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Chapter One: The Morning After

“Ringggggg. Ringgggggg. Ringggggg.”

Carol was groggily awakened by the sound of a ringing telephone. It was not her cell phone, for she had turned it off to ensure that her bill would stay within her Uncle Ray’s budget. This phone was coming from Uncle Ray’s room. She usually ignored that phone, for it was never for her.

“Carol, please pick up if you are awake,” The Voice Mail system was taking over, and Carol could hear her Uncle’s girlfriend, Joy, was the caller. “I just want to make sure that you are OK. Last night was a long night, and I just want to make sure you’re OK. Please call me back on my cell phone. You should have the number.”

Carol slowly turned over in her bed, and attempted to sit up.

“Ouch!” She yelled. Her ass was very sore. More sore than it had ever been before. The mornings after both her spanking and paddling, her butt was sore. But, last night’s strapping was longer and more intense than the two previous nights. This morning her ass was too sore to sit. She quickly pushed herself off the bed, still naked, and looked in the closet mirror.

“OMG (Oh My God)! WTF (What the Fuck)! Look at my ass. I will never be able to go to school looking like this.” She said out loud. Suddenly, the phone began to ring again. “Carol, its Joy. Please pick up so that I know that you are OK.”

Carol then took that as permission to violate one of her Uncle’s other rules — ‘Stay Out of My Bedroom’. The only phone located on the second level of the house was in his bedroom, and Carol knew that she could not get to the one located in his study before Joy hung up again. She slowly waddled — sore ass and all — into his room and answered the phone.

“Oh, Hi Joy,” she replied. “Yes, I am alive, but barely. And, boy is my ass sore.”

“Hi kiddo,” Joy responded. “I kind of figured that you would be really sore and probably black and blue, too, this morning. That’s why I turned off your alarm clock and let you sleep in. I knew that you probably could not sit in school today, anyway. And, of course, PE would be a real definite ‘No! No!'”

“Thanks. Not only is my butt sore, but so are my mouth and tongue.” Carol said. “I hurts to talk, too. And, my mouth tastes terrible. I think I need some mouthwash in the worst way. “

Carol could hear Joy chucking on the other end of the phone. “Well, I’m not surprised. Your mouth was well used last night. Do you remember performing orally on your uncle, Linda, and finally me while your uncle was fucking me? And, we made you eat his creampie from my pussy after he had shot his load into me?”

“Oh, yea. Maybe I should call the cops on your guys. Isn’t there some law against that?” Carol teased.

“Not if your 18,” Joy teased back. “And, since you are, then it guess it’s your word against ours.”

“Anyway, I called to make sure that you were OK. I left some suave on your nightstand. Make sure you rub it into both your butt cheeks. That will hasten the healing process, and let you sit without pain later today. In the meantime, probably the best thing is to go take a good, long, hot shower and rinse all our love juices from your body. That will definitely make you feel better.”

“One last thing,” Joy added. “Can you spend some time today straightening up the house? I realize that it’s pretty clean anyway, except for your Uncle’s study/playroom. I just bumped into an old friend, and I just learned that she’s a spank’o’holic like us. I invited her and her subby husband over for dinner today. Don’t worry about cooking anything. I’m picking up some stuff on the way home. There will be five of us, unless you invite Linda. And you and Linda can dress however you are comfortable. I will be wearing my stilettos and two big grins. It’s clothing optional for you. However you feel comfortable is OK with your Uncle and me. I should be home by five, and Debbie and Bill will be arriving about seven.”

“OK, see you then,” Carol replied. Just as she was turning to leave, she heard a “Ding” on a Joy’s private computer over in the corner of the bedroom. Carol’s curiosity took over, and even though she knew she was not supposed to touch anything in her Uncle and Joy’s room, she had to investigate. She saw it was an IM message alert. She looked at the message, and saw it was from her mother and dad. All it said is “Us at The Castle.” (Carol did not know that The Castle was a BDSM boutique in London.) Carol saw it had an attachment, and could not resist. She clicked on the attachment, and a video popped up instantly. She knew she should not be looking at the video, but did it anyway.

