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After an eventful morning, Britney had freshened up.

Her first two classes were English and History. During those courses she did her best to conceal her constant nipple hard on. During English not so much, the teacher “Mr. Phelps” was a striking male and even she had a minor crush on him. He noticed her today. More often than not. This made her intrigued. She would explore his reactions more tomorrow and next week.

However her History teacher, “Mrs. Donahue” was less than respecting of Brit’s actions and dress code. She hadn’t bit her head off at least. Even though Brit was violating the school’s dress code by the shortness of her skirt which should only be just above her knees. Going braless was a big no no also. Her fellow students either scowled or drooled. All of them however had a code to mind their own business. Thus far nobody ignored that school pact. It wasn’t like she was naked.

Leaving Donahue’s classroom she went to her locker to drop off her books. She waited there until “Eddie Styles” reached her.

“Hey sexy.” He grins collapsing his back to the locker beside hers.

“Morning Stud. Bring me breakfast?”

He cautiously retrieves a tiny egg shaped vibrator from his shirt pocket and hands it to her. She examines it fidgeting.

“Eggs Benedicked.” She chuckles.

He offers a thumbs up amused by her word play, “Awesome.”

“Cover me. I’m inserting it here. No time to go to the restroom and do it.” She says as she faces her locker and lifts the front of her skirt. Squatting at an angle she slips the egg up inside her pussy and does her best to force it up toward her G-spot. Once convinced it was deep enough she stands up straight and lowers her skirt.

“That should do it.” She smiles and claims her Algebra book, then shutting her locker.

Styles then hops erect and offers her an arm, “To class with class Milady?”

She giggles and takes his arm snuggling to his side for a moment. It made his day.

Within minutes they reach their class. He releases her arm and bows giving her the cue to enter first. She shakes her head and follows other students through the door. As soon as she stepped over the threshold she felt the vibrator roar inside her. The sudden torrent stormed her nerves. She yelped out loud and nearly lost her balance. Inside the door stood her teacher “Mr. Beatty”, a tall thin but fit man, bald on top with a band of hair as a crown.

He catches her arm concerned by her pale expression.

“Are you alright, Miss Foxx?”

She shivers getting used to the tremors within.

“Yes. Sorry. I got lightheaded for a second. I’ll be okay.” She smiles warmly at him. He notices her mardin escort nipples immediately and has a glint in his eye.

“If you feel that way again. I’ll help you to the Nurse’s office.”

“Thank you.” She moves toward her seat eying Styles with a squint of “I’ll get you for that.” mischief in her gaze. He wanted to bust up.

Everyone in their seats “Beatty” shuts the door and heads toward his desk.

Sitting down he begins his routine of going over homework. Step by step he went through the questions on paper and garnered responses.

Styles winked at Brit just before pushing the button remote in his pocket. The jolt of activation made her grip her desk with both hands dramatically. Holding her breath and eyes flaring, she gently whimpers.

Eyes around the room realize her emotional changes. Including “Beatty”. He decides to get up from his seat and walk around the class casually as he continues going over the homework.

She freezes holding her homework notebook under flared fingers. Lowered gaze she turns pale then rosy. Beatty steps up to her side and lightly squeezes her shoulder out of concern. She looks up at him with puppy like eyes and makes him realize that she was trembling.

A warm smile toward him makes him move on hesitantly. He continues his stroll. Back to her now, he hears a clatter. Turning he spots Britney picking up her notebook from the floor. She had difficulty as her legs became putty.

Beatty moved back to her and bent down to assist her. As he did her legs parted giving him a bird’s eye view of her pussy. On her chair between her thighs was a tiny puddle of her trickling juices. His eyes wanted to focus on her but he knew the students would quickly realize he was staring.

Without another word he stood up and placed her notebook on her desk. She thanked him softly.

He felt his dick begin to rise and made his way back to his desk. Seated now he was out of the direct eye sight of his students. This gave him time to try and lose his stimulation.

Forcing himself to concentrate on the homework he avoids looking at her. Even though he knew something was going on by the whispers around him. On the final question he hears a shrill whine and a gasp. This forced him to look her way.

Brit had her legs stretched out beneath the chair in front of her and was postured into a sunken position. Her eyes were batting erratically. Lips trembling as she bit at them spontaneously. She decided to place her pen in her mouth to avoid biting her lower lip too hard.

Beatty noticed guys around her eying her strange behavior. As a matter of fact every guy van escort in the room was ogling her every move. The girls in the class seemed to understand her actions. They knew she was building up for something.

