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I rushed back to my room hoping that Terry was asleep or out with friends. Dammit, how could I have been so stupid as not to feel him starting to cum. I knew if Terry caught me I was really in for it. But I wanted him so bad and yet my body wouldn’t get excited has it use to do. Was I turning into a lesbian. But how could I when I found him so attractive and yearned for him. I reached the door and took a deep breath hoping Terry wasn’t in my suit waiting for me. I opened the door and there she was her arms folded and she stood there looking at me with annoyance. My heart started to race with fear. I was hoping she didn’t come closer to me cause I knew she would smell a mans scent on me.

I closed the door and rushed passed her but before I could go any further she took my wrist and turned me around and said, “what no kiss,” in a puzzled voice.

All I could do was stand there and look at her terrified. She knew I was too. She came closer and started to plant a kiss on my lips when all of a sudden she withdrew and stood there looking at me with a look of resenment on her face. I knew she could smell Marcus.

“Terry,” I blurted out sorrowfully, “I didn’t mean anything by this, I just wanted to know if I could do it with a man again.”

Terry’s just stood there holding my wrist and looking at me with utter anger in her eyes.

“And how was it,” Terry asked in a stern cold voice.

All I could do was just stand there not knowing to tell her I wasn’t impressed with him or lie and say I got off on him just to make her more hurt that I actually did it with a man. Panic came over me and I felt Terry jerk my arm and almost drag me into the bathroom. She started a hot bath and started tearing my clothes off of me. Again she asked how it was and I said nothing at all. Afraid to say anything at this point. She leaned me over the sink holding me there tight and looking in the mirror at me when I felt a god awful whack to my ass. I jumped it hurt so bad.

“I’m not going to ask again Leann,” she said coldly.

Her arm went up in the air and I could see her holding my brush and she came down upon my ass with such fiery I started to wimper. Over and over again till I started sobbing and broke down and told her what excatly had happend and how I couldn’t cum and didn’t want him after all.

The beatings stopped and I could see Terry’s face in the mirror almost ready to cry but she didn’t. Instead she threw me in the tub and told me to clean up has she left the room. My ass throbbing and hurting from not only the beating she gave me but now the hot water. I started to wash myself up. I knew I had really hurt Terry by fucking someone else. I think more so a man so I thought.

I lay there in the tub for awhile thinking of what I had done when Terry came in with a brush. And not just any brush but a scrubbing brush with hard bristles to it. She knelt down beside the tub and started washing me with it. I could feel the bristles dig into my skin. I started to pull away from the pain but Terry grabbed my hair and pulled me back. She washed my back and front now making her way to my snatch with it. I gasped and started to struggle more. I knew it was really going to hurt has Terry was using all her strength to scrub me. The more I struggled the angrier she got.

“Open your legs,” she demanded.

I wouldn’t do it, I kept them tightly shut as not to allow her to go any further. I knew once I opend my legs for her to get to my snatch I was in for a world of hurt not like I was hurting now has it was. My whole body was aching from the brushing Terry was giving me.

“Fine,” she snapped at me have it your way and she yanked me by the head of the hair out of the tub and drugged me into the living. I kept struggling to get away but Terry had a hold on me.

She finally let go of my hair and I felt a set of leather cuffs go on my wrist. I was still fighting her but she was on top of me fighting back to put them on and she did. There was a heavy chain connected to them and I tried to hit her though my hands where cuffed together when she jumped off me and started pulling the chain. I noticed myself being lefted off the floor. I looked up and saw the chain wrapped around a header. I started to kick and I could feel the pain on my wrist has Terry pulled me up higher. Panic was setting in and I knew something bad was coming. Terry stood on the right side of me and held my waist so that I couldn’t move as much. I still kicking and started to yell at her to put me down and get me out of this thing. Instead I felt a strap around my right ankle and Terry moved quickly to strap my left ankle and tighten the straps up. There was a bar in between the straps spreading my legs.

“God dammit, Terry,” I started to yell at her, “Stop it, don’t want to be your slave anymore, get me out of here,” my voice in panic.

