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I find her in the bedroom kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed wearing nothing but off-black stockings and a black collar. The walls flicker in the light of four candles. Her head is bowed, her short hair falling around her eyes, and her hands in her lap.

I wish I could stand here and admire her for the rest of my life. She is a goddess underserving of me, and yet she is here.

I know what is on her mind. She is ready and eager for a little playtime, and according to the pressure in my pants I am as well.

I don’t know what it is about the collar that excites me, but I find my self fixated on her neck. I want nothing more to lick her from head to toe. An old fear surfaces that she will find me weird if I do that, but my brain has been poisoned by my hormones make it impossible to act on it. I start to her.

I knell behind her, and run my hand along her legs and down her instep. Her feet spasm with the tickle. That my touch causes that reaction makes me smile. I run my left hand over her thigh trying to keep my touch as light as possible, up her body to her neck and bury my fingers in her hair. I rest my nose under ear and breathe her in. She smells amazing. And as if I couldn’t get harder, I feel my cock tighten as recognition of what is mine settles into my body.

I grab her hair and pull her head to the side. She complies without a word. I run my tongue from Uzun porno her shoulder blade, and up her neck. She tastes of salt, and perfume, and woman.

I let go of her hair and stand up, giving my throbbing cock and squeeze.

“Stand up,” I tell her. She does without a word keeping her back to me.

I grab her arm, and turn her so her back is to the bed. The mattress rests just behind her legs. I push her down on her back.

“Hands up above your head. Place your feet on the bed.”

She stretches her arms above her head and locks her hands in each other. She pulls her legs up so that her feet are resting on the bed.

“Spread your legs.”

She opens her legs giving me a good view of her shaven pussy and the pink center waiting for me. I take a moment to admire her body. It is a perfect collection of curves and imperfections.

I lick her leg from knee to inner thigh. She tightens in anticipation. My grin is wicked as I kneel at the end of the bed and lower my head so that my nose if resting on her smooth lips. I slide my tongue up and through her lips. A soft moan escapes. I push in deeper feeling her warmth cover my tongue, before giving her a soft suck.

I love the feel of her parting under my tongue, and I do it over and over slowly savoring her taste. I love the saltiness of her, and the groans of pleasure. I slip my fingers Öğrenci porno in and massage her. I love the way she feels. I love watching my fingers slide in and out, faster and faster. I push deep inside her and she tightens around them.

Her breathing speeds up and I feel her release building. Her body is responding to each thrust of my hand. In and out. She digs her heals in to push me deeper. I pull at each ridge under my fingers. And then she spasms into a cry of pleasure. Her body shutters and her eyes stay closed. The she starts to relax, lifts her head, and her feet start to slide off the mattress.

“Don’t move. My turn.”

I slide my hand from her, and undo my pants letting them fall to the floor. I pull my cock free. I give it a couple of strokes, before stepping up to the edge of the bed. I slide the head of my cock along her pussy. I try to surpass the shiver that starts in my feet but it makes it all the way up my back. She feels so good. I step back to gain control, letting out the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

While I gently stroke myself and rub her sweet center with my other hand and once the feeling of going over the edge passes I slide my cock into her wetness. I hold it inside her and she gives me a squeeze before I slowly pull out. I watch is slide free, and then slide back in. I slowly pullout and hold my cock at her opening. I love the view. I love seeing my cock at her pussy. Knowing that I can just enter her at will.

I slam my cock into her and she gasp with pleasure. I grab her hips and she wraps her legs around me so her feet are resting on my calves. I fuck her fast and hard. The pressure within me builds with each thrust. My orgasm starts at my toes. I slam in her. Then it is in my knees. My legs start to feel weak.

I move to take hold of her neck and in one motion pull her to her feet.

“Kneel,” I tell her. “Hands behind your back. If you move them I will bind them.”

She complies without a word.

My fingers lightly graze her skin along her collarbone and she shivers as a million little bumps appear on her skin.

“Straighten up and open you mouth.”

She does as I say. I grab a fist full of hair. She offers no resistance to my control as I tilt her head to the side. I push my hard cock close to her, and watch the head push past her lips into her wet mouth. She wraps her lips around it. I guide her head sliding my cock in and out. I feel her tongue as it glides along my shaft.

I love see my cock wet from her. I love watching her suck my cock. It doesn’t take long for my release to build again. It is quicker this time.

I pull her away from me and to me in a rhythm that calls the release of my being. In and out until I’m about to explode and then I pull her back and hold her head to the side. I explode drawing white lines along her cheek, down her neck, and over her shoulders.

When I release her she stays kneeling and looks up. I see contentment in her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32