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It was a warm summer night in the suburbs of New York City where Chad and Alex (short for Alexandra) have made their home. From all appearances to the outside world they were people everyone always dreamed of having for neighbors. They always had a radiance about them that never went unnoticed because their energy just flowed out of them and into their surroundings. Everywhere they went people smiled. Put simply they were full of goodness and it gushed from them.

Chad was just a touch over five feet nine and he liked to keep himself healthy. He ate well and exercised regularly and it showed in his toned body. He was never into bulking up as he was also well connected with his feminine side and fully embraced everything girly whenever the mood strikes him. Most of his clothes came from the girls rack but still kept the look rather androgynous most of the time. Though with a few adjustments he could look as masculine or completely passably feminine as he wanted. His hair was halfway down his back, very full, and very dark. It was usually kept in a ponytail but tonight he let it out.

Alex was just a little bit taller than Chad but towered over him when she was in her favorite heels. It was a good thing he liked wearing them as much as she did. Her hair was mid back and a nice light brown. Rarely did ever wear it up except on those days she wanted it off her succulent neck. She knew how much Chad loved to kiss and bite her neck. At this point her co workers expect to see a new red mark at least a couple times a week where he was sucking on her. Tonight she wanted to show herself off. A tight little black dress with four inch strappy sandals and the tiniest little g string ever put together from a piece of thread. She was stunning. She was dressed to tease Chad senseless all night. It was her birthday and they were going to enjoy it thoroughly.

Tonight Chad planned things out b but would only tell her to dress up for a night out of drinks, dancing, and a good time. He actually spent some time looking for the perfect place to take her tonight. Recently they had been discussing fantasies and they wanted to try a threesome. Not just any threesome though. They wanted to find a transgender girl they really clicked with. They were both very spiritual people and knew they were meant for each other when they met. It was an experience that can’t be described to anyone that hasn’t gone through it. So they knew when the right gurl crossed their path they would know immediately. Tonight Chad planned to start their search.

With tonight being Alex’s birthday Chad had absolutely no desire to be distracted from her or worry about such things as driving. So when it was finally time to walk out the door, his hand on her lower back she was surprised to see a limousine waiting in the driveway for them. The driver was dressed the part to the nines including the little cap and white gloves. He was standing by the back door holding it open for her to get in.

She looked back at Chad with a coy smile that let him know his planning was making her wet. If he went this far what else could the night be bringing. He just smiled back at her. A smile that he knew got her every time. It would start in her eyes and rapidly travel down her spine and start her pussy going moist. It wasn’t just his smile that effected her so deeply. It was the energy that he emitted when he looked at her with that smile. She knew he saw her right down to her very spirit. Their beings were so in synch with each other they could physically feel each other’s energy from any distance. Tonight was no different. She could also feel a little mischievousness in his energy. In an instant they shared a silent communication. She knew he was up to something and he told her to just go with it yet not a word was spoken as they stepped into the car.

Once inside Alex found a bottle of her favorite wine waiting to start the night. Chad made short work of the cork and soon they were clinking glasses of their first drink of the night as the car cruised down the road. They shared some silly banter as he complimented her on how she grew and got so much more delicious with age. He always knew just what to say to her.

After a ride of about a half hour the driver pulled into the parking lot of an nice looking restaurant/club. It looked like a fancy place that started out with food until about 10 then it was all club. She wondered if there would be a dj or hopefully they would have a live band instead. There was always something more exciting dancing to the actual musicians playing. It electrified and excited the atmosphere so much more than when they only had a dj playing songs. They were getting there in time for a nice dinner before the fun was to start a little later in the evening.

Once inside the preparations for a night of fun were obvious everywhere. The band had their stuff out and on display. There was just something in the air that Alex was able to pick up on but she was unable to pinpoint exactly what sikiş porno it was.

