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“Why do you want to move so fast? Why can’t you be happy with a little and appreciate what you have without always seeking more, more, more?” I asked, frustrated by Matt’s repeated requests for nude pictures and no strings sex. I’m an extremely sexual woman, but I like to move a little slower and get to know a person at least a little before hitting the sheets.

“I’m going to teach you patience, Sweetheart.” I typed.

“How are you going to do that?” he replied.

“You’ll see.” With that, I signed out of AIM for the night. Keep him guessing.

Thursday night we made plans to meet for drinks and the Sox game at the BBC. It was our first meeting in person after conversing briefly online. I was attracted to him from what I’d seen of his pictures. He was shorter than the guys I usually preferred, only 5’8″ and of a slighter build, a bit of an emo or club kid, but his hazel eyes, “faux hawk” and lip stud turned me on. I felt a little bad for him; he’d just moved to the Cape from Boston…away from his friends and the excitement of the city and without a car, it’s difficult to get out and enjoy what little night-life there is in what is essentially a tourist-trap/retirement community.

I pulled my Toyota up outside his house to pick him up after getting lost on the way there. Thank goodness he’s a better navigator than I am and talked me through turn-by-turn directions to his house. I saw him walking through the shadows, cell phone in hand, approaching my car. I got out of the car to greet him and our hands and lips were instantly on each other’s bodies as we pressed our bodies together full-length.

After our greetings, I suggested we head to the bar. During the car ride, he licked and nibbled my neck and earlobes making it extremely difficult to concentrate on the road…my breathing and heartrate quickened, my nipples grew hard and my pussy wet. I could only imagine what was going on in his tight jeans. I pretended to ignore his advances and rambled on about work, asked questions about his studies at UMass. Finally, we arrived at the bar. As I parked and shut off the car, Matt began kissing me hard on the mouth and slipped his hand under my black polo shirt and bra to caress my left breast, pinching and flicking my nipple. I gently pushed him away and whispered, “Patience.” He groaned as he adjusted his visibly hard cock through his jeans.

We got out of the car and walked inside, ordered a couple drinks and settled in to watch the game at one of the bar tables. We made conversation, but were both distracted by the urgency of our desire for eachother. I had plans for the remainder of the evening, but didn’t want to let on or give in to his urgings just yet. I feigned interest in the ball game and forced myself to watch all 9 innings before suggesting we go for a drive. I loved watching him grow more uncomfortable on his bar stool as he rubbed my knee, moving closer and closer to my crotch, as he leaned in to kiss my lips, my neck. I loved denying him what he most wanted and getting him more turned on and just a little bit drunk. He paid our tab and we walked out into the night to my car. He was sufficiently tipsy for my plan and I was fully in control as I’d only sipped two drinks during our evening, but faked a little stumbling and giggling to give the impression of being slightly drunk myself.

We got into the car and began driving, I knew our destination, but gave him a tour of my old hometown before pulling in to the hotel’s parking lot. His eyes widened and a wicked smile spread across his face as he anticipated the evening ahead. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before getting out of the car and linking my arm with his as we walked into the lobby. I lead him to the elevator bank and hit the up arrow. As the door dinged open, he pushed me into the empty elevator and pinned me to the wall, kissing me hard, our tongues entwined, our hands exploring eachother’s bodies under our shirts. I reached across and touched the button for the 8th floor. My nails raked against the bare skin on his back and sides as he pressed his hard cock against my thigh. The elevator dinged again and the doors opened as we adjusted our clothes and walked out toward room 813.

I slid the keycard into the door slot and opened the door to the room I’d earlier prepared. We alternately pinned eachother against the walls of the room, kissing, touching and tearing at eachother’s clothes. I abruptly broke our torrid embrace and said, “I’ve got to run down to my car…forgot something. Hold that thought?” He groaned in disappointment again and flopped down breathlessly on the bed that I’d remade with soft, cream-colored modal sheets. I practically ran to the elevators and down to my car and grabbed my overnight bag out of the backseat. I made a detour to the ladies room in the lobby to change my clothes from the casual jeans, black polo and flip flops to a white button-down blouse, charcoal gray knee-length skirt, black thigh-high stockings and black heels. I pinned my long brown hair up in a neat bun and applied red lipstick and the hatay escort finishing touch…black-rimmed glasses. I completely looked the part of a naughty school teacher.

