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As you remember from day 1, when I found out that I could go topless in Long Island, NY, I couldn’t pass up the chance to give it a try. Despite being just about the only one topless and being extremely nervous, I managed to make it through most of the afternoon in just a thong bikini bottom. Looking back, it was probably the most exciting afternoon I had ever spent, only to be surpassed by Sunday. Kim and Lisa were determined to see me test my limits. I thought I’d be a little more conservative after Saturday but after Kim and Lisa conspired to hide my clothes I found myself involved in exciting adventure.

Oh well, on with the story. Over night a storm front must have passed through waking us with a monstrous thunderstorm and strong gusty winds. Eventually the rains subsided but the winds continued. When we woke up you could still hear the wind though the trees. I tossed the sheets back from my naked body and slid off the bed. The temperature had dropped considerably so I went around shutting the windows. At first I didn’t think it was going to be much of a beach day but since it was still early in the season and we all need to work on our tans, I knew we’d get down to the beach somehow. Besides there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was already warming things up.

Lisa and Kim walked into the living room in a night gown and robe respectively. Staring at my naked body, Lisa laughed and said, “Still haven’t found your clothes, huh.” Putting my hands on my hips, I said, “No, do you actually expect me to do go around all day like this?”

“Now that’s an idea. But you’d probably get arrested and then we’d have to bail you out and we’d miss too much beach time so we though we let you wear this,” as she tossed me the other bikini that I had brought. “Since you said you used to practically live in a bikini, Kim and I thought it would be interesting if you could make it through the entire day in nothing but a bikini.” “I have your clothes but I’m not giving them back until we get back to your place tonight. In the mean time, this is it.”

I grabbed the bikini as Lisa tossed it to me. It was one of my favorites. A dark blue string bikini. It wasn’t a thong like yesterday but this suit was really thin. It didn’t have any lining but still wasn’t quite see-through. You could make out my areola, nipples and everything through the top. The bottom was a Brazilian cut. It covered more than yesterday’s bikini but not much. The back was maybe 4 or 5 inches across leaving the majority of my ass exposed. The only problem with it was that you had to keep stretching it back into place other wise it would become a thong. The front was a little smaller and didn’t come up very high. It had a nice shape with the stings coming down off of one hip and gently curving across the bottom patch and then continuing up with nothing but string over the other hipbone. The top was a standard triangle top with back and neck ties. The triangles were about 3 inches across and about 4 high. They fit really nicely but barely gave any support due to the thinness of the material.

I took it and twirled the bottom around my index finger, not quite ready to take this challenge quite yet. I asked them what they had in mind. I said, “I could just hang around the pool here at the apartment until it’s time to leave.” Kim chimed in saying that wouldn’t be much fun.

I tossed the bikini on the end table and said, “We’ll see.” Lisa went in to take a shower as Kim and I made up the pull out couch. Kim in her robe and me completely naked. I guess I should have at least put the bikini on but I figured since they had created this game, I might as well have some fun, at lease while in the safety of Kim’s apartment.

Kim showered next while Lisa got ready. I told Lisa it was a little cold out for a bikini, maybe we should try this another time. Lisa said, “What’s the matter chickening out? A little chill should make it that much more exciting and that’s what you wanted right?”

“What about roller blading? We can roller blade down to the beach and the exercise should keep you warm. Why don’t you run down and get them from the trunk” Lisa said. I wasn’t about to run down to the car naked so I let Lisa get them while I showered. While showering I got thinking about what I was getting into. It was one thing to be nearly naked at the beach but that bikini despite covering a little more than my thong really didn’t hide anything. It was so thin you wouldn’t think you were wearing a thing. I finished drying my hair and wrapped a towel around myself.

When I came out Kim had put on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. Lisa had on her school shirt and walking shorts. In unison they asked if I was ready. “You’re really going to make me do this, huh.”

