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The following morning I awoke to hear Brandi doing her morning bathroom stuff. I waited for thirty minutes, listened at the bedroom door until I heard voices in the kitchen, and then freshened up. Brandi was all smiles when I entered, and I found the table set for a single place. She poured my coffee, kissed the top of my head and said, “While you’re eating breakfast, I’ll take Lee over to the park and show him our new waterfall they just put in. Be back in thirty minutes, and we’ll plan the course for our day.”

They were out the door before I could even respond. Suddenly, the English muffin looked like a piece of wood. I took my coffee out on the patio, and waited for two and a half hours until I heard the sound of her car returning. I met them as they entered and Brandi tossed me a hurried greeting as she went straight to the bathroom, closing the door. She hadn’t been so quick that I hadn’t seen her flushed look and swollen lips though.

Lee gave me a meek smile, and also quickly retired to his own room. I listened to the water running in our bathroom, and could only imagine what she was doing. I knew. I’d been married to her for a long time. How should I handle this? I decided I’d wait until the evening and catch them in the act, have the showdown once and for all. That would make it simpler.

We played in the pool most of the day (or they did, as I sit in a pool chair and pretended to read.) I’d always thought my wife beautiful and wanted her sexually at least once or twice a week. Now that I’d seen her with another man though I actually lusted for her, watching the crack of her ass hungrily through her silk bikini bottoms, longing to touch those nipples sticking out against the top. In my entire life, my cock never stayed as hard for such a long time as it did that day. Only fear of rejection kept me from grabbing her hand, leading her into the bedroom, and attacking her savagely.

Brandi decided to grill steaks for dinner, so she and Lee spent another hour in the outdoor kitchen doing that. I watched them out my study window, but except for a few touches of hands and lots of eye contact, they behaved. At 9:30 I stood, stretched and said, “Think I’ll turn in.” I Looked at Brandi. “Coming?” Please come with me I pleaded silently.

She smiled sweetly, “I want to catch the late news first. Be in later.” Neither of them looked up as I departed.

I waited at the bedroom patio door for fifteen minutes (I am usually asleep in ten,) and finally saw Brandi stand and head for our bedroom. I hopped in bed, heard the door open, then close quietly. She was gone. bursa escort I quickly went back to the glass door and watched as she held out her hand to Lee, and together they walked toward the guest room. Once they started fucking, I told myself, I’d confront them both. This would put a stop to it once and for all, one way or another.

I practically ran around the building to the guestroom window, but Brandi was already kneeling in front of Lee, half his cock buried down her milking throat. She acted like she’d been absolutely starving for it. Lee’s sweat pants had been pushed down just far enough to allow Brandi access to his cock and balls. He finally forced her greedy mouth off his cock, and sit on the edge of the bed, pulling his pants completely off. Then he scooted back to the center, laying his head on one of the pillows. Brandi quickly dropped her shorts and halter-top, and with tits swaying, crawled toward him. As I watched, my resolve to intervene quickly evaporated as my aching cock engorged with blood.

She licked his cock a couple times before Lee groaned and practically threw her beneath his body. He held her legs up with his arms and buried his meaty cock inside her. Brandi screamed sharply, either in surprise or pain, I don’t know which. In any event, as he pounded her pussy, she wrapped her long legs around his body and began to answer each thrust with one of her own, followed by low moans and audible gasps. They must’ve been burning up all day long, because it didn’t take long.

Suddenly, Lee clinched his ass cheeks, his body went stiff and his nuts drew up tight. Shivering and trembling, he held himself buried entirely inside her, pumping his cum deep. Brandi cried out sharply, her toes curling, followed by small whimpers as she clutched his ass cheeks with both hands. Her whimpers quickly turned to something that sounded like sobs and after several minutes, they both collapsed as I jerked off – cumming hard against the side of the house. Breathless and trembling, I braced my hand against the side of the house, gasping for breath. It had been one of the most exciting things I’d ever witnessed. My dick felt tender but still slightly hard as I continued stroking it gently. I guess I’d only been fooling myself about confronting them after all.

After a few minutes, Brandi slid down Lee’s body and began licking his cock clean. I needed to stop this. I wanted to stop it – but I just stood there, watching my wife with another man. It was hard to accept this was the cute virgin college girl I’d fallen in love bursa escort bayan with and married. The girl who’d learned about sex along with me, and thought we were happy with that. I was sick inside, but already getting excited again just watching them. I guess I am one sick puppy. As Brandi licked and sucked Lee’s cock and balls as she’d done the night before, it started getting hard again. She began sucking in earnest then, taking it far inside her throat, holding it there.

