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This is based on a real experience that I had, though I’ll admit that I embellished some portions of the account.

A high school club I was involved in went on educational and recreational trips during the summer each year that we called “summer trips”. There were only about 25 or 30 students allowed on each trip. Throughout the year students could earn points to gain a spot on the trip.

I went on three of these trips, and they were a blast. There was usually a pretty even mix of guys and girls, and most of us knew each other fairly well. We rode across some portion of the country on a school bus, seeing several sights and then camped at some state or national park at night.

The last trip I went on was when I was 18. There was one day on that trip while riding on the bus, where two 18 year-old girls that I was sort of friends with were sitting in front of me. Their names were Amy and Brittany. I’m not sure what they were talking about before, but they turned around and asked me a question.

“What do you think about our boobs?” Brittany, the more outgoing one, asked.

I was somewhat taken aback at their question. Even though I was constantly looking at girls boobs (I was a teenage boy), I never had a girl ask me to look at her boobs and evaluate them. I felt that I was up to the task, so I commenced checking out their racks.

Amy was probably about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a narrow frame and a very slim build. Her boobs did not seem to fit the rest of her body, because they looked rather large. Because of her narrow frame, her boobs were right next to each other, almost like they were pushed together all the time. It was a good look though, from my perspective, and I told her that they looked very nice and full.

Brittany was maybe 5 feet 2 inches tall, with a medium to wide frame with more rounded hips. She was definitely not fat, just shorter and curvier. Her boobs seemed pretty nice as well, though spaced wider apart on a wider frame, they looked less impressive. I told her that her boobs looked ample, but not as big as Amy’s.

Brittany punched me playfully and Amy blushed. I was blushing too, and feeling pretty lucky to get the chance to look at their nice boobs, even clothed.

Then Brittany said, “We actually wear the same size bra, 34C. I do admit that Amy’s bra is filled up more than mine. Actually, she is about to bust out and should probably move up to a D cup.”

“What kind of boob description is ample anyway? What do you mean by that?” Brittany continued.

I told her without really thinking (again, the teenage boy), “Ample means good enough, sufficient, adequate.”

“So Amy’s boobs are very nice, and mine are just adequate, eh?” Brittany asked with raised eyebrows and a smirk.

She was teasing me, I knew, but I still got defensive, saying, “Yours are nice too. I mean I would be happy with them if I was with you.”

Now I was really blushing, while Brittany smiled mischievously. “So you’re saying that you wouldn’t mind if these were the boobs that you got to stare at…or play with?” She said, with her hands cupping her own breasts.

My blush deepened even more if that was possible, spreading to my ears and neck, while my pulse quickened and I felt a twitch in my jeans.

Brittany laughed, still with mischief sparkling in her eyes as she turned back around to face forward in her seat. I could hear her and Amy whispering and giggling for the next few minutes, though I could not hear what they were discussing.

That evening we stopped off at some state or national park campground. Those details have not stuck with me as closely as the boob parts of the story. We set up our tents and got everything unpacked that needed to be. Once that was done, we had free time Onwin until the next morning.

I headed over to the shower area and got cleaned up. Then I was standing around talking with some of the guys in the group when Brittany and Amy walked up and joined our group. I noticed they too had just come from the showers. They had wet hair and different clothes: short athletic shorts and tank tops like girls sleep in sometimes. As I looked closer, I noticed that I could faintly see the outlines of their nipples. Neither of them appeared to be wearing a bra.

Despite the lack of support from a bra, Amy’s boobs were still quite perky, sticking almost straight out. Brittany’s drooped a tiny bit, but were still looking very nice. They talked with the group for a minute, then started heading off toward the tent they shared. Brittany leaned over and whispered in my ear as she walked by for me to wait five minutes and then come to their tent. She and Amy needed my help with something.

My mind began racing through the possibilities (and some fantasies too) of what the girls might want my help with. I couldn’t help but think that it was related to it earlier discussion about boobs. I waited for what seemed like an hour, but was probably more like three minutes before excusing myself from the conversation.

I headed purposely off in the opposite direction from the girls tent, just in case any of the adult sponsors were watching. I circled back around and approached their tent. I could hear hushed conversation and giggling. I called out quietly and Brittany told me to come in and zip the tent behind me.

