His tail wrapped around my leg, lifting it up much like that previous night. “I want you beneath me… Forever.” I felt his large cock against the cleft of my ass, slowly moving in front of my entrance. I wanted him so much; I could almost taste my desire. I could feel his thickness begin to push into the outer ring…

But it just wasn’t meant to be! I cringed as I felt myself wake up. That’s right; no gigantic bed, no satin sheets, no fucking demon, and therefore no sinful sex. Phooey.

“Mr. Dimitriadis?” I opened my eyes to find the librarian sitting across from me. Apparently they got a new librarian while I was “studying abroad,” as they call it, in Egypt. The thin—and rather flat, might I add—brunette was replaced by a rather muscular guy, his long black hair framing his face and ice blue eyes, which were probably contacts. He didn’t look like a bookworm, but he knew where everything was, unlike that other lady. And he was sexy; actually, he was probably the reason why I had that dream of Asmodaios. The librarian’s voice was a smooth baritone, much like Asmodaios’, and practically dripped sex too.

“Mr. Dimitriadis?” The librarian spoke again, almost sounding a bit worried. I guess the pretty man didn’t want to have a dead student with a high GPA on his hands.

“Uh, yeah,” I responded drowsily. School papers were boring. Maybe this guy would have a couple of drinks with me…

“You didn’t look too good there; you were groaning in your sleep. Are you feeling alright?” His smile was more like a smirk, as if he knew what I was dreaming about.

“Everything’s dandy; thanks for the concern…” I glanced up at his name tag. “Rafé.” I smiled as I stood up. Rafé happened to be only slightly taller than me. His brow arched up in question, as if my body language was enough to tell I had something more to ask. “Since the library should be closing soon, I was wondering if you’d have a couple of drinks with me.”

He smirked fully now, seeming to ponder it. “I’m not sure. Why should I trust you?” He turned with grace unfit for a human, leaning slightly to pick up several books and giving me a great view of his nice, firm backside. I nearly forgot his question.

“Doesn’t my angelic face give you enough reassurance?” I plastered the most innocent look on my face as possible. I walked around to the other side of the table, leaning on it a bit.

Rafé turned around, placing his hands on either side of my hips on the table and leaning into me. “The most innocent looking are often the most dangerous.” He licked bahis firmaları his lips as he stood straight again. “Nonetheless, I will go with you. A little bit of fun never hurt a soul.” He moved to the front desk with a large stack of books, and I followed, taking several books off his stack.

I arrived first to the desk, which probably wasn’t a good thing; he didn’t see me or my legs and somehow managed to trip over my leg as he placed the books down, taking me down with him. His fall was very defensive, if I’ve ever seen a defensive fall. Technically, I should’ve been on top of Rafé, but I was pinned heavily to the floor by his muscle mass; he grabbed me by the arms and flipped our bodies all before we hit the carpet.

He pulled away from me a moment after; I swear I felt him smell my neck. Maybe I’m paranoid and it was just a sharp intake of breath. “Or did you want to skip the drinks?” I tensed as I heard that voice again.

Maybe, my darkened one. Rafé pulled his upper body up, sitting on my thighs. The light caught his eyes funny, making them seem amber-colored. “Not at all. Are you afraid of becoming too drunk to drive?” His lips curled into that smirk I was beginning to like as he stood, offering me his hand which I took graciously.

Although I had gotten that drunk recently, that certainly was not what I was insinuating. “Well, no. But it could happen, I suppose.” I scratched the back of my neck lightly as I sat up, dyed hair getting partially in the way.

“If it does occur, I will bring you home.” For a guy that looked around my age, he had a verbal grace I just didn’t have; just the way he spoke was charming in a sense. I just nodded, really believing I wouldn’t get piss drunk.

Boy was I wrong.

I didn’t get drunk immediately, but after getting comfortable around Rafé—you know, once I got him to call me Rias and not Dimitriadis anymore—I guess I didn’t realize how many drinks Rafé ordered and passed me until I was too drunk. And then I began to make a complete ass of myself. “You know,” I began, another shot of whiskey in my hand. “You look like some guy I met in Egypt.”

“Is that so?” He looked amused, laying his chin in both his hands; he didn’t look the least bit drunk. Bastard.

“Yep. You just don’t have purple skin and silver hair. Oh, and your eyes aren’t like pumpkins.”

