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***All characters written are fictional, and over the age of 18***


She awoke again, surrounded by complete darkness. The dark around her was consuming once more. Fear, adrenaline, and anticipation surged into her again, and she fought to get her bearings from her sleep. She was still tied up in the same bed, bound with the same restraints. A gag covered her mouth this time, preventing her from calling out. When would she be released? Where did her captor go? Would he let her go this time?

A door creaked open on the opposite side of the wall, and his tall, lean figure glided into the bedroom she had been kept in. The corner of his mouth lifted in a satisfied, mischievous smile, the kind of smile a man has when he has plans for a woman. “Who was this man?” she thought.

Once again, he was clad in only the jeans he wore this time, his chiseled chest shirtless, the waist of his jeans hanging deliciously off the ‘V’ of his hips. His face was framed by his dark, lush hair, the weight of his eyes seemed to look deep within and through her, as if he knew every secret she ever held. She was lay still on the bed, watching him intently, the soft downy white of the comforter that had been under her was now in a pile on the floor, discarded from their earlier erotic encounter. The thought of it sent a jolt of pleasure through her, making her shiver, and bringing gooseflesh to her skin. Again, she wondered at who the man was, and what his plans for her were.

He was carrying a plate with a few sandwiches in one hand, and a bottle of water in the other. He set them on the dresser nearby and moved to remove the gag and untie her bound hands from the headboard. Her weary, cautious eyes never left him, aware when his fingers touched her skin to allow a limited range of motion. He turned and handed the food to her.

“Eat. Drink. You will need your strength,” his voice a deep silk that had weight to it, and she reveled Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort in it silently. He left her there on the bed with her food in the room, and she heard a lock from outside the room, signifying she was trapped within.

Silently, she contemplated her situation. He was completely unknown to her; a stranger. She was fearful, but it wasn’t the only emotion present, however. Anticipation and lust created an unanticipated mix within her for him, one she felt she should be repelled about, but that she was strangely at peace with… she wanted him again. But how had he found her? Who, really, was this man? She didn’t even know his name.

Some time later, after the food was gone, he returned. He strode to the bed, removing the plate and bottle, leaving them discarded on the dresser once again. He reached out for her, his strong hand first starting at her ankle, feeling his way up her leg, over her stomach, cradling each breast in turn, and down to her wrists. He pulled the leash of her bondage over her head once more, securing her for his pleasure, and returned her gag. His hands travelled back to her hips, savoring the feel of her skin under his hands, and rolled her to her stomach. His hands went straight for her firm, taut ass, kneading her flesh, then let a sharp strike fall onto her right ass cheek. She cried out, not prepared for the swift spanking she received. He paused, enjoying the slight blush that formed, before leaving mark after mark on her tender cheeks. He only stopped when she was sobbing in to the pillow under her, her beautiful ass a blaze of red from his care. He spread her legs and found her wet. Slowly, he rubbed a thumb over her clit once again, bringing her pleasure after his assault to her ass. Right as she was about to crest into orgasm, he stopped, and stood. He removed the jeans once again and laid on the bed behind her. His tongue found its target, lapping the Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort sweetness of her pussy.

To her hidden nub, suckling it, and licking in long, wide, wet strokes up and down the length of her lips, and back to suckling her nub. His hands travelled up her legs once more and split the ass cheeks he had spent so much time on, revealing her tiny, puckered asshole fully. She clenched in apprehension, moaning into the gag but unable to say no. His tongue flicked there, wetting it, and he slipped a finger deep into her cunt, reaching for the spot that would surely send her over the edge. And send her it did, as after a few flicks she finally crashed. He continued to finger her, licking her ass, as she orgasmed. After she lay panting, he pulled the cum-covered finger from her, sat up, and ran the finger around the edge of her ass. Again, she clenched, unable to stop what she knew was coming. Slowly, he slipped the tip of his finger in, and felt the muscles squeeze around him. Knuckle by knuckle, he forced his finger into her backside, watching her squirm as she tried in vain to prevent the assault on her ass. Once fully in, he slid it out once more, and back in. He began to finger fuck her ass, and with the other hand, guided the tip of his cock to her pussy lips, sliding it up and down her slit, pressing against her nub, teasing her but not filling her.

He couldn’t wait very long, and removed the finger. He guided the tip of his pussy-wettened dick to her asshole, and pushed. She cried out in pain against the gag in her mouth, trying to worm free from him, but his hands held her hips still. He slipped the tip of his dick in, letting him savor the feel of her, letting her slowly adjust to the feel of him in her, and pressed again, slowly, until his balls tickled her pussy lips. She cried, the burning in her ass from his forced entry mixing with the pleasure he had created in Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort her, confusing her body. He started to thrust his cock into her harder; forcing his pleasure from her. He let his body weight fall on top of hers as he continued to fuck her, and again one had found her throat as he ravaged her, and his other wormed its way under them and for her clit, bringing her more pleasure amidst the pain of his assault.

Her cries turned into screams, and the driving force of his cock inside pussy drove her over the edge, and she exploded in a fantastic orgasm that sent her into waves of pleasure, and still he took his pleasure. His teeth latched into her shoulder, as he started to lose his rhythm, and with a guttural cry, he came inside of her, thrusting once, twice, emptying himself as his orgasm overtook him. His weight crushed her for a moment, but she welcomed the strength and power of him over her, as they both panted in the aftermath. His mouth traced patterns across the skin on her shoulder, and his hand still between her legs, playing with her clit, preventing the fire from ebbing completely. Soon he had her frantic for him again, and he pulled her up, positioning her on her knees. How could he be ready again so soon?

Again, he slipped into her pussy, and she moaned her pleasure. Not bothering to take his time, he immediately started at a fast pace, enjoying the sight of her restrained hands, of her beautiful, enormous tits bounce as he pounded her from behind, the redness of her ass a beacon against her flesh. He moaned in pleasure as she took him, his pleasure building rapidly within him once more, threatening to explode. She cried out in pleasure, her pussy contracting around his shaft in orgasm, making her already tight pussy tighter. He groaned, unable to hold himself off any longer. He pulled out, and turned her around, and she took his cock in her mouth while his load poured out of him. Eagerly she took all of it into her mouth, closing her eyes in enjoyment, licking every last drop off him. Finally, he let her lay back, and moved off the bed. He removed the gag, and untied her from the headboard, covered her with the long-discarded comforter as her eyes fluttered in exhaustion, and left her in the room, locking the door behind him once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32