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We were startled into standing up as we heard Sherry and Sanjay re-enter the dining room/kitchen area, the somewhat dazed and enchanted delivery guy now being bent over the table, as Sherry winked at me and strapped on her dildo with her thigh harness. She lubed it up and spread Sanjay’s now smooth cheeks to add some lube to his sphincter before she began working the fake cock inside his asshole. Sanjay had a look of mixed pain, shock, and growing pleasure as he was probed anally by his fiancee. Sherry gave a smile of absolute ecstasy as she rammed her new bum boy with her dildo, making him her bottom bitch. It was a definite sadistic side to her, but I remembered that while it wasn’t my cup of tea to be dominated that way, it was increasingly obvious that Sanjay adored her for it … actually got hard and had fun with the plastic toy buried in his butt.

“Oh, God! Damn, that hurts, but it feels so good!” Sanjay finally confessed aloud as Sherry continued pegging him … I had to admit that her ass and hips looked wonderful as she slid in and out of his booty.

“Good, because this arse of yours will never be quite the same after tonight! I shall never allow it to return to normal, love! I’m going to see to it that your bum gapes rather permanently! That boi fanny of yours has no business having a chance to tighten up again. You shall wear a butt-plug most of the time, to keep your arsehole ready for whomever wishes to use it, and I suspect that it shall happen a lot more than you realize, darling!

“Don’t worry, I shall have cocks up the arse often, too, and I hope that Master shall make me wear a butt-plug as well. I shan’t want my bum to get back to the way things were, either. I have already yielded ownership of it to Master, so if you should ever want to fuck it, you’d have to get his blessing. He owns my arse, just as I own yours, love,” Sherry told her new love slave, who seemed to welcome the news … along with the continued reaming that he took in his previously virgin bottom.

“Mind if I take some footage?” I asked as I focused the camcorder on Sherry and Sanjay during their act of buggery.

“Yes, film us as I sodomize this sweet bitch of mine! His bum is now my property, isn’t it? bahis firmaları Are you my bum boi, my pretty boy, my bottom slut?” Sherry taunted Sanjay, but he didn’t hesitate to take more of her dick, despite the pain and humiliation of being pegged by his future bride.

“Yes, Mistress! I am yours! My bum, my cock, my balls, all of it is yours to use as you wish!” Sanjay confessed on tape, “I worship You, my Goddess!”

“Good boy … just for that, you get a treat very soon! You have pleased me very much! Trust me, lover, this shall be wonderful for both of us!” Sherry reassured her fuck toy, even as she continued to violate his asshole.

Sanjay was now hard as steel, so I got an idea and tapped Rich on the shoulder, telling him, “Okay, my boy, time to show just submissive you really are. Are you ready to put your ass where your mouth is?”

Sherry and Brit both giggled at that, the former pulling out of Sanjay long enough to help him and telling me, “I wasn’t sure what reward I’d give him exactly, but perhaps this can be part of it. I was going to really have to be creative, love. Are you offering what I think that you are?”

“Yep, Rich’s ass. Well, Rich?” I turned to him.

“If Master wants me to bend over for Sanjay, I’ll do it. My ass isn’t my own anymore. It belongs to Master,” Rich smiled and coughed, and then blushed as he bent over and Brit lubed him up good for Sanjay’s cock … of course, some of my cum was still in his asshole, so that didn’t hurt things.

Moving rather fast, as the surreal events played before me, Sanjay eased his dick into Rich’s butt from behind, while Brit and I watched in fascination and Sherry started sucking my cock. Brit quickly decided that this was a great idea and joined Sherry in servicing me orally, much to my extreme satisfaction. While the two ladies sucked my dick and my balls, I watched Sanjay pound Rich hard and saw the sheer gratification on Rich’s face as his ass got plundered again. I knew that Sanjay was uncut, unlike Rich and myself, but that just added to the wildness of the situation as I could see his foreskin pulled back while he sodomized Rich.

