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A couple of days after Gail had introduced me into the fun to be had in disciplining her 25-year-old submissive husband, she rang me early one morning. I had been lying back in bed, fingering myself and dreaming up delightfully wicked ways to inflict pain on Rufus, the hugely cocked young body builder, when Gail rang.

“Hi, Christel here,” I said, rather slowly, as I had been nearing a peak of sexual bliss while playing with myself.

“Hi Christel, it’s me, Gail,” came her deep, husky voice. “It’s time for Rufus to do some work outs, so I was wondering whether you’d like to pop over and do some supervising with me. Two dommes are sometimes better than one.”

“I’d love to,” I said, my fingers moving in an instant from my snatch. Soon, I hoped, it would be the mouth of the lovely young black man working there, instead of my digital strummers.

“Pop that sexy little PVC outfit on – and the neighbours won’t be suspicious of you calling in your macintosh, it’s pissing down with rain.”

I gulped down an orange juice and a couple of pieces of fruit on my cereal while I stepped into the open-breasted, open-crotched PVC garment, which allowed a slave easy access to my breasts and pussy for body worship. I stepped into high heels, put my raincoat on and almost ran next door to Rufus and Gail’s place.

Gail welcomed me with a warm, smoochy kiss and I gazed at her lovely outfit the gorgeous black beauty was wearing in jealous admiration. Her 40-inch breasts, the nipples big and black and surrounded by very large areolae, were supported by a gleaming black leather quarter-cup bra. A leather garter belt held up black stockings which had two-inch deep PVC bands at the top. She was without panties, leaving her semi-shaved snatch available for slave adoration. Her high heels saw the 40-year-old tower a good three inches above me.

Around her throat was a black leather collar-cum-choker with the word “B I T C H” standing out in chrome lettering.

“Let’s go,” said Gail, “Rufus is already downstairs and ready to get started.”

I followed her down to the basement and we entered the pair’s work out room, which was adjacent to the torture chamber where we had punished her husband at the week-end in my introduction to female domination.

Rufus was naked and standing to attention in the centre of the gym, his hands clasped behind his head. His nine and a half inch circumcised cock was in a state of semi-erection, rubbing sensuously against his upper inner thigh, a gleaming metal engorgement ring encircling his cock and balls. I wanted him, but knew that first Gail had some form of punishment planned.

I walked up to his gleaming brown body and placed a hand on his cock, making it stiffen appreciably until it was standing out in a perfect hard-on. “Hiya, handsome,” I cooed, in what I hoped was a teasingly sexy voice, “miss me?”

The brown-eyed body builder whispered “Very much, Mistress Christel” and I stepped back to allow Gail to take charge.

“Right,” snapped the statuesquely-built black woman, “it’s time for his weekly push ups session. Some people call ’em push ups, some call em press ups, but whatever you call ’em they both mean the same thing to Rufus. Pain and humiliation. Ain’t that right, baby?” Rufus nodded, his cock swaying sweetly as he agreed with his wife.

“Up on the bench, baby and I’ll explain the situation to my assistant,” ordered Gail.

Rufus stepped smartly over to a long leather bench and climbed onto it. The bench was about six feet urfa escort long and some two or three feet wide. Rufus placed his feet at the bottom of the bench, ankles almost touching and his hands at its head, fingers gripping around the edge of the bench. He kept his arms straight so he was in the “up” position for his work out. His cock dangled beneath him, so long it was almost grazing against the leather.

Gail then selected a rubber flogger, with many strands – far more than the traditional nine as with a cat – and handed me a single-lashed quirt with a lovely little leather handle.

“These are to signal his movements, baby,” she said, as I ran the cruel tip of the quirt through my fingers. It felt sensual but I knew it would sting like hell when cracked against helpless flesh.

“Now I’m the ‘down’ dominatrix, so when I flog him across his shoulder blades, that’s the signal for him to go into the down position. You’re the ‘up’ dominatrix and when you give him one across his buttocks, that’s the signal for him to come back to the starting position. Clear, baby?”

“Very,” I told Gail.

“There’s only one other thing. He stays down as long as we decide and while he’s down he has to take that straw in his mouth.”

