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Susan and Tiffany paddled silently back to their island camp. After they dragged the canoe ashore and tied it to a small tree, they began to plan supper for their guest. Tiffany stopped and looked at Susan.

“What just happened over there?”

Susan smiled. “Don’t ask me. I have no clue. That was so unlike me I still can’t believe I just went up there and grabbed the poor guy. But, since you asked me, I guess we were under a spell.”

“A spell. What that was some kind of voodoo?”

“No, we were still coming back from a pretty intense experience, you and me. We were not exactly dressed and I bet it occurred to you just like it did to me that he’s probably our midnight intruder.”

Tiffany shoot her head. He picked up a comb from her kit and began to work some snarls out of her hair. Susan watched the gentle movement of Tiffany’s un-haltered breasts, bobbing and swaying under her shirt. Tiffany noticed after a minute and said, “Turning you on again? The guy wasn’t wearing boots.”

Susan chuckled. “See? I noticed too. And to answer your question, sure it turns me on. In fact, I was turned on by my little nude act with Bill.”

“Poor guy. Somebody else would have jabbed you with his woody.” She paused. “We have to get around that. His injury. Shit. This could be difficult.”

“I know. I’m still jazzed. So are you, right?”

“I think the thing to do is not say anything, let’s try to be much more proper than we have to now.” Tiffany started grinning, then giggling, and finally collapsed laughing to the ground. “Can we do that? Be proper, I mean.” She went off into another giggling fit.

Susan laughed aloud at her friend’s antics and said, “Well, at least we won’t be competing for who gets to do first head.” That sent them into renewed gales of laughter.

Eventually they calmed down and the erotically fueled euphoria of the day faded as darkness settled. With a nice fire and their lantern lit, the women arranged their site as well as possible and settled on a freeze-dried ham and potato dinner for the three of them. The cooler yielded some now thawed crab and whitefish pieces to combine with raw carrots and the last of the lettuce into a reasonable salad. The meal was cooking. Susan stood and looked out toward the dark lake where she knew Bill’s camp was located. If he was still there.

Then she heard a small splash and the hollow sound a paddle makes tapping on a lightly loaded canoe. “Bill?” she called.

“That’s me, old Bill.” He drew nearer and now Susan saw a glow from a flashlight Bill had set into the bottom of his canoe. Expertly he turned and aligned the prow with the small beach and with two strong strokes, send the canoe onto the ground. Susan took the painter coiled at the bow and tied it to a small sapling at the water’s edge. She offered Bill a hand out of the canoe which he ignored. When he came ashore Susan realized Bill’s penetrating gaze was fixed on her face, searching, she presumed, for any sign of pity.

She smiled a tremulous smile and took his hand. “I want to apologize for something I said this afternoon. I hope I didn’t offend you. I know there’s no such thing as an ex-marine. I misspoke.”

Bill izmir escort raised his eyebrows as they went toward the fire where Tiffany was crouched waiting. “That’s right, there are dead marines and active marines and former marines. No ex-marines. I know you meant no offense and there is none taken.” He smiled and turned his fierce gaze on the woman by the fire. “Tiffany, right? I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She grinned, “Well, it’s nice to see you again. I guess we’ve all seen quite a lot of each other in the past few hours, hey?”

She stopped abruptly with her mouth open. Then all three burst into laughter. Bill shook his head and shucked his back pack. He sat down on the blanket beside the fire and started rummaging inside the small pack. When Susan started to sit beside him, Bill stopped her and asked that she sit across the fire next to Tiffany. They both looked questioningly at him.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said. “This way I can see both of you almost all the time. You are such a feast for this old marine’s eyes, I want to see you together.” He smiled and brought forth a bottle of fine white wine. Then he realized what he had just said. He glanced up at the two women, now sitting close together. “Ahhh, I didn’t mean……that is………I,” he lowered his eyes.

“Bill, I think you’re blushing.”

“Umm, listen, anyway, after you left I put this wine in the lake so it should be nicely chilled by now.” He offered it to Susan, who was closest.

“Since fish is on the menu, this is highly appropriate. Later, we can have some of this potent brandy I brought, said Tiffany. “You sit, sip your wine and we’ll finish supper.”

The two women went about final preparations. Bill lounged by the fire, sipping wine and watching them. His eyes were never still, wandering over Susan’s behind, smiling a little at the movement of Tiffany’s breasts under her long-sleeved tee shirt.

“Like puppies under a blanket,” he murmured as Susan squatted to dish the sizzling fish from pan to plates. She glanced at Tiffany and then at Bill. Then she grinned. You have a keen eye and a way with words,” she gibed.

“When confronted in such intimate circumstances by such comely nubiles as you two, it would be hard not to stare. Lustfully,” he said after swallowing a piece of pan-fried walleyed pike.

Tiffany stared across the crackling fire at the man. The way they had met, the night and the canopy of stars hanging overhead, the wine, all combined to affect her emotions. Her sexual urges began to stir and send trickling messages to her nipples and her crotch. “Forgive me, if I overstep, but it seems to me that you opened the door. You have a hot look tonight. It’s like I can almost feel your eyes on my tits, on my pussy. I think you’d like to rip my clothes off and pin me to the ground.” She paused, mouth open, unconsciously arching her back to bring the hard nubbins of her nipples into greater prominence.

“Tiffany!” Susan exclaimed.

Bill raised one hand and smiled. Then he took another drink from his cup of wine. “It’s all right, I’m not in the least offended. Besides, you mersin escort are absolutely right.” He went on then to tell them how he was injured in a jungle fire fight and that there’d been no way to repair his genitals to even a slight semblance of normalcy until a year later.

