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A few months ago, the company I work for sent me to an out of town training seminar for a week of training. While I was there, I met a really great guy and we ended up spending a lot of time together.

This is a real story of our short but memorable experience together.

The hotel I was staying in was really nice. It had an indoor/outdoor pool area. The first couple of afternoons after the training sessions ended, I changed into my bikini, relaxed and sunned myself in the outdoor section of the pool area. At night, they closed it up and made the pool area more private. So, after dinner each night, I went back to the pool area to soak in the jacuzzi/hot tub before bed.

The first time I noticed ‘him’ was one afternoon while I reclined in my bikini in the warm sunshine. I could tell he was secretly watching me as I tanned, though he was supposedly working on his laptop. I recognized him from the training sessions and so I knew he was taking the training as well. He had caught my eye in the seminar because he looked so hot. Wow, the way he filled out his slacks was worth paying attention too; seeing his tight little butt in the classroom made my panties moist during the training sessions.

Anyway, I thought I would play with him a little so I untied my bikini top, and I lay on my belly as I normally would do to get a good tan. I rose up a couple of times acting like I was reaching for my water, which gave him a nice view of my breasts — I’m sure he could see pretty much everything but my nipples. I could tell he was taking it all in by the way he kept looking up at me from his laptop. At one point, I rose up and acted like I was cleaning my sunglasses; while I cleaned them I caught his eye and smiled at him. He smiled back, nodded his head and went back to work. Catching him stealing glimpses of my almost bare breasts and thinking about how great it would be to feel his warm lips sucking on my nipples was getting me so horny that I could hardly stand it. Up until then, my nights had been spent with my vibrator.

I was going back to my room right after teasing him with my nearly naked breasts. It was time to get ready for dinner but I happened to run into him in the hallway outside the pool area. We spoke, introduced ourselves, and we stood in the hallway and talked for a little bit about the training. Finally, he asked me if I wanted to join him for dinner. I was so thrilled; I thought he would never ask.

I hurried back to the room, showered, went over my pussy with the razor to make sure it was nice and smooth (just in case!). I put on my sexiest lace bra and thong set with a mini-skirt and a sleeveless blouse. We met for dinner, ate and enjoyed a bottle of wine together. He was so charming and witty. His name was Steven; 40 years old, divorced, and fairly new to the company. We hit it off great with each other; when he looked at me with his deep blue eyes, I felt tingling in a very private place.

After dinner, I asked Steven if he would like to share a drink with me. He agreed eagerly, so we went to the lounge and sat and had a couple of drinks. We talked and laughed and generally enjoyed each others company. Finally, he asked me if I would like to get more comfortable in his room. I gladly offered him my hand and he led me to his room.

As soon as we were inside his room, he took me in his arms; held me tight against his chest and kissed me. It was a long, slow, deep kiss. Mmmmm, it was so so nice. I really like a man who knows how to kiss. nevşehir escort He seemed to savor the taste of my lips. We kissed for several minutes before breaking it and he stared into my eyes.

The look in his eyes was like he was seeing if I wanted to go further. Oh yes, did I ever want to go further. My panties were already wet from his kiss. I gave him a subtle nod and smiled to let him know that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. He reached and began to unbutton my blouse. My breath was coming in gasps as his fingers worked at my buttons; his hands lightly brushed my breasts. My nipples were already getting harder with the anticipation of his touch. In no time, my blouse was over my shoulders and on the chair. He immediately took my lace covered breasts in his hands and gave them a gentle squeeze. His hands felt so strong. I reached back, undid my bra, and let him pull the thin straps sensually down my arms leaving my tits with their taught nipples bare before him. He threw my bra on the chair on top of my blouse; his hands returned immediately to fondle my tits. He rubbed my very hard nipples with his thumbs and I let out a soft moan.

He bent down and began kissing and sucking all around the soft skin of my tits. He then started focusing on my nipples, flicking them with his tongue and then sucking on them. I let out an even louder moan. While he was working my nipples into a tingling frenzy, he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He rose up and looked at me with pure lust in his eyes. He moved closer to me and ran his hands up and down my sides, over my hips, and back up to my tits. He grasped them firmly in his hands; his fingers pinching my nipples again until I squirmed in pleasure. As Steven enjoyed the luscious softness of my breasts, I reached down and rubbed my hand over the bulge in his pants and told him that we needed to get him out of his clothes. I knelt down in front of him, and rubbed his thick cock through his slacks while I undid them. Judging from what I felt, I knew it was going to be a great night. He unbuttoned and took off his shirt while I unzipped and pulled his pants down to the floor.

Mmmmmm, he looked so good naked! He had a really great build with firm muscles. I curled my fingers around the girth of his cock through his briefs, and slid up and down the length of his cock. He was thick and getting thicker. The swollen head of his cock was starting to show at the top of his shorts. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock as I pulled his shorts down, letting his erect cock spring out in front of my face. Oh what a beautiful cock, I thought! I kissed up and down the length of his shaft before taking the head into my mouth. Holding the shaft at its base, I could feel the heat as he became fully erect. He groaned as I took more of his length into my mouth. I had taught myself to deep throat in college but I was not sure if I was going to be able to handle him; he was so thick. I took him in as deep as I could and then pulled my lips back up to the head. I kept sucking him for several minutes, enjoying the taste of his cock flesh. He took hold of my head and slowly started pumping his cock into my mouth. I took him into the back of my throat, but could not get all of him down. I wanted to taste his cum but I was conflicted; I really wanted to feel that beautiful cock in my pussy.

