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Iron Jack’s Gym, Seattle, Washington. Late evening due to nasty weather. The storm had finally ended.

Zach Pedigo had already been working out for thirty five minutes, cardio first then a planned regiment of weight lifting. He was waiting on his new trainee Kayla Trudeau, Heidi Baker’s stepsister. Of course, she was running late, she had to wait on her Dad to get home to swipe his pickup truck. That, and being self conscious over what extra weight she had established over the years made any sexy outfit sightly. Her opinion of course. She had serious curves in all the right places. At 22 her huge breasts were still perky, no sag whatsoever. Thick upper thighs, a thin flat tire around her waist, and a more than jiggly butt made her worry what others thought. The kid was beautiful, she just didn’t see it like others did. Using Zach to lead her in the right direction was her only hope. That and she found the Tom Hardy lookalike hot as hell.

While waiting on her, another visitor found her way into his workout routine. As he lay back lifting a barbell of 300 pounds he felt a soft presence straddle his lap. Lowering his repetition back into its cradle he looks across his horizontal form. Sitting there smiling was the devastatingly hot nurse Khloe Vaughn, her long brunette hair pinned back into a ponytail, and wearing a cut off white tank top just below her large tits, nipples pointing at him hard. Below the cut off tank was her firm tight belly with a trinket of jewelry in her belly button, leading down to almost boy shorts yet spandex in a combination of pink and black.

“Hey stranger.” She looked around the relatively busy workout area before grinding over his thin cotton sweat shorts, his dick growing under her. Even with guys looking she just couldn’t resist.

“Evening Nurse Khloe. I’ve been looking for you every morning before heading out to work. Where you been?”

“Walter switched my schedule the last few days and I took on a new client two blocks over. I should have told you. Heidi at least. I hope you don’t think I’ve lost interest.” She hops up and down on his crotch smirking.

“Making up for lost time?”

“Well, we haven’t technically knocked boots. Saturday’s right around the corner. Still want me to come over?”

“Absolutely. You keep bouncing on ole’ Hardy and Saturday might be extra credit. Guys are watching you and wiping their chins. That’s a good thing.”

“They are? Even before we met they drooled over me. I like working out in skimpy workout clothes, it gives them something to look forward to. I guess I’m shameless.” Her hands roll over his abs feeling his sweat. “Mmm! Me? I’ve checked you out ever since I became a member here. I’m really glad Heidi made the introduction.”

“You could have just walked up like you did just now and said hi.”

“I know. I guess I was hoping you might notice me and give chase.”

“None of these other guys have hit on you?”

“A few. That big bald guy over there gave me a few training tips just to bend me over. He’s a tad too Schwarzenegger for my taste though. I let him feel me up at the hips though. Nothing much after that because I didn’t wanna get his hopes up.”

“He’s staring hard. Hard HARD. No hiding his junk.”

“You act like that turns you on.”

“Won’t lie, it does get me fired up showing off my girl and watching men wish they had her.”

“Oh really. So you want a trophy slut.”

“I think I made myself pretty clear that day at my bike. I like being single, I just want a sexy young freak to keep up with me.”

“Freak, huh? I might be a work in progress, teach me to be what you want?”

“Everyone wants a teacher. Heidi’s stepsister is coming here shortly to workout. I told her I’d get her in shape to make her feel better about herself.”

“That’s nice of you. Fucking her too?”

“Not exactly, might someday. Jealous?” He kept his single moment with Kayla to himself. To him a mere penetration without further thrusting just wasn’t sex. A miserable excuse he knew but it just didn’t feel like sex.

“Not really. I don’t do jealousy. I’d be content just to be a fuck buddy. If you want me you’ll take me.”

“Oh, I definitely want you. After that kiss by my Harley the other morning, I figured you might want more.”

“More kissing absolutely.” She lowers her gaze to his lap beneath her, “Someone is getting really hard.”

“Let’s clarify here…I want you in my life Khloe, no relationship, just some hardcore loving. That term fuck buddy is close but I want some emotion behind it. Can you lose yourself around me without expecting true love?”

“So, you want passion but no relationship.”

“Sounds perfect. Too much for you?”

“Buddy I’m not going anywhere. I’ve had my eye on you too long to miss out. Like I said, teach me to be what you want and I’ll work hard at being EXACTLY what you expect.”

“Into exhibitionism?”

“Like this?” She lifts her tank up and shows him her well rounded breasts, giving him a healthy stare at her perfect pink Pendik Escort nipples before dropping her shirt.

