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Big Tits

I am sleeping in between you and your Mate, and it is not you who wakes me up (though I am spooning with you and facing her). She wakes me up by slipping her fingers between my legs, sliding a finger tentatively inside me, waiting to see if that would rise me from my slumber. When she sees me stirring, she leans over and kisses me, gently at first, while moving her finger slowly in, out. Then another finger slides in while the kisses deepen, her tongue sliding into my mouth, tasting me. Her thumb starts moving in circles over my clit and I can’t help it, I start moaning, rubbing my ass against you. I reach over and start rubbing her breast. I break the kiss and move my mouth down to suck on her nipple. I feel your hand grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks apart. While she has now 3 fingers moving in and out of me, torturing me, you reach down and add a finger, probing my wetness with your Mate. Your left hand reaches around me, closing over my neck, exposing me. Your teeth brush over my tender skin just over my quickening pulse.

My hands find purchase in her luscious hair, my fingers grasping, pulling, caressing. Her mouth closes over my right breast, tongue circling my painfully erect bud, suddenly nipping hard enough to force a gasp of pleasure and pain from my mouth. With all of these sensations, I don’t quite notice the changes taking place between my legs, when I feel the tip of your cock pressing against my opening. Her fingers are pressed against my clit, applying konya escort pressure, left to right, over and back again. You bring my right leg up, spreading me so I can welcome you inside of me. Oh, the feeling of the head of your cock easing into me, sliding in, deeper…deeper. Pulling out just a bit before moving in again, harder, until you are buried inside of me. Her hands, at first slow and sensual on my hot button, start moving a bit faster, pressing harder, her mouth capturing mine, biting my lip, forcing her tongue inside. I can barely breathe with this onslaught. I hear you grunt, so close to my ear.

Then, you shift, pulling me with you. So fast, I end up on my hands and knees on the bed. You shove my legs apart, all the while pumping, ruthlessly. You punctuate your thrusts with hard, open-handed slaps to my ass, right, left…

She doesn’t waste time either, moving up in front of me, on her back, splaying her legs…Oh, her sweet cunt so inviting. I know what she wants, and I am so ready to make sure she gets that, and more. My mouth lands hungrily on her hot pussy, tongue darting inside. Then, my balance is thrown off as you reach down, grabbing my wrists and bringing them behind my back. Thankfully, she grabs my hair and keeps me steady, pushing my face even harder onto her, grinding against my lips. I suck her clit, humming with pleasure, moaning as I feel your balls smack against me. My toes curl as a slowly building escort konya orgasm rips through me, my moans become higher pitched but still muffled as I attack her cunt with a fervor, savoring her flavor, trying to keep up with her rhythm as she moves against me, harder… I can feel it. I know she’s ready. I know just what to do, gliding my tongue hard against her sweet spot. “That’s it, Erin…Yes, yes, right there,” she moans. Then, with a wrenching twist of my hair, pulling me even harder against her, she comes loudly, her juices flowing into my eagerly awaiting mouth.

Quick change again! You pull yourself out of me, ordering me to face you. No time to waste, you grab my hair. Oh, my scalp, so sore already, but you tangle your fingers into my locks as you unceremoniously slam through my lips and into my throat. I knew this was coming, but I’m surprised by the force, I can’t help but gag. Wanting to please you, wanting to give you want you need, I breathe quickly through my nose, regaining composure. Sucking, swirling my tiring tongue around your shaft. I reach my freed arms around your waist, cupping my hands around your ass, holding on as you assault my throat, not letting up as your groans become more and more audible.

Then, I feel her hands on my ass. She had taken a bit of time to attach a strap-on. Her index finger, probing my asshole. Smearing lube around my hole, inside. Another finger, stretching me open konya escort bayan just a bit wider. I move my ass back against her fingers. She takes them out, and I feel her dildo slide up, sliding into my drenched pussy, achingly slow. Your fierce rhythm in my mouth has slowed to match her pace, your fingers caressing my scalp. You haven’t come yet, I want to question, but I know it’s not my place. I try to suck harder, but then you pull out. “Put your head down now, Erin. Shove that ass up, open up for her….yes, there you go, my Erin.”

The dildo pulls out, and covered with my juices, she lines up with my asshole. She lets out a startled noise as you push her forward, forcing her dildo in me as you plunge into her wetness. I moan, oh my God that feels so good. She reaches down, grabbing my tits, hard, squeezing…moving in and out of me faster, moving in concert with you as you slam into her. I can feel your movements in her as she moves in me. The tears start falling with the unrelenting strokes into my ass, quickly becoming tender. Somehow you reach your left hand around to her clit, your right hand to mine, keeping yourself steady. I come again, this time biting the bedspread tight to keep from screaming, but I can’t keep it in, and I let it out as spasms move through me again and again.

Another scream pierces the air to match mine as your Mate comes, collapsing on top of me. Then, Yes, my Dom, a strangled cry comes out of you as you pump your seed deep inside of her, collapsing onto her at the end.

We slowly move around, nestling against one another. You give me a gentle probing kiss, breathing “My Erin” against my lips. I smile, then curl up against your Mate as she gives me a lingering lip-lock.

We fall into a contented sleep, sticky and sweaty, and not caring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32