Beatty found himself dropping a hand into his lap and rubbing his crotch. He did his best to continue on teaching but his words were unconvincing. Not that it mattered. Nobody was really listening to him.

Britney suddenly sat up straight and hovered over her desk nervously. Her palms held her up by her forehead. She huffed and exhaled dramatically, just before looking up to inhale with her eyes closed. Opening her eyelids quickly she stared directly at Beatty and creased her brow.

Just as swiftly she glanced around her meeting eyes with random people. She saw the men in the room encouraging her to continue in her fits. Some knew. Most didn’t realize why she was acting this way.

Gritting her teeth around her pen she then sucked on it for a moment. Her head tilting back just before pulling the pen from her lips in a popping noise.

Stretching out again she arches her back to express her heaving breasts. Her nipples were full tilt aroused beneath her shirt. Everyone noticed. Whispers of awe surrounded her.

Beatty struggled hard to maintain his composure. This young lady had captured even his attention. He felt like unzipping and jerking off but had the smarts not to give in to his perversions. Instead he growled and rubbed his crotch even harder.

In a dramatic spasm Brit knocks all of her books on to the floor and acts embarrassed by it. Yet, she didn’t get up to retrieve them. Her hands once again gripped her desk top tightly. Her expression agonized and straining.

With a glare she expels a deafening moan that echoes through the room.

Styles smirks and gets up to gather her books from in front of her. As soon as he looks at her she fans her legs wide. She shows him her pussy as it glistened from the vibrations terrorist act upon her G-spot. The boy’s in front of her took notice as well. Fortunately all were 18 years of age.

Styles stands up and places her books back on her desk then casually returns to his own seat. Once seated he looks at Beatty with a shrug. Beatty wasn’t home. The man stared obliviously at Britney.

Her eyes meet others intimately as she quivers and holds her breath. Beet red now she loses it and cries out, “MOTHER FUCK!”

The room wants to laugh as she convulses like a woman possessed. Her sudden outburst led to loud moans and squeals of delight. She had cum in her seat.

Breathless she spots Mr. Beatty stand up and move to the classroom ankara escort door cautiously hiding himself until he could use the threshold to mask his girth.

“Miss Foxx. Join me in the hallway please.”

Britney held her hand over her mouth as she noted a girl silently clapping her hands toward her with a thin smile of approval.

Guys offered gestures of thumbs up and expressions of wonderment.

“Miss Foxx?” Beatty again expressed.

“Coming.” Brit mutters loud enough to hear.

The room chuckled as one as she peeled herself from her seat and limped toward Beatty. As she reached the door and exits with Beatty he shuts the door facing her.

Before he could say a word Brit reached out and palmed his bulging erection. Just as swiftly she removed her hand, but not before he jizzed within his underwear. Her grip was enough to finish him off.

He himself turned pale looking down at her. She cringed at her bold move and toyed with regret.

“Sorry.” She whined softly.

He trembles in his step sharing a brief silence then opens up.

“Don’t be. It never happened. Our secret.”

She sighs with relief then stands in his gaze awaiting further words.

“I have nothing.” He chuckles.

She giggles and points at his crotch where a dampness had shown through his slacks.

“Obviously, you had something.”

“Dammit.” He growls.

“Should I go back to class?”

“What possessed you to do that?” He had to know.

Her thoughts led to concealing the truth and to add opportunity. She lowers her gaze and whispers, “I have a crush on you.”

His eyes bulge, “What?”

“I’m sorry.” She hisses convincingly.

“I don’t know what to say.” He hesitates, “What should I say?”

She keeps her eyes averted from his when she sheepishly expresses.

“That you want to send me to detention. And, volunteer to punish me in person?”

He stares numbly at first then grumbles, “I’m on detention duty anyway.”

She smiles without looking up at him. This was way too much fun.

“I can’t promise I won’t be unruly in the future.”

Beatty sighs, “Looks like you might get held after school quite a lot.”

She fidgets then whispers, “Held after or held down?”

“Young lady you have to stop. I can’t go back into my class with a hard on.”

“My skirt is stained too. Should I go get a roll of paper towels for my chair seat?”

“No. You can’t go back in there. It looks too bad. Go on and clean up. I’ll hold your books until detention later in the day. Classroom “D” at 3:00 sharp.”

“Yes Sir.”

She turns away and wiggles off. As she shuffles down the empty hallway she lifts her skirt up to let him see her bare ass. He grit his teeth and turned away. Too late to avoid his erection. He would have to live with it.

“A crush on me. That’s a first.”

Beatty couldn’t wait to punish that little slut.

Britney couldn’t wait to torture the poor bastard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32