“Chickening out” Lisa said. “No. It’s just that it’s a little cold out there. I don’t want to catch a chill.” I said sheepishly. Lisa said she thought the excitement alone would keep me warm. Up until adana escort then I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my emotion in check. Was I serious going to do this? “Hey, what about breakfast?”

“Trying to stall a little bit.” Kim said we can grab something along the way. I said “They’re not going to let me in like this.” Kim said we’ll worry about that when we get there.

“Well, what’s it going to be?” I paused for one last thought, I took a deep breath and then threw the towel on the couch and picked up the bikini. Before putting on the bikini I asked Kim for a bottle of sun tan lotion. I grabbed a bottle of lotion and started on my arms and shoulders. It was still pretty early in the season and I was going to need the protection from the sun if I was going to be showing that much skin all day. Lisa helped with my back. I started kidding her about getting too much enjoyment out of it as she did my legs and butt. I told her I had better do the rest. At which she blushed a little for a change.

As Lisa and Kim looked on I pulled it up my legs and adjusted it as best I could. I tighten the tie on the bottom so it would hopefully stay in place. I though to myself that I should have trimmed my bush this morning since I knew this bottom, although wider didn’t come up as high. It barely came up two inches above my vagina. I then pulled the top over my head, resting it on my breasts while Lisa tied the back. A couple more adjustments to make sure my boobs were going to stayed covered and I was ready. Kim said, “Wow, that top really doesn’t hide much does it.” I walked over to the wall mirror and saw what she meant. I wasn’t like it was see-through but the thinness of the material made every contour of my breasts visible. It seemed even more revealing than I had remembered. The outlines of my areolas, not to mention my nipples, were clearly visible through the material. Just the thought of going out in public like that caused my nipples poke at the top as if tying to escape to freedom. I self-consciously adjusted it again even though it didn’t make a difference. I ran into the bedroom and asked Lisa to hold my id and some cash for me while I tucked my sunglasses and bottle of suntan lotion in my bikini. With that, my outfit was complete and I headed for the door.

The moment I opened the door I was reminded how much the temperature had dropped over night. Immediately my nipples hardened and for once it was the cold temperature, well at least for the most part. I would have thought I’d be colder but my building excitement was keeping me warm from within. The excitement may have been keeping me warm from within but every inch of exposed skin which was just about all of it was covered with goose bumps. Lisa noticed and made some silly comment about it looking sexy. Because the bottom ties sat across my hips and not above them, like most older suits, it cause me to constantly think it was falling down. You women know that feeling where you constantly feel like your suit is exposing more of you than it should only to find out that it is covering what it can. The problem is that there just isn’t enough of it.

As we sat on the curb and laced up our skates a couple of women walked by heading towards their car. When they saw Kim they came over to chat. When they saw me they stopped their conversation mid sentence. Kim caught her self and proceeded to introduce Lisa and I. They tied to act natural but I could tell it was me that was distracting them. Both of them swept my body from head to toe and back again and I started to blush from all the attention these women were giving me. Even worse being tall and standing on my skates put my breasts right about at the same level as their eyes which seemed to direct their attention right to my breasts.

Neither Kim nor Lisa said anything to explain why I was so under dressed and the girls were to shy to ask so I said, ” I guess your wondering I’m wearing a bikini?”

“The thought crossed my mind,” one of them said. So I went on to explain that they refused to give my cloths back until the end of the day. Lisa elaborated with some details about the prior days trip to the beach.

Eventually one of them asked if I was cold? I told them not if I didn’t think about it but I guess just the suggestion of being cold was enough to put me over the edge as a little shiver swept over me. We talked for a bit longer about why I was doing this and what it felt like. The frank conversation was starting to act on my emotions, stirring the butterflies in my stomach, reminding me that I was standing there in the parking lot in nothing but a tiny string bikini. During all this, my arousal was starting to grow. It was getting a little too intimate for me to handle so I suggested we get going, saying I was getting cold just standing there. We said our good-byes and head off.

