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Principal Glenn Harding pulled his Crown Victoria into the parking lot of the town Library. On a Sunday the lot was empty of cars, and it’s location concealed it’s parking area. Idling he adjusted his tie and unbuttoned his suit coat for comfort.

Waiting was intimidating. Even though the lot was empty there could still be witnesses to his strange behavior. Luckily his wait was short.

Hearing a rap on his drivers side window Harding jumped and looked to his left. There he spotted the stunning Britney Foxx wearing a white dress. At first glance he envisioned a youthful Alyssa Milano.

Motioning her around to the passenger side he reaches across and opens the door for her. She quickly gets inside and shuts her door.

“Hey Studly. You look nice in that suit.”

He immediately began driving before speaking.

“You look quite lovely as well. I was fearful that you might wear something inappropriate. While it still reveals quite a bit, the dress remains tasteful.”

“Well, we are going to Church. I couldn’t wear anything too slutty. I don’t need an Exorcism.”

“Mocking the Catholic religion?” He frowns.

“I was never forced to attend Church. So, not the bible thumper type. Besides, what you have planned will probably get us both invited to the bonfire. Right?”

He turns pale and clears his throat, “I suppose so.”

Squirming in her seat to adjust her skirt she reaches for her seat belt and locks in. Her attention then averted to Harding. He was breaking into a sweat.

“You okay Old Man? You look like you saw a ghost. Holy ghost?”

Glenn takes a deep breath, “Stop that. While it’s quite obvious I’m a sinner I do hold the Lord in high esteem. I’ll be certain to repent and confess before the day is over.”

“We’re all sinners.” She frowns, “It’s fun though.”

Hands clasp the steering wheel tightly, Glenn had to agree.

“When we arrive I’ll ask you to behave until we get seated. We should be careful to say the least.”

“Mr. Harding, your fantasy is becoming boring. Lighten up.”

At first a frown greeted her, then he offered a cough that led to a grin.

“Much better. I’ll be careful. You enjoy yourself Mister. Let me do all the dirty work.”

He swallowed shyly then nodded his agreement.

For the next thirty minutes the ride was quiet. Save for the comments of “Eyes on the road” each time he dared to stare at her legs.

Reaching the city of “Harrington” Glenn’s hometown he opted to give her a drive by tour of his old stomping grounds. She feigned interest unless she happened to spot a cute guy, then she expressed herself.

The final stop was the parking lot of a very large pristine cathedral like Church. A congregation was already filing inside.

“St. Matthew’s.” Harding presented.

Brit found the church beautiful. As well as a number of it’s male flock.

“Remember, you are my niece.”

“Do you truly think they will buy that once I’m sitting in your lap?”

He grimaces, “Be a good actress.”

“Oscar Meyer winner for best wiener in my mouth.” She chuckles.

Getting his nerve up he unbuckles his seatbelt and opens his car door. She follows suit and meets him in front of the car to hug his right arm.

With a warm smile Glenn Harding led her into the church.

Once inside she observes Glenn step from her long enough to place his hands in a small urn of blessed water and wave his fingers out of respect of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Brit looks around her and dips her fingers in the urn only to compress the wetness over both of her nipples. Her white dress at least was thick enough not to create any transparency. She frowns at her lost expectations.

However, a number of young men managed to capture her indecent act. Not one of them was willing to let on to anyone who might object to her actions. Lucky for her that eye contact meant obedient servants. Brit loved being lusted over.

Following Glenn further within he chooses a pew toward the back. Not the final pew in session but far enough toward the door to escape silently if necessary. They sat in the middle. There were three sets of benches. Another set were to their left and to their right. Each angled inwardly from the outside seat. Only the middle row was perfectly straight and facing the pulpit.

If counting Glenn estimated at least two hundred people in the church. More than he expected. Less than his mind challenged him with. Enough to stimulate his perversions.

As he sat there he recalled his childhood here at St. Matthew’s. His parents attended here with he and his brother Samuel. They were long passed away however. Harding in his mid 50’s was an accident child. His parents were in their 40’s at his conception. Part of his soul was ashamed of his strange desires this day. Yet, this young lady beside him set his manhood ablaze. Never in a million years had he known such a vibrant shameless beauty. Brit was the perfect fantasy for his old soul, young heart.

“All of the boys are looking at me.” Brit hugs his arm and giggles.

“They yalova escort wonder why you are here with me.”

“Probably. But, the point is, I AM here with you. Uncle Glenn.” She sticks her tongue out at him playfully.