They were seated quickly by an exuberant but very efficient waitress. She was probably one of the bartenders for later. Like the rest of the staff she was impeccably put together and almost friendly to a fault. Alex quickly realized that Chad couldn’t have found a better place that matched their energies and she just settled in and totally relaxed.

Throughout the meal they just spoke of little fun things. Remembering the last year and all the fun things they had done together since they first met. By the time they were finished eating Alex was comfortably buzzed and ready to move on to the next part of the night. Even though the band wouldn’t be starting for another hour they still had an open bar and a place for some warm up dancing.

As she worked her way towards the back of the club where all the activity was she started to notice some things about the patrons. Nothing more than just the odd smile she would occasionally see two guys give each other or the girls that were openly kissing. It was still early in the night so these scenes were not happening with a huge frequency but they were happening more openly than she had really experienced before. It was also a club that she hadn’t been to before and it looked like it was a younger crowd. So ultimately she put her observations in the back of her mind and didn’t think much more about it.

By the time the band started playing Alex had another drink in her and was ready to start really letting loose and having a good time. Putting her empty glass on the bar she gave Chad a playful smile while giving him a very seductive display that was mesmerizing to the average guy. However for Chad she knew exactly what buttons to press. How much sexy, with innocence and naughty that really fired him to up. She was his intoxicant and she knew it. Tonight she was sex siren. She was feeling a work up starting to build as he stared hungrily at her evident by the bulge building in his pants.

Beckoning him onto the dance floor they start moving with the music. The alcohol buzzing through their veins loosening up their inhibitions. Alex loved grinding on Chad’s cock when they dancing. Her height allowed a perfect for between them when they where both wearing shoes of similar heel height. He also preferred to wear tighter fitting pants from the girls rack which didn’t really leave much to the imagination when he was excited. They tended to stretch right along with him. From the look the girl across the dance floor was giving him it was obvious that he had another fan.

Alex noticed Chad’s admirer and worked around the dance floor in such a way that she could look her over. She was a really good looking blond girl. A little bit shorter than she was. Probably five foot seven maybe a little taller. She was wearing a killer pair of knee high stiletto boots with a little black long sleeved skater dress. She had a fabulous smile but there was something more there as she locked eyes with Alex.

Alex was instantly taken into her blue eyes. There was a sensuous desire in them. In that moment Alex realized yeah she liked what she saw in Chad but she undressing Alex hungrily and unabashedly. She held up a finger to Alex wiggling come here.

The surprise in Alex’s face must have been obvious because Chad looked at her and turned around to see the blond smiling seductively. They made eye contact long enough to share a silent communication. She wanted them both but was asking him for Alex. He had no intention of disappointing her either because he turned back to Alex with a mischievous grin.

Alex knew what he was thinking right away and turned several shades of red. Yeah they had spoken about bringing an extra playmate into the bedroom but talking was one.

Her vagina ultimately made the decision for her as her red cheeks quickly went right to her hot little box. She felt the tingles coming on that Chad have her but they were somehow different. They were more raw and primal and certainly very powerful. Her panties were already starting to wet through. She never tasted another girl before and she couldn’t wait. She knew deep down before the night was over she would be devouring this girl. She knew Chad would be watching before participating as that has been a long fantasy of his. She hadn’t even learned this beauty’s name and yet she could already see in her mind exactly how the night was going to unfold.

Just then Chad snapped her out of her dream which was imperceptible to anyone but him. It gave him a smile because he knew what she was thinking. She couldn’t hide annoying from him anymore than he could hide anything from her. He took her hand and started her towards the blond. Once she was even with him his hand went upon her lower back directing her forward until they were standing barely a couple feet away from the girl calling upon them.

She was even make striking up close. She şişman porno had on just a little bit of makeup that really accented her good looks perfectly. She also had much nicer cleavage when looking down from so close. They had to be at the very least a big c more likely d cups. She had a great mix of innocent and naughty in her energy. She held her hand out first to Chad who took it, kissing the back, and introducing himself and Alex. Then in turn learned her name was Ana.