Then, her jaw dropped wide open. She could not believe what she saw in the video. She also could not stop staring at the video, for in the center of the video was her mother and dad. Both were totally naked and both were bent over at the waist and their heads and hands were locked into pillories. Old fashioned pillories — vertical stocks that were used in the medieval days to publicly punish Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort peasants. They were not only locked in, but both of them each had a big guy standing directly in front of their faces and directly behind their asses. Both her Mom and Dad were sucking a cock in the front and were getting a good ass fucking in the rear. And, Carol could not stop staring at the pix. The scene was turning her on. She quickly began to finger her clit, wishing it were her getting this “punishment”. It did not take very long before she was Cumming just staring at the video of her Mom and Dad getting abused in the pillories — and wishing it were her.

She was now afraid she was becoming some kind of a kinky pervert. She closed the video, but left the IM open, hoping that Joy and her Uncle would not realize that she had been snooping. She was already owed a spanking from her comments to Joy and Linda last night, and she did not want to earn another today. Especially with company coming for dinner.

Later that day, Carol was still suffering from a very sore ass. She now knows that 150 strapping lashes was beyond her limit — at least for now. She hadn’t heard from her friend, Linda, but she knew that Linda had more spanking experience than her, and she probably would be OK. About 3 PM, Linda stopped by the house. Carol was still naked, dressed only in her FM high heels, which was quickly becoming her uniform of the day while at home.

“Hey, sexy,” Linda said with a grin. “I love your Maid’s uniform. Or, is that indicative of the house slut?”

“FU (Fuck You), bitch!” Carol replied.

“Now I know why I couldn’t find you in school today,” Linda added. “What’s a matter? Can’t you take a little spanking?”

“Eat me, whore,” Carol replied. “Joy called in for me because she knew that I could not have sat on those wooden chairs today. How did you do it?”

“Same way. I just skipped today. What I really need is for someone to kiss my ass and make it better.”

“In your dreams,” Carol replied.

“Hey, wanna go down to the ABS?” Linda asked. “I hear it just got a new shipment of movies in and the glory holes should be packed with big, hot, juicy cocks. And, last night you proved that you love to suck cock.”

“You are a whore, aren’t you?” Carol replied. “As much fun as that sounds, I just promised Joy that I will finish cleaning the house. She’s got some spank’o friends coming over tonight. Maybe tonight I can watch her getting her ass beaten for a change. Or, maybe Uncle Ray will be on the receiving end. I would love to see that!”

“Me, too!” Linda was now getting horny listening to her friend.

“Well, what would you be willing to do for me if I can make that happen?” Carol’s evil side was now in control. She was still randy from the video she had seen earlier.

“What if I kiss your ass?” Linda offered.

“I would love that,” Carol replied. “But, I don’t have time. I need to finish cleaning the house. Hey, tell you what. If you help me clean the house, then kiss my ass, I think that I can get you invited for dinner. It should be very interesting!”

“Deal. Only let’s do the ass kissing first. Bend over and let me give you a thrill!”

“Com’on in,” Carol replied as she escorted her friend into the house. “Now, on your knees and get busy, you nasty slut.”

Chapter Two: Dinner and More

Carol and Linda had finished cleaning the house and were just getting out of the shower when Joy arrived. She had picked up some sushi and other seafood items as dinner for about eight people — she figured that Linda would be there and she wanted to be sure in case either Ray or Debbie and Bill brought along some friends.

Since Carol now rarely closes her bedroom door — no need since she’s usually naked at home — Joy was able to see her and Linda as they were starting to get ready for the evening. Both girls were still a bit bashful about going au natural in front of strangers. And, since Linda was wearing a very short sun dress when she arrived earlier in the day (she had helped clean the house in the nude just like her friend), Carol decided to dress likewise. Both girls did decide, however, to go commando. And, they both had freshly shaved pussies. Neither girl knew what to expect tonight, but both wanted to be ready for anything.

“OMG (Oh My God)!” Joy exclaimed as she walked past Carol’s bedroom. “I didn’t realize how hard we were strapping you girls last night. Does it still hurt? Can either of you sit?” Both girls explained that although their butts were still sore, it probably looked worse than it felt. They also commented that neither of them planned to bottom for anyone tonight. Joy agreed, and said that she did not know if there would be any playing tonight, anyway. She had just learned that her friend and her husband were into spanking. Tonight probably would be just friends getting reacquainted.

“Well, I gotta go get pretty,” Joy added as she headed down the hall. Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort “After all, it takes me longer to make these saggy tits look good nowadays.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Linda teased. “I’d love to suck on them right now.”