I hurried back to the elevators and rode impatiently again to the 8th floor. My nipples were visibly hard through my lace bra and sheer blouse, my pussy creating an ever growing wet spot in the crotch of my black panties. I wanted Matt’s hard cock inside me so badly, but I had to teach him patience and exercise it myself. I let myself back into the room to find Matt lying on the bed watching the post-game show. His eyes widened with surprise when he saw my sexy attire and with a tinge of confusion when he saw the rope in my hands.

“Up”, I said, my eyes locked on his and I nodded toward the high backed armless chair in the corner of the room. He stood uncertainly and began walking toward the chair. I crossed the room and pulled his t-shirt off over his head before pushing him gently into the chair. I kissed him gently on his lips as I unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. I knelt between his legs and pulled his pants and boxers off. I stood and surveyed his naked body, then quickly turned and began unpacking the rope and long silk scarves I’d packed to restrain him. I began tying his ankles to the legs of the chair and he took the opportunity to lace his fingers through my hair and move my head toward his hard cock. I pulled back and shook my finger scoldingly, “I’m teaching you patience tonight, darling. I’m in charge here and you’ll have all you want in good time.”

I continued tying his ankles with the long smooth silk scarves, then moved to his wrists tying them together behind his back. I took a length of rope and finally wrapped it several times around his ribcage securing him to the back of the chair. “Is all of this really necessary?” he asked, “Can’t we just fuck like normal people?” I put a finger to his lips to silence his protests then moved about the room setting up. I shut off the tv, lit the candles I’d earlier placed around the room and shut off all but one light at the far end of the hallway. I set up the small chalkboard and layed several sticks of chalk on the table next to Matt and hit play on the mp3 player.

I slowly began to move to the music, moving my hips and touching my skin sensuously as I unbuttoned my blouse. “Tonight, you are my student. I’m going to teach you patience and how to enjoy what is given to you without worrying about what else is in store. I’ve designed a little game. For the next hour, I’m going to tease you and give you just a taste of what I have to offer. We’ll work in four stages, each lasting 10 minutes, this is the first. You will not be allowed to touch me, just enjoy the view. I’ll undress for you…” I removed the blouse from my shoulders and threw it aside running my hands over my now bare sides and squeezing my tits through the sheer lace bra. I straddled his knees and hiked my skirt up as i sat in his lap. I moved close to him, but just far enough away that my breasts didn’t touch his chest and his cock went untouched as well. I slowly began circling my hips giving him a teasing lap dance and I draped my arms over his shoulders.

“At the end of the first stage, if you haven’t complained or tried to take more than I’m giving, we’ll take a 5 minute break and move on to the next stage. If you complain or break my rules, you’ll get a mark on the board…there’s already one there for when you tried to move my head to you lap as I was tying you. Each mark will shorten the next stage by 2 minutes and lengthen the time of the following break. If you get 5 marks, at the end of our lessons, I will redress, untie you and walk out the door. If you play by the rules, however, I will be very, very good to you. Understand?” I stood again and unzipped the back of my skirt, slowly moved it over my hips and stepped out of it. I gyrated my hips to the music, running my hands over my body. “This is meant to be fun…it’s not about domination, submission, humiliation or torture. I won’t hurt you, it’s just about a little playful control and delayed gratification. If you want me to stop for any reason just say ‘cappuccino’, it’ll be our safe word, ok?” He nodded in agreement, his eyes glued to my body.

I turned my back to him and looked over my shoulder as I unclasped my bra. I held it over my breasts as I slid my arms out one at a time, turned and threw it aside, then turned and strutted toward him, my bare breasts in my hands. I stopped when I got to the bed, turned to face it, and placed one foot on the edge of the mattress. I reached back to unpin my hair and let it fall in waves around my face and shoulders then slowly moved my hands down my body to where the straps on the garter belt held my stockings. I unfastened the two tiny clasps on one leg then placed the other foot on the bed and repeated the same. I stood straight and ran my right hand through my hair to fully display my breasts, moved closer to him until we were toe-to-toe and turned my back to him. I swayed my hips in front of him, my hair swishing against my back and moved my hands to my hip bones where I began sliding my black panties down over my ass. I bent over and stepped out of the panties to either side to give Matt the perfect view of my firm, smooth ass and thighs and my tight, wet pussy between them. I rocked my hips a couple more times and slapped my ass as I stood up, turned around and kissed him full on the lips. At that time, our 10 minute timer went off and not a moment too soon.