“I could have had a series of operations, probably would have taken years. Pain and all that. And no guarantees I’d be any more functional than I am now.”

“How functional is that?” Susan asked.

No erections, no ejaculations, no semen,” he said bluntly.

“No blow jobs or hand jobs either,” I suppose, said Tiffany. There was a wistful tone to her voice that made Bill and Susan grin.

“In some kind of compensation I have a heightened sense of smell and I have learned through trial and error to use other parts of my anatomy to good advantage. I can have an orgasm, with the right stimulation and patience, just not with my little fella.”

A second bottle of wine had by now come and gone and the three were fast becoming more intimate. Susan related her first fumbling attempts to seduce a neighborhood boy when she was young. There was giggling and laughter and easy conversation. Tiffany went into the dark to the latrine and to get more wood for the fire. Suddenly she felt the faint tingling of a presence. It came and faded quickly, but it reminded her of the boot print they’d found that morning.

As she walked slowly back to her companions, she heard Susan say, “I want some plain talk here. You mentioned trial and error and the use of, what were your words? Oh yeah, other parts of your anatomy. Be specific, Bill,”

Tiffany set down the wood and sank, cross-legged beside Susan. Bill nodded and held up his hand. “Fingers and toes, tongue and nose. With pardonable pride I’ll tell you I am really good at oral sex. And for women who aren’t put off by a little ass play, we can reap wonderful benefits.” He stopped then, watching the women carefully for their reaction.

Susan drained her brandy and stood up. She felt a flush of hot desire surge through her. “Fuck it,” she said. Her hands went to her breasts and then slid to her waist. She took the hem of the sweatshirt and began to peel it up, along with the tee that was under it. Her fine perky breasts, tipped by rosy pink nipples, came slowly into view. As the shirts cleared her head she said, “I’d like a practical demonstration of some of those skills.”

Tiffany gaped and said, “What, here and now?”

“Right now. You can stay or go for a walk. Your choice.” Susan’s knees bent and she half crawled around the fire pit to reach Bill.

“Go?” grunted Tiffany. “You’ll need a crane to pry me away.”

Bill smiled into Susan’s eyes. His big hand came up and he gently smoothed her brow, carefully shifting his body on the pad on the ground. “Take off your pants, lovely Susan.”

“My pleasure, sir.” Susan rose to her knees, managing to slide her tits across his face. She stripped out of her shorts and panties. She had goose-bumps, from the cool air or from the shots of desire rolling through her, she wasn’t sure. She leaned over and began to unzip Bills sakarya escort pants. “Can I touch you?”

Bill smiled tentatively. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had seemed so genuinely willing to confront his damage. “I’d love it,” he whispered. Susan’s cool fingers slithered into his fly and found his damaged penis. She fondled it, slid her fingers carefully over the remains of his scrotum, found her way to his anus which she began to gently explore, round and round, dipping in to graze the center. Her head on his chest monitored the rising beat of his heart as he responded.

Bill’s hands were busy. He tweaked the nipple on her left breast and sent his questing hand sliding over her curves down to her waist. He pushed on her hip until she rolled slightly to her right, giving him access to her inner thighs. He spent a long time exploring her naked thighs, sometimes testing the tautness of her skin, sometimes kneading the tender inner flesh right next to her labia.

Susan soared. She hummed. She thought she’d already had a small orgasm, owing to the situation, being watched by the silent woman across the fire, and to the sensitive and creative adeptness of her partner. He would not be hurried. Whenever she tried to press his hand more firmly against her pussy, he resisted.

After what seemed like a lifetime of teasing play and intimate caresses, including long soul-touching kisses and tongue play, Bill murmured, “I want to use my mouth on you. Is that all right?”

“Ohhhh, Jeeze,” she moaned in response. “You don’t have to ask permission.”

“Oh, but I do.”

“Yes, yes, Oh, God I love it. I love this. I think I’m dying.”

Still not hurrying, Bill gradually shifted until he was able to trail a loving path of warm moist kisses down her body to her crotch. When he reached his desired position, he paused, his tongue resting on Susan’s mons, just above the place where her clitoris nestled. He kissed her, then raised his head and blew a long soft breath across her labia. Susan arched her back and moaned louder. “Please, please, I’m dying here.”

Across the fire, Tiffany was flat on her back, head turned so she could watch the lovers. She had two fingers inside her pants, probing her vagina and her other hand rhythmically squeezing one breast.

Bill kissed the insides of Susan’s thighs, alternating as his lips made their way closer and closer to her center. Finally he reached her shaved and by now very wet labia. The tempo of his kisses increased. He lapped at the opening to her vagina, used his nose to tease her clitoris. Finally, he put two fingers of one hand in Susan’s mouth and then slowly withdrew them, to insert them fully into her vagina even as he began to suck in a rapid pulsing fashion. The fingers penetrating her were stiff and unyielding, but he didn’t jab them in and out, rather rotated his hand back and forth to reach and caress her inner walls. His mouth continued his intimate ministrations to her labia and her clitoris.

Susan bucked her hips then, almost dislodging her lover’s mouth. She cried out as her orgasm crashed through her body and she bucked again. The forest creatures in the night were stilled to hear this outpouring of high emotion.

Across the fire, Tiffany brought herself to a thrashing climax and closed her eyes in a semi swoon.

Bill kept his mouth on Susan, slowly withdrew his fingers and finally, as she quieted, raised up from her, and smiled across the fire as if to say, you too, you too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32