Terry didn’t listen to a word I was saying she slowly lowered me towards the floor just enough that I couldn’t bahis firmaları touch it and stood in front of me just looking into my panic eyes.

“You’re going to have to learn the hard way, I guess,” she told me, “believe me Leann, I thought I wouldn’t have to do this but you leave me no choice in the matter,” she paused for a moment.

“If you felt you wanted a man to fuck you all you had to do was ask me and I would have gotten you a man,” her voice stern.

“Honestly, you should have just been up front with me when I asked you.”

I started to stutter, “I know but I was afraid, please let me go. I won’t ever do it again, I promise.”

By the time I got down my last word Terry had thrust a gag in my mouth with a ball on it bigger then I had the last time she put a gag in my mouth. She then put a strap around my waist and tightened it and grabbed a hold of the bar and started pulling it up behind me and had it tied to the belt has if to put me in a kneeling position. Then she brought the bar stool over and laid me across it face down. I could feel the strap lay down my ass. I started to scream but they were muffled as usual. I almost rolled off the stool when Terry caught me and positioned me again and strapped me to it.

Terry starting to tell me that I should have told her has soon as I came in what happened. I could hear her trying to find something in a bag. I just don’t understand you Leann, she told me. And no, hon your not a lesbian by any scratch of the imagination but I will tell you the reason you didn’t feel a thing with him was because you know who your master is and he didn’t dominate you. Tears started to rush down my eyes has I knew I was in for the beating of my life. I am sure she kept saying you dominated him the whole time telling him what to do to you. Then I felt it a whack on my ass so hard I wanted to come off the stool. She whacked me several times hard and with each whack to my ass telling me if I wanted to get off with a man I first had to please her. Her voice stern and dominaring telling me she was my master and that I had to learn this. I was losing my voice from screaming so hard. I clutch the bar stool legs with each whack to my ass and tried to kick but I couldn’t do that for she had my legs tied up. She then unhooked me from the bar stool and let me swing off. My wrist hurt so bad from the jerk of getting off the bar stool. Without saying a word Terry left. I swung around to see if she in the room still but no she was no where that I could see. I just hung there not knowing what was going to happen next. A few hours must have passed cause I hung there for a long time.

I swung around to see Terry with another woman in my suite. My eyes widen. I didn’t know who she was but I had seen her from last night. She smiled at me and then reached over and planted a kiss on Terry. I found myself getting angry. Terry walked over and made sure everything was still tight on me then took her clothes off and motioned for the other woman to do the same and she did, happily I might add. Has bad as I was hurting from Terry beating me I found myself jealous of her. Terry brought a chair close by me and sat down and spread her legs and motioned for the woman to come sit in between them. I noticed the woman had a smile on her face and happily came over to sit facing her way. Terry reached down and turned her facing me rubbing her tits has she did so, so that I could see what was going on. My eyes narrowed on the woman. If I wasn’t tied up I thought I would beat the living shit out of her. Terry started to laugh from the expression on my face.

“Don’t like it now, do you, sweetpea,” she laughed, “but at least I am doing it in front of you and not behind your back.”

I struggled but I knew it was invain to do so for I was trapped hanging by the ceiling. Terry’s hands went further down her body caressing her snatch and the woman turned to kiss Terry with her arms around Terry’s neck. I couldn’t say thing or do anything to stop her. Terry then sat up and command that the woman go over to me and play with me. I struggled to get away and out of her reach but she held me by the belt with one hand and felt me with the other caressing every inch of my body. My eyes widened has I felt her hand all over me. She started kissing me all over and nibbling on every inch of me.

I kept saying, “no, no this isn’t happening, no I don’t want her,” were muffled.

I didn’t notice Terry had gotten up from the chair when I felt hands on my ass and picking me up over the womans head and my legs drapped over her shoulders. I could only make my knees go in so far because of the bar she had put in between my legs.

“No,” I cried muffled.

