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This is dedicated to ‘Sugar and Salt’. Hope there is enough sex in this for you, sweetheart. lol

I finally sold my first book, but it would be a while before I would get royalties. So I had to stay, living in the same old apartment building, for a while longer. How old is it? It still has the little door to slip a block of ice in to keep the ice box cold. Anyway the building is clean, the electrical is up to code and the rent is cheap. These particulars caused a wide variety of tenants to settle here.

Carmen lives in the apartment above me. Carmen is an African American woman and very pretty, but tends to dress down. I’ve talked to her a few times but I tend to be shy. I’m not like Rajh on the’ Big Bang Theory’ I can actually talk to girls, but I pretty much keep to myself. One morning her car wouldn’t start. She banged on my door and asked me to look at it. It was a simple fix but would take time. So I volunteered to take her to work. I dropped her off and headed to Auto Zone to pick up a new battery for her.

Since then we’ve been friends. Sometimes we’d have dinner together ( I love to cook) or we would go catch a movie. Nothing romantic. But she kept on my ass about getting a girl friend. I told her I liked girls. It was just hard for me.

“You need a girl Mikey. You spend too much time by yourself.”

“You and I spend time together Carmen.”

“We aren’t doing the horizontal mambo either. Your gonna get your pipes, backed up. You’re a great guy Mike, you’re handsome, funny and smart. There are tons of prospective pussy partners out there for you. Shit; If I didn’t have a boy friend already; I’d jump your bones myself. I’ve seen you looking at Candy, that Asian chick from upstairs. She’s been checking you out as well. I’d bet you that she would love you to slam her booty.”

I was red as a fire hydrant when I left her place. I couldn’t help being shy. There were no girls, my age in my neighborhood and I went to an all boy’s school. I never had much association with females except for my cousins and I don’t go to family reunions to pick up chicks. (That’s for another Lit category.)

Months went by and we would spend at least one night each week doing our platonic play dates. One day she came over and there was a real twinkle in her eye. This usually meant there was mischief afoot.

“I think I found a way to make extra cash Mike.” She was always thinking of ways to scare up some dough. Problem was that her car was falling apart. I did my best to nurse it along, but she needed another set of wheels. “I did some research on the internet and people are making home made porn movies and selling them!”

I didn’t like where this was going. “What do you mean home made porn?”

“I mean that I get some girls and guys together and have them screw in front of a camera.”

“You leave me out of this Carmen.”

“But Mike I need you. You are the only guy I know that is decent looking enough to make it work.”

“Carmen, No! Get somebody else.”

“I need another car badly, Mike. Can’t you help me? I need to do this unless you can loan me some dough.”

Shit. Carmen meant a lot to me and I didn’t have any extra cash. I hung my head. “What would I have to do?”

“Do I really need to fill in the details?”

“God, I’m so screwed!” I said to no one in particular.

“Not yet Mike, but we’ll work on it.”

Three days later I got a visit from Carmen. “I found a few girls, but can’t choose which one.”

“So what do we do?” God, I should have known better.

“We’re going to have try outs.”

“Oh Lord.” I breathed. “Try outs, really?”

“What do you think? One at a time or should you do two or three at once? More bang for your buck!” She laughed.

“Carmen!” The way my face felt, I was probably as red as a freshly boiled lobster.

“Take it easy Mikey. No worries. We’ll go slow and easy.” She approached me. “I really appreciate this, Baby.” She hugged me. I wasn’t use to the contact, but it looked like it I had to get past that. She playfully gave my ass a slap. “Besides, You got a nice tush Mikey.”

‘Oh God!’ I thought.

A week later I had just returned from the grocery store. I was able to carry my bags in three loads. Had a new recipe or two I was going to try out. On the last trip I saw a blonde woman walking down the stairs from Carman’s floor. I past her in the stair well and entered my apartment. I had just put away my frozen items, when I heard a knock on the door.

It was the same blonde I had seen earlier. Very pretty and buxom. Of course I blushed.

“Hi, I’m Robin. Do you know Carmen? You’re Mike right?” She barely gave me time to speak.

“Y–yes I am.”

“Carmen said I might be able to hang out here, until she get’s back.” Damn, she was a doll! I should have known better, but I let her in. I closed the door and turned around.

“I need your opinion, Mike. What do you think?” Robin had pulled her sweater over her head and was naked from the waist up. I froze. “You’re the guy I’m supposed to fuck acıbadem escort right?” I just stood there.

She pouted. “Don’t you like my tits?”

“I-I-I-I g-g-guess s—so.”

“Aren’t they nice and round and tasty looking?” She held them up and wiggled them at me.

I must not have completely closed the door. Carmen walked in and greeted Robin. “Have you two started yet?”