It was clear to me, too, that however submissive Sanjay might be, he fully kaçak iddaa enjoyed his reward of getting to butt-fuck Rich. Then again, Rich had a rather nice ass, so even straight guys might have some difficulty resisting it, from curiosity if nothing else. It was another reminder to me that none of these people in my household would ever be able to close the back door again. Their assholes were now permanently open, if I had anything to say about it, and naturally, I did. They might as well get used to bending over, because they would be doing it for the rest of their lives. I looked forward to a long career of amateur porn flicks, with me taking each of these new sluts of mine (because while Sanjay was Sherry’s first, she would never deny me the use of his body, I could tell) whenever and however I pleased, as well as making them use each other, too.

“Master, despite what I said before, You know that while Sanjay is mine, I shall always let You do whatever You wish with him. We’re all Your sluts where it counts, Master. We live and die for Your needs and Your pleasure. If Sanjay is wise, he shall accept that You come first, with me and with him, for my sake. If he wishes to please me, while he shall obey me first, he must always serve You as if he were serving me. If You ever instruct him to suck Your dick, he shall always suck it. If You want to sodomize him, he shall not resist You. I just want my fair share of his cock and arse, that’s all. Well, his mouth, too. I’m going to enjoy feeding him creampies from each of my holes. I may never need a chair again, not with his face at my service. Right, Sanjay, my pet?” Sherry announced, much to my delight as Brit and she pleasured me with their lips and tongues.

“Good, because Rich is getting hard again, as you can clearly see. When Sanjay is done fucking his ass, turnabout is fair play. Rich will do exactly to Sanjay what he does to him. I am going to love watching them get it on good and rough! That’s right, Sanjay, stick it to Rich! He loves it, man! Screw his butt hard! Do him like he’s your boy toy! Rich loves it like that! He wouldn’t have it any other way! Just remember that he gets to return the favor!” I declared, while Sanjay kept sodomizing Rich, much kaçak bahis to their shared pleasure.

“Wow, Rich really enjoys that! He likes it that much, getting his arsehole taken like that! I can’t wait to see how Sanjay handles being fucked up the bum that way, too! Smart money says that he shan’t mind at all, right, Sanjay, my darling?” Sherry encouraged her intended bridegroom to welcome the idea of getting it up the ass.

“Whatever Master and Mistress wish, I will gladly do … Oh, damn, this butt is nice and tight! I could get used to slamming it hard!” Sanjay admitted as he ravaged Rich’s rump.

I could tell the exact moment that Sanjay came inside Rich’s bottom, flooding the path to his prostate with his cum. I could see, while the two ladies sucked me off (including my balls, which Sherry rolled around in her mouth), the wonderful scene of Sanjay’s foreskin closing in on his cock as his jizz leaked from Rich’s well-used butt. I then enjoyed the sight of Sanjay bending over while Rich lubed him up and began entering his ass. This was some of the hottest, kinkiest gay sex ever, and my dick grew stiffer between Brit’s lips and on her tongue as her husband plowed Sherry’s fiance/plaything for the hell of it. While Rich might be a bottom first, he clearly knew how to top when he had to, that much was apparent.

I couldn’t resist any longer and I put Brit over the table, telling Sherry, “Lube her up good and fuck her butt while I do yours. I want to do a real train right now! Your sweet ass has it coming, baby! I’m going to slam you into next week! It’s time for some serious sodomy, hon!”

“Master, I thought that you’d never ask!” Sherry smiled brightly.

Brit laughed, “Master, please show her no mercy! I want her angry enough to give it to me good and hard! The rougher you get, the tougher and more merciless she will be with me!”

“You must want your ass wrecked, too, then!” I warned the nerdy neighbor.

“Definitely … by both of you!”

“As you wish,” I chuckled as I lined up behind Sherry and she began using Brit’s bottom to her heart’s content.

Judging by Brit’s and Sherry’s moans, pants, and whimpers, neither of them minded at all … they clearly liked it rough … VERY rough. Sanjay must have, too, because he met Rich’s hips with his own, just as Brit and Sherry did with each other and me. Oh, yes, the day had just begun for our clusterfuck … it was all very far from done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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