He chuckles under his breath then lifts the bridge of his glasses as if shy. He wasn’t.

“I see you remember our prearranged plans.”

“Of course. I’m your niece in case anyone asks. I wonder if they will believe that if I get caught sucking your dick in this pew?” She squeezes his arm.

“If not. We shall run like the wind.”

“No fun in running. Let’s take this as far as we can. Let me instigate. You enjoy. Deal?”

“I’ll try to keep calm.”

She shakes her head, “That’s impossible. When I get into a blowjob no man can keep their mouth shut. You Mister are no exception if I recall.”

He recollects the one and only time he had his dick in her mouth. Ever so briefly. He NEEDED more of that.

As more people arrive they close in around them. Mostly toward the front of them luckily. There was a pair of young women that sat directly in front of them which made Glenn sweat. They were at best twenty five years old. Both blonds with similar haircuts. They seemed rather chatty amid the relative silence at this point.

Brit smiled at Glenn coyly. He did his best to smile back.

Sitting patiently, Brit notes the boys that admired her earlier. They had multiplied into six as the others directed their attention at the new girl in their midst. To whet their appetites she fluttered her fingers at them. That received a bravado of nods as they attempted to show her they were men. Not boys. They were easily Brit’s age.

The oldest looking of the six was bold enough to blow her a kiss. Brit returned it with a wagging tongue. That maneuver grabbed their balls mentally and made them quickly talk amongst themselves. Finally, the young man took the initiative to lead his group to sit behind them. Glenn raised an eye brow at her.

“Do you think this wise?”

“Relax Uncle Glenn. We may need a diversion. These guys are drooling like bulldogs in heat.”

She turns sideways and lays her elbow on the back of the pew to face the cadre.

“Hi.” She offers her brightest smile and devastating gaze.

“Hey. New here I see.” The young man ushered.

“Yes. Visiting my Uncle here.”

“Cool. I’m Brendon.”


She shakes his hand. He takes the risk of kissing her knuckle. She had to blush and chuckle.

Glenn glanced over at her and she showed him her wet knuckle, “He kissed me. I think I’m in love.”

Brendon smirked awaiting Glenn to scold him. Instead Glenn leers toward the young men.

“What? Only one of you were daring enough to kiss my niece here?”

Suddenly, the other five jumped up as Brit raises her hand for multiple kisses.

“I think I might move here after graduation.” She flirts.

All seated and feeling ballsy the men let Brenden lead.

“Peter, Ned, Ryan, Kent.” He points to each.

“At least they’re not Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Hi!” She flutters her hand at each.

Glenn rolls his eyes, “Would you like to go sit with them?”

“Are you sure?” She brightens her eyes.

“Return to me when I motion for you.”

She hugs him and kisses his cheek. A soft whisper in his ear, “I’m not leaving this church without you fucking me. Understood?”

He clears his throat and loosens his tie, “Quite clear. Go have your fun.”

She excitedly glares back at the boys.

“Room for me in your pew?”

All eyes burst wide as they part down the middle like the Red Sea.

She swiftly shuffled to the edge of her pew then slips into the bench behind her. Reaching Ryan and Kent she playfully sits in both of their laps. Moving from one to the other. Then before the center she lifts her skirt then sits on Brenden’s lap. Her bare ass on his crotch. He nearly bust a nut as he felt her curves on his legs.

She giggles and leans back to whisper.

“Can you tell I’m not wearing panties?”

His eyes erupt at the possibility, “I wondered.”

Slipping from his lap she took her seat. Directly behind Glenn who refrained from turning or letting on his connection to her.

Brenden turns his profile to face her, “That was insane. Do it again.”

She pats his boyish cheek, “I can do better than that.”

After a silent finger to her lips to warn the boys to keep quiet she eases up from her seat and again raises her skirt. Luckily her dress wasn’t snug for as long as it was. She then pulls it up in front to reveal her shaved pussy. Each of the boys leaned over the other for a chance to look at it. Possibly the very first real pussy they had ever seen. Blushes hidden well the boys acknowledge her beguiling smile.

She then closed her legs and lowered her skirt in front.

All of them pouted.

She giggles under her breath then lifts the skirt again. This time Brenden quickly ran his hand up to gently caress her pubic area. She shivered edirne escort as organ music began to play.

As services began Brit managed to behave and calm her admirers. They were tormented by having to keep their hormones in check. Suddenly, their upbringing faded away in favor of devilish deeds. Brit was amused by their behavior.