“He needs to take his clothes off first.” Robin’s jeans started coming off.

I started. “I need to what?”

Carmen rolled her eyes. “Remember the try outs Mike? Come on, make it snappy.”

“Make what snappy?”

“Shuck them clothes, Mike. You’ll never get to be a porn star by being modest.”

“Yeah. Come on Mike.” Robin chimed in. “Show us what you got.”

“I don’t want to be a porn star.” I stated through clinched teeth.

Robin slipped out of her panties. “Don’t tell me you don’t want some of this.” Her hand brushed against her crotch.

“My God.” My face felt like it was burning. I turned and left my own apartment. I went back out to my car. Shit! I had left my keys on the counter.

“Looking for these?” I turned and Carmen was behind me, holding up my keys.

I held up my hands. “Look, I know I promised that I would do this; I’m not sure if I can, Carmen.”

“I kind of pushed Robin on you, didn’t I?”

“You might say that.” I relaxed a bit. Fully dressed once more, Robin was headed for a car in the lot.

“Robin.” She turned toward me, a bit pissed. “I’m sorry. You took me by surprise.”

“Mike, I’ve never been turned down before. You sure you ain’t gay?”

I turned away from her. “Robin, I have always had problems talking with girls like you.”

“What, you mean whores?” She was really pissed.

“No, I mean beautiful.” That stopped her in her tracks.

“I never heard a guy call me beautiful, that wasn’t trying to get in to my pants.”

“Maybe you need to meet different guys then.” My eyes were still averted.

“Do me a favor, Mike. Close your eyes.” When I did, she kissed me. Actually it was quite nice. “Keep your eyes closed.” She pulled my arms around her waist and we kissed some more. “Not so bad is it?”

“Actually, I—it’s nice, Robin.”

“I think we made a breakthrough Mikey.” This time it was Carmen. I felt her reach into my back pocket and take out the bandana handkerchief I always carried. Soon it was rolled up and covering my eyes.

The two women escorted me back upstairs to my apartment. I was helped onto the bed. “How do you feel Mike? Robin asked.

“S—surprisingly good.” I replied.

Robin laughed. “That’s good, ’cause Mikey boy, I am hornier than Hell.” I felt hands unbutton my shirt and pull off my pants.

“Hang on Robin, I have to get my video recorder.” I heard a door close. My briefs were pulled off my ass.

“My goodness Mike, you don’t have anything to be ashamed about. Wish Carmen had recruited me sooner.” I felt her hand on my dick. “Yes, I think we’re going to have some fun.” I felt wet and realized that she must be licking me. Damn, It felt great! Maybe this blindfold idea was going to work. Pretty soon she felt like she was sucking my entire body into her mouth. I heard the door again.

“Holy shit, you guys started without me.”

“Carmen; how does it look?” I heard the recorder whirling.

“It looks hot, Mike. I can’t believe you are doing this. The blindfold was a great idea.”

Robin raised up from her snack. “You filming this? ‘Cause it’s going to be hot!”

“Hi, Guys.” Carmen, narrated. “What’s new?”

Robin slurped some more. “Hi, I’m Robin and I am sucking Mike’s dick. How am I doing Mikey?”

I grunted. “Not too bad Robin. I’m liking it.”

“What’s the blind fold for, Robin?”

She raised up again. “Mikey is a little shy. But the blindfold is working miracles.” I reached up to take it off.

“Don’t take it off Mike. Leave it on and I will do the play by play.” Carmen offered.

“You should see how much of your dick she has in your mouth. What’s that ring Robin?”

“Just a little insurance that our fuck toy stays at attention.”

“Damn, Mikey. The action looks so hot. Robin’s mouth, slides up and down and nibbles at the tip on the up slide. Like his dick Honey?”

Slurp. “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, Carmen. In a moment we’re going to see how he eats pussy. Sound good, Mike?”

“I’ll do my best Robin. Boy, I wonder if we can patent the blindfold idea?”

” He sounds a little cocky, Robin.”

“He’s very cocky, Carmen.” Robin giggled. ” Ready to switch, Mike?”

“Do a sixty nine, guys. It will burn up the lens.” I felt Robin shift her weight on me and turn. I felt her leg brush my face as it slid over me. My mouth came into contact with something warm, wet and slippery. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. Robin squealed.

“How does his tongue feel, Robin?”

She moaned. “If it were any longer, I bet he could lick his eyebrows.” She gasped. “I so want to cum like this.”

“Mikey. atalar escort You should see how well she is doing on your cock.” I heard her smack her lips. “How does it taste, Robin.”

Slurp! “Find out for yourself Carmen.”

