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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Danny adjusted the skirt as he walked into the club. It was his first time dressing… and truth be told he wasn’t really sure why he was dressed up. His girlfriend was at a bachelorette party for the week and he decided to say screw it and go out and to wear his girlfriends clothing.

The outfit he chose for the night was something…rather slutty. He had an old schoolgirl outfit from one night he had played with his girlfriend as a joke. The plaid tie was lose and the fake breasts he had made the shirt tighter across his chest. The skirt barely covered his ass and on his legs were tall black leather boots with a little red heel. They were just a bit too small for him so they hugged his legs tight.

Danny hit the dance floor after sucking down two drinks. The outfit was intoxicating as he moved around. As his eyes stayed closed he felt a hand grip his stomach and pull him in. A light smirk crossed his face as he felt fikirtepe escort a bulge push against his ass. Normally this would freak him out but Danny loved it. The hand was large and firm…a man wanted him…someone thought he was a sexy slut and he yerned for more. His eyes opened as he looked back, a smirk from his face dropped as he saw the peppered hair and smirk of his own step father. He was out with friends and Danny had no idea.

“Im John.” His step dad said as he pulled Danny in and grinded against him. Johns hand gripped Dannys pelvis and he could feel the metal wedding ring push against him.

A moan slipped out of Dannys mouth as he leaned back and purred,”Im…Sammy.” Fuck his girlfriends name? He couldn’t think of a name but for some reason he was more turned on as he pushed his tight ass against Johns, knowing that his own mom had been fucked by the same cock that was pushing against his back.

An hour later and the bathroom door was slammed opened as Danny was gebze escort pushed into a stall. He moaned as he was slammed into the wall and had Johns teeth biting into his neck. Alcohol took over as his cock was stiff. He moved to slow when John gripped Danny’s ass and hiked up his skirt. “Daddy no!” Danny said as the light voice dropped to his normal voice but it was too late.

His cock was exposed to the cold air as his step fathers face turned angry. “Wait… what the fuck?” Said John as he reached and ripped the wig off of Danny and it only angered him more.

“Danny? What the fuck?” His rage started to boil over until Danny reached out and grabbed Johns cock with his leather gloved hands and started to stroke his cock.

Johns rage started to melt away as his cock was stroked with black leather gloves and Danny purred once more as he moved to sit down on the toilet. “Come on Daddy…you’re already horny and you know you want to.” Danny moaned out as Johns body moved towards Danny.

“This içerenköy escort is so fucking wrong…you’re my wife’s son…and you have a girl.” as John talked he was cut off as Danny slid his step dads cock into his mouth. It was sweaty and sweet as the precut hit his tongue and slid down into his throat. His dad didn’t shave as his pubic hair hit his nose. His aggressive bob kept up as he stroked his own cock. Johns hand moved and gripped Danny’s head, guiding him to take him deeper into Danny’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Danny felt a twitch in his mouth and he felt Johns breathing start getting heavier. As Danny closed his eyes, ready for his step dads cum, he felt the wig get pulled as his body was pulled up and turned around. His dad gripped the back of his neck and push him against the stall wall as drool came from his mouth. He closed his eyes as he felt pressure push againt his asshole and then felt the older mans cock forcefully take his virginity. He let out a cry as Johns balls slapped against his and as he started to cum, Johns hand caught it and smeared it on Dannys face, marking him as a sissy bitch in boots.

Danny grinned as he looked behind him, wiping up the cum, drunken eyes and licked his lips “I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow…Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32