For the next few minutes they shared a drink and a few lines of opening small talk getting the preliminary “getting to know each other” formalities out of the way. It turns out And was supposed to be there with a couple friends who decided to hook up with a couple of the guys they had met pretty much abandoning Ana to her own devices. It was actually her first time at this particular club. She wasn’t usually so forward with anyone but for some reason she had an inexplicable draw to Chad and Alex.

Once they had another drink in them Ana was itching to dance. She grabbed Alex’s hand and practically dragged her to the dance floor. Not that she resisted Ana was just moving faster than she could keep her balance. They found a perfect spot where they could seduce each other’s minds through their bodies as they radiated an intense sexual energy. The longer they danced together the more in synch they were becoming. Their movements became perfect mirrors.

As if they had known each other for years they both turned all that sexual energy on Chad. He was used to feeling what Alex did to him but this caught him completely by surprise. He could feel both of them clearly. His bulge grew suddenly in his pants. There was no hiding it from anyone. The two sirens took full notice and turned towards each other sharing a long kiss turning more than a few heads.

Chad looked at the two of them with a very satisfied smile. The night was going to become very interesting indeed. Then he got up to join them on the dance floor. Keeping his eyes on their bodies squirming in time with the music. Both girls wrapped around him Alex in front with Ana pressed against his back. The girls crushing their breasts against him and Alex alternatively grinding her ass against his stiffening cock.

That’s when he felt Ana grind against his own ass and he felt there was a little something extra that he wasn’t expecting there. Reaching behind him without turning around he laid his palm flat against the front of her dress. She pressed tight against him sandwiching his hand between them. There was no mistaking what he felt. His fingers gently squeezed the bulge he could feel growing under his touch. He moved his hand up and down enough to realize that she was certainly well endowed.

The feeling of a cock in his hand was totally new. He had only ever seen other cocks in porn and never felt one before. Though he had fantasized about being with a transgendered girl in every possible position. More he and Alex had been discussing it recently and decided they wanted to have a threesome. However the condition was that it had to just happen and they would let it just go with whoever things just clicked with. It wouldn’t matter whether it was man or woman with a transgendered girl preferred. Both he and Alex shared multiple fantasies that all came together in a discussions of fantasy followed usually by some really intense fucking he remembered while grinning subconsciously and feeling his ass begin to self lubricate.

Alex liked fucking Chad with a strap on as much as she loved being fucked. They couldn’t have been paired more perfectly by the Universe as they were absolutely perfectly complimentary and in tune with each other. So it was no surprise to either one when he told her his fantasies with her and a girl with a cock. How he wanted to suck her juice off a girl’s cock while she rode her to orgasm. Then he was wanted to double penetrate her with the girl. That was the fantasy that put her over the edge. She could vividly feel his fantasy and wanted it so very much to happen. To be totally filled and thoroughly fucked.

As hyper sensitive to Chad as Alex was she only caught a hint of the naughty plans that were traveling through his head at the speed of thought. She only knew that something suddenly aroused him which she confirmed when she grabbed his cock finding it to be made of oak.

“Well hello. What has you so excited my sexy stud?” Alex questioned with a playful smile.

Ana put her head on Chad’s shoulder and looked at Alex. “I suspect Mr. Studly here wants to take this party to a more private setting. What do you think Alex? Let’s go have a night cap just the three of us.”

With that she walked around Chad and pulled Alex into her arms and kissed her long and hungrily. If Alex had any reservations about her new friend she lost them in that instant. Wrapping her arms around Ana’s neck she kissed her back matching her lust and desire. Chad just smiled and put swinger porno an arm around each of his ladies and started for the door.

