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Big Tits

Becca’s business was booming since the news of her punishments had hit the campus newsletters. While Becca continued her college education, she read with interest about the development of a new fighting game, Garakan 5. It had managed to make news because all of the female characters in the game were dressed in skimpy costumes leaving very little to the imagination. Using baseline sexual objectification of women to sell games was bad enough, but when the lead developer and president, Jerry Stalwart, had been interviewed about the topic, his response was telling. “Women need to get over themselves and grow up!” he’d dismissively responded to critics. “Would anyone be complaining if the men in the game were dressed the same way?”

Becca read with interest about the career of Jerry. A 30-year-old prodigy, he had risen to be both lead developer and president of his own games company at a rapid pace. Upon further research, she learned that several sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits involving the company had revolved around the young president. Becca smiled to herself as a plan formed in her head to give Mr. Stalwart his comeuppance.

Becca arrived at the video games convention fully decked out as one of the characters Jerry had envisioned. Becca thought it was a good way to throw investigators off by donning a waist length blonde pigtailed wig. She exceeded expectations by covering her body with spray on foundation giving herself a fair skin complexion as well as excessive makeup to look like someone else and finished her look by swiping red lipstick. Becca’s outfit consisted of red knee-high boots, nude fishnet stockings, short blue skirt, white lace corset with delicate lace running across the corset and her nipples, and a short sailor cape. Becca wore blue contacts lenses and completed her outfit with a blue fashionable mask. Oddly enough, she didn’t look terribly out of place, as her appearance mirrored many of the fans who had come to the site dressed as characters from the Garakan universe. She carried her bag casually full of her normal toys and bondage equipment, along with a special contingent of skimpy women’s clothing, a professional-grade camera, and a miniature hard drive containing the master code yalova escort for the official launch video for Garakan 5. If Becca’s plans went according to her intentions, she might make some special alterations to that video with the help of dear Jerry Stalwart, willing or unwilling…

As Becca snuck into the corporate offices after the launch event, she easily got past a security guard by sweetly claiming that she’d been invited back at special request of President Stalwart.

Jerry was slightly bemused when Becca entered his office and secured the door. Assuming she was just another brainless fangirl, his eyes took in her costume as he licked his lips in raw sexual excitement.

Becca, however, rather than being a fangirl, exuded her authority as she placed her bag on the ground and her gloved hands on her hips, standing with her legs apart and her chest thrust confidently forward. “Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in, Mr. Jerry?”

Still unsure if this was a setup of some kind, Jerry looked at her questioningly. “I’m sorry… what is it you want? Are you just another dumb whore who wants an autograph? Hurry up, please, I need to authorize the release of this launch video.”

Becca chuckled as she casually removed her camera from her bag and set it on the table beside her. “Hmmmm… You see, we have a problem then. You see, I don’t approve of the way you objectify women in your game. I think we need to make some adjustments to your release video and show you how it feels to be objectified. But if you be a good boy and do as I say, maybe we’ll let you keep some level of dignity in our little photoshoot.”

Jerry laughed. “You’re one of those stupid feminists, huh? So what exactly do you want? What photoshoot?”

Becca changed her voice to an authoritative commanding tone. “You’re going to be humiliated and photographed in every way that I desire until I think you’ve learned your lesson. This is your one chance to let me go easy on you. Take off your pants.”

Jerry, now alarmed, was enraged at her level of daring. “All right, it’s time we kicked your ass out of here, bitch.” He approached her aggressively and began to grab edirne escort her.

Becca blocked his attack and kneed Jerry in the balls. Becca pivoted away and began to circle him, “From now on you will address me as ma’am.” Becca smiled softly as Jerry fell breathlessly to the floor. Becca stood over him and watched him whimpering in the fetal position but refused to respond to her demands. Becca bit her lips anxiously and pushed his hips flat to the floor with the heel of her boots. Becca’s delicate finger ran up and down a baton that was strapped underneath her skirt but was visible down the side of her outer thigh. She pulled it out and aimed it towards Jerry’s cock and gave Jerry a wicked smile, “Now, you’ll have to strip naked for me.”

Jerry stared at her lips trying to shake the fascination of her out of his body, “Yes ma’am.”

The intensity of her gaze rendered him speechless. Jerry nodded and pulled himself off the ground. Becca licked the corners of her lips as he took each article of clothing off of his body. Jerry was fit and handsome. He looked like the type who had women drop panties for him on his demand.. daily. Jerry traced her body with his eyes as he pulled off his boxers revealing an erection. Entertained at the fact someone could reverse the roles, he cocked his head, “How much trouble am I in?” He rubbed his solid erection against her skin as he towered over her. Jerry pressed his toned body on her gazing delightfully down at her breast and hoping her nipples would harden from the cool air-conditioning from the room. He sucked in his bottom lip and breathed her in. Jerry felt the need to touch her, so he traced his fingers around her nipples and pulled her breast completely out of the lace corset. He leaned in and sucked vigorously as her nipples causing Becca arch her back and faintly moan.

Becca looked up at Jerry as she tenderly wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock, stroking it a couple of times. He drew deep breaths while keeping eye contact with her. Becca paused for a second and licked her lips as she slapped his dick. Jerry flinched and immediately pushed her onto the table forcing himself on top of her. Jerry dropped erzurum escort most of his body weight on her and held her down by her wrists. Becca was finding it difficult to breathe as his warm lips lingering across her neck. Jerry smiled and leaned into her as his hands are on the floor, “It looks like you’re the one in trouble, sweetheart. You can’t exactly run around crying rape either.” Becca blew Jerry a kiss and it threw Jerry off. Becca didn’t say a word but blew Jerry a kiss again, and this time he leaned in for a kiss. Becca brought her two hands together surrounding one of Jerry’s forearm, creating a gable grip. She continued to pull it down her succulent breast and trapping his arm. Becca positioned her heel and thrust her hips forward throwing him off balance and giving her a chance to mount him in reverse.

Jerry couldn’t contain his excitement. He had fantasized of women overpowering him, and rightfully so. Jerry smiled, “Yes ma’am. I will obey your commands.”

Becca firmly cupped his chiseled jawbone, “It’s time for your photoshoot, and this time, try not to be so resistant.” Becca pulled herself off of him and grabbed her camera.

Jerry chuckled to himself, “What’s the point of all of this? You’re going to take humiliating pictures of me? I don’t think that’s possible. I’m proud of myself, in fact I am God’s gift to women. I don’t have psychological disorders like women do. I don’t need to feel accepted. I fuck on a sunny day on the beach, I fuck several women at a time, and yes, it’s been filmed as well.” Jerry shot Becca a devious smile as she shook her head. She was still in disbelief at the type of men she had to deal with and perhaps Jerry had no shame at all for himself.

Becca laughed as she watched Jerry striking poses in the buff as if he were a Grecian god through her camera lenses. Becca pulled out one of the costumes worn by the females in the Garakan Universe and demanded that Jerry wear it. Jerry’s demeanor changed drastically having to wear an outfit he had for one of his female characters. Jerry was dressed and photographed wearing a man thong, a bikini top, a scarf, and furry boots. Becca teased him, “If I had to battle across the Garakan Universe, I would like to have actual armor and perhaps not wear a bikini.” Becca commanded Jerry to strike a series of objectifying poses as well as wearing more Garakan attire the female characters had to wear.

With ease Becca was able to make several edits and send it out for the convention to release as well as the release to the public.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32