“Your droolers saw that.” Glancing about, sure enough six different men caught a glimpse of her titty flash. Every single one of them offered a smug congrats toward Zach. Mad respect instantly.

“Oh, I’m sure they did. I expect to be hit on hard before I leave here.”

“Lap dance. Do it seductive.” He narrows his eyes, curious to see if she was obedient toward his challenge. Eyes flaring up with intensity she reaches up into her hair and removes her elastic hair tie, shaking out her full brunette tress. Bending over him she grinds her thighs back and forth over his concealed beast. Rolling her palms over the contours of his chest then dragging her red nails back toward her, trailing down to the waistband of his shorts.

“I love your definition.” She whispers then leans forward again, this time scooting back slightly, low enough to kiss his six pack abs, tantalizing his belly button with a flick of her tongue. Gripping the barbell he laid back and sighed.

“Show these fellas you’re serious.”

“Is this more for them, than for you?” She kisses his chest after licking over two inches of muscle to reach it.

“Making them wish they were me.”

“They will never be you.”

“You certain about that?” He winks.

“Plan on sharing me?”

“I said seductive. Talking is not seductive.”

“It can be. It depends on my words. I’m just conceptualizing what I’m getting into.” She lifts her shirt up and taunts his chest with her bare nipples. Guys were definitely noticing more. She felt their glares and shivered.

“A few new sets of eyes found you.”

“Good. I like being desired.”

“Make them rock hard Nurse.”

“Like you are? Or harder?” Her palms retreat over his chest as she sits back up, her tank caught between nipples and it’s natural position over her chest. Half of her breasts were still out for air. Sliding her palms lower to rub his tented erection, she guides his cock back toward her thighs and holds it there, her hips gyrating tenderly, pushing her pussy into his shaft.

“You’re fucking gorgeous Miss Vaughn.”

“I prefer super hot. I can’t wait for you to push this deep inside me.”

“Why wait. Hop on.”

“Here? Now?” Her eyes shimmer, “I will.”

“Before I leave here tonight, you’re losing your clothes and riding Hardy. Right in front of all these guys.”

“I…” She pauses to catch her breath and smile at him, “If you want that I’ll risk going to jail.”

“No one is going to jail. Do you really think any of these guys are going to call the cops on a hot girl giving them a show?”

“What if girls come in. Heidi’s sister?”

“I’m pretty certain Kayla won’t mind. I think she’s finding girls…interesting.”

“Ah! A Bi coming out. What if she…likes what she sees?”

“Like you or me? I know she likes me.” He chuckles, “Are you bi?”

“Never tried it, I would for you.”

“Sounds like you’re wanting me to fall for you.”

“If you do…I won’t walk away.” She sighs, “I understand what you want from me. If I had reservations I wouldn’t be sitting here stroking your cock. Now would I?”

“Guess not. I want a girl that never lets me down.”

“Or never lets you up?” She giggles.

“That too. So, Nurse Vaughn…gonna let me down?”

“I believe in my abilities. Test me if you feel the need to.”

“I think you fulfilling nudity and riding me until we cum here at the gym will say a lot.”

“I do too. But, I want you to be 100% certain that I won’t let you down going forward. I…want to enjoy my free time with you.”

“It won’t always just be you Khloe. Like I said I like being single.”

“Date as many girls as you want. Call me and if I’m free…I’m all yours.”

“What part of seductive don’t you understand?” He grows grim with a sneer. It gave her goosebumps and the thrill of pushing her limits. Releasing the barbell Zach sits up, pulling her closer to his thighs by grabbing her ass and lifting her toward him. Face to face she kisses him hard on the lips, feeding on him as if a succubus stealing his soul. Hips grinding on his withheld cock, as his fingers slide under her spandex shorts to squeeze her ass. It made her ignite a passion that she was sorely missing. Her hands were all over him. After a few minutes of savage French kissing she tilts her head back, letting Zach kiss her neck and throat. In a sudden burst of temptation Khloe Vaughn breaks her hands away and peels her cutoff tank up over her head and goes topless. Zach instantly arched her spine backwards and sucked on her nipples. She moaned and looked about at her viewers. Smiling at them she finds nods of respect in return. Eyes bulging she returns her attention toward Zach.

“They seem to be appreciative.”

“Do they? Go visit your bald Fitness Trainer and ask him to hold your hips while you take those…shorts off.”

“Should i let him take them off for me?” Anadolu Yakası Escort She holds her breath without blinking.

