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Brandy drove the family van up to the middle school pickup area. Her son slid open the passenger’s door and hopped into the back seat. She asked him about his day and began the drive home. He buckled up and told her that the school would be holding a bake off fundraiser for their soccer program. Brandy was intrigued by this since baking had been a long time hobby of hers. The van pulled into the driveway and he handed her the flier when they got out.

Later that night, just before dinner, Brandy’s son had a friend over from his soccer team. His mom had come along with him to see him off. Brandy had met Claudine briefly before at a few of their kids’ soccer matches, but had never spoken much outside of small talk.

Brandy ordered some pizza for the four of them and sent the boys upstairs to play video games together. With them out of the way, they could get in some much needed quiet time. Claudine mentioned the bake off. “I’ve never been able to do much baking with Tyler around, he’s such a little sugar addict,” she laughed. “I don’t think I’ll be joining-“

Brandy waved her hand at her passively. “No way, you know better than anyone how much the soccer team needs the money. Here, I’ll help you.” She got up from the table and made her way to the kitchen. She opened a cupboard and pulled out her recipe box. Claudine joined her by her side. Brandy thumbed through the index cards in the box searching for the perfect one for Claudine. “Aha, here’s an easy one!” She withdrew a card and handed it to her friend. She looked it over and nodded in agreement. “Strawberry shortcake, hm, seems easy enough. You mind if I-?” She asked to borrow the recipe and Brandy agreed.

The two chatted for a little while longer before Claudine said goodbye for the night. They hugged at the door, Claudine squeezing Brandy’s arms before breaking off the contact and heading out the door. Even after the door was closed, the feeling of her touch lingered in Brandy’s arms and in her heart.

She cleaned up the remnants from their dinner and headed up to her room for bed. She popped in on the boys and reminded them that it was a school night before saying goodnight. When she laid in her bed that night, she couldn’t shake the feeling of Claudine’s touch on her arms. She put her own hands there and pondered. Maybe she was a little lovesick since leaving her son’s father. It had only been a few months, but she had been telling herself that she wasn’t ready for someone else just yet. That lingering touch was telling her that she may have been wrong.

The day before the bake off, Brandy found herself in the kitchen preparing her fudge brownies before her phone rang. It was Claudine, and Brandy found her heart began to race bahis firmaları at the sound of her voice. “Brandy, thank god! You’ve gotta help me,” she exclaimed frantically, “my oven is fucking broken, can you believe this?” Brandy couldn’t believe this. It was a perfect opportunity to see her again. “Don’t even sweat it Claudine, just come and use mine,” she offered. “Lifesaver!” She hung up right away.

Brandy stood in silence for a while gathering her thoughts. Why was she so excited to see her? She continued her brownies in anticipation of her friend’s arrival.

She found Claudine at the door holding her bags of ingredients after she rang the bell. She brushed past her on her way in and her knees nearly buckled from the brief contact. They met again in the kitchen and laid out the shortcake ingredients. Through their friendly banter over the broken oven, Brandy felt a buzzing thrill at the back of her mind. She wanted to touch this woman in any way she could manage.

She brushed Claudine’s hand when she handed her a mixing spoon for her cake batter. They giggled together as they began to make a floury mess of themselves. Brandy may have just been fantasizing about it, but she thought that she could see Claudine giving her those bedroom eyes. When the cake was in the oven, there was a break in the conversation.

Claudine turned her attention to the rest of her ingredients, the strawberries and whipped cream. She opened up the strawberry container and carefully selected one from the bunch. “Want one?” She asked Brandy, taking a bite out of hers while gazing into her eyes. “Sure,” Brandy gulped. Claudine took her strawberry from her lips and offered it to Brandy. A chill spread throughout her body as she realized she may be getting what she so desired.

She stepped toward her and took a bite from the berry held up in Claudine’s hand. She held a lingering stare into her eyes as some juice dribbled down her chin. Her heart was racing. A warmth surrounded her as Claudine drew the last of the strawberry back and leaned in to gently lick the dribble from her face. Brandy couldn’t help but steady her inclining heart rate by bringing that tongue to meet her own in her mouth. Claudine dropped the strawberry butt onto the counter and brought her hands up to cradle Brandy’s face against hers. They were entwined in their lip’s embrace with the sweet smell of cake and strawberries surrounding them.

The oven beep startled them out of their kiss induced trance. They laughed breathlessly and took the cake out of the oven. Claudine set it aside to cool and assessed their situation. Brandy was leaning against the counter catching her breath when Claudine found the can of whipped cream and took her kaçak iddaa hand in hers. She led her up the stairs to her bedroom and resumed their kiss behind the closed door.

