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Copyright 2002 by Don Byron.

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My plan was starting to grow all the more interesting as the seconds went by. I told Becka that her dad had no need to know of anything, that is if we could work something out right now. Going by the light in her eyes, I knew the first part of the battle had been won, as she alternated between looking between my crotch and my eyes. John was cowering, moving slowly away toward the edge of the blanket, but Becka was staying right where she was. I decided that the best way to get what I wanted out of the situation was to go in full speed ahead.

I walked up to the edge of the blanket standing up straight and tall, looming over Becka and John who was still moving away. All I had on was britches, which I proceeded to let drop to the ground at her feet. All I heard then was silence. All I was able to see were eyes. Really big ones at that. They both were transfixed by the site of my meat swinging with its weight freshly released from its confines.

Becka managed to pipe up, “Uh, Seth; you really are a big man now ain’t you. I didn’t know they made ‘em like that.” ‘I think you might need a closer look.” I responded. Sure enough, she got up on her knees and tentatively reached out for my dick. With it being so big, it rarely gets up to what would be considered full mast, but this situation had it up at a forty-five degree angle, which meant that it was as hard as it could go.

She touched it slowly at first, like it might bite her if she grew too bold, then she became more emboldened when I moaned out loud from the site of her tiny, tiny petite hand trying to encompass my shaft. She could only hold some of it. She had a good two inches left between thumb and index finger. She started to jack it slowly back and forth and then seemed to just then notice the drop of pre-cum that was coming out of the head.

“Seth, your kinda’ wet here.”

It sounded like a request and a question at the same time. I told her, “I think you might want to kiss it.” I heard John make some kind of noise in his throat. I looked over at him to make sure he was ok and all I saw was his eyes riveted to my cock and Becka’s mouth coming closer to it. I looked back down in time to see her tiny pink tongue as it touched the tip of my dick. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but the sight of this made me swell even more and it seemed as if the veins on it became even more substantial. She stuck out her tongue again and then followed her tongue Bycasino with her lips. The head of my cock at this point was about twice the size of her fist. She started trying to get it into her mouth, but only managed just the head. “You ever seen anything this big ‘fore, John?” she said between sucks. “Hell no Becka. I didn’t know they came like that. I thought we were all created equal.”

Becka then pulled my shaft straight up in the air to regard my balls. She began licking them as best she could. “His nuts are near the size of your head Becka!” John exclaimed. I couldn’t argue. It nearly looked as if they were. They felt it anyways. By this time she had gone back to jacking my cock with both of her little hands, sucking and tonguing away at the head of it. She was really starting to perspire with the effort of opening her mouth up that wide. I knew it was time to fulfill a dream at that very moment. “Becka, it’s about time you laid back and let me take over.” I stated matter of factly. She appeared a bit intimidated by the notion, but she was obviously very turned on as well. I got down on my knees as she laid herself back. I pulled her legs over my thighs and sat back for a moment to take in the site of what would turn out to be the best sexual encounter I had ever had up to that point. At the time I had no way of knowing that this was only the beginning.

Some rays from the sun were coming in through the thick trees over us, shining on her skin. She was as white as snow. Her skin was like porcelain. I had never seen anything like it in my life. I reached out and held her breasts. They filled my hands nicely as I gazed at her tiny little red pussy. It was still draining some of Johns cum out as well as some of her own wetness.

I laid my cock down on her stomach as I brought her feet up to rest on my chest. I felt my balls come up against her pussy as I looked down to see my cock head resting just past her navel. “Seth. Do you think your gonna be able to get that huge thing in me?” She asked, almost timidly. I told her, “Becka, your gonna have all of me in there and then you’ll be calling me daddy.” I began running my prick slowly back and forth over her slit and her exceptionally long pussy lips. They would graze and cling to me as I moved it. I moved the head down to the front of her opening. I was lubricating even more copiously by this time, so I smeared it around the entrance. I looked back at her face to see a look that seemed a mix of fear, but determination at the same time. I started pushing gently. It seemed at first like a no go. It would not even budge. So I rubbed some more and pushed some more. Just the tip started in and I saw Becka’s eyebrows knit up a little. I asked her if I was hurting her. She looked up into my eyes and said, “Yes. But don’t Bycasino giriş stop. If I don’t get to have you in me today, I’ll be wet until the next time I get a chance to try, and God knows when or even if that will happen.” It was like music to my ears.