I reset the timer for 7 minutes this time to shorten the next stage to 8 for his misbehavior and walked into the bathroom. My body was aching to feel his touch and I knew his pain had to be exponentially worse. I smiled to myself as I touched up my lipstick, tousled my hair and refastened the clips on my garter belt to my stockings. I still had a few minutes to kill, but didn’t want to ruin the sensory deprivation by touching myself so I drank a tall glass of water and poured one for Matt as well. I walked back into the room, water in hand, “You thirsty?” He nodded. I moved next to him, my breasts at eye-level, and he did exactly what I knew he would…he turned his head toward me and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I pullled back and shook my finger scoldingly, “That’s another mark.”

I gently returned his face to forward as he gave me his best puppy-dog eyes and pout, “But I want you so bad.”

“I know, drink.” I brought the glass to his lips with my right hand and rubbed the nape of his neck with my left. The timer went off and it was time for our next lesson: Kissing.

I gently straddled his knees again and leaned over to make another mark on the chalkboard. I sat straight with my thighs running along the outside of his and my arms over his shoulders, my fingers gently stroking his hair and neck. “Our next lesson is kissing and will be 8 minutes.” I moved slightly closer and kissed him gently on his lips. Each kiss grew more and more intense and passionate, I pressed my bare breasts against his chest and felt his hard cock resting against my belly. I wanted so badly to take him inside me and ride him hard, but I knew that if I was going to teach patience, I’d have to control my own urges as well.

“Fuck me” he whispered against my neck, “Please fuck me. It’ll feel so good for both of us, I promise.”

I raked my nails over his shoulders as I leaned out of his reach, “Not yet, that’s another mark.” He groaned and shifted his hips unable to find a comfortable position for his rock hard cock, but I moved in and began kissing him again slowly reducing the pressure and tension until at the time of the buzzer, I was only lightly grazing my lips across his neck and shoulders. I stood and made a third mark on the chalkboard then walked into the bathroom without another word.

My whole body was shaking with anticipation as I waited out the 9 minutes before our next lesson. I steadied myself and walked back to my sexy captive. “We’re half-way through our lessons, Baby.” I reassured him as I picked up the water glass from the table. I again stood beside him and lifted the glass to his lips, but this time he ignored my breasts just inches from his face. I smiled, ‘He’s learning’ I set the timer for 6 minutes and moved behind him to loosen his bonds. “For our next lesson, I’ll allow one hand free. We’re moving on to upper body and I want you to show me how you touch a woman’s upper body. Just remember, if you go below the waist, you get a mark and your hand gets retied.” I gently released his right hand while leaving his left bound to the back of the chair. He stretched his fingers and rotated his hand at the wrist relieving the stiffness due to his bindings.

I came back around to the front and straddled his lap, facing him. His hand moved under my arm to caress my back gently then moved to the firm swell of my left breast. He held it gently in his hand, squeezing it as he ran his thumb in circles over the nipple making it hard. I moaned in pleasure as I caressed his body with my hands, lips and tongue, biting his shoulders gently. He took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck gently alternating with flicks of his tongue and gradually increasing the pressure to biting. When I thought I could take no more, he moved his attentions to my right breast and left both of my nipples hard, red and sore. The timer announced the end of our lesson and I gently retied his hand behind his back.

I walked back to the bathroom for our 5 minute break, my body begging for release. I had just one more lesson to get through before I could turn the reins over to Matt and let him have his way with me. The moisture from my pussy was running down the insides of my thighs and every inch of my skin was painfully sensitive to the electricity between us. I regained my composure, touched up my lipstick and went back to the bedroom to rejoin Matt and teach the final lesson: The Lower Body.

