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Alex was a rather short fellow, timid, and obedient, Sammie’s type exactly. Sammie lay on her back with Alex’s face between her thighs, his mouth working on her balls, her legs on his shoulders. She moaned and arched her back, reaching down to wrap her fingers in Alex’s hair and grind his face into her crotch. He licked up her shaft, teasing the tip of her cock with the tip of his tongue, Sammie felt his finger press against her anus, it clenched and he paused, a moment later he began wiggling his finger into her ass. The bed creaked with her movements.

Sammie gasp, a sharp pain making her wrap her legs around Alex’s head. Her cock had been resting on his lips, with her legs pushing him forward he opened his mouth and her cock slid over his tongue. She felt his finger squirming in her rectum, something that felt strange to her no matter how many times her ass was filled.

Alex’s nose was pressed hard into Sammie’s pubic hair, his tongue working on her cock, it’s head buried in his throat. Alex didn’t even flinch with the head shoved so deep, his gag reflex was long overcome from his need to service his mistress.

Sammie unwrapped her legs and pulled his head up some, till just the head of her cock was at in his mouth, she pushed him back down hard, then slowly pulled him back. She repeated this for several minutes, his lips slowly sliding up her shaft before jerking him back down. Feeling herself getting close she stopped, sighed, and pushed him off her. Sammie shuddered as he withdrew his finger from her ass.

Alex sat back on his legs and waited, Sammie motioned for him to lay on his back, once he had she sat beside his head. Sammie pointed to his feet and he lifted his legs straight up, she took each ankle in her hands and pulled them forward putting his legs under her armpits. His cock now hung a few inches from his face.

Sammie reached between his legs with her hands and squeezed his balls. She began rubbing his cock as he started to breathe harder. Smiling, Sammie lowered her face to his asshole and swirled her tongue around it, Alex moaned in pleasure as her lips pressed against his hole and sucked lightly. Sammie increased her pace on his cock, jerking him faster and faster, when she shoved her tongue into his asshole he shook with his orgasm and his cock exploded, spraying his face with cum.

Sammie pulled her face from between his cheeks, licking her lips. She milked his cock of the last bit, the juice dripping down onto Alex’s face, covering his lips and mouth with his semen. Sammie eased Alex’s legs back onto the bed. She lowered her crotch onto his face, wiping the cum around and covering her cock and balls with it. With a firm push she rolled Alex onto his back and he spread his legs apart for her as she moved between his legs. Sammie pressed her cock against Alex’s rear, rubbing it around, the cum dripping down his crack.

Tired of teasing, Sammie held he cock straight and pushed forward, cum and spit on his asshole lubricating her head as it forced open his back entry. Alex grunted beneath her and wrapped his arms around a pillow as Sammie began thrusting into him. She griped toplu porno his sides and began fucking him as hard as she could, the soft, wet inner walls of his rectum an Eden for her pulsing cock. Finally, Sammie tensed up, pressing her tits against Alex’s back as she came in his ass.

Sammie sat in the pool room the next night. It was the company pool tournament, something she came to every year so she could claim to be a “team player” on the self review ever around the bend. Her opponent was one of her co-workers, Mark. She stared at his dirty blond hair while he took his turn. He hated it when she called his hair color “dirty blond” but that’s what it was. He reached up to brush his hair out of his eyes, staring exasperated at the table.

Sammie, “You can’t make any shots! Just hit the damn ball!”

“I don’t know, if I hit it off the side and into that ball…” Mark trailed off dreaming of a possible shot.

“Bah, you hear, Bah!” Sammie walked off to the bar and ordered excessive amounts of alcohol before returning with her tray to the game. Over the next hour she became quite intoxicated and proceeded to lose several games to her slow ass adversary. A sore loser she blamed the bartender, the white ball, and Mr. Popo for her poor performance before wobbling out to her car. Sammie drove about 20 miles an hour the whole way home, thinking she was doing a pretty good job looking sober, in fact maybe her drunk driving was safer then all those non-drunk losers that went all fast and honked at her, and… stuff.

Once home she dropped in front of the TV and watched the random zombie movie that was on the current channel. The house was dark, the only light came from the hall bathroom’s half open door. After about half an hour it began to rain outside. As the zombies shambled around she got a little frightened. Something tapped the window and she jumped looking around before laying back down and squeezing her pillow.

Someone knocked on the door.

Sammie slowly stood up and crept towards the hall, on her way she kept glancing behind her, making sure the zombies were still Inside the TV and not crawling into her living room. At the door she fumbled for the light switch, found it, and flipped.


Pausing but a moment more she opened the door. Rain was all that waited outside. Turning back she returned to the TV, a few seconds later there was a tapping on the back door. “It must be kids.” Sammie thought and decided to ignore it.

On screen a young woman struggled against the attack of a female zombie, her shirt tight against her breast. Sammie imagined the zombie pushing the woman down on her back, and a hot lesbian zombie scene following, I’ll spare you the details of this.

Of course, what actually happened is that the zombie killed the poor woman quite brutally. Sammie turned off the TV. “Some zombie’s have no class.” Sammie said and stood up. The room was even darker without the glow of the television, the rain the only sound, other then footsteps that is.

Sammie became understandably alarmed when she heard the steps. Looking around, she grabbed türbanlı porno the closet weapon she could find, her pillow, and ducked next to the couch. A figure walked past her, not seeing her in the dark.

