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Well continuing in the vein of chronicles of my experiences I may as well tell you about the very next encounter I had with my new master, as I last left you I had only just discovered my new calling in life. Now I shall tell you about my exploration of this new life style, when I say exploration what I obviously mean is my forced submission into it, and of course my eventual enjoyment of it.

It had been three weeks since my encounter in the cemetery with my new master and I had had time to think things through; it had obviously been some kind of temporary insanity I had been brutally abused against my will and only fear had allowed me to do as I had. In fact since that night I’d barely been out of the house, hadn’t even seen my friends, I was sure I looked a mess and I felt…so strange. I knew I should go to the police and report this crime that had been committed against me, so why hadn’t I? I was trying hard to convince myself that it was out of fear and shame; but just thinking about the fear and shame was doing strange things to me.

On this particular day I had been sitting in my living room with the curtains drawn and the lights off as had become my habit, I only left the house to go to work now, to the office and then straight home to hide in the dark. I certainly wasn’t waiting for him to call on me, of course my depression was due to the event and not the fact that it had been three weeks and I hadn’t heard from him, I hadn’t even brushed my hair this day as I had nowhere to go. I was jerked out of a half doze by the door being banged loudly, I was up and off the sofa before I had even opened my eyes, this was absurd; what would I say if it was him?

“Hello,” he said glancing up at me “bitch. You are a state, I told you to be ready for me, I didn’t expect to be this displeased with you this quickly, get your worthless ass back inside, now!”

This was it, my nightmare, or my dream, either way before I could respond to his command he’d grabbed me and forced me inside slamming the door behind him. Once more I stood before him alone, feelings of shame flooding me, I was a mess and I suddenly found that I cared; my gaze dropped to his feet, heat rushing to my face as I both dreaded and anticipated the punishment I was sure I would be receiving.

“Strip bitch, let me see just how much you’ve let yourself go in my absence.”

I began to shake, in both fear and excitement, suddenly realizing that I hadn’t been taking care of myself, I’d spent all this time in a kind of suspended state and forgotten his command to me, as I hesitated he grabbed my breast and squeezed it hard.

“Now slave, you will obey me.”

I whimpered in pain and quickly shed my clothes, standing before him naked my gaze still on the floor, my breasts heaving with the short panting breaths I was taking, my nipples hardening in response to the cooler air and my excitement, already I could feel my pussy become moist in response to his gaze on my naked unworthy body. At his hissed breath I glanced up and gazed at him, he grabbed my hair in a vice like grip and forced me to my knees.

“I am displeased slave, just look at you; you haven’t groomed yourself for me and you don’t look like you’ve been eating, do you think I want to see your bones? I don’t, you are no use to me without flesh to punish, and I expect that to be corrected.”

“Now get yourself upstairs, at least the grooming can be remedied; and this way I suppose I can show you exactly how I wish you to be for me.” This last was muttered almost to himself, as I began to rise he once more forced me to my knees and I received a stinging slap across my ass, I gazed at him in confusion.

“When I wish for u to stand slave I will inform urfa escort you, until then your correct place is on yours knees before me.” Bending, he lifted my head so that his eyes bored into mine. “This I will tell you as I’m feeling generous; you will collect your clothes in your mouth and crawl before me, you will always crawl on all fours in my presence unless I tell you otherwise. Do you understand me?”

“Yes master, I understand.” With this I quickly bent and gathered my clothes in my mouth and began to crawl up the stairs, as I felt his hand caressing my ass I stopped then trembled as I didn’t know if this was what he wanted, a resounding slap across my bare buttocks assured me that it wasn’t and I quickly continued upwards. I was pleased that I was able to learn quickly and yet ashamed that I had sunk to this behaviour; yet as my throbbing wet pussy reminded me I was obviously enjoying this treatment.

“Stop.” His commanding tones rang out. “Good, stay there and don’t move.”