“Hmm-uumm.” I tried to intervene, but it seems my mouth was full. I felt warm lips on my cock again. I couldn’t believe it. Yesterday I was practically a virgin and today I have two beautiful women fighting over my cock.

Slurp. “God, Mike. Hmumm. If I had known you tasted this good.” Slurp.

Robin gave a throaty giggle. “Oh, Mikey. You should see what Carmen is doing to your dick. I’m so close I can see her beautiful lips sliding over the veins on it.”

Slurp. “You like my lips Robin?”

“Fuck, yeah! You’re gorgeous Carmen.”

I heard more moaning and smacking. “What are you ladies up to?”

“Hmmm. Mind your business Mikey.” Robin giggled. “Carmen and I are getting reacquainted.” I felt extra weight on the bed. I reached out with my hand and felt a bare ass. There was no doubt in my mind that Carmen was naked as well.

“Can’t let you two have all the fun. Let me have a turn Robin.”

In my mind’s eye I could see the two of them licking me in unison. First Carmen would suck me in her wanting mouth, while robin licked my balls. Then they would switch. I don’t know which one, but somebody had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner. When the assault on my dick stopped, I knew they were kissing. My imagination was driving me crazy.


“Yes Robin?”

“I want to lick your pussy.”

“Tell you what; Only if I can watch Mike fuck that cute blonde coochie of yours at the same time.”

“Deal.” She giggled and rose up.

My mouth was finally free. “Do I have a say in this?”

“No!” Carmen and Robin chirped at the same time. I felt two sets of hands pulling me up from the bed. Carmen must have taken my place. I was led to the end of the bed and my hands were placed on, what I imagined was Robin’s ass.

“Oh, fuck. You shave! Your little dark button looks so tasty, Carmen. Hmmmm.”

“Fuck! That feels so good Robin. That’s it; nibble on me. Oh yeah! What you waiting for Mike? Fuck her all ready.”

“Hey.” I wondered. “Who is filming this?”

“Do I have to draw you a map, Mike? Stick that pole of yours in me. HmmMmm.”

I felt her slit. “Damn girl, you’re almost dripping!” I slid into her and she moaned around Carmen’s pussy.”

“That’s it Mikey. Give it to her good. Yeah, right there Baby. Lick it like it was chocolate ice cream. Fuck Yeah!”

“Can I take the blind fold off now?”

“No!” The two said in unison again. “Good thing he’s pretty, right Robin?”

Slurp. “And he’s got a nice dick too.” Slurp.

“Mikey, Robin is really——– doing a n—n–n—-number on my kitty. Oh fuck, yes.”

“This feels so good guys. Fuck–fuck–fuck!” I grunted.

“Mikey’s really pounding you nowwwww. IIIIIIIIII.” Carmen screamed and the bed shook. “Holy, shit. That was good!” She finally gasped. I continued my assault on Robin’s pussy.

“Slow down Mikey. Let– me– get a better look at–. God. That’s so hot.”

“C–Carmen– slid under me in a 69. Oh! I’m getting fucked and licked at the same time. Fuck, yeah!”

“How’s the view Carmen?” I wondered.

“Shit, boy. Your dick is sliding in and out of Robin’s coochie. I’m so close I could probably–.” I felt her hand grasp me and pull it out. When I felt wetness again, I new that Carmen was sucking on me.”

“Hey, that was my cock, Carmen! Get your own.” She giggled. Carmen slammed me back into Robin. I took the opportunity to really pounded her snatch. Carmen must have gone back to licking her. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK!” Robin shook violently, for a moment.

I stopped my pounding. The other two were gasping for air. “I came again, guys.”

“That’s no fair, Carmen.” Robin complained. “I want more.”

“But Mikey needs his ashes hauled too, Robin. We can’t leave him out.”

“Guys, can I finally take this thing off?”

“The cock ring or the blindfold?”


“Freeze Mister! Don’t worry. Robin and I will take care of you. Lets get him back on the bed.” Again I felt hands guiding me onto the bed. My fucking nuts felt like they were ready to explode! What ever was on my dick was removed. Wet, warmth replaced it.

“You have a choice Mikey. Which one of us do you want to get you off?” Robin asked.

“I don’t care. Just hurry please cause I feel like I am going to explode. “

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” One of the ladies straddled me and sunk onto my dick. “Whine, whine, whine; just because a guy has a cock between his legs; he thinks he owns the world.” She laughed.

Robin was the one that was riding me. My blindfold was pulled off and I saw Carmen naked for the first time. She was even hotter than I imagined. Robin’s eyes locked on me as she rode for the border. Her ass wiggled as she plunged down on me, over and over. We both yelled, as she thrashed on top of me. aydınlı escort Moments later she lay down next to me, gasping.

