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Chapter One – Beginnings

Deanna and Drew were laughing as they pulled into the driveway late.

Especially late for them, as Drew worked the night shift, and only had 8 nights per month off, most of them weeknights where Deanna couldn’t enjoy them, as she was an elementary school teacher under too much stress from a classroom with 32 wild 3rd graders and all the drama that comes with that.

These nights together were so important to her. Yes, she’d had WAY too much to drink.

Drew had been eyeing her new blouse with that ever so intriguing glimpse of the cleavage between her ample 34C breasts, and she’d been getting excited about getting home since dinner right after they’d left.

Drew opened the car door, taking her hand and helping her to her feet. He gave her an abrupt, passionate little kiss, before closing the door behind her and his hand on her hip all the way to the front door of their little bungalow.

Once they were in the door, she went straight for the bathroom and her “surprise” she was saving for him.

Inside the bathroom, she quickly, and rather drunkenly, ambled out of her clothes. Her freshly shaven legs and smooth pussy felt especially silky to the touch as she took a moment to touch as she watched herself in the big mirror.

From under the sink in a special bag she’d hidden, she removed the surprise — a sexy matching tie dyed and sequined thong and semi-sheer midriff t-shirt in purples and pinks and blues. She knew Drew would love it.

It especially suited her rounded hips and breasts, and she knew they would set him on fire. He loved seeing her in thongs, anyway, but the way this top hugged her full breasts and showed off the curve of her waist, hips, and her ever-so-tiny soft tummy made her confident this would be a new favorite of his. She knew his eyes always went wide for that and it made him even more excited than usual.

As Drew brought a Drambuie on the rocks from the liquor cabinet into the hallway and passed the bathroom, he didn’t look close enough to see her standing behind him in the deep shadow of the bathroom door closed behind her. He was distracted stealing an little sip of her favorite drink.

So, when she got to the doorway of the bedroom, and softly cleared her throat, he turned, and as expected, his eyes opened wide and jaw dropped as he “took in the view”.

“Oh my God, Baby…you look SOOO damn hot!” He moved in for a deep kiss, which she met enthusiastically. Hands ranged across his body as his free hand caressed her ass, hips, and the side of her breast.

She took the drink from him, draining the glass in one long pull, and setting it aside on a nearby dresser just inside the bedroom door, and then things started getting passionate before they’d even managed to get through the door of the bedroom.

The house was still dark, and so she didn’t feel concern that the early summer heat had most of the windows wide open in the house that night.

The night air was downright steamy, but trying to avoid running the air conditioning, a couple of fans hummed non-stop.

The Florida room with it’s 2 walls full of windows and big ceiling fan was pulling the majority of cooler air on this sticky night, and they could feel that all the way down the hall from their bedroom door. The ceiling fan from the bedroom simply stirred the warm air around a bit.

There was no doubt that it was going to get hot in there, tonight.

Deanna knelt in front of Drew, kissing the crotch of his slacks.

The big bulge beneath straining even before her lips touched it the first time. After negotiating the zipper aksaray escort and a button, she helped herself to it. Her warm, wet and eager mouth worked his hard, thick member deeper and deeper into her mouth.

His cooing had her pussy so wet, her hands were shaking a little as she caressed his big, heavy balls.

Soon, he was out of his clothes, and propped up against the doorframe to the bedroom, as Deanna worked his cock relentlessly in her mouth.

She loved that word…cock.

It was so naughty, so forbidden for a respected and trusted educator who so carefully protected her behavior and image in public, yet so enjoyed the thrill of her sexuality and her newfound love of sexual release.

The freedom of it all.

There was just nothing that relieved her stress and made her feel loved, and centered, and able to tackle day after day of her high pressure job with her signature smile and a twinkle in her bright green eyes.

She stopped to revel in the taste of Drew’s precum on her tongue, swirling it on her tongue, making him groan loud.

Wow, she was really feeling that Drambuie.

Maybe she shouldn’t have had that last drink, after all. Still, the thick syrupy strong flavor and the taste of his warm precum flowing out of his nice hard cock had her very hot.

