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Fox-Janner was livid as a matronly woman occupied Miles Dunton’s seat, and a very stern looking large and buxom woman with glasses, every inch the strict schoolmistress, sat in place of the diminutive Marlon Baker; though concerned by Clyde Wilson’s absence, he was relieved when the seat remained empty. The remaining males gawped at the two new women; their balls tingling with a sense of curiosity and an underlying and undeniable acceptance that they were being taken over; some pondered the fate of the two, knowing the submissive nature of the missing men. Cocks swelled as Elaine stood, her full breasts heaving in her tight blouse and with a satisfied smile, introduced the two very superior looking women.

“Gentlemen, I am very pleased to introduce two new board members who have graciously accepted the positions willingly vacated by the former members following negotiation.” ‘Willingly’ was used somewhat euphemistically; Dunton was presently bound head to toe in a darkened room, and was milked at regular intervals by a smiling Lana who watched his superficial wounds heal as he squirmed in discomfort; though willing to sign his life away at a very early stage in the whipping, Lana had indulged her full pleasure in thrashing him to absolute submission, long after he considered himself broken, and completely owned by her. A buzzing dildo harnessed within her panties had allowed her to orgasm several times as she watched the submissive male writhe in agony as the lash bit home, the ecstasy she enjoyed allowing the wretch a few moments respite before the whip was applied again as his cruel mistress rebuilt her arousal.

Baker had been put through the full dressage by Penny who had applied the crop sparingly but made him know his place; he had been tempted by the humiliation, whiff of leather and glorious scent of his mistress’s rich arousal but denied orgasm. Teased and punished in front of a crowd of nubile stable-girls, he had signed things away piecemeal, begging for relief as his stiffly erect cock was displayed to the young ladies as he was put through his paces by Penny. He had signed everything away when a large and very dominant woman with glasses, her jodhpurs stretched to the limit in containing her bulbous ass, expressed her desire to buy him from Penny on conveniently coming across the private ‘show’. As she swished her crop and fetched a leash to restrain him with, his cock dribbled as he immediately yearned for this magnificent female. Penny had prolonged his agony by promising him to the buxom virago only if she could make him sign the required documentation.

After just a few minutes with mersin escort the formidable bitch, leashed, put over her huge thighs and spanked in front of the sneering stable girls, Baker was mesmerised by the absolute dominance of the superior woman. She, Penny and the stable girls, smiled with satisfaction as he obediently signed on being told to do so by his mistress-to-be; his cock was rigid and aching as the stern woman pulled his leash tight and he looked at the damp patch blossoming around the camel-toe in her jodhpurs as he signed his life away. He was presently at his new mistress’s home, leashed and kneeling by her bed, his wrists bound behind his back to prevent him masturbating; the jodhpurs having been laid out over the edge of the bed, crotch on display and eagerly sniffed by Baker. The scent tortured his cock and balls as he awaited the return of the woman – the woman who had also taken his seat at the golf club.

Edwina Markham smiled through her severe looking glasses at her good friend and business associate Elaine, as she was introduced to the inferior male members of the board. Like Elaine, she practised total dominance over all members of the male gender, and her large and excited cunt swelled with pride and absolute pleasure as she indulged in the discomfort of the gawping males, knowing she was now part of a female takeover of what had been a strictly male domain for at least a century. She would bask in her position of authority, and longed for the soon to be realised time when four more women would be appointed; the seven females then in majority would set about breaking the five remaining males with ballots which would ensure their demise, one way or another. Like Elaine and her newly appointed colleague Irma Grant, she eyed the surviving male members, seeking out the weaker ones; the balls of those caught momentarily in eye contact tingled with varying strengths. The feeling of growing supremacy aroused Edwina superbly; she was sat in the seat vacated by the male who had submitted to her earlier, who waited, leashed and naked, and to whom she would shortly return to reaffirm her dominance.

Her mature cunt oozed and her nipples poked defiantly at the other males as she thought how she would thrash Baker when she returned, then have him lick that aroused cunt and equally sticky asshole, before having him masturbate at her feet. She would slowly break him completely over the next month or so, having him divulge whatever morsels of knowledge he had of the other board members; like so many males Edwina Markham had owned before, she would get the kocaeli escort utmost pleasure from utterly dominating him, getting supreme pleasure from breaking his will completely, before passing him on to the most spiteful new owner she could find.