It was then that I noticed a large plastic bottle of Coke had been placed on a table by the head of the work out bench, with a long straw stuck in it. Only the bottle wasn’t holding Coke but some yellow liquid.

“This is quite a strenuous work out,” Gail continued, “so every now and again I allow him to suck on the straw to get some refreshment. I do that by pressing this button. Watch.”

Then I saw that on the table, just in front of the Coke bottle was a stand with two bulbs set into it. The first light was red, but when Gail pressed the remote controller in her non-whip carrying hand, the light next to the red came on yellow. Then the yellow went out and the red light came on again.

“So it’s red for stop, yellow for suck – that’s right, isn’t it Rufus?”

Rufus nodded: “Yes, Mistress Gail.”

“Explain to Christel why the yellow is an appropriate colour, Rufus.”

I’d already guessed but I felt a flicker of excitement run through me as Rufus explained: “Because the bottle’s full of your divine piss, Mistress Gail.”

“Yeeeeuk,” I exclaimed, though I was secretly thrilled. “Doesn’t it taste fuckin’ awful?”

Gail laughed. “I think so – mind, I’ve only had a teeny little taste, but Rufus insists it’s lovely and he says he’s privileged to drink my piss,” she said. “Ain’t that so, Rufus?”

“Yes, Mistress Gail,” Rufus replied, obediently.

“Fuck,” I said, “this I’ve got to see.” Gail then moved to the opposite side of the bench so I was off to her husband’s left, she to his right.

“Sure,” said Gail, “so let’s begin. Take your cues from me, darling.”

And with that the stunningly-built black domina swept her rubber-thonged flogger down onto her husband’s broad, muscular back. As the thongs caressed his brown flesh, Rufus went into a downward motion, until he was straining to hold it, his mouth clenched firmly around the tip of the straw.

I looked intently at the lights on the table, but the red stayed on. Then Gail nodded at me. I swept the quirt down across his quivering buttocks, leaving a striped, slightly red imprint on his globes. Rufus pushed himself into the upright position.

“Sorry, forgot to tell you I sometimes keep him guessing about whether he’s balıkesir escort got to suck up some piss,” Gail laughed. Then she swept the flogger down over his back again.

This time, almost immediately after Rufus had got the straw in his mouth, Gail flicked her remote and the red light went out, the yellow one came on. He sucked steadily for about two or three seconds, then the red light came on again and I flashed the quirt down across his trembling backside.

“How much of your piss is there in that bottle?” I asked, looking across at my fellow dominatrix.

“Just over a pint and a half, I think,” said Gail, flashing the flogger down across her husband’s beautifully sculpted bare back once more.

The light stayed at red for what must have been 10 seconds, then the yellow came on. Rufus was straining to maintain his position while he sucked on the straw for almost five seconds, then I got the nod from Gail and placed a relieving crack of the quirt across his bottom to bring him back into the start position.

For several more minutes we played the push up punishment game, then Gail announced a slight change of tactics.

“We going into speed-up mode now, baby,” she informed her husband, then looked across at me. “This is really fast stuff, time he got a sweat up, Christel. I send him down, he takes a quick suck on the straw, you bring him up. Quickly!”

And her arm swung the flogger, Rufus went down, sucked on the straw, and almost as soon as I saw him start sucking, I brought the quirt sharply down across his beautiful brown buns.

We must have given him 20 to 25 push ups that way, until Gail announced a return to the slower punishment. Rufus seemed glad for the respite, his breathing was harsh, his body covered in a light sheen of sweat, his cock now totally limp.

“It’s too easy for him, darl,” announced my partner in domination. “I think we should make it a teensy bit more difficult.”

With that she walked over to another work-out bench and picked up a large metal weight, which she placed across her husband’s perspiration-covered upper back.

“This means the up and down signals will now all be delivered to his buttocks,” said Gail, slashing the flogger sweetly down across his buns. With the weight on his shoulder blades, Rufus was distinctly slower to go down and Gail delighted in making him wait for several agonising moments before she allowed him a drink. Then I did my duty and flogged him with the quirt.