Their lips pressed into eachother and parted to allow their tongues to press together as well. Claudine tossed the can of whipped cream onto the bed behind them and squeezed her hands on Brandy’s arms like she had a few days ago. Her touch brought warmth throughout Brandy’s body like it had before. The touch became a mutual embrace as they stumbled toward the bed.

They crashed down into the sheets. Claudine pulled Brandy’s shirt up and over her head and hastily unclasped her bra. She gently licked the nipple beneath her and took it into her mouth. Brandy moaned at the tingle of her warm breath and saliva coating her sensitive flesh. Claudine held her other breast in her hand and reached for the whipped cream with the other.

She sat upright and straddled Brandy’s hips. She prepped the spray can and topped Brandy’s nipples with a cute little swirl of whipped cream. They both giggled and accepted some of the sweet topping Claudine sprayed into their mouths. She bent down again to lick some of the excess cream from Brandy’s lips.

She kissed down her chin, then her neck where she lingered momentarily. She kissed down her clavicle and at last reached her breasts. Claudine gently held them both in her hands and squeezed them from the undersides. She hungrily lapped up the whip cream topped nipples much to Brandy’s delight. She felt herself getting wetter against Claudine’s crotch grinding into hers.

She clutched at Claudine’s shirt desperately and unclasped her bra to reach her lover’s breasts underneath. She felt them in her hands as Claudine sat upright again. She scooted down her body and took Brandy’s pants along with her. She moaned again as Claudine touched her hand to her bare warm pussy.

She lowered her head and used her hand to spread her lover open. Brandy was practically gasping when Claudine’s tongue met the sensitive flesh between her legs. She lapped her up with enthusiastic flicks of her tongue. Once again, Claudine reached for the can of whipped cream. She created the swirly dollop at the top of Brandy’s opening. She tossed the can aside and attacked that cream coated pussy with her mouth. Brandy showed her enjoyment through one low continuous moan and buried her fingers in Claudine’s hair.

Once the cream was gone, Claudine plunged her tongue deep into Brandy’s inviting hole. She squealed and Claudine laughed into her. She moved her tongue all around inside, coating it with warm, wet saliva. She pointed her tongue and bobbed her head back and forth to fuck Brandy’s pussy with her face. Brandy kaçak bahis delivered moan after moan with each little thrust. She pulled Claudine up into a kiss, tasting herself on her tongue.

Brandy wrapped her arms and legs around her lover as they kissed. She was dying for all this touch; it was filling her so much warmth and pleasure. Claudine moved her hand between their lips offering her ring and middle finger to Brandy’s mouth. She accepted them with her tongue and coated them with saliva, anticipating that they would need to be slick where they were going.

Claudine pulled her glistening fingers from her mouth with a smile and lowered her hand between them. Her fingertips met her lover’s entrance and she rubbed them there for a minute while Brandy stroked her sides with her hands. Claudine brought her fingers up to her own mouth and coated them with spit again, savoring the sweet flavor of Brandy’s juices.

She took her fingers back to Brandy’s hole and slowly pressed them into her. She moaned through a kiss and focused on the feeling of her insides hugging Claudine’s fingers. It felt so warm, and began to heat up as she picked up the pace. She held a lustful gaze into Claudine’s eyes as she gasped and groaned. She stroked her hair with her other hand and smiled. Claudine added her thumb into the mix of pleasure by rubbing it against Brandy’s clit. Brandy began to buck her hips against the thrusts of Claudine’s hand pumping inside her.

Brandy began to feel the electricity of her orgasm building up in her stomach. “Mmm don’t stop, don’t stop,” she begged Claudine. She clutched onto her arms like the touch that had brought them here in the first place. She squeezed her legs around her lover as she began to feel her pulsating release. It radiated throughout her body and throughout the walls of her bedroom as she cried out in ecstasy. Her legs began to shake after it had passed through her. She released her body’s grip on Claudine and relaxed into the sheets breathlessly. They giggled into one another’s lips and dozed off in a warm embrace.

“Oh shit, what time is it?” Claudine awoke with a start.

“Fuck, it’s almost three. The boys will be home any minute!” The two rushed to gather themselves and their clothes together. They laughed together throughout their panic feeling like kids again. After Claudine was dressed again, she rushed down the stairs and haphazardly packed up her cake and strawberries. She hurried to the door followed by Brandy making sure she had everything. “Oh!” Claudine exclaimed before she could open the door to leave. She plucked a strawberry from the box in her arms and shoved it into Brandy’s mouth. She kissed her on the cheek, and with that, she was on her way home again.

Brandy pulled the strawberry from her mouth and hoped that she could return the favor to her lover soon. She turned her attention to her unfinished fudge brownies again and continued their preparation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32