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I have an obsession for everything anal and think about it often. I only write for the sake that maybe someone else will enjoy it or be inspired by it, nothing more. I have a strong desire to share my dirty thoughts with those willing to enjoy them.

This story serves as a myriad introduction to what I think about, if you like it, there’s a theme, and variation, but if you don’t like it, no worries.


Foundation to an ass obsessed girl is releasing control of all things anal. An anal slut should crave something in her ass all of the time, a constant presence, at a minimum tenderness. A good girl will wear a plug up her ass 90% of the time. My first experience with 24/7 plugging was a disaster, it was nasty and unpleasant, he wasn’t the right man to introduce me. The next lover that was interested also introduced me to enemas. To be plugged often, there must not be shit. Pull a nasty plug out and you won’t want to put it back in.

But then I fell in love with the ritual, the pain, embarrassment, this aroused me. I craved bigger and bigger enemas and more frequent. Now I desire a gallon three times a day. I am disappointed anytime I shit without it being induced by my daddy. If absolutely nothing else it should be induced by a laxative, preferably natural.

I want this man to control my every anal move, and therefore my bowels, therefore my diet. I do not want to eat without his approval. I see no excuse to overweight urfa escort sub missives. Inside every fat girl is a skinny girl that just needs a few months of diet and daily enemas. My daddy punishes me if I gain weight or fail to lose. He punishes me for infractions of rules set. I can’t just lose weight and receive his approval, I have to care for myself as well. Every week he weighs me and measures me. Now I have no idea what makes me tick, I respond to it and acknowledge it, but he likes to see me in pain, he enjoys seeing me suffer. It turns me on, so I play along and encourage him to think of more twisted things.

He enjoys filling me up with a gallon of warm water, plugging me. He rubs my nipples as it fills me and my pussy pours. By the time I’m full he’s ready to fuck me on all fours. He likes to wrap his hand around my belly and feel me cramp, he holds my face against the floor and fucks me as hard as it takes to make me clench in pain. I like something in my mouth, either his thumb or the plug I’ll be wearing afterwards. I love my ass but I have three horny holes.

I want my ass filled all the time, it calms me, focuses me, puts everything into perspective. At the end of the day I’m going to be on my knees full of water, I’ll sleep in my warm bed with my ass stretched, and my clit will be swollen. I adore my snake bite kit; I put a cup right on my clit every day. I plan escort urfa to get some sort of string set up to tie my nipples tight often, but I haven’t found the right thing yet.

He doesn’t make me do anything, we know that, I hear all the time, master made me do this, or that or I was forced, no I wasn’t. I wanted it, it turns me on and I want him to experience it with me. By myself I don’t push myself, I can say I would, but I don’t. Ill clean myself 3 or 4 times a week, and Ill crave discipline. I’ll think all of the rules I want to be given, so when a special someone has the same quirks, I give myself whorishly to him.

I text him every time I eat, if he decides I am out of line I’m sent home to give myself an evening of enemas. Sometimes I’m given treats if I progress, but if I have something without blessing I will spend 4 hours in the bathroom. He knows I can’t immediately start, but when I get home I’m to eat 10 prunes and put a glycerin suppository in my ass. I have 15 minutes to prepare myself before I must use the bathroom, I will cramp terribly and go. Once there I must continue the process. Once there I take all of my clothes off and put a cup on my clit. I push all the air out of it so it’s very tight on it and hurts.

The first 2 quarts are never bad, I get excited, I put the bag high so it rushes into me quickly. The second bag it hard, I cramp, I get dizzy, and I urfa escort bayan know it’s because I want to be fucked so bad. To be fucked in three days and wear my plug as he wants, I must follow through today. I don’t lie to him, if he tells me I deserve three enemas tonight, I do them. If I don’t I won’t be in the head space he expects me to be in, and our next play won’t be as good.

Today I am hoping he will have me eat lots of prunes, I couldn’t have an enema yesterday due to dehydration. He wasn’t mad, normal people drink too much sometimes, but today I have to spend extra time. I must do 2 enemas tonight, and I can’t wait. I hope he straps me until my ass changes colors, he’ll get half mast when I undress, he’ll be hard when my ass is red, but he won’t want to fuck me right until Im bruised, approaching purple and crying. I’ll push my ass up for more, I won’t struggle, I’ll ask for more no matter what. I always tell myself, when I don’t want any more I must think I want more and I want it harder, and the more I think it, I must also say it. In my worst moment he will still have my slutty ass wanting more, until he is ready to move on. He knows when I drive to work in the morning I want a solid sore ass on my seat, I want to know I was spanked good. I want a big plug, glass, so big it spreads my cheeks when I set, I don’t like plastic plugs, I like the low profile of glass, and I like that you can see in them and see how open I am.

I look forward to the examination, he rewards me, but I so look forward to my stats, how did I do. I did my best, but how did I do, and he’s a sadist. I always need an assfucking and he wont get hard until he hears crying. This is my ass obsession, it’s the daily erotic relationship I have with my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32