And they were safely at home. There was nothing to worry about.

Deanna stopped sucking his dick, and used her hand to keep stroking him as they started moving into the bedroom. She climbed up on the bed, keeping him close-by with her massaging of his dick.

Now they lay together, in a flurry of mad passionate kisses, fumbling to get her out of her thong and top. His hands worked on her soft, ample breasts. His mouth sucking on nipples in turns and massaging her tender flesh, made her pussy tingle.

She asked him to fuck her, but knew he’d insist on eating her pussy first. She hated waiting for his dick when she really wanted it, and having him sucking her clit was so hard to take. It made her crazy.

Sometimes, she’d cum so hard that it felt like she pulled a muscle inside her pussy. She’d nearly asked her Gynecologist about this a few weeks ago, but chickened out.

Oh, his tongue felt so nice. She tried to relax, letting the waves of pleasure hit her, trying to ride them for a few minutes before struggling and starting to beg for a break to breathe.

It was feeling very muggy in the room already. She felt flushed. Getting harder to breathe.

She climaxed a second time, and struggled to move her legs to make him stop. She was gasping for breath.

“Oh God, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe in here.”

Drew got off the bed and helped her up. Taking Deanna’s hand, he led her naked into the hallway, turning toward the Florida room. She was hesitant.

Their crowded little neighborhood didn’t give them much privacy, and no matter how late it was, the light from the street lamp between the 2 two story houses behind theirs lit their Florida room pretty brightly.

But it was late and all the windows in the neighborhood were dark, even if a good number were open.

Before she knew it, Drew had led her into the room, and she stood watching him fold down the futon into a bed.

She climbed on first, and he slid behind her, his mouth kissing her pussy up and down as she paused and arched her back on all fours.

The fan was humming lowly, so she allowed herself to let a few whimpers of pleasure escape her lips.

He lapped at her pussy and she lowered her head, allowing her breasts to rest on the futon with her face, with her hips up as he licked at her escort pussy and ass. She was forgetting herself in the pleasure, moaning softly in the night air.

She stayed here for nearly 10 minutes, barely able to hold still.

The night air felt amazing, and surprisingly made her feel so free, yet so exposed at the same time. She let the licking take her to climax, and her cumming on his tongue had her begging for him to fuck her.

Drew reminded her with a smile on his face to keep it a little quieter with a conscious look out the windows, which told her how loud and excited she must be getting. Her embarrassment quickly melted away as Drew got up and mounted her from behind.

She loved this. This is what her pussy ached for, and he knew exactly what she needed.

She looked down between her legs, the room being bright enough to see his big balls moving toward her pussy as he filled her.

She let out her signature little shriek through pursed lips, and he started fucking her slowly, in nice long deep strokes, occasionally punctuated by a few series of short deep thrusts.

She came suddenly and powerfully, her drunkenness leaving her with less warning than normal, or was it that she was just so much more horny?

He kept doing this, and after she’d cum on his cock a few more times, she told him she needed a breather, and he pulled his cock out, juices glistening on his prick in the reflection from the streetlamp.

They lay on the futon, kissing passionately.

The cool air was just what they needed.

She was so refreshed from the fresh air, her pussy tingling from the orgasms, and the sounds of the night coming in the window that she moved down and started sucking Drew’s hard cock, tasting her own cum on his cock.

Their sighs and coos rustled along with the sounds of chirps and swaying leaves in the trees if their yard.

After a dozen minutes of this, Drew was worried he might cum, but wasn’t ready to let her drink his cum quite yet.

Even though he was “fixed” and unable to give Deanna the child she always had wanted, still he tried to indulge her as much as possible by cumming inside her. Maybe they’d get a little miracle baby.

Now he had her lay under him and he mounted her wet little pussy, feeding himself in slowly, absorbing her tightness and the intense heat of her sweet sex. He proceeded to thrust away deeply, carefully controlling his breathing.

Setting a rhythm. Fucking her in long, deep thrusts.