After a while under the cruelty of the added weight, Gail announced it was “adoration time”. Removing the weight from her husband’s back, she ordered him onto his knees. “Thank the Down Mistress, Rufus!” Gail snapped and Rufus placed his lovely lips against my pussy and began to worship me, gently, reverently.

As he performed this task, Gail remarked: “Do this well, Rufus, and Christel might give you her piss to work out with next week. That would be lovely, wouldn’t it?”

A panted “Yes, Mistress Gail” came from below my waist as Rufus replied before continuing with his cunnilingual task. Finally, I started to buck and thresh on his sweating face as my orgasm roared to an extremely satisfying climax.

“Take a rest on that bench, Christel,” said Gail, after Rufus had completed his task, “I’ll finish him off.”

Then, with a sweeping blow across his gleaming back, Gail ordered her husband “Back up on the bench!”

The muscular young nude resumed his position of punishment, trabzon escort and Gail tormented him by teasingly running the flogger from his ankles, up his calves, over his thighs and buttocks before cracking a sweeping blow across his shoulder blades.

His mouth enclosed the straw in the bottle, but Gail was in no hurry to complete his “down” position punishment. She walked brazenly in front of him, flaunting her magnificently built body in its erotic lingerie, before flicking her remote to switch the light from red to yellow. She must have made him suck for 10 seconds on the straw before striking a buttock-trembling stroke across his beautifully bunched buns.

“Nice piss, eh slave?” she asked, as he resumed the “up” position.

“Yes, mistress, thank-you mistress,” Rufus intoned solemnly. Gail continued her punishment for several more minutes before leaning down and inspecting the Coke bottle.

“Oh dear,” she said, upon straightening, “it’s almost empty and I’ve not finished with you yet. I know – I’ll give you a little top up, how’s that darling?”

“That would be wonderful, Mistress Gail,” said Rufus, his voice hardly rising above a whisper.

“Christel, be a darling and pass me that funnel, will you?” she said, pointing to a table in the corner, on which stood a red plastic funnel.

I walked over and passed the funnel to Gail, who removed the straw from the Coke bottle, placed the funnel in the plastic bottle and squatted over it. A spurt of strong, yellow-looking liquid sprayed into the receptacle and I watched intently as the Coke bottled was re-filled with her urine.

Gay stood, removed the funnel from the bottle, popped the straw back in, and then stood up to the head of the press-up bench and thrust her crotch in the direction of her husband’s head.

“Clean me up, there’s a sweetie,” she commanded, and I watched with fascination as Rufus poked his pink tongue out and licked and laved along Gail’s sex trench and labia until she was satisfied.

“I’m afraid it’s going to be a lot warmer, and I know you prefer it chilled, but that’s just tough tiddles,” smiled Gail at her victim. “Or tough piddles!” she added, laughing at her own joke.

Then Gail resumed the torment of her naked young body builder, sometimes making him sweat and strain in the “down” position for what must have been agonisingly long periods, sometimes allowing him a drink of her urine, sometimes denying him.

At last, Gail called a halt to her fun and games, although she saved one of the more exquisite humiliations for the end.

After laying the flogger down on her husband’s bare back, she inspected the Coke bottle. “Hmmm,” she said, “a couple of cups left, I reckon, but I’ve finished your work-out for the morning. Seems a pity to waste it.”

And she picked up the bottle, threw the straw on the floor and poured the remnants of the warm piss over the body builder’s buttocks.

Rufus let out a bellow as the salty piss streamed over his beaten backside.

“Really,” Gail tut-tutted, as his sobs died to panted moans.

“Such a fuss. And I thought you were a strong man. It looks as if Christel and I are going to have to work much harder on getting you fit, young man.”

Then the lovely domina looked across at me. “That OK by you, Christel?”

I nodded eagerly. “Sounds wonderful,” I agreed.

“Right, Rufus,” said his wife. “You work out down here for another hour. Christel and I are going to work out a training programme for you.”

As we left the work out room, Rufus was starting to do some punishing exercises on his bench. His muscles were rippling. He looked magnificent.

Still, as Gail said, he obviously needed to work much harder on his fitness. And I was very keen to help him out.

This body building was such fun!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32