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“That was such a great movie, I’m glad you rented it,” Leah said, stretching her arms over her head. She curled up on the opposite end of the couch from her best friend, and when she stretched he saw her creamy white skin, her belly button exposed.

“Yeah, it was pretty good,” Halim agreed. She caught him looking at her and blushed, her cheeks turning a deep crimson. She had beautiful soft skin, he longed to run his fingers over her flushed cheeks and through her light brown hair.

“Halim,” she giggled, pretending she had an itch and exposing several inches more flesh as the silk of her pink shirt pulled up from the waistband of her faded blue jeans. “What are you looking at?”

“The same thing I’m always looking at,” he said as he caught a fleeting glimpse of the pink lace bra that held her more than ample breasts.

“It’s not right,” she said. When she was nervous her accent, slightly southern and mostly smoothed over by the time they had reached college, showed through. “We’re friends and I don’t want to lose you as a friend. So quit looking, or thinking, or what ever it is that you are doing.”

He moved closer to her, stole a brief kiss before she pulled away. She crossed the room and he watched her as she paced back and forth. She had a great body, that was for sure. The snug jeans she wore didn’t even begin to mask the beautiful legs of a life-long dancer, or the round ass and hips that left his mouth watering. Her curves were in all the right places – such a rarity among the skinny little college girls on campus.

“We can’t,” she said.

He watched her pace and wring her hands. She was so beautiful when she was uncomfortable. “Why? I know we both want to.”

Again she blushed, looked down at her graceful feet as she spoke. “You’re my best friend, I want you to be my best friend.”

All Halim could think of was her body pressed against his, the contrast of her pale skin making his smooth caramel skin look that much darker. This was not the first time his body had ached for hers. This conversation had been a long time coming. All this time he had held off because of their friendship, but he couldn’t wait any longer.

From across the room he found her eyes, held them as he spoke. “How will we know if we don’t try?” he asked.

“I know,” she said, looking down at the ground and starting to pace again.

“So what’s the question then?” he asked.

There were tears in her eyes as she looked up at him. Her eyes seemed to take him in, six feet tall and well built. He had a nice face, with warm inviting eyes that had cried with her more times than she could count. She had longed to run her hands through his short hair for a long time, and to kiss his gorgeous chest…she shook the thoughts from her head and turned away again. “I don’t Halim. I just don’t know.”

He knew he had gotten to her, but he also knew it was a bad idea to push too far. “Don’t,” he said simply, and crossed the room to take her face in his hands and wipe her tears.

She leaned into those strong arms and he hugged her tightly.

“I’m gonna go,” he said, and she looked up to try to offer him a smile.

“I’ll call you later,”

“Alright.” He kissed her on the forehead and left her dorm room quickly. As he walked down the hall he half expected to hear her rushing after him, but it didn’t happen. None-the-less he wore a smile as he passed through the doors and crossed the courtyard to his own building, because he knew he had made Leah think, and that was enough…for now.

Leah looked around her now-empty dorm room and felt empty. Lately it seemed that more and more she hated it when Halim left, but…she was clueless about what it was that she actually wanted from him.

She walked over to the window and saw that a group of her girlfriends were sitting out on the lawn, chatting in the sun. It looked like a good place to be, so Leah grabbed her sunglasses, slung her bag over her shoulder and headed out the door.

Her head was in the clouds, her mind was on thoughts of Halim when she walked out into the warm air. It was a beautiful sunny day, making her wonder what she had been doing inside in the first place.

“Leah!” Her friend Amy hollered and waved when she spotted her, a broad smile plastered across her face. She waved her over, and Leah sat down next to her, glad for the diversion. There were six girls sitting in the grass, not counting Leah, the usual crowd she had hung around with during her two years on campus.

“What are you guys up to?” Leah asked, dropping her bag behind her and using it to lean against as she stretched her legs out and got comfortable.

“Sex.” Someone quipped, and the others giggled.

Leah changed her mind about getting comfortable and sat up so she could see everyone. “Sex?”

Amy laughed and jabbed her playfully with her elbow. “It’s even better than that,” she said. “We were playing a game.”

“It’s fun,” Laura-Beth, the tiny blonde coed with the blue eyes and the perfect teeth laughed. “You have to play!”