“Let him keep the shorts. Oh, and give him a wet kiss before crawling back to me on all fours like a panther.”

“Mmmmm! The pussy is purring.”

“Don’t fail me.”

“If I do I’ll just come back for more.”

“Make your move Nurse.”

Without a word Khloe hops from his lap and turns to face her admirers and puts her hands in her hair making her locks wild looking. Eying the bald man she struts toward him, until up close and personal. Playing with his chest hair she looks him in the eye with yearning eyes. He melted instantly.

“Hi Hugo. I need your help.”

“You make my dick hard.” He grunts without a smile.

“I noticed that.” She lowers her right hand and taps her index finger on his tented crown. Whirling in step to back up into him she whispers, “Take my shorts off for me?” He nods slowly, then plants his hands on her hips and crouches to remove them from her feet. Her perfect ass in his face he couldn’t resist biting it. She yelped and let him lick her butt pucker before watching Zach point at the floor at his feet. Heartbeat quickening Khloe turned to face Hugo who nuzzled her clitoral area growling. Petting his bald head she entices his eyes up toward hers. “I have to go back to Zach.” Releasing her she retreats and lowers to her knees and hands. Tits swaying from side to side in her prowl she followed orders perfectly. Reaching Zach he caresses her hair then points away from him. Following his instruction she notes two men talking and rubbing their chin.

“What are you expecting?” She asks Zach.

“Prowl over to them and put your face directly into both of their crotches. Bite down on their sweats and act like you’re tearing them off. Return immediately after you’ve done both.”

“Whew! I’m getting a workout without lifting a muscle.” Twisting directions she stalks her prey, making her presence known by rolling her nose directly over a man’s cock, then biting his grey sweatpants tugging them about. Releasing her teeth she moves next door to the other man and repeats her performance. Both men laughed at their fortune with swagger. She crawled away letting both men rub her ass, stopping for a second to lustfully look at Zach who held a hand making her pause to enjoy their ass massage. Finally, a curling finger reels her home. The men shared thumbs up with Zach.

“That was hot Khloe girl.” Another directed point toward two more men makes her growl at him playfully. “Failing me Kittycat?”

“Not today. What am I to do?”

“See that workout mat in front of them?”


“Crawl over there and lay facing them. Legs up, pry your pussy wide and show off that cave system. Once they look it over, finger yourself for five minutes then come back.”

“Five minutes? I might cum in five minutes.” She wiggles her ass toward her old Fitness Trainer just for meanness. Khloe Vaughn was liking this challenge to be more than she had ever been before today. Were there worries in doing it? Not at the moment. She just lived in Zach’s fantasy, fulfilling it to the best of her ability. She wanted to be his fantasy, to inspire it. Now that he was giving her the time of day, thanks to Heidi Baker, she would let nothing ruin that. Failure was not an option.

“Moan loud. Be proud.”

“On my way.” She whispered with a puckered kiss before licking her lips at him. He grew harder in just that moment. Observing her heart shaped ass wiggling away he sighed and went back to lifting weights. She was on her own, without even knowing it. As her targets saw her coming they found themselves rubbing their sweats, swollen cocks of varying sizes tilting up beneath the canvas of glory. She refused to blink wanting them to admire her dedication to Zach’s appointed mission. He said to make them want to be him. That meant going into envisioning them to be Zach himself. Not easy of course, but still she gave it her best imaginary seduction. Crawling out on to the mat she sat down first, then lay back as told. Legs wide, her hands reaching around her massive chest, crushing beautiful melons together. Fingers prying her labia as wide as she could, revealing a luscious tunnel of pink. The men took the risk of moving closer to her as she looked up at their eyes.

“Damn that there is inviting.” One man looked at her with hunger, massaging his beast by literally planting his hand under his sweats to stroke himself. Other men seeing his boldness felt the same, casually approaching her for a better view of her sensual pose. She heard their desires and trembled heavily, knowing that at any moment they might drop down and take her against her wishes. The question nagging her was, did her wishes matter if she wanted to impress Zach Pedigo? What was to gain by following him? He had made it clear she was just a puppet in a sense. Not wanting anything more than sex with a passionate twist. No true love. It almost appeared that feeding his İstanbul Escort ego fed her own. This whole scene was certainly erotic. Taking a deep breath Khloe Vaughn sighed, “I do this for Zach.” They heard her clearly even in her shallow tone of voice. Her pussy muscles were contracting even beneath her fingers keeping her parted wide, almost as if it were talking to them. Calling out to be filled. It became a test for these watchers, all wanting to take the bait. Hands beneath sweats for four of six men jerking off, she panted at their yearning expressions, her own straining features cringing slightly due to the pressures of remaining in her frozen position. Mind racing, pussy dripping wet, Khloe needed release. So did these observers.