I leaned down across her, found her lips waiting for me. I kissed her sweet mouth, our tongues intertwining. Her mouth was so small, as was her tongue, which was meeting mine. I then pulled away and took her left breast into my mouth. I sucked at it and bit at her nipple. She moaned and fell back, lost in the sensation. I wanted to do the same thing, but I knew that I had a big job to do to a very special little area and that was all that was on my mind.

Her little opening gave just a bit and half of the head of my cock lodged between her lips. I couldn’t look at much else as she had the thickest, longest vaginal lips I had ever seen. It seemed strange that a girl this small would possess lips nearly an inch long and nearly as thick as the end of my pinky. In my mind it made for such a lovely contrast. Overall she appeared to be just a sweet, petite little girl. But her pussy lips appeared nothing short of lewd. When I would pull just out of the opening of her pussy, they were spread out in a vague butterfly shape, and when I placed the head at the opening, they would cling to the sides of my cock in a seemingly possessive posture before collapsing inward with the fresh invasion of my jet black prick.

I altered my gaze just briefly at this point to notice that John had gotten over his initial shock, paying attention to what was transpiring between his cousin’s legs more closely. I turned my attention back to the task at hand. I put Becka’s legs over my shoulders, completely exposing her to me. I leaned down and kissed her lips, her arms gripping my wrists by her head tightly. I leaned in again to try to get to my goal. I had it up to three quarters of my head in her pussy. At that point began the thickest part, and I still could not seem to open her up. Sweat was pouring off of me onto her, mingling with the copious amount of sweat she was producing with the effort of accepting my cock.

I pulled back out and plopped it on her belly, rubbing it around in the moisture collecting there. At that point I noticed that John was practically on top of us, taking in the site before him. Then Becka piped up and said, “John, if you like what you see here that much, or half as much as I do, why don’t you take advantage of the situation. I remember what you told me you fantasized about, and it would help me get what I want at the same time. John stammered, “ Well, I didn’t think you remembered that. We were drinking your Dad’s wine!” “Oh, I remember alright. Go ahead. I don’t think Seth will mind the assistance.”

At Bycasino deneme bonusu that point John just lowered his head down to her stomach, brought his hand up and held my cock while he planted his mouth on my shaft. I was startled, but it felt great to have his little white mouth take on my tool. He opened up and got about three and a half inches into his mouth, at which point he started to really lick, slobber and just generally drool all over the end of my dick. It was then that I figured out that Becka wanted him to get me good and wet for her tiny red cunt.

John’s mouth felt so good that I instinctively started humping into his mouth. All he could do was grunt with the effort of taking the head of my dick to the back of his mouth. I was getting really wet at this point, so I disengaged from his mouth and lowered it back to Becka’s slit. John understood that his role was on standby for now, so he sat back just a bit to observe.

I tried again, slowly to push myself up into this sweet little girl. As I pushed and nudged against her squishy little cunt, I alternated between sucking her nipples and kissing her mouth. Then she stopped me and said,

“Seth, your too afraid your going to hurt me. I promise I won’t break. Why don’t you take my place here and lay down. Let me do the work for a while and maybe John might become inclined to assist.” I told her that sounded like a worthy idea. I pulled back away from her so she could move aside. I lay down in her place while she stepped above me in a squatting position facing away from me. She attempted to settle down over me on her knees but I was too large, so she had to settle for squatting over me while reaching down to pull my tool up toward her opening.

John took her hint and got down between our legs, bringing his face right up to the action. Becka got my cock head in place at the entrance to her pussy and began to lower herself onto me. It still wasn’t going much past the half waypoint of the head. Then I felt John’s tongue going across her cunt. He licked at her lips, sucking on them individually, and then worked down to the exposed shaft of my manhood, licking up and down it’s length. Then he lowered his head and began to lick at my scrotum. All of these sensations were nearly too much for me. I had to concentrate not to come right then.

John continued to work from the bottom to the top of our collective parts. At that point Becka apparently felt that it was now or never and pushed down on me harder than ever before, and much harder than I would have ever dared when I was above her. She was breathing heavily and grunting intermittently with the effort.

And then suddenly, she got what we both wanted. With what seemed an audible whooshing sound, the first three of four inches lodged into her petite honey pot. Multiple sensations assailed my senses. I had never had my cock in anything so tight before, yet at the same time she felt alarmingly soft and more so hot at the same time. It was all I could do to deal with the incredible amount of sensory input.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32