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Saturday morning 7:00 A.M.

With my wife gone, I took a leisurely shower and got ready for the day ahead. The boots and apron were already packed in a small duffel bag. I met Amy at the picnic area and after exchanging pleasantries, I got in and we were on our way.

She was driving her red Miata convertible but had left the top up because of the highway drive.

Amy is a handsome looking woman. Always wearing the best clothes..and wearing them well, I might add. Her figure is average but she keeps it toned and firm by working out on her Treadmaster. For a 61 year old, she looks a whole lot better than women half her age.

I’ve always been attracted to strong women, especially intelligent ones. They need not be formally educated… but it helps. They make demands and hold themselves responsible.

These women carry themselves differently than the others. Their confidence comes thru in the manner in which they hold themselves, how they walk and talk, how they interact and treat others.

They know what they want and go out after it…including sex.

They’re not afraid of it…of their own sexuality. They view it as men do, as part of who they are, as part of being human.

Amy is such a woman (I have to add, my wife is too).

Amy seemed very happy today and told me she was excited about seeing her old friends. I was happy to be here with her and the time went by easily. About 15 miles before reaching our destination, she pulled into a rest area to use the facilities. I told her I’d wait for her in the car and to take her time. She smiled at me with a gentle look and winked.

As soon as she was out of sight, I grabbed the duffel bag and removed the apron…Yes, I was going to start the festivities early. Luckily, no other vehicles were nearby, so I removed all of my clothing, except for the shirt, and put on the apron…then sat mersin escort back and waited.

Amy was smiling in my direction as she walked back to the car. Then nonchalantly got in and looked over to me.

“Why, you really are a little devil, Robert!!! And just what do you have in mind?”

Just the reaction I was hoping for.

“Look Amy, I know you weren’t really kidding about having me attend your party in the buff, but probably decided that I would be embarrassed and didn’t want to put me thru it…that was sweet of you. I really don’t mind. I am a bit of an exhibitionist…but if you think the other ladies would be offended, I’ll get dressed.”

Amy looked straight ahead and thought for a moment.

“Bob, I think the girls will enjoy you as much as I do… Let’s go for it.” And why don’t you take off that shirt and let’s do this right?”

She was definitely my kind of girl. So I stripped off the shirt and sat there …as Amy admired her prize.

The car started and we headed up the entrance ramp, then faster than you can say “Jack Robinson” , she threw back the top and sped onto the highway.

Boy, did that throw me for a loop. But I understood and went along with her.

I had to hold that skimpy apron down with all the wind now blowing in .Fortunately, our exit came up quickly as it was the next one. Slowing down to get off, a pick-up full of teenaged girls came up to pass.

“Give em a show Tiger”

I let the apron go and up it went. The girls gave me a big cheer and sped away.

“They’ll be talking about that little…or should I say…big display for the rest of the summer.”

I smiled at Amy, allowing the apron to stay glued to my stomach. After all, a penis needs air too!

The last few mile were uneventful, most of it a private road leading to the cabin. mersin escort bayan The car turned onto a pebble-stoned drive and we slowly drove proceeded up to the cabin which was several hundred yards away. Only one car was there and it belonged to Amy’s best friend, Francis, who was unpacking it. As we pulled up nearer, Amy, sensing my nervousness put her hand on my knee,looked me in the eyes and said “Franny’s all grown up too,just like us. She’ll only be happy to see us. Just act like you do with me. Everything will be fine”

I put my hand on the door lever and pulled back.

The door opened.

I swung my legs around, and got out.

There I stood, naked, outdoors, in the open, with a strange woman looking me over.

“My, My, My, Amy, and what have we got here?”

“Behave yourself, Franny. Bob’s a great guy and is being a good sport to chaperone us”

“He is kind of cute. My name’s Fran. Please to meet you, Bob.” Then grabs a hold of my pecker and gives it a big warm handshake.

If all the girls are like these two, this will prove to be a very different kind of day. As a matter of fact, things were looking up, including my pecker, which had grown to its full size in Fran’s hand. Noticing what she had done, she gave it a little flick and it suddenly went limp.

“That’s some trick. Where did you learn that?”

“I’m a doctor and we have are little secrets. Now, lets get you two some nice iced tea and relax before the others arrive”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. The day in the woods when Amy first saw me naked, then in her home with the apron and my penis poking out at her, the girls in the pick-up and now, Franny’s warm welcome. What’s going to happen next? I can’t wait to meet the rest of the ladies.

Franny went in to get the refreshments while Amy took escort mersin me by the penis and led me to the patio. As I was sitting down, she gave me a playful slap on my bare ass and said “Now didn’t I say Franny would like you? She certainly admired your equipment…and the other girls will too. Well… not your equipment…I mean you … I mean I’m sure they’ll admire your equipment…I mean…”

“I know what you mean and thanks for your concern. Why not lets both of us try and enjoy the rest of the day”

Fran came back with a pitcher of iced tea and joined us at the table.

We chatted and got to know each other. Amy asked if, Mavis, Fran’s mother would be stopping by.

“She’ll be up later this afternoon. You know, I mentioned to mom that there might be a naked man walking about and she said ‘Oh, goody. Just like the old days’. I asked her what she meant and she told me a story that happened a long time ago when she and dad were members at PPCC. It seems that some of the caddies would surprise the ladies by running out onto the course naked, jumping around and waving their things.”

My mind went into overdrive. Was Mavis one of the ladies who saw me so long ago? Would she recognize me? How old was she? I didn’t have to wait long.

“You know Fran, I used to caddy there as a boy and might be one of those caddies”

“Do you think so, Bob?”

“Yes, it’s a definite possibility?”

With that, Fran reached into an envelope and pulled out a photograph.

“No, Bob, not a possibility —– it was you” and slid the photo over to Amy and me.

It was a blow-up me, naked, over 40 years ago…I think on the third hole.

“You’ve kept yourself very well, Bob. Peckers a little longer, balls hang a little lower, a bit of grey but basically the same. Yes, it’s definitely you!”

“Would you like to meet her? I know she’d like to meet you. We wanted to be certain we had the right man before letting mom see you. And now she will. Get that little ass of yours up, pull down your apron and do try not to get too worked up until you’ve been properly introduced.”

I did as my host directed and got ready to meet an old acquaintance.

To be continued…

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