I set the timer for 10 minutes and again untied his right hand as I explained the rules, “You may use your one free hand to touch my lower body and I may touch your lower body with my hands or my mouth as I see fit. You have 3 marks now; remember: if you reach 5 marks before the end of our lesson, I will redress, untie you and walk out the door.” He nodded in compliance. I perched myself on his knees, facing him with legs spread wide. He began running a single finger back and forth over my wet pussy, then easily slid one finger and a second into my tight cunt. As he moved his two fingers in and out of me, he rubbed slow circles around my clit, growing faster and faster with each pass. I started bucking my hips against his hand and stifled my pleasured screams by kissing him hard on the mouth. I felt my body tightening around his fingers as the first crashing waves of orgasm overcame me.

After a moment collapsed against his chest, I stood on unsteady legs. I spread Matt’s legs and knelt between them taking his hard, neglected cock in my hand. I licked him several times from base to tip and each time reaching the top took just the head into my mouth to taste his salty pre-cum. I began stroking his cock up and down with one hand and took him fully into my mouth, an inch deeper with every movement. Soon I was taking his full length down my throat and pressing my lips to the very base of his cock. As my jaw began to grow tired, I resumed the long strokes on his cock with my hand and began licking and sucking gently on his sensitive balls. It wasn’t long before I felt the cum starting to surge within his balls and the base of his cock and knew it was time to give all I had. I again took his cock in my mouth and sucked him shallower this time so I could continue stroking him with my hand nearer the base. The combination of my hot mouth, agile tongue and the friction of my hands soon had him shooting his hot cum down the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed what felt like quarts of cum and proceeded to lick his cock clean before returning to his lap.

“You passed.” I announced as I wiped the smeared lipstick from around my mouth. He used his free hand to tilt my lips to his and kissed me deeply taking my breath away.

When he released me, he groaned, “Untie me, NOW.” I grinned at him, knowing that I had it coming to me, but wondering just what form of punishment he had in mind. I quickly untied the ropes around his ribcage, his left hand and his ankles. No sooner had I stood up than I was tackled on the bed. He pinned me with both hands above my head and bound them to the headboard with one of the silk scarves. “I’m going to have all of you, all night.” he whispered as he pulled the scarf tighter. He kissed me hard on the lips before trailing kisses teasingly down my neck and over my breasts. He roughly kneaded my breasts while pinching and sucking my nipples then moved off my nipples to leave deep red bruises on my creamy white skin.

He continued down my body alternately kissing and biting and ran his tongue along each of my hipbones before forcing my legs wide apart. He slid a finger into my wet pussy and tasted my cum before placing his head between my legs. He began with long, slow licks from the bottom of my slit and ending with his tongue twirling and tapping against my clit then moved on to delving his tongue into my pussy and sucking on my clit. I arched my hips against his face and alternately spread my legs wider to allow greater access and tightened my legs around his head to keep him tongue-fucking my cunt. He moved his attentions to licking and sucking my clit while pounding my pussy with his fingers. I felt my muscles again contracting around his fingers and the orgasm rising within me. I bucked my hips hard against his face and hands and felt the release as my juices flooded out and drenched the sheets under us.

He held me close in his warm arms as I shivered from exhaustion and gently caressed me until my breathing and heartrate calmed. He propped himself up on one arm, kissed my lips and said, “I’m not anywhere near done with you yet.” He spread my legs and knelt between them, stroking his hard cock in anticipation for what was to come. He forced his cock into my pussy with one long hard thrust and continued fucking me hard and fast, each stroke of his cock causing him to bottom out against my cervix. I yelped in pain and surprise on the first thrust, but as he went on my body adjusted to his force and the pain became an aspect of pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his hips and angled my own hips to increase his depth.

As he plowed into me, he removed my legs from his waist and laid them instead against his chest so he could penetrate me further. Every thrust forced a small, stifled scream to escape my lips as he forced his cock into me as deep as my pussy would allow. My hands alternately dug nails into his skin and twisted the sheets in my fingers. I felt another orgasm threatening to overtake me, “Please….Matt…cum for me….cum for me…cum for me, now!” I begged. His already furious pace sped up and as he rammed his cock into me, shooting his load into my womb, my inner muscles clamped down on him again and again. He managed a couple more long, hard thrusts to fully empty his balls then collapsed on top of me letting my legs fall to the sides and we lay in a heap of sweaty, tangled limbs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32