“Okay, kaynarca escort I’ll bite,” Leah said. “How’s it work?”

Amy and Laura-Beth explained the rules of the game and the others giggled nervously. The game involved one girl asking a question, and the other girls answering whether or not it was something they had tried. There was more than one blushing face in the group, Leah could tell the questions were prying.

“Okay, you ready?” Laura-Beth asked.

Leah nodded. “I suppose so.”

“It was Nicole’s turn,” Laura-Beth said, pointing at the quiet brunette.

Nicole looked around the group and giggled again. “Okay,” she said. “Have you ever given a boy a…blow job?”

Leah thought this was probably the first time those words had passed Nicole’s lips, and that made her laugh. She was laughing when she realized everyone was looking at her, it was her turn to answer first. She felt herself blushing as she formulated the answer in her head. “A few times,” she said.

“Did you enjoy it?” Nicole asked.

Everyone turned to look at her, suddenly quiet. “You mean you haven’t?” Amy asked her.

“It seems so…well, you know,” Nicole said. Her face was a deep crimson now, Leah imagined it was quite hot to the touch.

“No, we don’t know! It’s so what?” Amy had always been one to push things, this poor girl was not going to get off that easily.

“I don’t know.” Nicole scrunched up her face. “Gross?”

Amy sighed deeply. “Girlfriend, you really have got to get out more.”

“Anyway, who’s next?” Leah asked, and they went around the circle, each answering the question. Nicole was the only one who hadn’t, or at least who would admit to it, after Amy’s questioning. Leah had her doubts about a couple of them, but she kept it to herself.

Laura-Beth was next to pose the question, and it was obvious everyone was holding their breath as they waited to see what she would come up with. “I know,” she said, looking around. “Have any of you ever been with…how shall I word this? An African American?”

Leah felt ill. She had come down here to get her mind off Halim, and now this little blonde was bringing it all back into the light again. She wondered if it was that obvious.

“My mother would kill me if I brought a black guy home,” Nicole whispered.

“We knew you were going to say that,” Amy replied. “I was with the most amazing sculpture of a man once…”

“Right, like that wasn’t predictable,” Nicole shot back.

“No really,” Amy said. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Leah looked down at her watch. “Oh shit! I forgot, I have something I have to do,” she said, standing up and grabbing her bag. “Sorry guys, I’ll talk to you later!”

Laura-Beth shot a look after her as she ran off and shrugged. “Did I miss something?”

The others shook their heads and went back to the game as Leah rushed back into the building and up the stairs. When she got to her room she shut the door and snapped the lock in place.

Less than two hours had passed since he left Leah’s room, and Halim was reading a book for an Ethics class when the phone rang. Right away he knew who it was. Trying not to appear to eager, he let it ring three times before he picked it up.

“Hello?” he answered calmly.

“Halim, it’s me.” Her voice was like music. Halim wondered how he had resisted her charms all these years that they had been friends.

“What are you up to honey?”

“Sitting here, thinking about the conversation we had earlier,” she replied.

“Oh? Tell me what you’re thinking.” He wanted to tell her it was all he could think about, too. It was taking over his brain, slowly trying to edge everything else from his consciousness.

“I’m thinking I’m terrified.”

“You think I’m not scared?”

There was silence on the other end of the line as she contemplated.

“Leah, you won’t regret it,” he said.

“My roommate is gone, if you want to come over and talk some more,” she said. Her voice shook as she spoke, it was just one more thing for Halim to find sexy about her.

“I’ll be right over,” he said, and hung up the phone before she had a chance to reconsider.

His mouth was dry and his heart was beating a mile a minute as he practically ran down the stairs and across the courtyard. In the lobby of her building he stopped to catch his breath and pop a stick of gum in his mouth.

When he knocked on her door, she opened it immediately. Her radiant skin was flushed, he knew her well enough to know she had been biting her nails. She stepped aside so he could come in the room and shut the door behind him.

“I’m glad you changed your mind,” Halim said.

“Wait,” she said. “I didn’t say I decided, I just wanted to talk about it.” Leah crossed the room and Halim walked slowly toward her. Her cheeks are flushed, he knows she is excited for him the same way he is for her.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Halim said.