He moved away towards the bathroom and I heard the shower being turned on, cupboards being opened; I was still shaking from reaction the clothes in my mouth were causing me to salivate but I didn’t dare drop them until I was told, it was becoming more important by the second that I please my master. I heard his footsteps returning yet he said nothing, he must have been right behind me and yet he said nothing, I could feel his gaze over my body and still he didn’t speak. I longed to speak, to ask what he wanted of me, this deprivation was wearing on me causing my nipples and pussy to ache for his touch. When finally it came it sent electric shivers through my body, as his hand glided along my spine he laughed.

“You may yet please me; you may drop the clothes and follow me.”

As I crawled along behind him I felt pleased, like a dog having performed a trick correctly, had I a tail I felt sure it would have been wagging, how could I have fallen so far so fast; I was depraved obviously.

“Stand bitch, step into the shower and clean yourself thoroughly for me, make sure you get everywhere I will be watching.”

I stood up and glanced at my master’s face seeing his smug smile, I stepped into the shower and cried out; it was ice cold, his laugh reminded me that I had a task to do. Shivering violently I began to wash myself; suds ran from my neck down over my breasts, further stimulating my already aching nipples, down my stomach and between my legs. I could sense his gaze as I rubbed all my skin vigorously making sure that I missed nothing, yet I obviously didn’t please him as he grabbed the soap from my hands and spun me roughly to face the wall.

“Spread your legs for me slave.”

I did as I was told and felt the slippery soap enter my tight pussy, I gasped in pleasure as he moved the bar in and out of my tight hole and was rewarded with his laugh once more. The soap was taken away and now I could feel the itchy irritation sensation in my cunt, as I writhed in discomfort the shower head was brought under me and ice cold water was sent up me, I cried out, almost a scream as this new torture was visited upon my most private self. I would have fallen then but his hand was firmly entangled in my hair preventing me from moving, he jerked my head backwards and firmly clamped his teeth on my neck. This time I did scream, but it was in pleasure rather than pain, my cunt pulsed as a new wave of juices flowed from my body, the shower head was replaced by his hand which only briefly flowed across my aching loins.

“Look at this mess you have made bitch.”

Showing me his hand which was indeed shiny with the coating of juices from me;

“Get balıkesir escort on your knees and clean it, I want every last drop of this off my flesh.”

Once more sinking to the floor I began licking my own juices from his hand, my tongue lapping the palm before I took each of his fingers into my mouth and sucked it clean, the taste of my juices was actually driving me wild, I was more turned on than I had ever been. The juices that I was licking from his hand were being quickly reproduced between my legs, all I wanted was his hard cock inside me, yet I didn’t dare beg for it, I didn’t deserve it yet.

“Good, now get on the bed and pull your ass cheeks apart for me.”

His commanding tone sent shivers through me, though at the same time I dreaded what was to come, positioned with my head buried into the pillows and my ass up in the air I became increasingly excited and worried, what was he going to do to me? I felt him spreading something cool and soft around my pussy; shaving cream?

“Now slave this is the first and last time I show you what I want from you, if ever you fail to comply know that you will be punished severely.”

He began to shave me, the razor running across my skin was exciting me to further heights, and yet I didn’t dare move for both the fear of the razor cutting me and my master’s displeasure, yet suddenly his tongue was running along my wet lips, sending shivers throughout my body, I wanted so desperately for his tongue to run around my clit; to allow me release. But because of my movement I received a stinging slap across my ass, yet unlike before I didn’t feel repulsed, rather it heightened my enjoyment of the sensations I was feeling; once I was fully shaved my master moved away leaving me to shake alone on the bed.

I dared not move, yet I could feel the pulse in my cunt making me so excited and prompting me to wait for release, yet even now I understood that my pleasure depended on my master’s. Without his express permission I could not give in to my baser urges, I was property, I had no right to place my desires above his; I had accepted it, I couldn’t believe it, yet it gave me enormous pleasure to know that my happiness depended upon his. As I waited for his return these thoughts ran through my mind, I found that I no longer had any doubts about my calling, I wanted to please my master, in fact my entire world now revolved around his enjoyment.