Seated in the back of the limo Alex was between Chad and Ana. Both of them were turned facing her and each other. As if Ana had always been a part of them she and Chad leaned in simultaneously to kiss Alex’s neck. Both of their noses turned back so they could take her scent in while teasing her skin with their lips. Moving around the front of her neck their lips came together for the first time. The lust and tension ratcheted up in all them as Alex watched from mere inches away. Then she became acutely aware of the hands sliding up her legs and thighs. Both at a measured pace. Inching closer and closer to her most sensitive of spots that until just now she didn’t realize just how intensely worked up she was getting. Yeah they talked about this happening but now it was. It was her first time doing something like this ever and now feeling both of them so close to her lips all she could do was lay her head back and spread her legs so they could get to get that much easier.

“Ana did Alex tell you that today is her birthday and we were out celebrating tonight?”

“No she didn’t. I am guessing then I am a bit of a special celebration then? Does she know about my extra special surprise?”

“Not unless you told her.”

At this point Alex was completely confused and looking back and forth between the two of them questioning. This only served to make them both giggle at her and confuse her even more. Though she could feel a very excited energy from both of them. The unknowing caused her pussy to get even wetter if that was possible. She knew she was already completely wet through the thin fabric that passed for a thong. Barely more than something to unwrap.

“Alex honey why don’t you feel how excited you make Ana. You’ll probably understand better then.”

Ana switched seats in the limo so she was now facing Alex. Her legs were spread about shoulder width apart and she pushed her dress down between her legs. She looked across at Alex with an innocent come get me smile while she gently rubbed the front of her crotch..

Chad realized just how well thought out her dress was as she didn’t have to tuck her cock to hide it not for she have any noticeable bulge. Even while she sat there seductively rubbing herself you couldn’t tell what she was hiding beneath. He was eager to see her cock. She would be their first of many things tonight.

Alex slid off the seat onto her knees in front of Ana while Ana scooted her butt to the edge of the seat. Gazing over her breasts while biting the tip of her finger she made eye contact with Alex and shared a silent communication with her. Inviting her in and telling her how excited she was. Her anticipation was building and she knew Alex was going to find her so hard that she would be leaking right through her satin panties.

Alex’s hands first came into contact with Ana’s knees and slid up across her skin from there. Her legs were perfectly silky smooth and nicely athletic. She let her hands slip under her dress but stopped short of reaching Ana’s rock solid surprise. Instead she lightly dug her fingernails into Ana’s thighs and dragged them down. Heightening her nerves that she could tell were already clearly inflamed. She could feel the muscles in her legs twitch so she knew she was having the right effect. However she didn’t really want to wait any longer and continued to push her hands all the way up Ana’s dress. Expecting to find soaking wet panties and her first taste of pussy she was initially very confused when she felt a bulge to rival Chad’s pulsing under her palm.

Ana gave Alex a very innocent knowing look. Those big pretty eyes looking at her with anticipation and excitement. Alex’s hand only paused for a second in realization before it continued up her shaft. Her fingers gripping it through the thing fabric. Making her cock twitch with every light touch of her fingertips and nails. It only took her a short couple of seconds to realize that Chad knew of Ana’s special surprise and looked over her shoulder at him. She gave him a coy smile letting him know she just caught on confirmed by his lack of surprise.

Alex then hooked her fingers in Ana’s panties and slid them down her legs. Only then did she finally lift the edge of her skirt to see the surprise underneath. Standing fully erect against Ana’s belly was a beautifully clean shaven cut cock. The way she was laying it went almost to her belly button and her fingers just touched together when she wrapped them around the shaft. The head was splendidly bigger than her shaft. Beautifully mushroom shaped and so perfect for sucking. Surprisingly she was very similar in size to Chad.

Holding herself up with just her palms Alex leaned over and kissed the head of Ana’s cock. She heard a little gasp and the cock before her gave a nice little twitch. Sucking it between her lips and sinking her mouth down over the head she began to swallow Ana’s cock whole. With one motion her nose was quickly against Ana’s belly while she swallowed several times to massage her cock with her throat muscles. She lifted off Ana’s cock and began to stroke it vigorously using her saliva as lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32