I could feel that he was working himself up pretty good. I remember thinking that if he wanted to cum in my mouth that was fine. He was in control. But then, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled me up, and sat me on the edge of the bed. He gently pushed me back down on the bed so that I was on my back. My legs were still hanging off the bed; he knelt between my legs and started rubbing and kissing my pussy mound through my lace panties. I could feel that I already had a wet spot so he was getting a nice preview of my juices. Next he stood, pulled my panties up and off my legs, then buried his nose in them, breathing in my fragrance.

That was so erotic! I moved back up on the bed and spread my legs wide for him. Then I pulled my knees up, and gave him full access to my very aroused and very swollen pussy. He kissed his way down my inner thighs with soft kisses until he got to my swollen labia. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. He kissed my pussy lips lightly and then wasted no time applying long, smooth strokes of his tongue into my wetness. His tongue split right up between my wet swollen lips. Wow, I thought, he was good with his tongue. He knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. I lay with my head titled back and I let myself be consumed with each stroke.

Then he began lightly flicking my clit with the end of his tongue. Arching my back, I reached down, grabbed his head, and pulled him tighter into my steaming sex. He sucked my clit between his lips and that was all it took. I pulled his head tighter against my pussy, moaned loudly and started cumming. A rush of heat consumed my body and I pushed my hips tightly against his wonderful mouth. My head began to spin, and my body felt consumed with heat as I rode a great orgasm. When I finally started to settle down, I released the grip on his head and settled my hips back down on the bed. My tits were heaving up and down with my heavy breathing.

“Oh my god, Steven, that was incredible” I told him. I think those were the first words spoken since we’d gotten to the room.

He looked up at me, smiled, and said, “I am glad you liked it, but I am not done yet.”

With that, he started softly kissing and licking my sensitive pussy once again. I felt electrical charges start shooting through my body once more. Oh my, he was so good. I have never had a man spend so much time giving me oral pleasure. I LOVED IT!!!

My pussy was soaked from cumming just a few minutes earlier. I could hear him as he licked up my juices. Then he began rubbing his two fingers between my pussy lips, massaging my swollen lips. Then, reaching up, he let me suck the wet juices from his fingers. Then he slowly inserted the same two fingers into my pussy. I moaned softly as he pushed them in all the way. He worked them in and out as he slowly finger fucked me. Mmmmm, he was making me feel so good!! He was working me up into another frenzy finger fucking me and licking my juices from the mess he was making with his fingers. I was getting close to cumming again and he could tell. All of a sudden he did something with his fingers inside me that sent me into orbit.

Oh my god, I went into an immediate orgasm. I screamed out and my hips started bucking. I did not know what he did with his fingers but it was incredible. Later, I found out that when he inserted his fingers deep inside me, he swished his fingers back and forth like a scissor motion. Ladies, you have got to have someone try that on you. It will cause your pussy to spasm and it will send you into orgasmic bliss.

I laid there with my legs spread wide, breathing heavily, trying to bring myself back into reality. Although I would have just as soon stayed in that state of orgasmic bliss; Steven got up off the bed and went over to his bag. I was not sure what he was doing. He pulled out a condom, opened it and started putting it on his cock. I was so happy to see that. I did not even have to ask him to use one.

His cock was already very hard and erect. The condom looked very tight and uncomfortable on his cock but I did not care, I just wanted that big, beautiful member inside me. From what I had seen to that point, I had no doubt that he knew how to use it as well. He crawled up on the bed between my legs. He leaned down and he started kissing and sucking on my tits, which caused me to start moaning softy again. I love to have my breasts sucked, especially when I am sexually aroused. As he lowered himself, I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down between my soaked lips. I reached down, took hold of his cock and guided him into my vagina. I held my hands on his hips so that he would enter me slowly. His size and girth stretched me a little. We both grunted as his cock went deeper into me.

Wow, I thought, he really filled me up. Then he began slowly fucking me. He rested my knees over his elbows and started pumping into me with long slow thrusts. He felt so good inside me. He fucked me for several minutes, occasionally sucking my nipples between his lips, and getting me ever closer to another orgasm. I could tell he was getting close to cumming too, as his thrusts came faster and deeper. Then he shouted breathlessly that he was about to cum; I told him to cum on my tits. His face lit up and after a few more hard deep thrusts of his hips, he pulled out of my spasming pussy, and yanked the condom off just in time. As soon as I grabbed his cock, a long stream of hot, gooey cum shot from the end and landed on my neck. The next two eruptions covered my tits, and then dribbled down onto my belly.

As he recovered, I let him watch me rub his cum into my skin and then suck on my fingers, as I tasted his sweet cum. He had a big grin on his face, and then he lay down beside me and rubbed my tits and belly with his hand.

We lay together, kissing and caressing each other, and we occasionally exchanged some small talk. We fucked again a little later with me riding on top of him and holding on to the headboard. When I was about to cum, I pulled off of his cock and moved up and straddled his face. I held on to the headboard as he licked and sucked my pussy until I started screaming out my pleasure and grinding my pussy into his face as I had another wonderful orgasm. If there was anybody in the room next to us, I am sure they were not sleeping. What a wonderful night of sex that was with Steven.

I cannot imagine why Steven is divorced. I can’t believe any woman in there right mind would give up a man with his talent and his wonderful cock. Steven was an incredible lover. We spent the rest of the week together. We had wonderful dinners together and then wonderful sex together afterward. We fucked in the shower, across the desk, and even once in the hotel Jacuzzi.

Before we left to come home, I saw him one last time in his room just before we were both set to leave. I knelt down in front of him and gave him a blow job. I wanted to taste his cock and cum one more time. He did not disappoint either. He shot a huge load into my mouth. A little even dribbled down onto my blouse. We just laughed. I cleaned it up and we went on our separate ways.

I really miss him. Hopefully, I will get to meet up with him again someday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32