Hearing barbells clank loudly Khloe jumped but held her pose. Not wanting to be distracted and fail Zach in her seductive approach she resisted looking his way. If she could see him she would discover that he had been approached by the on duty Attendant. Although their talk couldn’t be made out due to six men groaning, that by itself made her moan without even being touched. Pride Khloe Vaughn, PRIDE. Just as Zach expected.

In Zach’s workout zone, his friend, a young man named Andy, whispered to one another, both of concern, and of knowing just how fucking awesome this was to see. Zach patted Andy on the shoulder and told him to let it play out. There was nobody in the gym that might object. Andy nodded and stood by Zach watching.

“She’s amazing Bro.” Andy confessed, “I’ve never seen Khloe like this ever, you a Hypnotist?”

“Maybe. I have this knack for getting girls to do what I want them to. They usually follow me like lost pups once I reel them in.”

“You need to teach me how to do that. I’d love to bust a nut inside Khloe.”

“In the future I might arrange that. Not today. Just enjoy her opening up. She’s my butterfly at the moment, coming out of that cocoon.”

“Car lights outside.” Andy nods toward the front window. Zach squinted to see the arrival and once the headlights shut off he knew the vehicle.

“Relax. It’s my roo…my daughter’s stepsister.” There was that lie again. It just seemed useful. “I told her I’d coach her on the right way to pull off a few pounds. She’s got some extra jiggle, but trust me when I say she carries it well.”

“Looks cute. Big tits.”

“Even better without those clothes on.” Zach brags a bit.

“No way. You hit your own daughter’s stepsister?”

“Never said fucked Andrew. Just seen and helped her reach a goal.” He laughed.

“Gonna get her naked in here too?”

“Haven’t decided yet. She’s a bit awkward right now. Unsure of what she wants in life. Could be steering toward girls, yet I know she enjoys seeing me in action.”


“TMI.” He winks.

“Fuck man, how is Khloe keeping that pose so long. She’s beet red all over.”

“Determination it looks like.”

“Oh shit! Guys are whipping their dicks out.” Andy tenses up worried he might need to intervene.

“Calm down. They’re just wanting to show her what they have. Unless they take it to the mat let it ride.” Zach appeals to Andy’s sensibility. Luckily Andy had an open mind, that, and knew that even he would love to tag that luscious brunette. Tempted to move in range for a good look at her perfect invitation Andy swallowed dryly, letting himself be intimidated by the larger men hovering around her, dicks wagging. Yeah, he would stay away.

Watching as Kayla enters Zach waves her over. Almost giddy at seeing Zach and having him all to herself Kayla Trudeau starts across the gym then freezes in step to see the six men, four jerking off out in the open over something. Weirded out a bit she takes a different route around the edge of the fitness center, as it opened up more she discovered Khloe on her back, she had been obstructed from view by cardio equipment. Jaw dropping Kayla snapped a WTF? glare at Zach. He smirked and curled his finger calling her to his side. Hesitantly, Kayla shuffled the rest of the way there. So much for alone time.

“What’s going on? Oh my gosh Zach.”

Pulling Kayla to his side he introduces her to Andy, a distracted hello was all he got back. He did admire the fact that Kayla’s big nipples were spiking the more she watched Khloe. For an overweight girl she was pretty well proportioned. Andy found himself equally tantalized by Kayla. His first thought led to, “Is Zach going to get this girl naked too? God I hope so.” His erection stemmed from Kayla’s beauty more so that Khloe’s. Mainly because she was shrouded by too many guys right now. If Andy could see that yearning vagina he might change his tune. Khloe was literally letting her pussy suck air.

“Keep your cool Kayla. You recall that Nurse Heidi set me up with?” Zach shared attention with her.


“That’s her.”

“Wow! You…move fast.”

“Just good at what I do.” He winked and rubbed her upper arm, “Ready to get busy?”

“Ummm? Working out I hope? That stuff she’s doing…isn’t me Zach.”

“Someday, you just need to realize the beauty you exude. Your self esteem needs work is all. I’m not going to rush you.”

“I…don’t know if I wanna be like her. That’s…pretty slutty.”

“Nothing like a girl who loves teasing and showing off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32