“Promises, promises,” Joy replied as she walked down the hall.

Later that evening, the scene at dinner was unique. There were six people sitting around the dinner table. Four were dressed — Uncle Ray, Carol, Linda, and Debbie. Two were naked — Joy and Debbie’s subby husband, Bill.

After the normal dinner conversation — talking about friends, sports, politics, etc., and other normally boring stuff — the talk then shifted to their mutual kinky likes and dislikes. Ray and Joy explained their unusual lifestyle. Their love for mutual Domestic Discipline, and how both were subject to the lash upon occasion. Joy explained that normally Ray was the top and she the bottom, but she also enjoyed role reversal.

“And, now that Carol is living with us, she also is subject to those same rules,” Ray explained. “In fact, as you can see she is having a bit of trouble sitting tonight. That’s because she just finished three nights of punishment for excessive cell phone usage. Right, Carol?” Upon hearing that, Carol’s face turned bright red. She only nodded her head in agreement.

“Go ahead, Carol, show them what we mean,” Joy added. Carol now wanted to disappear as she tried to ignore Joy. “Aw, com’on, Carol. Show our friends why you won’t be receiving your next punishment tonight. And, I think you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” Carol’s face turned even redder with embarrassment. She knew that Joy had learned about her foray into Joy’s computer earlier today.

“Carol, do as you’re told!” Ray ordered. Carol slowly stood up, turned her back to the table and lifted the bottom of her sun dress, showing the black and blue marks on her butt. “Last night she also lost a spanking contest with her friend Linda,” he added.

Joy now realized that Carol was very uncomfortable with the conversation, and decided to shift its focus. She then began telling Debbie and Bill about their little spanking club. She explained that it was a small, friendly, close knit group that mainly included those living in the area, and it also included not only Carol’s parents, but also Linda’s Mom.

“And, Carol and I are going to join,” Linda commented. “We’re both 18, and we both want in on the fun.”

“Well, I don’t know about your group, but ours usually does more than spanking,” Debbie replied.

“So do we,” Linda was quick to add.

That’s when Debbie began to explain that they belong to a much larger spanking group. She explained that it meets monthly at a local motel, and that most of the members also rent rooms at the motel for après party “private fun and games”. She explained about how she met Marion and her subby husband, Ron, there, and how their friendship had progressed during those “fun and games” times. She even explained about some of the other activities, and went into details about how the most recent event, the Sadie Hawkins Night, turned into a bisexual spanking party for the two guys. (See my earlier story, “The Spanking Couples Bisexual Spanking Party”, for details.)

Debbie also explained that they had also attended a more bizarre weekend event, a femdom spanking weekend retreat (see “The Spanking Couples Weekend Getaway”), but that they probably would not be attending any more of those. That group was too hard core for their likes, she added.

“But, the most interesting event we attended was a femdom spanking poker party.” Debbie explained that it was a cross between Strip Poker and a spanking contest, with the winning lady spanking everyone else (See “The Spanking Couples Femdom Poker Party” for details).

“That sounds like fun,” Joy commented. “Maybe we can do that at our next meeting. In fact, I’d love to do that now, but neither Carol or Linda could take any spanking tonight.”

“And, just what makes you think that I would be getting spanked?” Linda boasted. “I’m a pretty good poker player. Most of my friends won’t let me play anymore, cause I always win their money.”

“Is that a challenge?” Joy replied.

“Wait a minute, girls,” Ray said. “Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Besides, I don’t think that it would be safe for Carol to receive any spanks tonight.”

“Me neither,” Carol added. She really did not want to get naked in front of some guy she never met before, either. Showing them her bum was embarrassing enough. She really wasn’t ready to show them her pussy, too.

“Well, Ray, why don’t you take them into the study for some after dinner cocktails,” Joy added. “Carol and I will clean up and join you shortly. Maybe you can show them the video I received from two of our friends earlier today.”

Carol suddenly looked at Joy, who had a devilish grin on her face. Carol was now sure that Joy knew she had seen her Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu parents’ video on Joy’s computer, and that she probably would get a spanking for that violation later this week. But, instead of getting fearful, Carol felt her pussy getting moist. She now knew that she must be some kind of a kinky pervert, for the thought of a spanking was turning her on.