“May I have some cream pie, Robin?” Carmen knelt between her legs. She started licking her and jacking my cock, at the same time. Watching her munch away, I shot off again in nothing flat.

The three of us lay there, wrapped up in a tangle of arms and legs. “What about the camera?” It was over on the dresser pointed the other way.

“Shit! That means we’re going to have to do this again.” Carmen moaned.


Friday rolled around, Carmen and I were at my kitchen table talking. Thank God, she had given me a week to recover. “So, you want to do it again?”

“We have to Mike. I want to finish in two weeks.”

“Two weeks is a long time.”

“It’s going to take me a while to edit the movie.”

“Okay, Give Robin a call then.”

“Not going to be Robin. I was talking to Candy, upstairs and she practically begged me to use her.”

“Candy?” Damn, I really had the hots for her, not that Robin was a slouch.

“She will be over soon. You ready, or should I say up, for this?”

I smiled. “I’ll do my best.”

“Need the blindfold again?”

I laughed. “I’ll try and work without a net this time.

Candy showed up about half an hour later. I always thought she was Hot, but I just about drooled when she walked in. Candy is about 5-5 and might go 125 lbs. She often wears her dark silky hair in a ponytail. This time she had it in two ponies, coming out the top of her pretty head. When she walked in she was looking so sexy, sucking on her finger. But the kicker was that she was dressed in a Japanese school girl uniform, with a skirt that was way too short. Her white blouse was unbuttoned way too far.

“Hi Mike.” She was stunning!

We talked a bit about what kind of scenes we wanted to do. Carmen suggested that I started off by eating Candy. Candy seemed very agreeable to the idea. We mapped out a thin plot for the scene and decided to improvise. The reason for the outfit was that I was going to be the assistant Principle and Candy was down to my office for punishment. I must have been over my shyness cause I could hardly keep my hands off her as we listened to Carmen. Candy was just as eager as I was. She had her hand on my cock and was rubbing it through my pants. This was going to be great!

We started filming. Candy was told that she had to be punished. She smiled sexily and lay across my desk. I told her that I didn’t punish like that. She smiled dropped to her knees and freed my cock from my pants. She sucked on me and did such a great job I realized that I was going to need help.

“Where’s that ring Carmen?” She kept on shooting. She said it gave the film a homemade touch.

“It’s in the bathroom Mike.” I headed for the bathroom. I was hard as hell so it was easy to fit on. I admired myself in the mirror and walked back into the bedroom. Candy was laying, apparently naked, her tits showing above the blanket.

“Hurry up and eat me baby.” That’s not something you hear everyday. I glanced at Carmen as I got into position on the bed. Something wasn’t right. She looked a little stunned.

“You okay, Carmen?”

‘I—It’s Friday right?” Puzzled, I confirmed it for her. “Y–you’re not Catholic are you?”

I paused just before I pulled the covers away so I could lick Candy’s pussy. “No. Why does that matter?”

“I was just wondering.” She squeaked.

I pulled the covers away. “What are you gett—-.” I stopped in utter shock! Candy had a cock! WTF! It was enormous! It bobbed there, mere inches from my face. It appeared to look back at me, like it was sizing me up. I heard a low throaty giggle come from Candy. I felt her hands on the top of my head. They pulled me down.

“Open wide, Mikey and eat your meat.” I heard her say, before she stuffed it in my mouth. It felt like it was going to come out the back of my head.

“Honest to God Mikey, I–I didn’t know.” Carmen exclaimed, still in shock.

Candy continued to pummel the back of my throat. I grabbed her hands and stopped her. She looked a little frightened. “I’m sorry Mike. I just get so horny. I’ve been wantin—-.” I think she was shocked when I went back to sucking her cock on my own. “Damn, Mike. That’s it. Suck my cock baby. Fuck Yeah!”

“Candy. You’ve been up stairs all this time and never told me you were a T girl? I love T girls!” I licked her shaft several times.

“This hot enough for you Carmen?” I looked over at her and she had her hand down her pants, softly moaning. I chuckled and slid up to my dream girl. We kissed. “Care if she joins us Candy?”

“Fuck, no! That would be so hot!” She groaned, stroking her shaft.

“Carmen would—.?” She was naked on the bed before I finished the sentence.

Carmen had her hand on Candy’s cock, stroking it, still in shock. Good thing she had the foresight to put the video camera on a tripod.

“I want feel your mouth on my cock, Carmen.” I don’t know why she even said anything, cause the Nubian goddess was already swallowing Candy’s stick. The two of us continued our tongue fight. I have to admit that Carmen looked very sexy sucking a beautiful woman’s cock. This had to be my ultimate fantasy, come to life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32