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Chapter Twelve – Pleasuring an Old Friend

Ark Royal sailed for her deployment in a small Task Group of three ships and on the first night Barrack Room Betty’s opened for business and was an instant success. At first the main earner was gambling and booze but as the ship got further away from her home port the temptation for the punters to ‘tap’ the attractive transvestite hostesses became more frequent.

Michele divided her four ‘Betty’s’ into two watches. As they had no other duties on board other than to run 6QDA Barrack Room Betty’s Gentleman’s Club and as the girls lived in the compartment below it was pretty easy to manage. The ‘on watch’ girls cleaned up Betty’s after the previous night’s entertainment. Betty’s didn’t close until the punters had had enough so it was usually the early hours of the morning.

They cleared away the empties, washed glasses and ashtrays, wiped down tables, vacuumed the carpet and restocked the bar. Michele was meticulous in ensuring their Club was kept spotless. Then the two ‘on watch’ Bettys changed into their evening gowns and glammed up ready for the first punters to arrive at 1700. The ‘oncoming watch’ of the other two Betty’s joined their compatriots in the club around 2000 when things got busy.

That way the girls had every second day off to rest, relax, and attend to their own personal needs. Michele had the collateral duty of keeping the books with Rod Latham. The books and cash were kept in a safe that they had installed in the girl’s messdeck.

Rod, Knocker, and Spike had their parts of ship to deal with during the day but they arrived at the Club around 1600 to help set up for the night’s entertainment. They would sometimes rub up against the girls and try to get a freebie but Michele was adamant that what the girls did on board was business and if anyone wanted sex it had to be paid for.

Jason (Spike) Jones continued to implore Michele to rekindle their relationship but Michele told him in no uncertain terms that it was over. She treated him like a pest rather than taking anything he said personally; she was just too busy to worry about his feelings.

At Michele’s insistence Rod had done a deal with Chief Sick Berth Attendant or (SBA) to ensure the girls got a weekly health check and venereal disease test. As a ‘cardholder’ the CPOSBA was a member of the club and he had the choice of taking payment in gambling chips or a free fuck from one of the girls.

The girls spent most of the day dressed casually as women and only dressed as sailors in the forenoon when they surreptitiously made their way up to the port after ladder bay for fresh air. As the ‘Captain of the Maintop’, PO White put the area out of bounds every forenoon ‘for deck scrubbing’ and it was AB Spike Jones’ job to police the space and ensure the four sailors were left in peace in the unlikely event that someone questioned where they worked on board.

Membership to 6QDA Barrack Room Betty’s Gentleman’s Club was strictly controlled by Rod and Knocker. Recommendations for membership were passed to them by word of mouth and applicants were closely vetted to ensure they would keep their membership an absolute secret and that they had the funds to pay their way. As a CPO Writer, Rod had access to the pay office and could check to see how much pay each of the potential applicants were drawing each fortnight. Barrack Room Betty’s was strictly a cash only business.

The dichotomy was that they needed to build membership fast at first to start making a profit but they could only enrol those they implicitly trusted. As it turned out it didn’t take long to get a membership that was big enough to start making a good profit within a couple of weeks of departure from Pompey.

As is the want of RN even today, the Task Group didn’t just sail off on deployment, they remained on station off the British coast conducting exercises and by the time they arrived in Gibraltar for an overnight fuelling stop it was fourteen days since they had left Pompey.

‘BRB’ as the girls and punters had begun to call the club was closed alongside as everyone except for the duty watch would take short leave and step ashore.

Michele, Doris, Polly and Mary were entered into ‘Cooks and Stewards’ Leave Book so they had leave on arrival and did not have to wait for libertymen to be piped at the end of the working day.

They changed into male ‘steppers’, abbreviation for ‘stepping rig’ or civvies, and stepped ashore overseas for the first time. There wasn’t too much to see in Gib but they saw what there was; the monkeys, the old fortress and browsed in a few shops for ‘rabbits’ which is what sailors called gifts bought ashore. They ended up in an old pub drinking ‘pussers neaters’ rum, which was no longer issued in the RN but stockpiled in Gib and sold in the hundreds of pubs on the small rock.

They woke up in their messdeck with horrendous samsun escort hangovers in the late forenoon of the next day, the ship having sailed at 1000.

