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After Dahlia’s admission Jackson didn’t mess around. Using her ponytail he dragged her round behind the desk making her crawl along beside him on her knees all while she was whimpering and protesting at him. Despite her admission that she wanted it, it didn’t stop her being resistant to him and what was going on. She wanted it, at the core of it all she wanted it, but there was a still a lot of shame and embarrassment in admitting she wanted to be tied up by her boss and fucked like a toy whenever he felt like it.

When they reached behind his desk Dahlia flicked her eyes to where she had been last time, in the foot space, and she gulped. “No, I… I don’t think -” she tried to back up on her knees but Jackson’s fist had an iron grip in her hair. With a fluid movement he pushed her forward so she toppled onto her front and ended up laying cheek down on the carpet. Kicking and fighting with her free legs Dahlia tried to express her disdain for the situation but Jackson easily took her ankles and held them steadily while he yanked down her underwear. “You’re being badly behaved for someone who is sopping wet over the idea of being a little slut.” Taking the underwear from over her ankles he then shoved her panties in her mouth. Dahlia gagged at the material and tried to expel it out but Jackson held it firm while with his spare hand he opened his stationary drawer and brought out the cellotape and taped it over her mouth so she couldn’t push it out.

“There, now you can shut up and behave yourself bitch,” he asserted, pressing a knee on her back so she couldn’t escape while he found a rubber band in his desk and properly tied her hair in a ponytail as well while he was at it, sick of having to bunch it together every time he needed to grab it.

He then took a spare tie from the drawer and wrapped around her neck and tied it to make a makeshift collar and lead. Using it he pulled her back up to her knees and he went and stood in front of her with a domineering authoritative presence. Crouching down to her level he put his hands between her legs and buried his fingers in her and pulled them out. Dahlia moaned against her gag that had been sopping wet already from her pussy and now her saliva was making it worse. With his finger’s entering her she couldn’t help but thrust her hips into them and trying to use them to bring herself over the edge of pleasure that she felt she had been trying to tip over for the last few days. “Settle down slut,” Jackson told her with a laugh, removing his fingers and wiping them over her exposed tits. He repeated the process a few times until her globes were completely covered in her wet arousal. Dahlia closed her eyes, expectant that now he had spread her juices over her he would make her get dressed and get on with her job. That was what he had done the last time and her heart fell a little at the thought she would be left hanging once again.

“Look at me,” Jackson told her when he saw her eyes flicker closed. When her attention few back to him he unzipped his fly and stepped closer to her and he pulled her face to press into his dick despite her gagged shut mouth. “If you weren’t such a loud protesting bitch I would have shoved this dick so far down your mouth you wouldn’t be able to protest for days,” he told her, slapping it against her cheeks.

Dahlia felt her face burn red when he slapped his thick penis against her face and called her a bitch. The embarrassment flushed down her cheeks and to her chest, never before had she felt so belittled than right now on her knees with her chest covering in her own arousal, her own panties gagging her mouth and the man behind it all slapping her face with the very thing she craved right now. She was so inferior to him right now and yet she was fucking burning up inside with desire. He pressed it against her taped lips a few times, practically taunting her with it. “It’s looking like you might have to have a gag whenever you’re in here until you learn that a slut’s mouth is only just another hole for me to use and not for you to use to protest against all of this.” He slapped her lips again and then used his hands to reach down and pull her large breasts together against his large and hardened dick.

Dahlia let out a little moan behind the gag, somewhat at surprise at the force and grip he took on them and held them firmly. Her arousal was now acting as a lubricant for his dick to slide up and down between her breasts and she moaned at the way he just pulled them and used them to roughly fuck her chest. “It’s a good thing you’re so fucking wet,” he told her, moving her breasts up and down along his veiny shaft causing her whole body to bob along as well to keep up with the pace he was creating. He let out a few grunts of pleasure of his own as he got impossibly harder and grew closer to his peaking point. After a few minutes of his assault on her breasts he changed his hands to pinch her nipples between his fingers and twist them before continuing to fuck her tits.