My head shaking no. The woman smiled and licked her lips and went for my clit. Taunting me with her tounge. I looked up at Terry and she was enjoying this. Her eyes with excitment and telling me I was a bad girl and had to learn to ask from now on. She reached over and kaçak iddaa pulled the woman by the hair to stop her from licking me any further and stood her up in front of me telling me to lick her. The woman spread her legs apart. I could feel silva drooling down the side of my mouth from the gag she had placed in my mouth. I wouldn’t do it I thought to myself. The woman whispered to Terry sweetly and sexy that I was not compling to her demands.

I felt a couple of hard whacks on the side of my ass.

“Eat her,” Terry demanding me.

I couldn’t I thought to myself, I can’t and then another whack and another and another till I couldn’t stand it anymore. Tears down my eyes, I put my tounge through the ball and started to lick her. The woman told Terry that I was compling now to her wished. I could feel Terry’s body closer to me as if they were sandwiching me in between them. I kept licking this woman whom I didn’t know. What choice did I have I thought to myself. I could hear her and Terry kissing each other and foundling each other. I felt the woman starting to put her legs on my shoulders. Sitting on me and swinging to and fro. Terry telling me to keep licking her. She started to move faster to and fro till I heard Terry whack her ass and told her not to cum. She leaped off my shoulder and stood there, when Terry came around me and took the woman by the hair and turned her around so that she would be facing the wall. Terry took her hand and bent her over and told her to grab her knees and she did.

She started to ask Terry in a little girls voice….”Daddy gonna fuck me,” she said with excitment, “I was a good girl wasn’t I Daddy”.

Terry beaming from ear to ear and with excitment told the woman, “Yes, your a good girl and Daddy is going to give you a big treat”.

I could see the woman shiver with joy. She turned her head and looked at me with an evilish grin and said in sitll in a little girls voice, “You’re a bad girl see what you get when your good.”

Just then Terry thrust her dildo in her ass and she stood up almost screaming and Terry forced her down and told her to grab her knees again and if she didn’t stay that way she was going to get beat like I was. She complied. Terry had her by the waist almost lifting her off the floor with the thrusts she was giving her in the ass. The woman moaned and groaned and gasped for air.

Telling Terry, “Oh, yes, Daddy I’m a good girl and good girls always get big things given to them.”

Terry started to grit her teeth telling the woman that she was a good girl and good girls always get big things when they are good. Terry’s thrust became faster and all I could do was watch. The woman started to cum and Terry was getting off on it too.

“Yes, Daddy,” she cried out in between gasps.

When Terry was done the woman fell to the floor on her knees from exhustian panting away. Terry got dressed and threw the womans clothes at her to get dressed too and she did. She motioned the woman to leave and she got up off the floor and left closing the door behind her with a smile and a wink to Terry asking if they could do it again sometime and Terry told her maybe if your good.

Terry stood before me looking down at me and noticed I was crying.

“Well, well, what do we have here,” Terry said, “I see your a little jealous and angry at what I just did. But I noticed your expression when she was really getting into your pussy you enjoyed it.”

I didn’t enjoy I told myself. I shook my head no and Terry said, “Yes! I watched you. You might think you didn’t enjoy it but you did”.

Terry moved behind me and gave me a couple of good whacks on my ass and told me she was going out and would be back later. I beg and pleaded with the gag muffling my sounds to let me down but she didn’t. I heard the door shut and she was gone.

I must have cried myself to sleep cause I woke to hear Terry coming in the door. I didn’t bother to look this time when Terry came over to me and said, “I got a man for you baby,” with a smirk on her face. “You told me you wanted this and now I got it for you.”

Panic again set in. This huge man came over to me and knelt down on the floor and stroked my face. I tried to move but he grabbed my hair.

“No,” he demanded you will not look away.

Terry sat herself down on the chair across the room to watch. He looked fimilar but I couldn’t place where I saw him at. He got up and started to undress. I looked over at Terry with fear in my eyes and noticed she was looking at me with a smile on her face. The man started to untie my legs from the belt in the back and I could feel him lower them down slowly. I looked up at him with pleading eyes not to do this to me but he smiled and told me that I was the one who wanted it and so I shall have it. The voice struck horror in my heart. I knew that voice from somewhere but where. I couldn’t think. I felt myself being raised higher so that I was to his height.