She was positioned so that I could now see her snatch. Soft, light-brown curly hair, matted and wet, puffy lips holding her cunt open just a bit so a lining of pink showed. I saw a white bubble appear, followed by a glob of cream, and then a river of it. I recalled how after our sex she’d hide under the covers and wait for me to fetch a washcloth so she could wipe away the “Icky mess.” Mesmerized, I watched as Lee’s load oozed out of her and she used her left hand to smear it around her clit, emitting little sounds of pleasure it produced. I had another full boner by then. I wrapped my hand around it and squeezed gently, a thrill shooting through me.

After several minutes Lee acted like he was getting close to cumming again, but Brandi pulled back, repeatedly flicking the tip with her tongue. He grunted each time she did that. I heard her say, “I want it inside me again.”

She got on her hands and knees, as Lee positioned himself behind her. I could fully see her stretched cunt, leaking juices, open and waiting for him. Her wrinkled anus worked in and out as she waited. She was so close I thought I could smell her through the open window. I saw Lee place his cock-head against her open lips and start pushing it in. Brandi gasped loudly, dropping her chest a bit to give him better access. He gave a quick thrust with his hips and was all the way in. I felt as if I would cum right then. Lee started slowly sawing back and forth, as Brandi clutched the bedspread and whimpered softly. His cock was wet and shiny with her juices, glistening in the bedside lamp’s light. In all our years of marriage, Brandi had never been as open with me, always covering sedately, even during sex. It was now as if she wanted Lee to see her like this, completely surrendering, giving herself to him. I become conscious of tears streaming down my face even as I rapidly flogged my dick. I felt as if my heart was breaking, yet I watched, hungrily yearning for this woman who was my wife, but was now another man’s whore.

Lee took longer this time, bringing her to the brink escort bursa then slowing down, pulling back until she was uttering little protesting mews, waving her ass around searching for his penetration. I saw him smile and wanted to smash his face in. Instead, I clutched my cock harder, and watched. I heard Brandi plead softly, “please,” moving her beautiful ass back to capture his cock. Smiling coldly, Lee slammed into her brutally, battering her pussy with his horse-like cock. The slapping against her ass sounded almost deafening, extremely painful. Brandi turned her face on the pillow and I could now see her clearly. She looked in bliss. Then her face twisted painfully, and she cried out, “Yes! Yes . . .yes . . . yessss.” Lee’s ass clinched as he buried a foot of meat to the base, held it there trembling, emptying those hairy balls into my wife’s waiting cunt. My wife!

I came harder than I can ever remember. When I could breathe again I watched Lee unhook from her, and fall onto his side. She turned to face him, staring into his face for a moment, then reached up and licked his lips. That look of tenderness, told it all. I staggered back to our room totally exhausted, my cock aching from its abuse. I didn’t know if they would do anything else, or if they even could, but I fell onto bed, out immediately.

I was unaware if Brandi came to bed, but she wasn’t there the next morning and her pillow didn’t look mussed. The first thing I did was go on a crying jag – the tears just kept coming for a long time. I loved my wife more than anything, and I’d now lost her. She’d been a virgin when we married, and I was sure mine was the only cock she’d ever had. When she’d touched Lee’s gigantic cock that first night on our family room sofa, I can only imagine the rockets going off inside her pretty head. Practically a virgin and likely unaware something like that even existed, she’d have probably been curious at best and eventually overcome with desire for it. A chance to try a cock that big, for a woman who’d done hang-gliding, surfing and deep sea fishing, had been like waving a red-flag in front of her. Yeah, she’d have done it for sure, and once experiencing it had instantly been addicted.

I wondered how she’d explain why she hadn’t come to bed last night – if she’d even try. In my mind, I saw how her pussy had clasped Lee’s driving cock inside her, quivering on it with pleasure as she came. Tears stung my eyes again, even as I felt my boner growing. You sick bastard, I thought in disgust, but was simply unable to stop it. I entered the kitchen, and right away saw her Gucci suitcase by the front door. Lee was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m leaving,” she said simply.

“With Lee?”

She looked surprised. “You know?”

I swallowed hard. “I love you, Brandi. I do. More than life. Don’t go.”

She walked to the front door and picked up the bag. “I love you, too.” With that, she walked out of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32