“Uhh, uhhh, mmpfh, ahhh,” Dahlia couldn’t help but moan loudly when mardin escort he changed his grip and continued to let out a series of half moans and gasps as he tugged and yanked on her sensitive breasts to serve as the channel for his dick to fuck.

“Oh you like that do you whore?” He asked her, not slowing down his rhythm.

Dahlia was breathing heavily through her nose trying to move her body as best she could to relieve some of the tension from his hands on her nipples which although the pain and shock sensation made her fucking horny too much of it was an overload and hurt so she tried to move in time with him as best she could. Every single thrust and slide sent stabbing throbs to her core and she was positive if he kept this up she would feel her juices flowing down her inner leg and she wouldn’t be surprised if she could reach an orgasm from it if he kept it up for long enough.

Jackson answered his own question as he looked down at her, a moaning and quivering mess in his hands. “You do like it don’t you little whore. You like this? Me using your big fucking whorey tits to wrap around my dick how I please?”

Dahlia could do nothing but moan in reply and Jackson smirked.

With a few extra forceful hand pumps of her breasts against himself Jackson released his load all into the crevice of her breasts and let go of his fingers from her nipples causing her to cry out loudly and thrust around her hips into the air. She wished he would have buried his dick inside of her to pump into and finish so she could reach a mind shattering orgasm as well but her pleasure hadn’t seemed to fall upon his radar so far..

She had barely time to wrap her head around the fact she still hadn’t reached her own pleasure when he massaged his own cum now onto her breasts and then moved to clean his own cock off on her face. His cock marked her forehead and cheeks and Dahlia avoided eye contact with him as he did so, feeling more used than she had in her life. “Just in case you haven’t got the message clear you slut, you’re here for me. For my use. For my pleasure – whenever and however I like. If you don’t cum that isn’t my problem but let’s get one thing clear. Until you cum while I’m using you you won’t be getting this dick anywhere near your pussy. If you want it, you’ll have to prove to me what a filthy whore you are that you enjoy being used like a fucking slut.”

With her breasts absolutely covered and her face as well Dahlia felt so dirty. Jackson had literally put his markings on her and at his knees now she really did feel like he owned her. He’d tied her and treated her in such a way that had proved his dominance over her and with his cum drying on her face now she felt like a dirty fucking slut wearing her boss’s cum. He reached down and grabbed the middle of her bra and yanked her up by it. The underwire and material caught under her big jugs and served as traction for him to pull her to her feet and despite it digging in and hurting a little all that came of out her mouth was a moan.

“You’re a good bitch to get off on but it’s time you prove your usefulness in the office too,” he told her pushing her front onto the desk before untying her cuffs and flipping her over onto her back. She didn’t know what to do with herself lying tits facing up and her pussy exposed to him without ties on and feeling slightly insecure she moved to tug her skirt down.

Jackson growled a little at her movements although on the inside her was rather amused. Whether she realised it or not she didn’t know what to do without her bindings. When he’d taken the gag out of her mouth yesterday she had had the same lost kind of look until he’d stuck his fingers in her mouth and made her suck on them and then finally she had relaxed again. “I know you’re such a kinky hussy that you don’t know what to do without being tied up but you’re mine now which means you don’t get to touch yourself, fix your clothes, do anything particularly if it means hiding yourself from me do you understand?” As he was talking Jackson yanked her skirt off completely and took her knees and pushed them towards her breasts, proceeding to use the tie to fasten her right wrist to her right ankle. He then procured another tie from his drawer which seemed to have a never ending supply and did the same with her left wrist and ankle. This position left her lying on her back her breasts still sticking out and when he pushed her knees out it left her pussy well exposed to him. She tried to fight his hold to push her knees back together, so she wasn’t so open to him but he reached and pinched her clit firmly between his fingers causing Dahlia to cry out and struggle against the ties that held her. It felt so fucking good and yet it was too much at the same time.

“Do you understand?” Jackson questioned her again when he didn’t get a response. Screaming against her panty gag was one thing but trying to answer through it felt even dirtier. “Yasggghhhh,” she groaned out and Jackson nodded in satisfaction.

“Keep that van escort exposed to me,” he told her, rotating her on the desk so when he sat back at his office chair, her pussy was open facing him and her head further away from him.

