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After having finally given in to Greg and her own mind and body, Brie suddenly felt free. All her life she had felt like she had to be in control, had to know exactly where she was going and how to get there. Now, she wanted nothing more than to let Greg lead her. To have him be in control and take her where he wanted her to go. It was scary for her but in a good way.

Greg was taking her to heights she had never dreamed of. She had never thought of herself as someone who would enjoy pain or depravation or bondage, but she found herself looking forward to seeing Greg and what he would do to and with her next. Her body responded to his slightest touch, the mere tickle of his breath on her skin could send her to the point of orgasm.

Greg, for his part found himself totally infatuated with Brianna. He loved her responsiveness and willingness to serve. She seemed to put everything she had into pleasing him. Greg decided he needed to take her to the next step. He needed to push her a little more.

“I want you to be at my house at eight tomorrow night Brianna.” Greg told her the next afternoon.

“Yes Sir.” She replied as she wondered what the night would hold.

As she knocked on his door, Brie nervously smoothed down her skirt. Greg answered telling her to come inside. As she started for the playroom, he stopped her telling her they were going out.

“Going out? Where to?”

“A club downtown, but we need to make some adjustments.” He told her. “First, I want you to remove your bra. Then I am going to insert a vibrator into you. I will hold the controller Anadolu Yakası escort and turn it on and off at my whim. You will dance and entice with your swaying breasts as I amuse myself with playing with you.”

A shiver ran through Brie at Greg’s words. The thought of him controlling her from a distance made her wet. She removed her bra and left her blouse partially unbuttoned as he instructed. Then he led her to the playroom where he had her bend over a table.

Greg pulled her panties down and off her legs. He ran his hands over her backside enjoying the way she squirmed at his touch. He could just she her parted lips glistening moistly. He took a small vibrator with a thin belt attached and pushed it between those thickening lips. The belt was quickly attached around her hips and he gave the controller a testing start. Brie jumped slightly and moaned as her hips undulated to the vibrations going on in her sex. Greg smiled to himself and told her it was time to go.

In the car Greg kept up small touches to her nipples and thighs, teasing her to keep her on edge. When they reached the club, the music pulsed all around. It seemed to Brie it pulsed inside her also as deeply as the vibrator when Greg turned it on. Sometimes it was just a short burst, others it was a long pulse that had her juices flowing. He got them drinks and a place to sit. After she finished her drink he ordered her on to the dance floor. He watched as she moved to the music, taking the opportunity to tease her with the vibrator at times. Greg would wait until her Anadolu Yakası escort bayan eyes closed and the beat of the music had her in its grip to turn it on high and throw her into a tailspin, then he would lower the frequency and let her body take over once again.

Greg watched as a man came up behind Brie and started to dance with her. He watched as the man took her hips in his hands and led her in an undulating motion that had her ass rubbing against the increasing bulge in the front of his pants. Her arms raised and came down on the head of the man behind her. Greg waited until she rubbed against the man of her own accord and turned the vibrator up to full. He could see her lips part and knew her breath had rushed out. Brie began a mating dance in the middle of the floor as Greg watched.

As the music ended Brie made her way back to Greg. He pulled her into his lap and kissed her until her head was spinning and she was dizzy with the desire to do anything he asked. He ordered her another drink and turned the vibrator off. She seemed to melt as the stimulus was removed.

When the drink arrived, she drank thirstily trying to cool the fires that had begun to rage within her. Greg ran his hand up her thigh lightly, teasing the skin, causing a tremor to run through Brie. His tongue teased at her ear, causing her to close her eyes and a groan to escape her parted lips. His hand skimmed up her thigh under her skirt to tease her clit just a bit. Brie stiffened as she almost came. Greg whispered in her ear, “You are not allowed to escort bayan cum just yet, Brianna. If you do, I will punish you severely.”

Brie held on, but it was very difficult. The alcohol was swirling in her head along with the desire that Greg that had been slowly building in her all night. “I believe it is time for you to dance again Brianna.” She managed to make her way to the dance floor in a sensual haze.

Once there a man immediately came up to her and took her in his arms. As Greg watched, the man stuck his leg between Brie’s and moved his hands to her rounded cheeks to grind her against his leg. Her head fell back and her eyes closed. They began moving to the pounding music and Greg turned the vibrator buried deep in her pussy up to full. He could see the sweat break out on Brie’s skin and knew she was close.

When the song was over Greg met her at the edge of the floor. “It’s time to go.”

They made their way out to the car and once inside, he ordered her to open his pants. Brie eagerly reached over to open his zipper and pull his thick, hard cock out. Her mouth descended on the head, wanting so badly to please and serve this man. Greg groaned as he felt the hot, wet cavern close over his engorged member. Her tongue went to work, laving at the velvety feeling skin that was hard as steel underneath. She engulfed the entire length until she could feel it entering her throat. She gagged as it went further down, Greg pushing her head. When he allowed, she began moving up and down the length, running her tongue over and over the head. Soon, Greg grabbed her head and began his own pace. Brie could do nothing but hold on. He began moving faster and soon shot his nectar deep into her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, trying to keep every drop.

When he was done, Brie cleaned him up and put him back into his pants. Greg started the car and drove home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32