They got to work getting the club ready to open that afternoon but were hopeful there would not be too much of a crowd, almost everyone on board having been ashore the day before and likely as hungover as they.

But Michele was in for a pleasant surprise.

AB Jason Jones’ job when the club was open was to be the doorman and bouncer. The door to 6QDA was a standard steel waterproof door which, opened outwards held in place by six dogs or clips. But on the inside was an ornate solid wood door that opened inward and when the club was in operation the steel door was clipped open and access was through the wooden door which was policed by Spike Jones.

In keeping with making Betty’s a refined establishment, Jason wore a black tuxedo and white ruffled shirt. At first he had complained about having to wear the suit but Knocker convinced him otherwise.

On the first night at sea after the stop in Gibraltar, business at Barrack Room Betty’s was slow as expected. At around 2100 a young Lieutenant wearing officer’s night clothing consisting of blue uniform trousers with dress shirt and dinner jacket came down the ladder into 6QDA and approached AB Jones.

HMS Ark Royal had embarked twelve Phantom FG Mark 1’s from 892 Naval Air Squadron and LEUT Steven Winters, having spent his time in purgatory at HMS Chelmsford, was one of the pilots. There was no flying programmed for the next day and it was obvious that he had imbibed quite a bit of alcohol at and after dinner in the Wardroom.

“I say old chap, I presume I am in the right place,” LEUT Winters held up a BRB business card between two fingers.

Spike recognised Steve Winters immediately and his blood boiled. He remembered him arriving at their Recruit School Christmas Party and taking his then girlfriend Michele away and fucking her in his office and then driving off laughing in the night in his MG sportster. He also remembered Michele being disappointed that LEUT Winters had not come back for more at their New Year’s Eve party.

“Sorry sir the club’s closed,” Spike replied condescendingly.

Just then the door burst open and a rather inebriated Petty Officer scrambled over the combing.

“Fuck me! Good evening sir; hope your luck’s better than mine I just dropped fifty quid on blackjack,” he hiccupped, surprised to see an officer and staggered over to the ladder.

Music and loud banter drifted through the door and Spike blushed with embarrassment. The door opened again and CPO Rod Latham came out; he too was dressed in an evening suit. Michele had insisted that the club exude class.

“Good evening Lieutenant Winters sir; the Chief Steward told me that you had joined our select band of miscreants. Allow me to escort you to a table and get you a drink on the house,” Rod beamed at the young pilot.

Steve Winters raised his eyebrows at Jason Jones disapprovingly and entered the club. Rod led him over to the blackjack table and went to the bar and poured a gin and tonic and gave it to Polly and nodded over towards toward Steve Winters and winked. Polly sauntered over and delivered the drink.

“Welcome to Barrack Room Betty’s,” she beamed.

The smile on her face changed to one of amazement when she realised whom it was.

“Lieutenant Winters sir; it’s a pleasure,” she curtsied.

Steve Winters was surprised that the attractive transvestite knew his name but she looked vaguely familiar. Polly saw him frown as he tried to recollect from where he knew her.

“HMS Chelmsford sir, The Christmas party,” she smiled.

“Oh course, enchanted,” he took her hand and kissed it and motioned to the seat beside him.

Spike was looking through the door and was relieved that LEUT Winters was sitting with Polly. Michele was ‘off watch’ as they were not expecting many customers this evening but he still felt his jealousy rage through him at the suave sophisticated young officer who had fucked his girlfriend.

Steve drew some chips and began to play blackjack with Knocker White dealing and Polly keeping him company. There were two other punters at the table and the conversation was casual, to with anything but the navy.

Doris was Polly’s fellow watchkeeper that night and she was sitting in the corner being pawed by a PO Stoker who she was about to tell to pay up and fuck her or just fuck off. She was quite amazed when she saw Steve and Polly sitting together at the blackjack table and she extricated herself from the lap of the drunken stoker. He showed his disappointment and waved a tenner at her.

“Ok luv; I’m up for it,” he whined.

“Oh just sit there and wait; if you haven’t had a wank by the time I come back I’ll take you next door and fuck you if you can get it urfa escort up,” Doris pronounced.

She expeditiously made her way over to the sound powered phone connected to the messdeck below and cranked the handle. Michele answered the phone.

“Ok I’m ready I’ll be right up she snapped.”