“Halim, are you sure this is a good idea? küçükyalı escort I mean…we’ve always just been friends, we might not even feel that way about each other!”

Halim stared into her eyes as he slowly crossed the room toward her. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife, he thought to himself, why was she trying to pretend she didn’t feel it?

As he stepped toward her Leah falls down on the bed, exasperated, and Halim was on her quickly. She didn’t mind the kiss, he could tell, her lips responded gently and he thought he must be in heaven. When he stayed on her, kept kissing, she tried to push him away…for a while. Soon her lips were parting and his tongue found it’s inside of her mouth. His hands were planted on the bed, pinning her place. He didn’t want to frighten her by moving too fast, there would be no benefit if she was scared away, but his hands wanted to explore her body so badly.

Their tongues danced urgently as the passion in their kiss heightened, and Leah pressed her body against his. “Mmmmm…..” she moaned as he pressed back, his growing excitement apparent in the hardness she felt against her hip.

Leah’s hands found Halim’s chest and slid over it, feeling his taut muscles under her hands. He waited until she had totally succumbed to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and moaning softly. Slowly he moved one hand from the bed above her and held the back of her graceful neck a moment, pulling her closer and kissing her more deeply. Her hips pressed against his torso, first gently and then with more insistence. His hand slid from the back of her neck to her chin to her throat, slowly tracing over her skin. As he reached her collarbone she shivered and pressed against him harder.

“Halim,” she breathed against his mouth.

“Oh yes, Leah,” he moaned as his mouth traveled from her mouth to her neck. His hands traced down to the top button of her blouse and lingered there as he slid back off her, moving until he was lying next to her.

Their eyes met, hers wide and unsure, his gently reassuring. Halim held the contact with her eyes as his fingers slowly started to undo her buttons. Silently their eyes locked as he opened one button after another until her shirt fell open, exposing the creamy white skin of her stomach and the lacey pink bra that held her small round breasts.

Painstakingly slowly his fingers ran over her skin, starting at the top button of her pants and sliding over her belly button. She shivered as his fingers found her ribs and brushed over the underside of her breasts.

He looked up at her as his mouth followed his fingers and his lips brushed over the lace of her bra. Leah’s eyes held his as she reached out her hand and ran her fingers through his short hair.

With one hand he reached underneath her and found the clasp of her bra. His fingers gripped the material and she gasped as he unhooked the clasp. He tugged at the strap and it came free, allowing him to easily pull the bra over her arms and off of her body. Drawing a sharp breath as her breasts became exposed to him for the first time, he reached out one hand and slowly, gently, ever so carefully ran it over her body. She had small breasts, pert and round, with thick brown nipples that puckered and hardened at his touch.

Looking up at her he saw her eyes squeezed shut, head tipped back, leaving her long, graceful neck vulnerable. He cupped her breast in his hand and massaged it gently, pinching her nipple between his fingers with each upward motion.

Leah moaned deeply as he reached up to brush his lips over her throat, continuing to massage her breast as he kissed her. He parted his lips and pressed them against her throat, his tongue darting out to taste the salty essence of her perfect skin. Tasting as he went, his mouth traveled downward.

He kissed her throat, her collar, the top of her left breast as he held her right, then moved to kiss her right nipple as he held her breast to his lips. He opened his mouth and flicked at her nipple with his tongue. She giggled and moved her hips against him. Smiling up at her he flicked at her nipple again, then wrapped his lips around it and sucked lightly. Her fingers gripped his hair and she moaned as his mouth applied more pressure to her hardening nipple.

Halim’s hands found Leah’s left breast and his mouth followed, repeating the licking and sucking there.

With one hand he reached down and unbuttoned her pants. As he slowly started to pull the zipper down, he leaned back so he could watch her face as the explored this new territory. Their eyes met and their ears were filled with the sound of her zipper sliding open.

They shared a long moment of silence as their eyes held each other, a lifetime of unspoken words between them as they shattered the wall between friends and lovers.

Leah let out a little cry as his hand reached inside her pants and found the top of her panties. He slid his fingers inside the elastic and ran them back and forth, her soft skin warm against his fingers. He sancaktepe escort explored farther and his fingers brushed against a coarse little nest of pubic hair. He twirled his fingers in the curls a few times and then strained a bit to push farther, brushing lightly over the top edge of her slit.