“Contacts.” I knew it.

“Whatever. You’re still hot anyway.”

Rafé simply laughed at my drunken confession. “It seems you have become too drunk to drive.” He glanced at his watch and placed his arm across the table, picking up my car keys in one smooth movement. “It’s getting late, so I will drive you home.”

“Wait, wait. I’m serious,” I slurred as he stood and began to pull me out of my seat much too easily. “Come on, you’ve got to believe me!”

“Yes, yes, I do. Now let us go before you make a fool out of yourself.” He sounded almost annoyed so I just went along, walking to my car and into the driver’s seat. Rafé shook his head, leaning in and practically shoving me over the gear stick. “Petty mortal,” I heard him mumble before he cleared his throat, as if to cover what he said.

“Hey, that ain’t so cool! I could’ve busted my ass on that thing!” I almost began to shout. Drunken rage is just awesome.

The bastard closed the door and snickered, sticking the key into the ignition. “I’m sure you have taken much larger.” My retort was caught on my tongue as I saw the light catch his eyes funny again.

As he drove away, the devilish part of my brain—or the perverted part—began to work; it only comes out to play when I’m drunk. Otherwise, I’m quite modest and sometimes even a bit timid. But alas, I was more drunk than usual, and this guy was driving me home without knowing where I lived. And I just had to talk. “Have you gotten road head before?”

He arched a brow. “I don’t believe I have. What are you suggesting?” He stopped at a red light.

A devilish smirk played across my lips as I released my seat-belt kaçak iddaa and leaned over to his seat. “I suggest,” I began, unbuckling his belt, my hand moving to lower his zipper. “You keep your eyes on the road and get us to my apartment in one piece.” I lowered my body and yanked his pants and boxer-briefs down enough to pull out his length. It still didn’t occur to me that I had not told him where I lived; for all he knew I lived in another town.

He laughed a little as he drove at a normal pace again, bucking slightly as I licked the slit of his thick manhood and pressed my lips to the head. Instead of resting his hand on the gear stick, he left it on my head, willing my mouth over his cock and nearly forcing it down my throat. I moaned around his length, loving the taste; it reminded me of honey, sweet as if he ate sugar quite often. I lifted my head and sucked at the tip, licking the pre-cum at the top. The car jerked a bit as it sped up and I lifted my head a small distance from his erection. “Don’t get us killed, now.” I lowered my head again as he laughed, a low sound in his chest following soon after, the head of his cock making its way down my throat. Rafé’s hand landed on my head after switching gears again, petting my head softly; I moaned and leaned into the touch a bit, feeling his hips buck under my ministrations.

There was no way he was not speeding; I could feel the car weaving through lanes continually, and probably burning red lights, too. My poor little Integra. The car jarred to a stop and Rafé’s hand grabbed tightly to my hair as his head rolled back onto the headrest. “Aah… Azarias.” His hips bucked, nearly causing me to jerk up as well. A moan played deeply inside his chest, sounding almost like a cat’s purr. I had little warning of his release, only knowing once his semen began to flow into my mouth, the taste much like honey. Once the small spasms stopped in his hip, I let go of his twitching cock, slowly running my tongue over the tip again. I thought I heard Rafé growl as he pulled me up into a kiss—not too sure, being drunk and all—roughly sticking his tongue into my mouth as I moaned loudly. He pulled me into his lap easily, pushing his chair back as he did. I rubbed my denim clad length into his bare length, hearing him hiss at the contact before he bit my lip; I was acting like a needy bitch.

And I didn’t care.

Rafé released my lips after a moment, whispering in my ear as he sat up. “There is no way I’m fucking you in this car without breaking your neck.” That wouldn’t have been so much of a problem for me, or so I think; I have an odd thing of healing quickly from injury and not getting sick often.

But he didn’t need to know that yet.

He removed me from his lap—of course, not without my constant, drunken whining—and pulled up his pants, pulling out the keys from the ignition and tossing them to me. I’m surprised I caught the damned things. I slinked my way to the door, looking for the proper key. Rafé decided to distract me, attaching himself to my back and rubbing my ass against his groin. “Hurry; or I might just take you in the hall,” he whispered in my ear before licking the rim. “I’m not too sure they will enjoy hearing you scream in pleasure beneath me as much as I will.” I whimpered as I opened the door, nearly up the staircase and at my apartment door in several seconds. He was right behind me again though, my fingers fumbling with the keys and just dropping them. I moaned quietly as Rafé’s hand came around my waist to cup my arousal; the touch felt too familiar. “Too difficult for you, angel,” he whispered huskily in my ear.