As the Priest stepped into view all rose at his arrival. A prayer instilled led everyone to recite along with him.

Brit noticed the two younger blonds sitting directly in front of Glenn. Both were less than interested in the proceedings. Instead they chose to huddle close and giggle between themselves. Curious she turns to Brendon and whispers into his ear.

“Who are the blonds sitting in front of my Uncle?”

He looks forward then whispers back, “Savannah and Piper Scott. Twin sisters. They attend services maybe once a month, to humor their parents. Their folks sit up front. The girls know better than to sit next to them. They don’t take much serious.”

Brit liked what she was hearing.

“Are they mischievous?” She winks at him.

He chuckles faintly, “Oh yeah! They were terrors in High School. My brother used to tap Savannah. Told me stories. Showed me pictures.”

“Nakie pictures?”

He nods with a grin, “Seen it all. Hot stuff.”

Biting her lower lip she looks to both sides of Glenn’s pew. He had the pew to himself. Her thoughts immediately ran wild with ideas.

“I’ll be right back. Promise.” She kisses his cheek then places a finger to her lips toward the other boys.

While everyone was still standing Brit lifts her skirt enough to literally crawl over the back of Glenn’s pew. He notices her and assists her arrival. With a clumsy act she brushes the back of “Piper Scott” before grabbing the back of her pew. The softest of impacts made Piper turn to look behind her. Brit at the moment stepped from the pew seat to the floor. As Piper smiled at Brit who feigned klutzy Brit leaned forward to whisper, “Sorry.”

Piper followed by a now aware Savannah merely laughed with Britney and said, “No problem.” The girls then offered a thumbs up for Brit’s climbing bravado during services.

Brit planted her hands on the back of their pew and lowered forward to chat.

“You two must be sisters. So beautiful.”

Piper speaks up, “Awww! Thanks. You are pretty beautiful yourself.”

“The boys think so.” She giggles playfully and points back at the row of awaiting testosterone.

Savannah whispers, “Your Father’s sweating bullets. Is he alright?”

“My Uncle. He’s fine. I’m Britney.”


“Piper.” The sister offers, “Are you certain he’s okay? He looks like he’s going to faint.”

Puckering up Brit decides to take a risk, “He’s not really my uncle. He’s a perverted old guy but with a heart of gold. He’s got the hot’s for you two.”

The twins crease their foreheads and noses yet grin sheepishly.

“Don’t let on I told you.” Brit continues, “He really is a sweetheart. Look, I need your help and the boys back there told me you two were cool.”

Their curiosity peaked suddenly.

Noting their attentiveness Brit whispered, “I’m helping him with an evil fantasy. He wants to jerk off in Church and not get caught. For shits and giggles can you help me help him?”

Both girls stare at each other then look around them. Only two other people sat in their pew. Older men possibly in their Eighties. One at each end of their bench.

“So weird.” Savannah raises a brow while smirking.

“I know. And, I must seem weird for asking this of you guys. I’ll understand if you don’t want to.”

Piper frowns at one corner of her mouth, “Why would you help him? He’s old. You must be younger than us.”

Brit darts her gaze between the twins with a zany look, “Devil’s daughter?”

This made the girls snicker and cover their mouths to avoid any unwanted attention. With a deep breath held amongst themselves the twins nod at Brit.

“So awesome! I’ll get him started. Then, I’m going to go tease my entourage more. I love you guys.”

They realize suddenly the congregation begins to sit down. This broke their huddle up and Brit returned to sit beside Glenn.

“What was that all about?” He shudders nervously.

“Oh nothing!” She plops her hand directly on top of his crotch. His dick was mildly erect yet his nerves were keeping it at bay.

“We can’t have that, Uncle Glenn.” She frowns with a pucker.

Leaning into him she unzips his slacks and digs into his boxers for his cock. After a troublesome escape she drags him out into daylight. He was pure white and glaring about for observers expecting to be caught. Yet, he let her slowly jerk him off. It felt so good he began to lose interest and stared straight ahead. The Priest’s sermon drowning out his loud exhales.

“He’s getting bigger.” She winks at him.

The boys behind them all sat wide eyed. Chancing a brief over the shoulder look that made them anxious for their own wonderment. Glenn erzurum escort never even noticed their venture to witness it. He was absorbed by her hand and his sudden fantasy of the blonds before him. They hadn’t yet turned to watch him. They maintained their gaze toward the unfolding sermon.

Brit turns just enough to wink at Brenden and the boys.