“DIE ZOMBIE SCUM!” Sammie leapt up and bashed the figure repeatedly with her pillow. The man screamed and fell to the floor, shielding himself with his arms against her brutal assault. Between blows she recognized Tim, a fellow from the office whom she’d known since high school.

“Oh hey Tim. You think you could knock?” Sammie lay down the pillow and sat on the couch, or tried to, she was still quite drunk and missed the couch, landing on her ass. “Ouch! You see what you made me do!?”

Tim got up, “Um, sorry. You didn’t answer the door so I came in.”

“You came in huh? How nice.” Sammie started to pull herself up on the couch, but it seemed so hard, and the floor was so comfy… so she lay back with her pillow.

“Well, I knew you were home, and I wanted to ask you a favor.”

“Great! A favor, what is it?”

“Could I like, stay here for a while?” Tim pleaded, pretty pathetically.

“Huh?” Sammie stared at him.

“I lost my apartment.” Tim said, starring at the floor.

“Well, where was the last place you put it?” Sammie asked.

“I didn’t lose it you damn drunk! I have to move out cause I can’t afford the rent!”

Money signs floated in front of Sammie’s eyes, “Well, so long as you pay rent here.”

“Well, I don’t really have any money.”

Sammie frowned, and thought. She wanted to help, but for nothing? Then a brilliant thought! “You can be my maid!”

Tim smiled, “You bet, I clean everything thoroughly.”

Sammie smiled, “You have to be my sexual servant as well of course.”

Tim laughed, thinking she was joking, “Well, to be a sex toy for a pretty lady like you is a plus.”

Sammie giggled, in her addled state of mind it did indeed seem perfectly reasonable. “Good, you should know though that I’m a harsh master, with freaky sexual desires.”

“Just don’t hurt me to badly.”

Sammie, sat up and patted the couch. Tim wondered how far she was going to take this joke, but said nothing, sitting on the couch. Sammie reached for his crouch.

“HEY THERE! What are you doing?” Tim scooted back on the couch.

Sammie stared coldly up at him, “It’s be my plaything or leave, I’m not joking.”

Tim stared at the couch, then at Sammie sitting on her knees, obviously the correct answer was yes. “Ok… I guess I shouldn’t complain…”

Sammie unzipped Tim’s fly and pulled out his limp member.

She frowned, “What, not hard for me yet? Oh, one thing, do you drink your own cum?”

“Uh, I don’t make a habit of it but if you really want I will.” Tim responded.

Sammie leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, wrapping her hand around the base she began slowly jerking him as his cock hardened. Tim lay back on the couch and closed his eyes, content to accept his fate.

Sammie unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his waist, she pressed her face against his boxers, moaning türk porno and rubbing her nose against his balls though the cloth. Sammie’s hot breath on his balls made Tim shudder, and he put his hands on her shoulders. In the dark he couldn’t see Sammie reach down and slipped off her own pants, her hard cock standing straight up.

Sammie motioned for him to lift his butt up off the couch some and as he did she pulled off his pants. She quickly returned her face to his crotch, feeling his pubic hairs on her cheeks, Tim’s cock resting on her forehead. she extended her tongue, circling his hairy sack. Tim’s hands moved up his shoulders to caress her neck, and Sammie began stroking her own meat, to which Tim was oblivious.

Sammie’s lips began working hard on him, she sucked his balls into her mouth, tonguing them as they filled her mouth. Tim’s fingers wrapped themselves in her hair, pulling her off, he tilted her head back and shoved his cock into her throat with little warning. Tim began pushing into her throat, only pulling out an inch or so before thrusting back in, forcing more and more of his cock into her until he bottomed out, brutally fucking her face, in the quiet off the house it was a noisy face fuck. The slurping noise her lips made moving on his shaft, the gurgles coming from her throat when his cock head forced into her, and the slapping of his balls on her chin sounded loud in Sammie’s ears. She tasted precum leaking into her mouth. It made her heart pound, her sex crying out for relief. Sammie reach down and began jerking herself frantically, hoping she could cum while this wonderful meat was still in her mouth.

Sammie wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and pumped as spit flowed down his shaft, over her fingers and onto his balls. Her own cock needed some lube so she switched hands, placing her spit drenched hand onto her cock and previously engaged one on his.

Tim heard her moaning and felt her arm pumping against the couch. “Are you fingering yourself?” Tim asked, “I wish I’d known you were this easy!”

Sammie moaned, and her cock erupted, spraying cum on her hand and dripping onto the floor. She squeezed her cock tight and closed her eyes, a moment later Tim came. He pulled her face down into his pubic hair, warm semen flooded her mouth, her throat muscle’s worked to swallow his sticky goop. It slid down her throat slowly, she felt it every inch of the way as it filled her stomach. Pulling off his dick Sammie lifted her cum coated hand up to Tim’s lips and forced her fingers into his mouth. Tim assumed she had spat his cum onto her hand and accepted her dripping hand, licking her fingers clean. As he did she lowered her mouth back onto his cock.

Tim panted and held her face into his crotch, his member slowly softening in her mouth. When he let her go she stood up, her balls dripping with cum dangled inches from his chin, but in the dark he couldn’t see them.

“You can sleep on the couch.” she said, and went to her room.

As Tim fell asleep he thought , “Man! What a slut, it’s going to be great living here, I bet that whore will to anything I say. My own personal sex toy! And to think, a maid! How ludicrous! I’m going to show that little bitch whose boss, once she’s had a taste of a real man she’ll be begging for it all the time!”

Tim may have been surprised had he learned that Sammie had much the same final thoughts before sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32