A couple of steps behind the others I headed towards the eskişehir escort street. A second later I was skating along on a public sidewalk in nothing but my bikini. Lisa glided along making it look easy as she sped ahead. Seeing Kim skate along with her knee pad and wrist pads made me think more about the contrast between her level of protection and mine. Except for her upper arms and a portion of her legs Kim’s body was completely protected if she fell. My body on the other hand was completely bare and exposed. It made me think about how vulnerable I was.

Wow. I was really doing this. The wind across my exposed skin was increasing the chill of the temperature even more but the warmth provided by the bright sun was a welcome contrast. Overall the feeling was extremely exhilarating and exciting. The rush of different emotions, fear of falling, embarrassment of being exposed like I was and the excitement of the wind across my exposed skin was really turning me on. After a block Lisa and Kim decided to stop and see how I was doing. Lisa noticing my heavy breathing and commented saying, “I thought you were in better shape than that.” Knowing the real cause, I jokingly said I thought I was to.

It was still early so we hadn’t seen many people yet and only a couple of cars but those that we did see certainly seemed to notice me. After a couple of cat calls and honked horns I did my best to ignore them but the attention was making it hard for me to keep my emotions in check. Luckily my bikini was dark blue so it helped hide my increasing wetness pretty well. It did little however hide my rock hard nipples and swelling clit. Lisa asked me if I was having fun. Kim said “looks like your all warmed up now, so to speak.” You wouldn’t know if from the goose bumps that threatened to show though my thin bikini.

Lisa said I had better calm down or I’ll never make it to breakfast. Before I even got a chance they were off again. We seemed to be heading down the main street of the Kim’s town which was a nice route however I had hoped for a little less well traveled route considering my state of dress. I didn’t ask but I suspected they were taking me on a route that would expose me to the most people possible. At least that’s the way it seemed as the number of people and cars increased.

We had to stop at a traffic light, which was a welcome relief until a car with four guys pulled up and started yelling over to me. They were really being rude. I tried to ignore them and turned away. Doing this only gave them a clearer view of my bikini-clad ass. I knew they must have been staring so I instinctively adjusted my bottom to cover what I could knowing all to well there wasn’t enough material to do any good. As I did one yelled out “Nice ass.” Another sarcastically offered his help with my suit adjustment. All this just reminded me how out of place and exposed I was. The light turned and they waited to follow so I started to cross the street and as they went to follow I turned around and headed down the side street. They had no way to turn around till the next intersection so I was safe for the moment. Kim and Lisa followed once they realized where I was going.

I probably should have been more concerned for my safety but felt like I could take care of myself since my dad had sent me though this karate self protection program for girls when I was in high school. I never made it to the black belt level but was pretty good at taking care of myself. It came in handy once when my date got a little carried away.

We circled down a couple of side streets and back to out to our original path and never saw the guys again. We took a break in a small park which finally gave me a change to come down from my high. Lisa asked me what I thought so far. I told her it certainly was exhilarating. I was a little embarrassed to admit it but I was really starting to enjoy it. The cool breeze all over your bare skin combined with the exercise really gives you a great felling. That combined with my nearly constant sexual arousal was unbelievable. All I need was my walkman tucked in my bikini bottom and I’d be in heaven.

We made our way though town and out the other side with nothing more than a bunch of cat calls. As we turned to head down the water however, we ran right into a crowd exiting Sunday mass. They were just letting out so the sidewalk was crowded. Up until then I didn’t see anything wrong in wearing just my bikini in public. It met the standards for decency if just barely. My nipple and private areas were covered despite their outline being fairly obvious though the thin material. It was the references conveyed by the presence of the church that made me blush heavily with embarrassment. I couldn’t help but overhear many of the comments. The one that effected me the most was when one woman that reminded me of my grandmother said “have you no decency” straight to my face. I would never dare wear this bikini in my grandmother’s presence yet here I was out in public in front of a church in it. Hearing that caused a rush of emotion which caused my throbbing nipples and moist lower lips to push hard against my suit. I was certain everyone knew how aroused I was as my breathing started to quicken, further exposing my arousal to anyone that was near. This escalating circle of emotions was pushing my limits. I had to fight the urge to turn around and run off and get through there.