Many a male owned by Edwina had found themselves shipped abroad, and in the hands of a covert female ring in countries where women are seen as second-class citizens; there the venom of ill-treated females was then vented upon the hapless male without mercy. Edwina’s cunt would blossom as she received a postcard a few weeks later, thanking her for the gift; the picture on the postcard depicting a gallows or guillotine, earning her slave of the moment a generous and savoury taste of that blossoming cunt, as she indulged in an orgasm in memory of another dispatched male.

Edwina’s presence along with Elaine’s and the matronly Irma, led to a lot of impromptu visits to the men’s room by those on the board; Clyde’s first job had been to rig up CCTV there that very morning, the tape would be viewed later, and those seen masturbating; several had been unable to resist it, would be targeted later.

Elaine, who was dressed in her tight equestrian outfit as she was to attend to some new recruits at the centre after the meeting, swished her crop with authority as she announced the success of the new application scheme.

“It is my pleasure to reveal that the applications through the golf store have been an unprecedented success thus far. We have had no less than 58 new applications in one day; mostly from women. In fact 52 were from women. Edwina and Irma here have many administrative skills, and I elected that they be given the task of vetting the new applications. Having done so, you’ll be pleased to know that after the first day we have 52 new members, all women.” As several cocks rose at the gall and natural authority of the redhead, others twitched at the obvious discrimination in selection; Fox-Janner was outraged.

Elaine saw that Fox-Janner was blistering about the latest news; she was thoroughly pleased with his demeanour following this purposely barbed announcement, but she had to keep him in the boardroom for a while to ensure Clyde had set things up at his home; his housekeeper and soon to be part-owner, Gloria Trent, was delighted to assist in any way she could; Elaine was inspired by this formerly meek woman’s transformation, her enthusiasm for the new lifestyle mentored by Gordon’s new owner Angela, confirmed to Elaine that all women were naturally dominant.

Luckily the agenda for the day samsun escort involved a general monthly talk by the Chairman about the state of the business. Fox-Janner chuntered on, red-faced and seething under his breath, the same mundane results inevitably showing the business just breaking even, though it was apparent to any visitor to the club that the facilities were very tired and needed a hand in sprucing things up; a woman’s hand would inevitably see to this. Elaine smiled with satisfaction as she made the point that the 52 new members would increase the revenue very shortly, and she hoped that this new surge in members would continue. She smiled as the minutes ticked by on the clock to match those noted from the meeting; now they had reached ‘any other business’ she would propose another small change which would irk the already seething Chairman and get some of the cocks tingling too.

“I propose that hereafter the title of ‘Chairman’ be known as ‘Chairperson’; this would naturally be appropriate as the club is no longer gender specific.” Certain cocks extended to maximum length as she delivered her suggestion whilst strutting at the opposite end of the table to Fox-Janner and flexing the leather riding crop in her hands, Fox-Janner himself was not impressed and scribbled his response before leaving.

Elaine left the room and phoned Gloria to warn of his imminent arrival; she was pleased to hear that Clyde had departed, and had agreed to be available outside the premises later that evening to oversee the use of the Wi-Fi system, which would allow their discrete surveillance. When Elaine returned to the boardroom, she was more than pleased with what she found on the table; not only did she find Fox-Janner’s scribbled ‘No’ to her suggestion, as was expected, there were also two signed resignations from two of the older, more hard-core, and married board-members; two more women would immediately grace the table; a complete take over was now within her grasp.

As Elaine, Gloria and Clyde waited in a van parked close up to Fox-Janner’s house, they amused themselves as Clyde flicked views from one room to another on the four lap-tops which picked up and recorded all that Fox-Janner did. It worked perfectly and an hour after he had been seen to swallow a large blue tablet, he appeared in the main bedroom, stripped and put on a black silk kimono. He left it open at the front and stroked his erect cock, no doubt in readiness for someone’s arrival. Sure enough, at seven o’clock, the petit and very feminine owner of the voice that Elaine had conversed with, appeared at the front door and rang the bell. Clyde’s cock tingled with anticipation as he zoomed in on the soft shapely blonde, with long legs, a delicately feminine bottom and such a sweet innocent face. Elaine and Gloria smiled at each-other as they noted his reaction; he was in for a surprise, but not as big a surprise as the tyrant in the house would be given later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32