He tapped away at his emails for a while and then his phone rang on his desk loud and clear causing Dahlia to freeze before struggling against her bindings in a blind panic. Suddenly Jackson was holding her still and her legs back apart and she looked up at him with wide scared eyes.

“It’s a fucking phone call Dahlia. The person on the other end can’t see you and even if they could that’s none of your fucking business anyway. What part of I own every inch of your body did you not understand?” The phone was still ringing while he spoke but Jackson ignored her and landed a nice heavy slap directly on her pussy. Dahlia screamed, her body both enjoying and hating the hot stinging sensation and the heat it sent through her making her clench her pussy like she would if a big thick cock her inside her and she was milking it to an orgasm. Jackson watched her hole open and close as she clenched and unclenched and he slapped it again, causing her to moan deeply and push her hips closer to the direction the hand had come from. The phone ringing stopped. “You are here on my desk tied up and gagged. In case it isn’t crystal fucking clear to you all you need to do is lay there and shut up and let me do my work. I don’t care if you drip your slutty juices all over my desk and and drool against your gag looking like the bitch on heat that you are but don’t hide that dirty little cunt from me in the process.”

With a sigh Jackson sat back down and picked up the phone to redial the number. “Sorry I missed your call, this is Jackson speaking…” He continued talking and Dahlia took the opportunity to try and cool the raging fire that was tearing through her body.

She hadn’t understood what he had meant when he had said it was time for her to prove her usefulness in the office but she was beginning to understand as she lay on her back, her pussy still throbbing like crazy, and her nipples hard and erect. She was displayed out to him on her desk, the absolute epitome of an office slut. Dahlia wasn’t even fully undressed with her shirt still caught up around her shoulders and her bra pushed down under her large breasts which somehow made the whole act feel even more shameful and dirty. Jackson had called her into his office, fucked her tits and now she was lying all trussed up like an office decoration on his desk with his now dried cum all over her chest, soaked panties in her mouth. Every time she moved, even just subtly, the ties on her wrists and ankles tugged and it made her feel dirtier and wetter. Every time she swallowed she could taste her own arousal on her gag and it turned her on even more. Jackson was right, she was like a bitch on heat. All that seemed to be consuming Dahlia’s thoughts was being fucked by him. His dick thrusting into the crevice of her tits as he pulled them roughly replayed over and over in her mind and she wished for it to happen again. It would be better if he fucked her pussy and fucked her hard like she desperately wanted but anything would be better than lying here not receiving any attention at all while he was on the phone.

“Yes certainly, we’ll be able do to that for you. If you hold just one moment I’ll get some paper and a pen to make a note of that,” she tuned in to Jackson’s words on the phone and she heard him grab a pen from his stationary holder and then suddenly his hand had grabbed hold of one of her pussy lips. She fought back a moan knowing he was still on the phone and her pelvis jerked in surprise towards him. She heard the click of his pen and then he was tracing the pen against her inner thigh, testing it to make sure it worked.

“Okay Mr. Donavan if you could just repeat those last couple of sentences and I’ll make a few notes here,” he told the man on the other side of the phone and as he heard the man reply he used the pen to write on Dahlia’s skin to the notes he needed.

Dahlia lay on her back, her back a little stiffened knowing someone was on the other end of the phone. Now she fully understood what her boss had meant about her usefulness in the office. His pen on her inner thigh was both firm in movements and yet so incredibly sensitive and at each new word where he retouched the pen to her leg she jumped slightly. Despite saying he was only going to make a few notes to Mr Donavan on the phone he ended up making notes on both of her inner thighs and moved to right some right above her pussy as well. Dahlia was practically panting with effort not to make a noise and her hot cunt was throbbing and pulsing.

Jackson finally hung up the phone and looked at her with a smirk.

“Look at you serving a purpose as an office slut,” he told her, poking her clit with his pen.

Dahlia moaned loudly at his action and Jackson laughed a little. “Maybe I should have done that while I was ankara escort on the phone so your secret of being my office slut would finally be revealed. Would you have liked that, whore?” He poked her clit again and Dahlia cried out helplessly, struggling against her bindings pointlessly but desperately wishing she could just plunge her fingers into her core and get herself off.