I moaned and leaned back against his chest; I was nearly sobered up. “If my landlord wasn’t on this floor, I’d totally let you fuck me right here.”

Rafé laughed, a quiet rumble from his chest. He turned the doorknob and the door opened. He waddled my form inside, kicking my keys in as he did; my door was always locked, so this was just odd to me. Before I could really think of kaçak bahis it, he had my wrists tied together in front of me with my belt and I was lying on my back. He slowly undid my jeans with his teeth, pulling them down around my thighs. He nipped at me erection through the briefs, my hips jerking a bit. He licked from my sac upward to the tip of my erection; he then pulled down the waistband with is teeth and tongue, taking his sweet time as it got caught on my length. Once he got them down to my thighs, he pulled off all my lower garments and propped me up at the head of my bed. He removed his belt from his slacks with a devilish smirk on his face. I eyed him a bit warily as he raised my arms above my head and used his belt to attach my arms to the canopy bar above me. I was kissed quickly before his head retreated between my thighs. Ooh, that was a sight I could definitely get used to, nonetheless the feeling. This guy must have been the god of giving head, because he was just too good. I quickly began losing what little control I had left over my hips.

I rotated my hips slightly as he pulled away his head. “Rafé,” I nearly whined, placing my legs on his shoulders. He laughed as he took the leaking head of my cock, sucking profusely before quickly taking in my entire length. A high-pitched moan escaped my lips as I yanked on my restraints and let my head roll back; for a moment, I didn’t believe it was me. Rafé’s head quickly bobbed up and down on my cock as he twirled his finger with slight pressure against my opening. I bucked against his finger, forcing it inside with a loud moan from my throat. “Impatient, are we?” He smirked as he entered another finger and ran his tongue along the underside of my arousal, flicking from side to side right beneath the head. “Do you want me…?”

My brain-to-mouth filter decided to stop working. “More… Please, more, Asmodai-aah!” Rafé forcefully pulled my arousal into his mouth again, growling loudly as he sped up all his movement, his fingers fiercely working in and out of my portal. My eyes rolled back into my head as I screamed my orgasm, my body tensing up as he sucked me dry. I whimpered as he continued to suck on my overly sensitive and tender length and continued to stretch open my entrance. He moved away from me and removed his slacks, whispering into my ear as he leaned into me after.

“I will fuck you until you scream yourself hoarse in pleasure; then I will fuck you again until you barely have enough energy to breath.” I opened my eyes to smirk up at him, but it just turned to an ugly grimace as I stared at the ceiling; there was this hideous thing up there, the ugliest demon of demons if I had ever seen more than one. Its eyes were red and beady, surrounded by mounds and mounds of hair over a round body with long, branch-like arms and huge claws reaching for the bed. I was beginning to hope I was dreaming.

“Rafé, fucking untie me now.” I tried to remain calm, but it was probably apparent that I wasn’t, and it was becoming hard to stay calm. He noticed my sudden distress and turned around; the feral growl from his throat was definitely not a sound a human could make. I felt my arms flop down to my sides before the ugly thing retreated back into the ceiling with a smirk. “What?” I rolled my shoulder a bit, still a little shocked.

Rafé sighed before standing and replacing his clothes on his body. “I should go.”

“Whatta? W-wait, you didn’t think that thing was usually there, do you?” I panicked; how fucked up would that be?

“I know it is not; I just should have known better.” He leaned down and quickly kissed me again as he saw my confusion. “A short tale for another day. Besides that, I have to work early tomorrow.”

Yeah, sure. Oh, but I had a literature class to attend. Fuck.

I sat a little flabbergasted. “You can’t tell me now if it’s short?”

“That wouldn’t be wise. Now you have a reason to see me again. So long.” With that, he was out the door. Worry not, my angel; I shall not let harm come to you as long as I stand in this realm.

“Oh, shut up,” I mumbled into my pillow, uncomfortable arousal hitting the mattress. “I’m gonna have a fucking hangover.”

I had the worst luck with men.


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