Michele was on standby to supplement Polly and Doris if it got busy but she was still hungover and hoping she wouldn’t be needed.

“Guess who’s in the club?” Doris giggled.

“I’m in no mood for fucking around Doris! What the fuck is going on?” Michele sniped.

“Well Miss fancy pants! It’s only your ex paramour Lieutenant Steven Winters, fighter pilot and tranny lover extraordinaire.”

Michele felt totally discombobulated and a thousand thoughts ran through her head.

“I’ll be up shortly to help out,” Michele said matter of factly.

“No bother babe; there’s not many here, me and Polly have it covered. Go to bed honey,” Doris teased.

“I’ll be up shortly!” Michele quipped tersely and Doris giggled and hung up.

Michele nervously checked her makeup and touched it up; she brushed her hair and smoothed her clinging evening dress and almost skipped out of 7QDA and scampered up the ladder to the club.

Michele sauntered across the club but Steve Winters was busy playing a hand and didn’t look up. A little miffed she sat on a stool at the bar ensuring the spilt in her dress exposed a long elegant leg encased in glistening hose but still she could not attract LEUT Winter’s attention.

Doris found this very amusing but her stoker was getting irritated and business was business so she snatched his tenner and took him into the workroom and got busy.

Michele eventually decided on direct action and walked over to blackjack table and tapped Polly on the shoulder.

“I’ll take it from here Poll, you can take the rest of the night off if you like. I know it’s been a long day,” she smiled.

Polly glanced up at Michele.

“I’m just fine dear; why don’t you take the night off,” she smiled back; but her eyes burned with impudence.

“No Polly, I’ll look after Lieutenant Winters,” Michele hissed through gritted teeth.

“Well I believe you have once before dear but he seems quite content with my company,” Polly replied.

“Oh for fuck sake ladies will you shut up! I’m trying to concentrate on this hand!” Steve Winters snapped.

Then he laid his eyes on Michele. She was wearing a red sequined gown that clung to her every curve; it was spilt at side all the way to the waist exposing her long shapely legs clad in fifteen denier fully-fashioned stockings, her feet shod in silver high-heeled sandals. Her makeup was perfect; smoky eyes, long lashes, dark eyeshadow, ruby red lips and her exquisite cheekbones defined by rouge. She wore a short black bob and had accessorised with silver jewellery. The dress had a Chinese collar that emphasised her graceful neck.

Steve smiled up at Michele.

“Well I’m enchanted. Ms Michele Nyland if memory serves me correct and I’m sure it does,” he beamed.

“As am I. Lieutenant Steven Winters, RN if I’m not mistaken,” Michele smiled back.

Steve indicated the chair to his left and Michele sat. He was now braced by Polly and Michele and obviously enjoying himself.

“What an inordinate pleasure to be in the company of such attractive and sensuous ladies.”

Steve drew a six to his seven and eight, giving him twenty-one and a winning hand.

“And you’re brining me luck already!” he guffawed as he raked in his chips.

He lifted his empty glass with the remaining shards of ice and waved it at Polly.

“Be a dear and fetch me a G and T darling.”

Polly reluctantly stood and retired to the bar to fill Steve’s drink. His eye’s followed her tight buttocks and long legs displayed in her tight dark blue mini cocktail dress.

“She is quite delightful,” Steve commented staring at Polly.

Michele reached under the table and squeezed Steve’s thigh. She moved her lips to his ear and slid her tongue along his lobe and then bit it as her fingers found his semi-erect penis and squeezed it through his trousers. He inhaled her perfume and shuddered as his prick sprang to full tumescence.

“You know what? You really want so stop fucking teasing or I’m going back below to sleep off my hangover and you can fuck second best,” she whispered in his ear as her long fingernails scraped against his now tumescent member.

“Cash me in!” Steve shoved his chips into the middle of the table and threw a one pound chip as a tip at Knocker.

He lifted Michele out of her seat and led her to the curtained off workroom.

Polly returned to the blackjack table with Steve’s drink and was visibly miffed to see Steve and Michele had left.

“Fuck! Michele just has to have everything her way!” she swallowed the gin and sinop escort tonic in a single gulp.

“Don’t worry Poll; I still think you’re stunning, so sit at the bar and drink on my tab. I’ll pay the ten quid and we can get it on when the punters have left,” Knocker smiled and winked at her.