God, she was so tight.

His balls moved up against her lips as he pressed his cockhead in as far as he could go, filling her with his throbbing, straining manhood and ground against her cervix.

She softly started begging him to cum in her, telling him how much she wanted his seed inside her. Maybe it was how good she felt.

She felt a wave come out of nowhere from inside her body, and found herself close to cumming again on his hard cock.

Her voice carried in the humid, thick night air, as he pumped away, the rhythm of the ceiling fan whirring above them, as the futon rocked, and each thrust shook her breasts and made her body shake.

The air was growing thick and heavy with anticipation, now.

This took things up a notch for him, and he felt the pressure growing in his heavy, full balls. She leaned up, sucking his nipple as he fucked her a little faster, giving her long, deep thrusts as she lay under him on her back.

Then, with a sudden gasp, he groaned that he was going to cum, and he plunged his hyper swollen member powerfully inside her.

They climaxed together, a rare and wonderful surprise. kağıthane escort Her pussy kept clenching him in wave after wave of her powerful orgasm as he thrust in very deep, against her cervix, and heavy spurts of hot, thick seed gushing from his swollen cock deep inside her willing womb.

All capacity for language was gone for them as they descended into simply moaning and gasping as they released powerfully together.

They lay, kissing and caressing each other, panting in the heat of the still night. After 15 or more minutes of lying together caressing and regaining their breath, they slipped up off the futon and made their way toward their bed, both of them drunk, satiated, and now very sleepy.

They stumbled tired and drunk back to their room, bodies covered in cool sweat and mixed cum, leaving the futon down.

At that point, Deanna wasn’t sure, but she thought her deep green eyes noticed that the window blinds in the house behind hers were open in a window that wasn’t normally open. She was very drunk, though, and hadn’t really been looking, but she was pretty tipsy still as the passing thought that they usually were closed.

She didn’t see any sign of movement, or shadows in the window frame, and it was hot, so it was probably just left open to circulate air on a very steamy night. She smiled a drunken smile to herself and her pussy continued to tingle a sore little tingle as she walked into the darkness of their bedroom.

Deanna kept smiling with satisfaction as she slipped between the sheets and surprisingly quickly fell asleep. Drew lay beside her, hearing her breathing deep quickly and leaned over to kiss her white forehead as she slept. Then he closed his eyes and succumbed to sleep, himself.

Several normal days passed. After 4 nights off in a row, Drew started back to work for the next string of worknights, where he worked 8 nights in a row before he was home again for the night. After she saw him off, she went downstairs to shut down the computer for the night, having finished readying her clothes for another school day.

As she shut down the computer, she heard the mail slot upstairs in the front door open and snap back shut. She smiled as she thought she might have forgotten some papers for work in her car, and Drew might have come back briefly and slipped them in the mail slot.

As she shut off the lights, she walked in her short nightshirt passed the open front window and saw a big envelope on the floor next to the door. It was unmarked and sealed.

She took the plain, unmarked manilla envelope and walked into the kitchen in the darkness, standing at the counter, back facing the rear sliding glass door that faced the house behind them.

A florescent glow from a small light over the kitchen sink provided decent illumination for her as she opened the envelope and let the contents spill onto the counter.

Inside were two large 8×10 glossies with a folded legal sized piece of paper attached by a paperclip.

She pulled the photographs out of the envelope and as she flipped the paper aside, saw a closeup of herself in the Florida Room from the other night, sucking her own juices from Drew’s hard, cum-covered cock.

The other photo showed her bent forward, getting fucked very hard doggie style. Her mouth and eyes were open, her mouth formed into the shape of words of passion, as her face showed she was clearly cumming at the time.

The images were very clear, and there was no hint of how dark the room might have been.

The accompanying piece of paper had 3 sentences. “These are just a few of the pictures I have of you. Take your telephone to the big blue chair in your Florida room and wait for my call. If you’re not interested in talking to me, imagine how interested the local tv station will be interested in a scandal involving the exhibitionism of a trusted local teacher?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32