He returned and placed his hands upon my own, removing them from my ass and placing them at my sides. He turned me onto my back, I kept my gaze averted from his face, and yet I felt his fingers on my chin drawing my gaze up towards his own. His lips came towards my own; his tongue lashed out and only barely stroked mine the gentle caress of his hot wet tongue on my lips caused my whole body to react. I shivered and tried to raise my mouth to meet his own but he pushed my head back and continued to tease me in this manner whilst I writhed beneath him, groaning and desperately trying to meet his lips in an attempt to satisfy my desire to feel his tongue in my mouth. He had my arms pinned to the bed and my legs trapped within his own, and like this he held me whilst he gazed down at me.

“Hmm, you want me don’t you bitch? You desperately want to feel my hardness inside you, my cock pulsing and throbbing, spitting my seed deep within you don’t you?”

“Yes master, oh please, please fuck me.”

Yet he didn’t, moving his body up my own he brought his now released cock up to my face and pressed it against my lips, I opened them hungrily needing to feel him inside of me. He grabbed my hair and pulled so hard that I cried out;

“I don’t want trabzon escort my cock in your unworthy mouth, I want you to lick it and suck only the end until I feel you deserve to stop, I dare you bitch, try and make me come.”

I had been ordered, I felt the desire to prove that I could, it was a last trace of rebellion still within me, I would make him come, and I’d make him spill his spunk straight into my waiting mouth! My hands still pinned to the bed I lifted my head to bring my mouth level with his straining cock, I pushed out my tongue and gave it a tentative lick, it jumped before me, I grew more confident and began to lick his hard cock with more vigor. Encasing it within my lips I gently moved them around the swollen end before beginning to suck, already I could taste the precum dribbling from it; I began to suck harder and rolled my tongue around it, curling my tongue so that I grasped him within it. Before long I felt his excitement, his cock was being forced further into my grateful mouth, my sucking becoming more rapid and his thrusting more frantic; suddenly his cock thrust all the way into my throat and I felt it pumping its hot seed, the salty warm fluid tingling inside my throat as I swallowed it gratefully. Smiling with happiness I began to lick my masters cock, making sure that I had every last drop, leaving him clean, his fingers running along my cheek assured me that I had pleased him.

“Good slave; that will do for now I think.”

Moving off my body he stood and began to dress, his back towards me; had I displeased him in some way, why was he leaving like this, hadn’t I done as he’d asked. These thoughts raced around my mind, did I dare question him, I didn’t want to question my master’s methods and yet I was so excited and frustration bade me ask.

“Master, are you leaving?”

“Slave, you do not question me, I tell you what is. I am leaving why; there was something you wanted?”

“Please master, I want to feel you inside me, I need you master, please, please fuck me.”

As he quickly moved towards me, I was afraid I’d gone too far; he grabbed my hair roughly pulling me forward and down on to the floor, sitting on my back he began to slowly and methodically spank my ass. Each smack of his hand got harder, my ass cheeks were burning, yet I wanted him more than ever, my juices were running down my legs, my breath was coming in gasps all I wanted was to feel him fucking me with his hard cock, my cunt was throbbing and I screamed out my frustration. At that moment my master thrust his fingers in my pussy, I couldn’t help myself, my climax washed over me my legs went weak, spilling both me and my master onto the floor. A stinging lash across my already abused ass made me scream a second time, and made my pussy clench around his fingers, the pleasure sending violent tremors through me.

“I tell you slave, that includes when you can cum, disobedient slut!”

Getting up, he strode to the door, wiping his fingers on some item of my clothing before throwing it to the floor, glancing back his hard gaze fell upon me increasing my shivering.

“You have both pleased me and disappointed me tonight bitch, I can see there is much work to be done with you. Remember all that I have taught you tonight and make sure you are properly ready for me next time otherwise there will be far more severe punishment for you. You are mine; tell me.”

“Master, I am your slave, your bitch and I belong to only you.”

As I looked up I saw him leaving the room, his laughter echoing up the stairs, I began to gather myself, here I was once again; on the floor covered in cum, alone, this was seemingly going to become a habit. The shame washed over me like last time, only this time I reveled in it, I caught myself reaching for my clit; shaking my head, I knew I had accepted his possession of me completely I could not play with myself until he commanded me to. Smiling I got to my feet and began to tidy myself up; I would not disappoint my master the next time, everything would be perfect…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32