As I came inside I saw Amy and Brittany sitting close together in the middle of the tent. Amy smiled shyly at me, while Brittany, who was anything but shy, beckoned me over. I obeyed, zipping up the tent opening and walking to join them where they sat. I saw both girls checking me out as I approached. They smiled knowingly at each other, and I blushed at the attention. Brittany patted the sleeping bag between the two of them, and I sat down so that we formed a close triangular grouping.

We talked about the sights we saw that day, and they talked about some relational tension between a couple of other girls that I certainly had not picked up on. These girls were friendly and not unpleasant to talk with, but my mind was distracted. I was distracted by their proximity, their clean, slightly fruity smell, and of course their unencumbered boobs.

“What are you thinking about,” Amy asked.

“Me?… I was listening to what you two were talking about,” I stammered.

“And what else?” Brittany prompted.

I blushed and then said slowly, “What we talked about on the bus earlier.”

Both girls looked at each other and feigned confusion before Brittany asked, “What did we talk about on the bus again?…Oh, you mean about our boobs.”

As she said the word boobs, Brittany cupped both of hers for emphasis. Doing so pushed her nipples more firmly against her shirt so that their shape could be guessed at pretty specifically.

I continued to blush and felt a twitch in my shorts.

“Well, that is actually what we wanted your help with. “Brittany paused, “We need a little more in-depth judging of our boobs, and we think you are just the one to do it. You see there are some other characteristics we think need to be taken into account.”

“First, you need to test how they look with no bra. I think you may have already noticed that neither of us are wearing one tonight,” Brittany teased.

When she finished saying this, she and Amy sat up straight, sticking their chests out and pulling their shirts tight. Both girls giggled, especially Amy, but it was a very pleasant view indeed. Though Amy’s perkiness Onwin Giriş made her the winner here too, I was intrigued by the size and shape of Brittany’s nipples when her shirt stretched tight over them.

I could see that Amy was blushing along with me at this brazen pose, though she seemed excited as well. Both girls seemed to appreciate the attention of my direct gaze. As I stared, I could see nipples becoming erect and poking more firmly through fabric.

“Now I think you should judge how they feel in your hands,” Brittany said after I stared for a few minutes. “Here, do mine first.”

She grabbed both of my hands and placed them firmly on her clothed breasts. I gasped involuntarily and then something involuntarily started growing hard in my shorts. Since I was sitting cross-legged and leaning over toward Brittany, my growing erection was not that obvious, but if this continued, I knew the girls would notice. I cupped and hefted, testing their weight, then I squeezed slightly and ran my fingers over the nipples I could feel trying to poke through.

Brittany closed her eyes, and I could tell she was starting to breathe a little faster. After a couple of minutes Amy cleared her throat, interrupting us.

When I looked over at shy Amy, she looked embarrassed but excited. She looked expectantly at my face and then my hands that were still on Brittany’s boobs. She was still sitting upright with her chest sticking out for me to feel. She did not grab my hands as Brittany had done, but she was clearly inviting me to touch her.

I removed my hands from Brittany and turned toward Amy’s full breasts. My hands could reach almost completely around her boobs as I cupped them. They were amazingly firm where Brittany’s were soft and supple. I performed all of the same tests that I had with Brittany: cupping, hefting, squeezing, and feeling the nipples with my fingers. I may have tested more thoroughly than was strictly necessary, but no one seemed to mind. Amy and Brittany were both flushed and breathing loudly. I was fully hard now, though this was still somewhat hidden by my pose.

After about five minutes, Brittany stopped me, saying, “That was very nice, but there are some more comparisons for you to perform.” As she said this, she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts to me.

“Now I think you need to judge the look and feel without anything in the way,” Brittany said in a slightly husky voice.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as I took in the sight of her “ample” boobs. They looked fantastic to me in all their glory, especially the nipples. The areolas were the size of half dollars, and the erect nipples were nearly the size of thimbles. I stared in awe for at least a minute at the first set of live boobs I’d ever seen. Then I explored them with my hands as well as my eyes. Her skin was incredibly soft here, and though the nipples were firm, her boobs were soft and almost pillowy.