I tried kaçak bahis to struggle but has soon as I did he held me by the waist and in a deep voice told me, “No you don’t. You know you can’t get away but I do love a woman who struggles.”

I looked into his greenish eyes and he looked at me as if he was going to hell and I was going with him. He caressed my body and taking his hands around my tits and pinching my nipples. I screamed and when I did he laughed, “Sensitive aren’t you.”

He put his tounge through the ball and tasted me at the same time squeezing my ass. He lifted me up off the chain and I fell over his shoulder and grabbed at me to make sure I didn’t slide off and went into the bedroom. Terry still watching and following behind him. My arms hurt so bad and they were numb that I couldn’t move them. I could hear the tub being filled but with what I didn’t know.

He went to the bathroom and told Terry that will do then turned to me and grabbed me by the handcuffs and pulled me towards him and picked me up over his shoulder again. He took me in the bathroom and now swung me in his arms so that he was holding me one arm around my back and the other under my knees. He slowly bent over and put me in a tub full of ice cubes and cold water. I screamed out but I knew that wasn’t going to help me any. Both Terry and the man left the room leaving me in the tub. My body was starting to get cold. I could hear Terry in the other room moan and groan has she was letting him fuck her. What the hell is going to happen to me I thought. My body was now getting numb and I started to shiver.

Terry must have climaxed for him cause in a moment he was in the bathroom looking at me. He smiled and told me a few more minutes and I will have you out of there. He looked over and asked Terry if she was satisified she must have nodded yes cause the next thing you know she told Terry to get the bed ready. Terry must have done what he asked cause in a few minutes of him standing over me he took me out. I noticed my body was turning blue and I was shivering. His body was warm and I tried to gather all the warmth I could from him. He cradled me in his arms and slowly put me on the bed. Now he undid the handcuffs and the bar from between my legs and took the gag out of my mouth but I couldn’t say anything. My teeth were shivering from the cold. He looked at me and demanded I not shiver and when I couldn’t stop he turned me on my stomach and gave me a couple of good spankings with his huge hand. I could feel the stinging penitrate my body. I wanted to scream but my voice was gone. He pulled me back and again and I had stopped my teeth from chattering as he demanded and then he told me to play dead. Dead I thought, I mine as well be dead after all this. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream how much deader did he want me to get I thought to myself. I noticed candles lite around the room. He then went to the bottom of the bed and I felt something cold up inside of me prying my pussy open.

I started to shiver again from the cold and he came over and turned me over once again and this time he whacked me with a belt. I told you not to move dammit. Terrified I did has I was told. I couldn’t see Terry anywhere in the room nor could I move to look. He turned me back over and told me not to do it again. He went back to do what he was doing at the bottom of the bed. I felt a thin tube being put up inside me and cold water being pushed throught the tube. I felt it hit my pancrise the pressure of all that water inside of me. I could hear him talking to Terry and asking her when I had died.

Died! my minded wondered. What the hell kind of fetish was this. I felt myself wetting the bed I couldn’t hold the water any longer. He turned and and looked and said, “no worries that is just body fluid. Always happens to the dead. My body still blue from the cold he procceded to inspect every inch of my even turning me on my back. I could hear him say he loved dead people cause they don’t talk back nor do they care what is happening to them at the time. I started feeling sick. He then put my ass up in the air and got on the bed and put his dick in my pussy and started thrusting it hard and fast. I helpless to do anything about it. I could feel his balls slap my pussy with each thrust he gave me. I heard him telling me your gonna take it all you dead bitch. He started going off in a rant about how he hated women and that they are nothing but cruel bitches and the only thing they are good for is to fuck. He started to slap my ass as his thrust became harder and deeper telling me I was nothing but scum and I need to be fucked the hell out of. My body started to feel some arously from this. I wasn’t sure if it was what he was saying before or what he was doing to me now. He was incontrol of me and I liked that part. My body started to get some color back has he was beating me and fucking. He noticed the color coming back and demanded that I cum now. And he beat me harder. Cum he demanded has he thrust widly and his balls hitting me hard. In a few short minutes I came and so did he. I could feel his thick wod inside me filling me and I could feel myself cum all over his cock. He groaned out in ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32