Reaching a sturdy six inches Glenn rolled his eyes back. After a few more strokes Brit removes her hand and grabs Glenn’s. She then curls his fingers around his cock.

“Have fun. Don’t fail me Uncle Glenn.”

He timidly strokes himself as he observes her squeeze Savannah and Piper’s shoulders. As they turned Brit dropped to her hands and knees and crawled under the pew to be greeted by the excited boys behind Glenn.

Glenn dropped his jaw as Savannah and Piper shifted in their seat to lean elbows on the wooden back of the pew. Their eyes immediately looked at his sliding grip. They both bit their lips at the sight and bashfully glanced at Glenn with fluttering eyelids. Savannah even went so far as to lick her lips.

Seeing their actions made Glenn realize they were in on Brit’s schemes. His fantasy stepped up and he began stroking his cock even harder. He was rock hard and purple now. The twins offered looks of yearning at it’s hue. Glenn became obsessed.

Behind Glenn Harding Brit reclaimed her seat by Brenden and shrugged while giggling.

“Wow!” Is all the boys could muster.

Brit again motioned the group into silence as she wiggles her skirt high and cautiously stretches out over the laps of the young men. Face down she raises her skirt all the way up to her waist. Her bare butt and lower back were a sight to behold. And be held.

Kent rolled his hands over her butt cheeks while Ned caressed her legs. Her chest crushed into Ryan’s lap as she stretched over Brenden to playfully pinch Peter’s groin over his pants. Brenden felt her teeth bite at his concealed manhood. All of the boys were in Heaven but meant for Hell.

Glenn committed to his assault as Piper looked around her before reaching her arm over the seat back. Her hand carefully caressed his right kneecap. Savannah followed suit and did the same to his left kneecap. His eyes bulged at their attentiveness.

His nerves made things last longer than normal. That and his desire to prolong his fantasy as long as possible.

As Glenn rocketed onward, Britney felt fingers creep between her legs and enjoyed a nice massage to her clit. As she held her breath lightly she lifted her chin to observe Brenden unfastening his pants and pulling his dick out. With a gleeful squeal Brit devoured his cock and didn’t care how much noise she was making.

As she whimpered Peter took his chance and unzipped to reveal his own daring penis. He then wrapped her hand around it. Brit began jerking him off vigorously.

The boys all offered smug looks forward as Savannah and Piper looked up long enough to witness their enjoyment. This made the twins anxiously wet.

Glenn made a bold move and slid into a slouch. This led his dick closer to the blonds. Both girls glanced at each other and decided to play along. Piper gripped his crown and lightly twisted it. This made Glenn remove his hand in hopes Savannah would take over. Seeing his eyes beg she smiled and did just that.

Both girls carefully stroked him while turning toward the concluding sermon. As the Priest finished up so did Glenn. He growled with a lowered octave and spewed a flood of cum on to the girls hands. The sudden wetness made both girls turn and witness his final geyser. Their eyes were sparkling at his achievement.

Glenn himself fell silent and numb. All he could do was focus on reward as the girls lifted away from him and lick their knuckles dry. He was tasty for an old fart.

Behind them Brit made both Peter and Brenden cum almost at the same moment. Filling her mouth she swallowed every drop of Brenden. Peter was a mess and zipped up quickly. Still Britney licked his jizz off her hand for his admiration.

Easing off of their laps Brit turned cautiously over and let her pussy come into view. Ned took the initiative to insert two fingers up inside her and begin finger fucking her. The sensations stormed her senses and she began moaning. Instinctively Brenden reached over and cupped her mouth to prevent any louder outbursts.

Ryan ran his hand up her hiked dress and squeezed her bare breasts. The nipples were aiming for the rafters.

Kent leaned over his friend and vigorously rubbed her clit.

The war was brewing. Luckily a Choir began singing loudly. The speakers were enough to conceal her moans. Brenden grinned and removed his hand. Let her howl he thought.

She drowned the laps of the boys and shook like a leaf. Finally as the congregation rose to join the choir Brit pulled Ryan’s hand from beneath her dress and slithered off of their crotches and on to the floor. She crawls under Glenn’s pew and surfaces beneath his legs. The unexpected entrance forced his legs wide. He still had his dick free of his slacks and it was still noble. Mostly due to watching the twins tease him with their tongues. Using his knees as leverage Brit slid up and straddled Glenn right before the eyes of the twins. She hugged him low as her hand reached under her to guide Glenn’s cock into her pussy. He merely let her ride him and enjoyed the dance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32