“Thanks Knocker. Glad to see there are some gentlemen in the lower deck too,” Polly winked back and went to sit at the bar.

The ‘lower deck’ was sailor’s slang for the ratings, who in days of sail lived in the crowded lower decks of the ships hull while the commissioned officers lived in cabins on the upper decks, or ‘uppers’.

Behind the curtain the workroom was divided in to two cubicles by ‘privacy screens’ that didn’t really provide much in the way of privacy at all. The sounds of Doris and her stoker having sex were quite loud and Steve smiled as he pulled Michele to him and slid his hand inside the split in her skirt.

They kissed and Michele reached between them so she could undo Steve’s flies and stroke his cock. He grunted with pleasure but kept kissing Michele and his hand found her satin panties and reached inside and freed her hardening cock from its gaff. Michele was a little surprised; most of the punters didn’t play with the girls cocks and in fact a lot of them fucked the girls with their panties or tights still on so they wouldn’t even have to see the girls cocks at all.

She sighed with pleasure as Steve gently stroked her penis and she stroked his with the same rhythm. They fell down onto the bed but remained glued together kissing and fondling each other.

Then Steve surprised Michele even more when he broke the kiss and lowered his face to her groin and engulfed her cock and began to slowly suck it.

“Oh my god!” she groaned and riffled her hand through his hair.

After he had fellated her for a minute or two Michele eased his head from her lap and lay down on the bed and indicated for Steve to top and tail. He shucked out of his shoes and trousers and climbed on top of her and they sixtynined for a good fifteen minutes. Michele sucked and slathered at Steve’s tumescent organ, running her tongue around the bulbous glans, causing him to leak pre-seminal fluid, which she lovingly licked off his glans and swallowed. Steve reciprocated and Michele thrust up, fucking his mouth.

Michele was close to orgasm and she sensed that Steve was too so she quickly extricated herself from underneath him, hiked up her dress and climbed on top and lowered her puckered sphincter onto his rock hard cock. Steve thrust upwards and slowly inserted his throbbing cock deep inside his transvestite lover.

“Oh god that feels so good!” Michele gasped as she rode him.

“Oh god yes honey!” Steve replied and gripped her hips and lifted her up and down as he fucked her.

Michele rode with him, allowing the tip of Steve’s cock to retract almost to the entrance of her anus then she ground down on him, wriggling her buttocks to increase his pleasure. Steve stroked Michele’s cock as he fucked her; pre-cum was dribbling from the eye and dripping onto his belly.

“Oh! I’m going to come!” Steve gasped.

Steve lifted Michele off him and lowered her onto the bed on her back and flung himself on top of her, impaling her on his penis. He fucked her hard and fast while he kissed her and her legs wrapped around him.

Michele was overstimulated by his cock pressing on her prostate, her cock rubbing on his belly and his wild passionate kisses. She orgasmed; quivering and shaking with the intense pleasure of it and then she felt Steve grind against her, forcing his cock in as far it would go as he ejaculated inside her.

They both pawed at each other and smashed their lips together as they came and rode the vehement waves of gratification cursing through their bodies.

Eventually they were sated and Michele lay underneath Steve while he gently kissed her and stroked her hair.

“You are still my favourite Wren Michele Nyland,” Steve kissed her nose.

“Can we make this a semi-permanent thing? Can I always ask for you when I come to BRBs?” he smiled down at her.

“BRBs?” Michele looked up at him quizzically.

“It’s what us in the know call Barrack Room Betty’s,” he replied.

“Well yes; of course you can ask for me whenever you come to the club. The customer is always right,” Michele smiled and then lifted her face to the handsome young Lieutenant and kissed him.

Spike was standing inside the access door to BRBs when Michele came out from behind the curtain leading LEUT Steve Winters by the hand. Michele’s hair was mussed, her makeup smudged and smeared and her stockings laddered. It would have been obvious to anyone what they had been doing behind the curtain.

Spike’s blood boiled when Steve whimsically stuffed a twenty-pound note into Michele’s cleavage and then pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly. Michele lifted a heel as she kissed him back.

Spike was clenching his hands so tight with restrained rage and jealousy that his fingernails pierced his palms and drops of blood fell to the deck.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32