Leah’s hips pressed against his hand and his finger gained entry for a slight moment, it seemed to surprise them both. The smile that crossed her face lit up her blue eyes and he smiled back. Smiling and maintaining eye contact, he rose to his feet and, holding on to her jeans at each hip, pulled them off. The material slid over the smooth skin of her gorgeous legs, over the strong thighs and sculpted calves of a dancer who spent every moment of her spare time working out.

Standing over her, Halim’s eyes traveled over her beautiful body. As he looked over her creamy white skin, he thought of all the years he had longed for this moment. The two of them had been friends longer than either of them remembered, and for years they had tried to pretend there wasn’t a sexual tension between them to rival any.

He pulled his own shirt over his head as she watched, then slid out of his pants and his boxer shorts, leaving his body completely within her sights. She took it all in, from his strong chest and arms to his hard cock.

His eyes found their way back to hers and he saw that she was blushing, her pale cheeks turning deep crimson. Smiling, he moved back to the bed, pressing his body against hers as he lay next to her, his face close to hers. Running the fingers of one hand along over her cheek, he looked deep into her eyes. “You’re blushing,” he whispered.

Leah closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly. Halim ran his thumb over her lips, and she kissed it lightly, then opened her mouth a bit wider, wrapping her lips around his thumb. She bit him gently and they both laughed as he pulled away. Lying on his side, his hands found the graceful curves of her body. His fingers ran over her skin, tracing over her breasts, hips and thighs.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

Once again their eyes locked as his fingers ran over the material of her cotton panties. She shivered as his fingers lingered over the heat radiating from between her legs. His hand slid down again, gripping her inner thigh and pressing gently, urging her legs apart. She responded by opening them easily, her hips wide and her knees pressed to the bed on either side of her body.

Halim smiled at Leah and he held her blue eyes with his brown ones as he slid two fingers inside her panties and pulled the material aside. She gasped as the air hit her exposed pussy, and bit her lip as his fingers found their way to her skin, dancing over her nest of pubic hair and over her open flower. Her eyes softened as his fingers pressed on, sliding inside of her easily.

“Halim…” she moaned, pressing her hips against his hand.

They made love with their eyes as his two fingers moved in and out of her body, probing and then sliding back out, probing deeper and sliding out. She bit her lip as her eyes begged for his touch.

Sliding them in and then pressing as deeply as he could, Halim caressed the walls deep inside of her, moving his fingers back and forth.

He pressed against her harder as his mouth found hers. They shared a deep, passionate kiss, lips melding and tongues dancing as they kissed.

“Oh god, Leah,” Halim moaned against her mouth as his fingers probed deeper. His fingers were moving faster now, in and out of her wet pussy over and over again as they kissed.

“I want you so bad,” Leah said.

“Me too,” Halim replied, his mouth full with her tongue.

Under his fingers Halim felt Leah’s body starting to pulse as she approached orgasm, the heat of this long-awaited moment rose in her body.

“Oh Halim,” she cried, biting her lip softly. Her hands found his back and her fingers dug into his flesh, gripping him tightly as his fingers moved in and out of her body.

“Yes, Leah…” he moaned. “Cum for me, Leah.”

“Ooooohhhhh…..” she moaned deeply and threw her head back, gripping him tighter with her hand as the muscles of her pussy tightened around his fingers.

Halim grinned and watched her face as she came against his hand, her juices flowing over his fingers. She looked so beautiful and vulnerable to him as she lay there, her eyes squeezed shut.

As her orgasm subsided, her eyes slowly opened and she smiled up at him, tears in her eyes. “Oh wow, Halim,” she whispered, giggling.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to her cheek, then moved to kiss her ear and her neck. Leah pulled him away so that she could look him in the face. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at him. “Make love to me Halim,” she said.

Breathlessly he held her in his arms and stared down at her. How long he had waited to hear those words from those gorgeous lips! Without looking away he slowly moved his body on top of hers, his naked body pressing against hers, his throbbing cock against her hip. Slowly he slid himself down until he felt her pussy against his hard member, and they both gasped as he slid it in easily, pressing his hips against her to press it in all the way in one long stroke, feeling her warmth rush over his cock as he penetrated her for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32