I tried to avoid everyone as best I could as we hurried through the crowd but it was impossible. Each time someone brushed my bare skin it reminded me of how naked I really was which sent another wave through me. I was so excited I thought I was going to cum right there. I tied as hard as I could to concentrate on anything else but couldn’t. My mind kept flashing back to the intense passion that was growing inside of me. My nipples were throbbing, seemingly trying to cut a hole through the thin material of my top and my lower lips seemed to be pulsing threatening to an orgasm. Both Kim and Lisa asked if I was all right as we exited the crowd. I had to sit down before I came. I was in turmoil. Lisa, who normally eggs me on actually comforted me and helped me calm down to a more controllable level. Kim just shook her head. My breathing had barely settled down when Kim said, “There’s McDonalds just two blocks down, how about we head over. You’ll feel a lot better when you get some food in you.” I was still a little dazed and unsteady as we started off again.

I made it the remaining two blocks fighting to stay in control of my aroused state. The McDonalds was on a side street about a half block in from the bay. I sat on the curb trying to catch my breath and changed back into our street shoes, which I stuffed in Kim’s backpack. I had a pair of boating shoes which I added to my scant wardrobe. I hung my skates over my left shoulder and I briefly joked about how my feet were better covered than all the rest of me combined. My levity was short lived however as a I saw the sign on the door saying No shirt, No shoes, No Service. I told Lisa and Kim that I didn’t think they’d consider a bikini top a shirt. Lisa said “Well I guess we’ll find out.” Kim said, “They’re mostly guys. They’d be out of their minds if they didn’t let you in.” As we walked in I felt the cold blast of the air-conditioned air chill my exposed skin. I guess their thermostat didn’t realize how cool it was outside. Again goose bumps covered my entire body. The cool room just seemed to make my bikini seem even more inappropriate.

Everybody in the place turned to check me out as I walked in. A couple of guys on the other side of a partition even got up to get a better view. They weren’t even subtle about their stares. I tried to act like everything was normal but I still hadn’t completely calmed down, so my nipples were still really erect and noticeable and getting even more so under the watchful eyes. A couple of teenage girls sitting at a booth right near the door started whispering and pointing. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I new I was the center of their conversation.

We had worked up quite an appetite from the exercise so we studied the menu as the people behind the counter studied me. I desperately tried to hide my feelings as I walked over to the front of the store. I accidentally reached up to point something on the menu out to Lisa when I realized just how much it must have exposed me. Since my bikini was so low cut, as I reached up it felt like it threatened to show my bush. I quickly lowered my arm and tried to act like I didn’t realize the show I was presenting to everyone. As we got in line to order a shiver over came my body. The manager came over and I was sure he was going to ask us to leave but all he did was ask me for my order. I guess he wanted to take my order personally. As I was giving him my order Lisa said, “Here, you’ll need this” and stuffed my money in the bottom of my bikini. I was in the middle of giving my order so I didn’t see it coming and jumped as she pulled my bikini away from my body to stuff the money in. She kind of folded it up and tucked it between my cheeks like a strange money clip. I don’t know how much was showing but I’m sure the people around us got a good look at my ass. I tuned back to give the rest of the order and noticed the manager staring at my pussy. As I finished giving him my order I reached behind me to retrieve the money, tempting him with a flash of the skin that the suit bottom covered. His eyes never left my bottom until I snapped him back to reality by handing him the money.

I picked up my tray and picked a spot in the back were I was out of site of most of the place. I had another chill overcome me as the cold from the seat registered on my nearly naked body. At last a chance to relax and calm down. I really needed it badly. From the time I walked out the door of Kim’s apartment I had been in this constant state of excitement with an increased level of adrenaline in my system. It felt great for the most part but each these special encounters seemed to step it up to the next level until I nearly lost control in front of the church.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32