Jackson moved to tracing the words he had written with his pen and at this point Dahlia was a writhing mess. “I expect these notes to still be here tomorrow morning.” He told her sternly .

With a click of his pen he write a few other words above her belly button on her stomach and she couldn’t help but squirm at the sensations.

He turned back to his computer and tapped away at his keyboard and worked in silence for a while and Dahlia stared at the roof, her head spinning trying to make sense of what all had even happened today.

The time passed and she lost sense of remotely what the time could even possibly be. Eventually his typing stopped and Dahlia was aware of Jackson’s attention returning to her. He undid the ties that bound her wrists to her ankles and using the tie that was still around her neck like a collar tugged on it to pull her into a sitting position. Her hands fluttered anxiously in her lap as her eyes darted to his, unsure of what he was going to say or do next. Jackson’s own eyes slid down her naked and exposed body to notice her hands and smiled a little bit. She really was a lot more content and confident with doing nothing when she was tied up with no other choice. As soon as she had her bindings off her busy state of mind seemed to return to her and he could almost see the cogs ticking in her brain as she slipped from her needy, slutty mindset to her defensive, prude self.

Jackson stepped in before she could say or do anything that he would consider disobedient or that would ruin the progress he considered they had made.

Standing up he pulled her to stand as well and he pinched her nipples between his fingers, watching her eyes fly to his own. “Nod or shake your head if you have a ride home tonight.” He instructed her and watched her nod her head. There was no hesitation so he knew she wasn’t lying.

Moving one hand from her breast he gently let it run over her hair and come to a stop at the back of her neck in a firm and yet gentle caress. “Is that ride with someone else?” He asked further. Dahlia shook her head, she had driven herself that morning to work as she had every other day of her employment.

“Good, we can share a cab then.” He told her and with a quick yank he pulled her bra back over her tits and pulled her blouse back down over her head and over her torso.

Picking her skirt off the floor he tapped her ankle and she stepped into it, feeling reluctant for some reason. She knew what getting dressed meant. It meant going home and having to deal with being unsatisfied yet again, her body hyper aroused and sensitive and she would replay the events of today over and over in her mind. He pulled it up over her waist and tucked her top into her skirt and zipped it up. And then he stood back and looked at her, still gagged, with his dried cum covering her forehead and cheeks. He grew stiff again looking at her, knowing he hadn’t just made his mark on her face but underneath her shirt his cum was spread all over her breasts and her pussy was absolutely dripping over the things he’d done to her.

“I know how much you like to run your mouth off once you get your voice back but perhaps you can think about your filthy melons covered in my marking and how much I know you like it, no matter what might come out of your mouth to deny it. You’re going to follow me downstairs and get in a cab with me. You’re going to keep quiet and follow me, knowing that anyone could look at you and see your lusty, slutty eyes and your crinkled shirt and deduce that you got fucked in the office. Although what they won’t know is how much of an office bitch you are and how you’re just the object to get fucked and your needy little cunt hasn’t been buried into by a big fat cock in far far too long.”

With a rip of the tape that caused her to squeal a little in surprise, Jackson finally took her sopping wet panties out of her mouth. They were moist and he dragged them across her face much to her chagrin. “There, now you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing my cum on your face, it’s pretty wiped off now.” He told her with a smirk before pocketing her panties in his jacket. Dahlia’s face was crimson red in embarrassment and took shaky steps beside him as he motioned for them to leave the room.

Going into the lobby of the building had never felt like such a new experience as Dahlia followed Jackson out to the curb where he efficiently hailed down a cab and climbed into it sitting right next to her in the backseat.

“Address?” The cab driver asked and Dahlia looked at Jackson who was watching her expectantly. Clearly she was getting dropped off first. She delivered the address and was relatively proud of herself for managing to say it without her voice quavering. She felt more nervous in Jackson’s presence out in public than she had been in his office she thought, knowing exactly what he had done to her and worried that someone might think of her if they thought she was sleeping with her boss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32