I ran my hands up and down and around for several minutes. Both girls intently watched my hands, and both were obviously aroused, even to my inexperienced younger self. Brittany was softly moaning, and I saw Amy in my peripheral vision grabbing her shirt to take it off.

I turned to Amy as she removed her shirt, spilling out her firm boobs. My hands were still on Brittany, but my eyes stared hungrily at Amy’s naked breasts. I took in every detail, from the nearly spherical shape, to the smaller, but still erect nipples. Her areolas were more like the size of quarters. Her nipples were about the diameter of pencils and stuck out maybe half an inch right from the center of the spheres.

My hands followed my eyes in roaming over the smooth skin, carefully following the curves and teasing the nipples. Onwin Güncel Giriş Now Amy really seemed aroused, and I was too. I was almost afraid of ejaculating in my shorts, I was so excited.

“I think there is one more comparison I should make with your boobs…how they taste,” I said as I leaned in and kissed Amy’s boob. She gasped, but when I hesitated, she grabbed onto the back of my head with both of her hands to drag me toward her. She laid back onto the sleeping bag, pulling me with her. I was kissing her boobs and sucking on her nipples while she held my head against her.

When Amy pulled me down with her, my erect penis was now pushing against her thigh. She did not comment on it, but I’m sure she could feel it pushing and throbbing against her as I sucked and kissed her boobs.

Never one to be left out, Brittany laid down beside Amy, jutting her chest out for my attention. I was too enthralled with Amy’s boobs to move my mouth, not to mention my head being trapped by Amy’s hands. I did free up a hand to caress Brittany’s boobs while sucking Amy’s.

Amy was moaning now and starting to buck her hips. I realized that she had one of her hands moving down between her legs. She cried out softly and her whole body shuddered. When she relaxed her tight grip on my head, I moved over to give Brittany my full attention.

Brittany had one hand inside her shorts, stroking herself already. As soon as my mouth touched her breast, sucking in a nipple, she went stiff and cried out, “Oh Yes!” I continued to suck on one large nipple, while using my hand to fondle the other. The position of my body was such that now my erection was poking Brittany’s leg. Brittany was much less naive and shy than Amy, so when she noticed my erection, she reached for it and began lightly stroking me through my shorts. This was enough to make her moan and go stiff again as she orgasmed a second time. She laid still for a few moments, recovering.

“I don’t think it’s fair that only you get to see and touch and taste,” Brittany said as she pushed me onto my back and yanked my shorts and boxers down.

My erect penis sprang out, and Brittany stared at it. This got Amy’s attention too, so she propped herself up on an elbow and looked at my erection. Both girls just stared for a minute or so before shy Amy reached out a hand to grab me. My penis throbbed and pulsed as she held it, and both girls stared hungrily.

Brittany stroked lightly over my balls, and Amy started moving her hand up and down ever so slightly. Now I moaned as the two pretty, topless girls caressed me. Brittany licked the underside of my shaft while Amy stroked. Then Brittany kissed the head and sucked it slightly into her mouth. I moaned louder, and then Amy’s mouth took the place of Brittany’s. She sucked in about one third of my length and the warm, wet feeling was exquisite. Then Brittany’s mouth sucked my penis in about halfway. She continued to suck me while Amy caressed my balls and the lower half of my penis.

Then it happened, my first orgasm from another person. The warm, wet suction and stroking on my penis along with the sight of both topless girls on top of me sent me over the edge. I spurted my semen inside Brittany’s mouth and down her throat. The force of the orgasm was so powerful that I jerked and shuddered almost violently.

The girls let go of my penis and semen dribbled down the side of my still-hard penis. Amy (not so shy anymore) stuck her tongue out and licked it up, tasting this unfamiliar fluid.

All three of us laid back together on the sleeping bags, with one girl on each side of me. No one seemed to feel the need to cover back up, so my erection and their breasts were still quite in the open. Each girl laid her head on my chest, which pressed their boobs against my sides. Thoughts of judging and comparing had long since left my mind; I was enjoying them both. We laid together for maybe ten minutes until we decided that I had better get to my tent before one of the adults came looking for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32