Chapter Three: Linda Takes Charge

About 10 minutes later, Joy and Carol walked into the study just as the video of Carol’s parents fucking and sucking in the pillories was ending. Joy was carrying six shot glasses and a bottle of Jose Cuervo, while Carol had a tray with six brandy sniffers. Both were surprised and what they saw in the room. Ray, Linda, and Debbie were now totally nude, and Linda was sitting between Debbie and Ray. She was busy, though, for with one hand she was stroking Ray’s now hard cock, while with the other she was playing with Debbie’s cunt. However, her concentration level probably was not very high, for Bill was kneeling between her legs and was licking her bald pussy. All three appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely, and none of them seemed to hear Joy and Carol enter the room.

“Well, Carol, it appears that they started without us,” Joy commented. Just then she heard Ray let out a moan of pleasure and saw a geyser of white cream shoot from her boyfriend’s rock hard cock. About the same time Debbie let out a similar scream as she tossed her head back in blissful excitement. Linda, the youngest of the three who were receiving sexual servitude, suddenly pushed Bill away from her pussy.

“I told you that I would win,” she boasted. “Now, pay your dues, bitches.”

“WTF (What the Fuck)?” Joy queried. “What is going on in here?”

Linda, now with a big grin on her face, gleefully boasted, “We just had a masturbation contest. I bet Debbie and Ray that I could make them both cum before Bill could make me cum. And, I won. So, I get to spank all three of them. Debbie and Ray for cumming, and Bill for not making me cum. Do you two want next?”

While Joy was considering the offer, Carol knew that she would not last long and immediately declined. “No way,” she commented. “Tonight I might volunteer to be the spanker, but not the spankee. My ass will not take any more for awhile.”

Joy, on the other hand, loved a challenge. And, she also remembered Linda’s boast from earlier in the evening. “How about this,” she replied. “Why don’t you and Carol have a 69 cum contest? First one to cum loses. If you lose, she spanks you while you suck Ray’s cock. The spanking will continue until Ray shoots his load into your mouth and you have to swallow. If she loses, you spank me while she sucks Ray’s cock until he shoots in her mouth. She, too, must swallow.”

“What about me?” Debbie asked.

“Well, I think that you and Bill can keep me busy while I am fluffing Ray,” Joy replied.

“But, first,” Linda said, “Ray, Bill, and Debbie: You owe me a spanking. Assume the position over the back of the couch. Carol, care to get even with your uncle? How about you spanking your uncle for me while I spank this old bitch here (Debbie)? Joy, care to do the honors to Bill?”

“Sounds great,” Carol replied. Joy nodded agreement too. “How many?” Joy asked.

“25 with the strap, and make them count them all out loud,” Linda replied.

15 minutes later, Ray, Debbie, and Bill were receiving their final spanks.


“25. Thank you, Mistress Carol. May I have another?”


“25. Thank you, Mistress Linda. May I have another?”


“25. Thank you, Mistress Joy. May I have another?”

“Well, bitches,” Linda said. “You did very well tonight. I can’t wait to see those asses turn red at the next spanking club meeting.”

Debbie, now standing naked and rubbing her very sore and red ass, replied, “And, just what makes you think that you will be giving anyone spanks? If I invite you, it will only be if you agree to be a bottom for the first meeting. You need to experience receiving before giving in order to understand other people’s limits. So, if you want to attend, you must agree to be a bottom at the first meeting.”

“What about Carol?” Linda asked.

“Same for her,” her uncle replied. “If she wants to go, she also must be a bottom first.”

“But first,” Joy added. “We have another more pressing matter to decide. Linda and Carol, front and center.”

Both girls immediately came forward. Linda immediately lay down on the floor, spread her legs, and Carol quickly kneeled on the floor with her head above Linda’s pussy and her slit positioned directly over Linda’s head.

“OK, girls,” Joy explained. “This is a girl cum contest. The first girl to cum loses and must suck Ray’s big, beautiful cock. Linda, if you lose, you will suck Ray’s cock while Carol spanks your ass. The spanking will continue until Ray shoots his wonderful cream into your mouth and you swallow it all. If Carol loses, she will do the sucking and I will receive the spanking from Linda.”

“Girls, are you ready?” Joy asked. Both nodded their heads yes, while Linda had an evil grin on her face.

“Set,” Joy added. She waited until she saw that Carol was lowering her body so that her pussy was close to Linda’s lips and her face was just above Linda’s slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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